tagChain StoriesEnchanted Twelve: Ariel Ch. 03

Enchanted Twelve: Ariel Ch. 03


Geoffrey took Ariel by the hand and led her up the path away from Aurelia and Colin, who clearly had something to work out between the two of them alone.

Ariel clasped Geoffrey's strong hand in both of hers and felt the desire to have him hold her. She stopped. Geoffrey stopped too and looked at her questioningly. Ariel stood on tiptoe to press her lips to Geoffrey's and then smiled up at him.

Geoffrey smiled back down at the shining visage of his love and reached out with his free hand to run a finger down the side of her face. Feeling the depth of her love for him in his soul, he felt like he could do anything he set his mind to, but tonight his only goal was to pleasure her.

He turned and led her up the path but when they reached the castle, instead of going in, he led her around the side.

"Where are we going?" Ariel asked.

"You'll see," he merely responded.

Geoffrey led Ariel around to the extensive gardens that encircled the castle. Through the labyrinth of kitchen gardens, rose gardens and into the maze of higher bushes and hedges, he wound a way to the back and a very secluded corner of a garden that appeared to no longer be in use. The grasses and flowers had grown in wild abandon, cascading in thick profusions.

Ariel cried out in delight at the vision before her. A tree had grown so that it's overhanging limbs shielded a bower but the limbs themselves had grown thick with the winding vines of a sweet pink rose. Beneath the overhanging canopy of roses lay a thick blanket surrounded with sconces stuck into the ground to hold candles, illuminating the sanctuary. A multitude of flowers grew to every side. Violets grew beneath bobbing columbine. Bleeding hearts hung over lilies of the valley. A cloth covered basket sat to one corner of the blanket with a stoppered bottle of liquid and two goblets.

Geoffrey bowed low and gestured to the blanket with a flourish. "My lady, your private chamber awaits."

Geoffrey took Ariel's hand as she stepped onto the blanket and lowered herself gracefully to the covered ground. He joined her and uncovered the basket then removed the stopper from the bottle and poured them each a glass of the mulled wine from the castle.

"A simple meal," Geoffrey said apologetically.

"But the company makes it a feast," Ariel responded, reaching over to pop a grape into his mouth.

Geoffrey raised his glass to Ariel and she returned the salute. She stared over the rim of the glass as she sipped the mulled wine, thinking how lucky she was to have found him. She supped on the morsels that Geoffrey fed her but afterwards could not have named a single thing she ate, having eyes only for her handsome escort.

Geoffrey put the detritus of their meal away in the basket and pulled Ariel into his arms for the feast he truly desired. He kissed her deeply, lowering her gently to the blanket. He drew back and looked down, studying her beautiful countenance lovingly.

Lying in Geoffrey's arms, Ariel's gaze was caught to the side as little lights glowed and danced over the tall grasses and flowers beyond the reach of their candles. "How pretty, fireflies!" she exclaimed.

Indeed, the lights did dance and weave like the twinkling fireflies that move over the tall grass of a field, looking like the stars against the midnight sky. However, these lights took singular afront at being compared to mere bugs.

"How dare she compare me to a fly?" proud Titania cried in outrage, alighting on the leaf of a lily nearby. She raised her hand to hurl a curse but Oberon lit beside her and covered her hand with his.

"Nay, my Queen, stay thy hand, there is too much enchantment upon this land. A curse, cast in anger might double back and bring us all to danger." Oberon covered his lady's hand with his and kissed the fist he contained.

Titania looked around. She took in the shimmering glow that covered the land and noted how the thread of it led back to the castle. She gestured to the lights bobbing around herself and Oberon. "Anon, Oberon and I will tarry here awhile, to keep an eye on these mortals who my bower defile." The lights bobbed off into the night. She turned her eye back to the mortals in each other's arms, kissing passionately once again. "They do woo in my bower, I should make them cower." She raised her arm again.

Oberon once more took the fist in his and kissed it. Knowing his lady as he did, he thought it best to distract her. "Is not the mortal male a pretty sort, and is he not clearly ready for some sport?"

With a wiggle of his fingers, Oberon caused the lacings that held Geoffrey's pants together to burst as if the swelling in his groin were too much for them.

Titania giggled and waggled her finger at her King. "How now? What is this? Didst thou not just counsel me to resist?"

Oberon pulled her close into his arms and pressed his lips to her neck. "Would it not be fun, were our own coverings to come undone?" With a slide of his fingers, Oberon freed the rose petal that was wrapped around Titania and tucked in over her breasts. The pair sank down into the fold of the leaf and for a time, they paid no more attention to the mortal couple.

Geoffrey and Ariel were themselves giggling over the burst braces. "Can you not contain yourself?" Ariel teased.

Geoffrey pulled her close. "With you near me, I fear not." He pressed his lips passionately to hers.

Geoffrey's hands cupped and squeezed Ariel's breasts through the fabric of her gown causing her to gasp and open her mouth for his plundering tongue.

Ariel reached into her lover's pants for what she had so enjoyed exploring the evening before and began to caress the length of his shaft, which was filling quite rapidly. Eagerly, she helped Geoffrey to push the pants down and then lustily pushed him back onto the blanket to explore her toy.

