tagChain StoriesEnchanted Twelve: Cecilia Ch. 04

Enchanted Twelve: Cecilia Ch. 04


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Author's Note: The following is the last installment for Cecilia's story. Cecilia is one of the twelve princesses that were covered in the chain story "Enchanted Twelve". This chain story was inspired by the fairy tale: The Twelve Dancing Princesses and it was started a long time ago, in 2008, but due to personal circumstances it was stalled. For new readers I recommend going through the entire series and links can be found in the Chain story section of Lit., for old readers, there is a thread on the bulletin board at Lit., in the Author's Hangout forum, that is entitled "Twist a fairy tale with me..." – post 869, will give you a quick recap of all the stories up to this point. Thanks and enjoy the final phase of Westingfield and Oarthland, as seen from Cecilia's POV. ~ Red


Cecilia opened her eyes to the eerie silence. She saw nothing, which had been the way of things all her life; a thick fog of gray and black mingled in front of her sightless eyes. Her other senses however seemed more alive than ever before. The shuffling of feet, the rustling of gowns, and the soft whisper of foliage made her realize she was in the gardens; the soft fragrances her sisters were fond of told her they were as well. A warm breeze danced across her features, she closed her eyes and sighed. She wanted to embrace that warmth and moved toward it. As she reached the edge, a woman's voice spoke to her, "Do not take the path tonight, but turn away, remember my dear niece. You must seek out your mother, you must complete the task before you, or your love, your beloved Cassius will never see you again."

The Princess turned away from the warm heat, and stepped back onto the path that would take her to the castle. "Cecilia, I can see you. Please come to me. Why do you turn away? I am here. I am waiting."

Cecilia turned back, smiled and moved toward the voice that beckoned her. It was full of love and that love seemed to radiate from the warm breeze that had touched her skin. "Yes, my sweet. I am here for you. I will protect you, just come to me."

"You cannot reach him. He is trapped and the only way you can save him is to seek out your mother. Go my dear sweet niece. You must save him. He will be lost to you. Hurry!"

Once more the Princess turned away. "Good girl, hurry. Your mother, she is the key. She is the one keeping you from your beloved. Hurry now...before it is too late."

Cecilia moved hesitantly at first; eventually she was able to reach the door that led from the gardens to the library. Her small cane tapped softly on the ground. "Princess Cecilia?"

She turned to the voice. "Sir Chad, is that you?" she asked; it was not unusual for the guards to walk the grounds, so she trusted the man who spoke to her.

"Yes, I am doing my nightly rounds. But why are you awake and why were you out in the gardens?"

Cecilia cocked her head to one side, pondering his question. "You must let no one deter you from your mother. She is keeping your love locked away. She will kill him Cecilia. Your Cassius will die and it will be your fault," the voice in Cecilia's head chastised her. Tears welled up in her hazed orbs.

"Princess, is something wrong?" Sir Chad asked.

The woman heard the sound of his footsteps and felt his presence closing the distance between them. Cecilia put her palms to her temple. "Do what you must," the voice whispered. She felt the guard's hand on her arm.


"I'm fine, Sir Chad, just a headache."

"Let me escort you back to your chambers," he offered, "and I will seek out cook, perhaps a warm glass of milk will aid you in a nice deep slumber."

"That would be lovely," Cecilia whispered, and pressed her body against the guard's. She heard his sharp intake of breath. "You are so kind," she told him, "does your wife know how wonderful a man you are?" Her hand came up to rest against his chest.

"Princess, you have forgotten – I am not wed."

She smiled warmly. "Than your lover, she surely knows your value?" Her hand slid down and rested against his crotch. She rubbed gently.

He moved his hand over hers and pushed her palm into his crotch. "I have no lover at this moment, my Princess."

"Mmm, that is good to know." Cecilia used her fingers to release the ties of his britches. "I have no lover either," she whispered, and slipped to her knees, "no one wants a weak, simpleton."

Sir Chad stroked her hair. "You are not weak, nor a simpleton."

