tagChain StoriesEnchanted Twelve: Cecilia Ch. 01

Enchanted Twelve: Cecilia Ch. 01


Author's Note: This is part of an existing chain story here at Literotica. I encourage you to look up the other chapters that deal with each Princess of Westingfield and the trials they go through to find true love and lift the curse that plagues them every night. Enjoy ~ Red


The sound of laughter, hushed voices, and tawdry whispers flittered into Cecilia's mind as she moved with grace on the dance floor. She had been worried when she'd reached the water's edge and Cassius wasn't there to greet her. Instead his servant Owen had been there. She'd known it was him before he spoke, simply because of his smell. It wasn't unpleasant, far from it. It reminded Cecilia of the pines back in her father's woods. Still she had felt uneasy as he rowed her across the water and deeper down stream. Eventually though, like always the sound of the woods calmed her.

Owen explained that Prince Cassius had a special meeting to attend and could not greet her that night. To say she was disappointed would have been an understatement. The moment she had entered the woods of Orathland her memory had returned and she hungered for the handsome man that had claimed a piece of her soul.

Now though time had passed and she was finally in his arms. Her curiosity at his meeting had been pushed away by the feel of his body pressed intimately against hers. She loved to dance with him. The air seemed to sizzle with excitement; her body hummed with pleasure and his fingers played it's own melody on her skin as he took her around and around the ball room floor. It was at times like these that Cecilia would feel a small wave of regret for her 'specialness' as some in Westingfield called it.

Normally, Cecilia had no problems with the fact that she was blind. She'd had been since birth; it was normal for her and yet, when she heard her sisters and family members describe something that seemed to them to be simply breathtaking, she hungered for the ability. Lately she hungered for it even more because she wanted to see the features of the man that held her so closely in public and loved her so erotically in private.


Cassius's voice pulled her from her mental struggle and she looked toward the sensual sound. "Yes?" she whispered; her tongue slipped out to moisten the soft petals of flesh that were slightly bruised from the hungered kiss they'd shared earlier.

"You were not listening."

She felt the heat of her blush rise from her chest to spread over her face. Her head bowed and soft tendrils of raven ink fell across her cheeks. Strong fingers pushed them back and tucked them behind her delicate ears.

"I am sorry. I was lost in my dreams."

Cassius smiled. Cecilia couldn't see his expression, but she felt it. That was one thing she didn't regret. . . the ability to feel. Since she was a small child, though she couldn't physically see a person's reactions to situations she could sense their moods. She knew her lover was smiling down at her and this only caused her to blush a more crimson color.

"Dreaming again?" he asked as his thumb swept lazily across her collar bone, "I dream too."

"You do?"

"You sound surprised."

"I am," she whispered, "what do you dream about?"

A soft chuckle fell across her as Cassius led her from the dance floor and out onto a balcony. Cecilia breathed deep the aroma of fragrant flowers and felt the heat of several candles burning around them. "Careful," the deep warning of her lover came to her. She felt him pull her closer to him and snuggled against his side. "There are fifteen candles surrounding you. An urn to your left full of yellow orchids, another to the far right. The balcony is approximately eight feet across and from where we entered to the edge, is another ten feet."

"Rather small then," Cecilia answered back. Her fingers curled around the lapel of her Prince's jacket. "Would you walk me around the perimeter of it?"

"Of course."

Cecilia kept one hand on her Prince, while the other reached out to touch and feel her way about the balcony. Once she was satisfied that she had locked in the obstacles that were in front of her she squeezed Cassius's and smiled. She felt him move closer to her; his finger rested on her chin and she willingly opened her mouth, allowing him the access they both craved. When the kiss was over she turned away and snuggled against his chest. Her back absorbed the heat of his frame and she shivered as her body adjusted to the temperature.

Cassius rubbed her arms, leaned his head on the top of hers and sighed deeply. "Do you really want to hear about my dreams?"

"I do," she answered.

"I dream of a world, different than this one. One that is not driven by magic. One that is simple, yet complex because man has made it that way. . .not some witch's whim or some wizard's potion. I dream of your land."

Cecilia turned around and stared with wide, sightless eyes. "You dream of Westingfield?"

"Yes, I do. You have spoken enough of it that it comes to me when I sleep. I travel there, but it is not like here. When you come to me, it is real. When I am in Westingfield, I am not there, it really is just a dream. I would like to see your world."

"I would like that too." She leaned into him, wrapping her arms around his waist and holding him tightly to her. His fingers toyed with her hair, eventually pulling it free from the ribbons and bows that a maid of Oarthland had placed in them, per his request. "Cassius," she whispered as her fingers moved up and down the silky fabric of his jacket, "have you ever tried?"


"Yes, have you ever tried to cross over to my world?"

"No, but I have thought about it."

"I wish you could."

Cassius stepped back and took both of Cecilia's hands in his. "I think I can. That's why I was late tonight. I had to visit someone... someone who could help me cross over to Westingfield."

Cecilia's face paled slightly then quickly recovered as she thought of how wonderful it would be to have Cassius in her world. "Who was it?" she asked as new dreams of being with her Prince filled her with joy.

An uneasy silence however swept between them as Cassius paused in his tale. Cecilia felt the tension in him and her joy was quickly replaced with worry. "Cassius. . .who did you see? Who is going to help you?"



"Yes, she's one of the few witches left here in Orathland. She's very old, or so that is the rumor, and very skilled."

"You seemed worried though. I can feel it."

Cassius sighed, and pulled Cecilia away from the balcony and back into the dancing room where the others were milling toward the door and the orchestra was winding down. "I'm not worried and neither should you be. Trust me Cecilia. . .it'll work out. Angora is going to give me what I need to be with you."

"What do you have to give this witch?" Cecilia asked. Again silence was her answer and a new fear crept into her bones.

"She wants to go with me."

"To Westingfield?"


"But why?"

She felt her lover's body move and knew he'd shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know," he told her, confirming her thoughts, "But for me to be with you... I'll do whatever she asks of me."

Cecilia felt her body tense as Prince Cassius's words washed over her. The thought of pending doom made her want nothing more than to remain in Oarthland and keep her lover and her family safe from this witch. Something told her though, that it was too late. The seed of desire had already been planted in both Cassius and Angora's head and a simple blind girl could do nothing to stop it.

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