tagChain StoriesEnchanted Twelve: Angelina Ch. 02

Enchanted Twelve: Angelina Ch. 02


The beauty of the lake was soothing to Angelina's frazzled nerves. She'd been cranky and out of sorts the entire day, snapping at her sisters and unable to concentrate on even the simplest of needlework. An afternoon nap had helped ease some of the tiredness, but her waking hours had been filled with lusty urges that she had been unable to control, appease or even totally comprehend.

Finally night had fallen and her dream prince had returned, to row her across the lake to the glittering castle in the distance. If only all her dreams were this nice.

Dante studied his princess as he rowed. The dark circles under her eyes were clearly visible against the slightly paler than usual skin tone, the stress obvious in her face and the way she held herself. He smiled secretly, knowing it was the result of his handiwork.

He had enjoyed last night immensely and had no intentions of losing the game so soon. He'd carefully laid the ground work for weeks to reach this point. Now the fun could truly begin.

So he watched intently, waiting for her night memory to return, not wanting to give her too much thinking time. As Angelina's blank expression turned to bewildered hurt, he internally cheered, but carefully kept his face neutral.

"Why?" She was almost in tears. "Why didn't you–"

Her voice caught in her throat and her eyes snapped wide as Dante's invisible hand seized her between the legs.

"It doesn't matter, little princess. We're together now." His magical fingers were tickling and teasing her as he rowed, his eyes never leaving her face.

Angelina struggled to maintain her composure. "But it ... it does matter. You...just walked away."

"Do you think I wanted to leave you? It was all I could do to keep my hands off you and then we wouldn't have got you back to the other side in time." He let his gaze fall to the bottom of the boat, stilled his magic fingers but kept them cupping her. "I stuffed up. I thought we'd have more time before you had to go back. Now you hate me, don't you?" He dramatically slumped his shoulders, let the oars go slack in the water and withdrew his invisible hand.

"No! Oh, Dante! Of course I don't hate you!"

It was lucky for both of them that Dante had anticipated this response or Angelina's wild leap at him would have resulted in them both going in the water. As it was, the boat rocked wildly and shipped enough water to slop around their feet.

"I love you. I love you, don't say things like that!" She kissed him hard and fast on the mouth between exclamations. "I'm sorry, Dante. I thought...I don't know what I thought."

The pent up emotion of the past twenty-four hours spilled over and Angelina burst into tears, covering her face with her hands.

Dante cradled the sobbing princess, then settled her back in her seat and retook control of the boat, rowing steadily to shore, some distance from the castle but still within the manicured gardens surrounding it.

He ran the boat up onto a small beach and helped Angelina ashore, miraculously remaining dry, whereas her slippers and the hem of her dress were sodden from the water sloshing about in the boat. She didn't notice, still trying to get her emotions back in order. Dante led her away from the lake and onto a path that meandered through the gardens from the castle to a small stone cottage.

Angelina was almost back in control, furiously dashing away the tears and wiping her face, wanting to appear fine by the time they arrived at the ballroom. She looked gratefully at Dante; it was so thoughtful of him to bring them to shore away from the main dock, giving her more time and a walk to calm herself.

Dante hesitated on the path, looking toward the silent, dark cottage. He had planned to go straight there tonight, but perhaps it would be better to delay a while.

He turned away from the cottage, a firm arm steering Angelina in the right direction. A dance or two should settle things, calm the princess and would only postpone his plans a short time. He smiled behind her back – anticipation adding a sweet ache he hadn't considered. Indeed, combining his plans seemed like it would work to his ultimate advantage and total enjoyment.

By the time they reached the castle, Angelina's gown had mostly dried, the damp hemline looking merely like a darker accent. Her slippers no longer squelched, but they were discoloured and misshaped.

They danced, twirling around the dance floor, arm in arm in perfect synchrony. Angelina floated around the room, lost in the feel of Dante's strong arms guiding her.

She sighed, content in Dante's arms, and just a little excited. The memories of last night sparked a warmth within her. She wanted to feel those hands again, this time with her prince visible and attached to those deliciously devious fingers.

