tagChain StoriesEnchanted Twelve: Ariel Ch. 01

Enchanted Twelve: Ariel Ch. 01


Prince Geoffrey watched the firelight pick up the sparkles in Ariel's long curling tendrils that cascaded down her back. They sat at a long bench table to one end of the hall where the masquerade was being held that night. He reached out one hand and twirled the ends of her hair in his fingers.

Ariel felt Geoffrey's hands in her hair and looked over her shoulder from the quiet conversation she was having with a distraught young maiden whose suitor had left her to her own devices. She smiled warmly at him and her eyes were steady. She had long since abandoned her mask. It was not in her nature to hide.

Geoffrey smiled back and she returned to her quiet soothing of the young woman. He wanted her all to himself, but her caring and compassionate nature was part of what drew him to her. She also held an amazing joie de vivre. Though Ariel seemed steady and placid on the surface, Geoffrey had glimpsed the passion that was banked inside. He longed to draw it fully out.

Geoffrey considered how lucky had been in being matched with Ariel to begin with. It was somewhat of a comedy of errors. He had not realized the mistake for some time. The men and women had stood on the bank with the boats, milling about and pairing up that first night. He had spotted an impossibly lovely young woman with long curling blond hair and started talking with her. She had seemed more than warm and willing, touching his arm and smiling up at him. His servant had called him away for a minute, needing further instructions. He had rushed back as quickly as possible as the night drew in on them and laughingly took her hand to draw her down to a boat. She had seemed flustered but he took that as all part of the fun.

It wasn't until later, when he had referred to some rather suggestive comment she had made during their conversation on the bank and she had looked confused that they began to comprehend the mistake that had been made. Ariel explained in a rather chilly manner that he must have been talking with her twin sister Aurelia.

Geoffrey had been filled with consternation over his mistake. Aurelia had seemed very warm and willing where her sister, Ariel, was more quiet and reserved. As the evening drew on though, he found himself charmed by her caring and compassionate nature. Over the past two weeks he had found himself falling under her spell completely. Her steady gaze seemed to penetrate his facade of gaiety and drew him in, holding him captive.

Now, as his hand toyed with the tendrils of her hair, he touched the warm curve of her back through her dress and found himself becoming aroused. He longed to pull her into his arms and nuzzle his face into the side of her neck, breathing in the fragrance of her hair, his hands cupping and measuring the warm weight of her bosom.

Geoffrey shuddered and stood. When Ariel looked up at him, he smiled back reassuringly. "I'm just going to take in some air."

She nodded and he walked out into the gardens, with their high hedges and mazes. Geoffrey had held himself in check these past two weeks. Ariel was luscious but she was chaste and he knew he couldn't press her for the sexual release his body craved. It was maddening at times. He found himself alone in a dark corner of the garden and unlaced his braces, releasing his hardened manhood.

He thought of Ariel as he stroked the burning staff in his hand. Her long soft hair, the graceful curve of her long white neck and her lily white soft hands. Oh, to have her hands around his shaft! His cock was slick now with his pre-cum as he rapidly pumped it through his fist. Perhaps even her mouth on his shaft. Picturing her lips wrapped around his manhood sent him over the edge. He grunted as his seed shot out.

Unobserved, Ariel stood a little bit away, just able to make out his form and actions in the moonlight. She bit her lip. She had followed him out, unwilling to be so far from him. She knew she should turn away, make a noise to let him know she was there or simply walk away and pretend she had never seen it, but she was fascinated and excited by what she saw.

She knew men had needs. Truly, she was beginning to realize she had needs of her own. A warmth was growing between her legs. She was torn. What to do? She heard Geoffrey grunt and the tension seemed to ease from his shoulders. He started to re-dress so she quietly slipped away.

Back inside the keep, Geoffrey found Ariel sitting alone where he had left her. Her cheeks were rather bright red. "You shouldn't sit so close to the fire," he admonished her, taking her hand and drawing her away. He thought it odd that she didn't meet his gaze as she normally did in her forthright manner, but she followed him willingly as they made their way out through the woods to the boat.

"Are you alright?" Geoffrey asked as they walked. She was being unusually quiet.

"Yes, yes, of course," she replied, but still said nothing more.

As they neared the other side of the water, a thought occurred to him as his concern grew. "You're not feeling ill, are you?"

"No! Truly, I'm fine," she replied. As he helped her out of the boat she blushed in the dark but reached up and pressed her lips to his cheek for longer than she normally would. "I will see you again tonight."

Geoffrey watched her go, thoughtful. Whatever could be the matter?

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