Titania and Oberon recovered themselves sufficiently to check in on the lovers. Titania grinned. "Indeed the mortal man is well endowed within the woman's hand."

Oberon pressed himself to Titania from behind, pinning her wings against her back and reached around to cup her warm breasts in his hands. "Is not the night made for such delicious sport?"

Titania felt Oberon's hard shaft pressing against her from behind. She smiled naughtily over her shoulder. "Indeed this sport doth make me think, we should enjoy such a link." Titania spread her feet and leaned forward, offering herself to her King.

Oberon lustily plunged into his queen from behind and thrust eagerly.

Ariel was just as eager in her pursuit. She knelt over Geoffrey, his throbbing shaft in her small soft hands. She leaned forward, her silken hair falling around her face as she licked and sucked at his shaft. She wished to hear him moan in pleasure as he had done the night before.

Geoffrey groaned and thrust his fingers into Ariel's hair, reveling in the feel of her hot mouth on his manhood. Regretfully he stilled her and pushed her back. "My love, as wondrous as your ministrations are. I desire to see you disrobe for me even more." He sat up and pressed his lips to Ariel's, his hands already in motion to ease her dress off.

Ariel helped Geoffrey with her dress then his own clothes and they were soon both disrobed. She caught her breath and moaned as Geoffrey bent to suck one tit into his mouth and swirl his tongue around the hardened nub. She clutched at him and cried out at the unknown pleasure.

Geoffrey grinned knowingly at the sound of her throaty moans and the feel of her clutching hands. He would take her to the heights of pleasure this night, he told himself. His mouth moved to suckle at the other tit then he spread kisses down her sweet flesh, eager to teach her what pleasure he could bring to her with his tongue.

Geoffrey's hands gripped Ariel's thighs. "Lie back," he urged her, as he pulled her legs open and positioned himself between them to gain maximum access to her hidden flower, the most beautiful in the garden, to him. Delicately he began to explore with just the tip of his tongue, opening her with his fingers to his probing.

Ariel breathed deeply, sighing and nearly purring with the pleasure her lover was providing. Pressure seemed to be building in her body. Finally, Geoffrey's lips sought a spot that made her body explode and writhe in ecstasy, like the orange touch-me-not flowers that split and curl in every direction when touched. "Oh, Geoffrey!"

Ariel's passionate cry drew Oberon's attention from his own coupling. With a wiggle of his fingers in their direction, he whispered, "Let reason flee and passion consume, let no idea be too removed, ask anything and grant any request, do not let love resist."

Suddenly, desperate to give the pleasure she was receiving, Ariel struggled up and pushed at Geoffrey. "I need to touch you, taste you," she panted.

Geoffrey looked up at her from between her legs. His eyes narrowed as he grinned. "Lie back," he growled. He got to his knees and pushed Ariel onto her back then turned to straddle her head and offer her mouth his manhood while he resumed his attention to her soaked nether lips.

Hungrily, Ariel cupped her lover's erection and licked the pre-cum dripping from it then sucked it into her mouth as far as she could, caressing what she couldn't fit into her mouth. She alternately sucked and licked. Nothing had ever tasted so good to her. Nothing had ever felt so good as what Geoffrey was doing to her.

Geoffrey slid a finger into Ariel's slick core and then two. She was too tight to take three. Adrenaline surged through his body as he thought of burying himself in her tight glove. Primal thoughts of mating surged through his mind. He had to have her now!

He rolled to the side and heard Ariel's cry of disappointment but he surged up and around to straddle her body, pinning her down. Panting, he pressed his lips to hers and reached down to help bring them together. He surged forward, opening her with a single thrust.

Ariel cried out beneath him but the pain was momentary and the fire surging through her own veins made her dig her fingers into his arms and buck. "Yes! Oh, Yes!" Still riding the tail of her last orgasm, she felt another building as Geoffrey thrust into her, their bodies grinding and writhing together on the blanket.

Geoffrey growled in response as he thrust, pure lust burning through his body with no thought. His own orgasm boiled up through his cock to explode like a volcano into Ariel. He continued to thrust as wave after wave shuddered through him, the spasms of Ariel's own orgasm milking him of his seed.

He collapsed on top of Ariel, his muscles twitching as he panted, the fire finally spent. Their eyes shut as their breathing returned to normal. The couple fell into a deep slumber, wrapped in each other's arms.

His own passion spent and his arms wrapped around his own love as she slumbered, Oberon felt a kinship with the mortal male. "My blessings on thee, mortal man. When you wake, speak your love as freely as you can." Oberon closed his eyes and slept himself.


Geoffrey woke to find Ariel sitting beside him, wearing only a wreath of braided flowers upon her golden hair. As he smiled up at her, she laid a wreath over his own brow.

He reached up, pulled her back down to cradle in his arms, and pressed his lips to hers. "My love."

"I am yours," she replied.

"Then marry me."

She smiled up at him. "Whenever you will, wherever you will."

Geoffrey's heart felt like it might burst but a shadow of concern hovered over their happy bower. He would have to return her to her boat soon and watch her seem to forget his existence. They must put an end to this. But how?

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