She didn't see the signals that flickered between him and a couple of flashily dressed noblemen who lounged around the room, watching the action on the dance floor with lazy, bored expressions. She did not see those dandies nod to Dante, their expressions coming to life as they melted into the night. She was caught in the sheer joy of being in the arms of her gorgeous partner.

The orchestra began playing a number from the previous night, a not uncommon occurrence. Some dances were far more popular than others and so their music was heard more frequently. But Angelina blushed as it began, reminding her of the previous night's dance – in the arms of a relative stranger, with Dante's invisible presence, his fingers magically toying with her as she struggled to remain calm and in control, her partner oblivious to her growing excitement.

Dante held her a little closer as he felt her change in mood and posture, concentrating on keeping his touch feather soft, almost undetectable. His magical breath flickered across Angelina's nipples, his invisible fingers teased her skin, barely touching it. He watched the flush spread across her delicate skin as he spun her around the room, to the tune from the night before – his special request.

As the dance wound down and Dante leaned in close to kiss her, suggesting softly that they find somewhere more private to continue their evening's entertainment and lightly, invisibly, licking her nipple, Angelina was more than ready to agree.

They left the ballroom, Dante allowing Angelina to lead him from the room into the cool night. Again the smile drifted onto his face as he imagined the feel of her arse in his hands. Her accompanying gasp turned the smile into a full grin, which quickly disappeared as she turned to face him.

"Don't, Dante. Please, someone will see."

"Not if you don't react. There's nothing to see, remember? It's magic." His eyes glinted, watching her jaw clench as he let his fingers explore.

"I can't keep this up, Dante. It's...oh god..." She stumbled against him, composure faltering as the fingers teased across her mound and tickled around her now wet entrance.

Dante put an arm around her, leading her off the balcony and into the garden, retracing their steps on arrival. "I know just the place."


Her relief at getting out of sight was such that Angelina barely registered the light in the cottage windows. She just wanted to get inside, where she no longer had to try and pretend, where she could give herself over to the delicious sensations once again boiling within her.

Dante did notice, and again smiled. He had chosen his companions well, it seemed.

Or not. The magic died in his fingers as he ushered Angelina into the room, spying the cheery fire, the thick, shaggy white rug, the ice bucket, bottle of champagne and chilled glasses, the pile of gaily coloured cushions, the candles scattered around the room.

Damn! Could it be any more cliché? Not even Angelina would fall for this sappy display. He steeled himself for a smacked face, a tirade and a lonely, frustrated walk back to the castle. At least it wasn't a blasted bear skin – probably only because they couldn't find one at short notice. Idiots! They'd ruined everything he'd been working so patiently towards.

The softest inhalation drew his attention back to the princess. Surely not? She couldn't, could she?

Angelina was transfixed. It was beautiful, magical – the firelight flickering on the walls, reflections sparkling off the wine glasses, the luxurious rug just begging to be laid on.

"Oh Dante," the firelight made her eyes sparkle at him. "It's perfect. Did you do this?"

Be damned! She really had fallen for it! "Well, I had to make up for yesterday somehow." He tried to look vaguely sheepish. It seemed to work.

"No, you didn't. I was just silly. I should've known you weren't the 'wham bam thank you ma'am' type. A man like that couldn't have organised anything so beautiful and romantic."

He stifled a snort and watched, amused, as she tried to sit comfortably on the rug in her evening gown, piling up the cushions and then rearranging them again and again. He didn't offer assistance, instead busying himself with stoking the fire and giving a silent thumbs-up to the two faces that peered around the door from the second room.

When he turned to her, Angelina was perched awkwardly on a stack of cushions that threatened to topple at any moment. Her gown bunched and rumpled under her and she had one foot hooked in the underskirts.

"Wouldn't you be more comfortable out of that dress, little princess?" He managed to suppress a smirk. "I don't think it's designed for casual fire-side wear."

To emphasise the point, he magically ran one hand up the inside of her leg. Angelina squeaked and overbalanced, sprawling across the rug. Dante grinned down at her. "See?"

His hand cupped her, one finger exploring, tickling and probing. The other phantom hand slid over her belly and up, to tickle and pinch one nipple as an invisible tongue began playing with the other.

Dante leaned against the mantel as his mind toyed with the princess. Now in private, away from the crowded ballroom, she made no attempt to hide her enjoyment, closing her eyes and floating along on the waves of pleasure he was producing.

He watched, unmoving as Angelina gradually gave herself totally to the sensations, his face calculating. When her hips began to rise and fall, humping against his invisible fingers, he smiled and stilled his hand, pushing away from the mantel to squat beside her. She moaned in frustration, opening her eyes to protest.

"Listen, little princess. I have a game to play. I cover your eyes and we see if you can tell which is me and which is my magic. What do you think? Worth a try?" He dangled a blindfold in front of her.

Angelina frowned, trying to understand, her mind still caught up in the sensations. Then it dawned on her – his hands, his mouth and his magic hands and mouth!

"Oh, yes! That sounds wonderful." She almost threw herself at the blindfold.

"Thought you'd like it." Dante chuckled. "Stand up."

He grabbed the front of the gown and stood up, bringing Angelina to her feet with him and tearing the gown from breast to navel and dragging it down to the floor, taking her underclothes with it. He pushed her sideways, so she stepped out of the pile of material and spun her around, whipping the blindfold over her head an across her eyes, binding it tightly and pushing her back to the floor.

Angelina didn't have time to assimilate all that had happened before she once again felt the delicious sensations of his fingers caressing and playing with her body. Two hands were fondling her breasts and a mouth was kissing and licking from her ear to her collarbone.

Again, Dante stood back and watched, one eye on her, one on the two men in the doorway of the other room. Once he was sure she was rapt in the sensations bubbling through her, he nodded and waited for them to undress before beckoning them forward, signally them to remain as quiet as possible.

Dante steadied himself. Now was not the time for nerves. Arturo and Felipe had paid handsomely for this opportunity. They wouldn't do anything to jeopardise a successful outcome. He had no such worries for Angelina. If this went right, and there was no reason it shouldn't, she wouldn't even know.

He pointed to Arturo, then the princess. Arturo knelt beside her, still watching Dante, who mimed two hands kneading breasts. Arturo held his hands over Angelina's breasts, ready to mimic, and, as Dante mimed moving his hands away, he lowered them to take over the action from Dante's phantom fingers.

The men watched Angelina intently – would she notice the switch?

She moaned and pressed her chest harder against Arturo's fingers. Success!

Now Dante nodded Felipe forward. He made kissing and licking motions and pointed to the base of his right ear, counting down with his fingers – three, two, one. Felipe kissed Angelina, tickling along the edge of her chin with his tongue and around until he reached her mouth. She met his lips with hers and passionately joined the kiss.

Dante leaned back against the mantel, his posture loose, bored even. His blazing eyes told a different story as he watched his two companions.

Arturo slid his hands away from her breasts and across her belly to her sex. Felipe's hands took his place. He teased her with his kisses and hands to a high kneeling position, giving Arturo greater access, then broke the kiss.

Angelina rolled her hips to better ride the fingers she felt sliding into her pussy. She gasped as they drove in hard. Something hard and hot pushed past her lips and into her mouth. This had to be real – Dante had never touched her with his cock before, so it couldn't be magic. She sucked eagerly on it, twirling her tongue around it. The hands left her breasts and one held the back of her head as the cock drove deeper into her mouth, hitting the back of her throat and making her gag.

It pulled back a little, letting her breathe. She brought up a hand to grasp the base of it, kneading his balls and giving her greater control over the depth of his thrusts. His cock was thick, forcing her jaws wide, making breathing difficult even without hitting her throat. But it was Dante, her love, so she didn't fight against it, she forced herself to keep sucking and tickling and swirling with her tongue, squeezing her fingers around the base of it.

Felipe bit back a groan. He knew he had to remain silent or she'd realise he wasn't Dante. He wanted this to go on forever but he knew he couldn't last. Just knowing it was a princess on her knees for him was a powerful turn on.

Angelina gasped around the cock. His fingers in her pussy were still pumping steadily in and out, but now he was sucking her clit into his mouth, tickling with his tongue, bringing her ever closer to orgasm. She wanted to sit down on his face, drive those fingers deeper into her, anything to add that little extra. But she couldn't. His cock in her mouth and his hand on the back of her head held her in place. She humped her hips as much as she could, just a little more...

Arturo felt the flutter in her pussy and pulled his fingers out, letting go of her clit – Dante's orders: she must not come. Not yet. She screamed in frustration, her hand diving to fill the void. She had to come! A hand grasped her wrist, preventing her from playing with herself. A deep moan tickled Felipe's cock, pushing him over the edge and he thrust forward convulsively, his cock driving down her throat as he came.

She choked and gagged, come dribbling out of her mouth and down her chest as Felipe withdrew and she fell forward onto her hands and knees. Felipe staggered back on wobbly legs to collapse, panting, on the edge of the rug.

Now Dante moved forward, taking hold of her wrists, holding her hands together and rocking her back onto her heels. "No playing with yourself, little princess," he whispered in her ear. "That's cheating. Have patience. You won't be disappointed, I promise."

Winking at Arturo, he held her hands over her head, forcing her to rise up on her knees again. "I hope you're ready for more. You're good at that."

"More? You mean already?" Angelina had never heard of a man who recovered so fast. But Dante wasn't just any man. "If you're ready, my prince, I certainly won't keep you waiting."

"Good girl." Dante smiled, Arturo moved in and Dante released her hands, stepping back to lean on the mantel again.

Sensing the man before her, Angelina reached forward, brushing Arturo's thigh and sliding her hand up to grab the rigid cock that jutted out towards her face. It was strange - it didn't feel quite the same as last time, not as ridged and not quite as thick. It must just be that she had gotten used to the size, but it certainly seemed different and it tasted slightly different too.

Then it hit her and she smiled at the thought – this must be his magical cock, the invisible one. That's how he got ready so fast and that's why it seemed different. She really could tell the difference between real and magical.

How odd she must look, loving an invisible cock. She imagined Dante sitting back watching as she teased and tickled around the knob, slurping up and down on the invisible shaft, squeezing her fingers around the base of it, milking it and the balls below.

The thought of Dante watching her suck an invisible cock turned her on immensely. She desperately wanted to play with herself, but he had said no. She wriggled, trying to rub the tops of her thighs together, but they were too far apart. She moaned onto the invisible cock, surprised at how it muffled her sounds.

That muffled moan did for Arturo. He pulled out of her mouth and pumped his cock once before spurting all over her chest, the white goo running down between her breasts.

Now Dante moved forward again. This was the most important moment, even if he was vaguely revolted by the look of the princess, covered in two other men's sperm, panting and moaning in sexual need. He hadn't expected to feel that. He hadn't expected to feel anything. This was a business transaction. He was puzzled at his anger while watching his friends using the princess.

He forced his mind to focus, bringing a magical hand to play, stroking across Angelina's clit, the other hand pushing her backward, to lie on the rug. She moaned, arching her back and trying to hump onto his hand, totally focussed on her need for release. Dante signalled Felipe and Arturo, who quickly and quietly returned to the second room, got dressed and slipped out the door.

"Oh god, please Dante. Finish me." Angelina was grinding her pussy against Dante's phantom fingers, her own fingers digging into the rug, clutching it as she desperately sought to ease the aching need within her.

His lip curling in distaste, Dante used his mind, roughly jamming two fingers into her, fucking her with them while his thumb ground on her clit. She bucked and ground back at his hand, moaning and crying, sucking his fingers in as deep as she could.

To Dante it seemed to take forever, but it was mere seconds before she bucked hard, let out a long moan and her mind floated off as her body twitched and her pussy clenched around his fingers.

She came back to Dante pulling off the blindfold and throwing her clothes at her. "Get dressed."

"Dante, what's wrong?"

"Nothing. We're out of time again. Get dressed."

He turned away as she pulled on her underclothes and the ruined ball gown, offering no assistance. He was already out the door as she put on her slippers and ran to follow him.

Scurrying after him to the dock, Angelina wracked her brain, trying to figure what had gone wrong. But it evaded her.

In the boat, Dante rowed steadily, his mind whirling. He had intended to end this night inside her – let his friends play with her then take what was his, dumping her back on shore with come running down her legs as well as her chest.

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