She smiled, and pulled his cock and testicles from their hiding place. "Cecilia, I am here. I am waiting for you, come to me," the man's voice begged her.

"Do whatever you must to free your lover. Your mother wishes his death."

A tear fell from Cecilia's eyes as the man and woman in her head battled with her heart.

"Princess?" She felt Sir Chad's hand on her face; he wiped the tear away. She looked up and smiled softy, before bringing the guard's cock to her lips. Her tongue swept across the head; he groaned softly. She licked the tip, and toyed with the small depth that her slick muscle could tease. "Yes, Princess," he moaned.

Cecilia saw nothing, but heard everything. The sound of his aroused state made her pulse race. She opened her mouth, and lowered her head down onto the mushroom tip. His fingers swept through her hair; he pushed her down his length. She moaned softly, turned herself so that the cock slid expertly down her tiny throat. "Fuck," he muttered, "you are a good cock sucker."

Her mind screamed that this cock was not her lover's that what she was doing was wrong, but she could not stop herself. She had to keep him occupied, to seduce him so she could save Cassius. As she sucked and drew his length in and out of her throat, she recalled sitting with her Aunt in Oarthland, the land of her Prince. Her aunt sat with her, as did her cousin Warren, they served her a drink and spoke softly to her. They had told her that she would need to seek out her mother at all cost or Cassius would suffer.

"Harder, Cecilia – suck my cock harder!"

She shook away the images and concentrated on the dick that was slamming against the back of her throat. She gagged, opened her mouth wider and felt the slick shaft slide deeper. "Yes, oh fuck yes."

Her hands massaged the soldier's testicles; her thumb played with the base, teasing the soft flesh between his hard spheres and his anus. "You are a naughty slut; oh fuck, yes."

The first shot of silk slid down her throat; she pulled up, took a deep breath and drew in another white creamy thread of his seed. The third shot covered her face, as he pulled her off him. She heard his groan and grunt of pleasure. She felt her stomach twist and her pulse race.

"Cecilia, I love you."

The Princess shoved her face into her hands, and wiped at the sticky fluids. "I must go," she whispered, rose to her feet and with the cane still secured to her wrist, she tapped her way quickly from the library. "Thank you Princess," the guard called, "I look forward to more of your nightly visits."

Cecilia sobbed softly; outside of the library wall, she spit out the taste of cum and fought the urge to expel the seeds that had been unloaded into her belly. "You waste time! You do not love your Prince and he is going to die!"

"No!" Cecilia cried as she righted herself and hurried toward her parents' chambers. The sound of her cane tapping on the floor was not as noticeable to her or anyone within distance of her. Cecilia had walked the path to her mother and father for years, so it took no time for her to reach their door.

"Your Highness, what are you doing here?"

Her sightless gaze shuffled back and forth between the two men that she knew stood protectively against her parents' door. "I seek my mother," she told them.

"Is there something amiss?" one guard asked.

She could hear the concern in his voice. "I seek her council. I must see her, please allow me entrance."

"I will take you to her private sitting room. It is I, Daniel."

"Thank you Daniel," Cecilia whispered. She felt the man's hand softly lift her arm and rest it on his. Together they walked a short distance, turned and paused. She heard the guard lift the latch and open the door.

"There is a chair, fifteen paces straight ahead, and a bench twelve paces to the right, another here right by the door. Do you wish my aid in finding a resting place?" he asked.

Cecilia smiled. "No, just please wake my mother's lady and tell her I seek council with my mother."

"As you wish, Your Highness."

She heard the guard leave, and felt the emptiness of the room engulf her. "Why did you not come to me? Why have you left me here alone? Do you not love me? Something is happening here Cecilia. I can feel it. There is magic in the air. Come back to me."

"I'm trying," she told the voice. The longing and pain made her heart wretch. Tears fell from her eyes. "Please hurry Mother, please hurry."

~ ~ ~* ~ ~ ~


Cassius stood still, his jaw slack and his mind numb. She had been there, he was sure of it. He heard her, saw her, and even smelled the sweet fragrance that he knew was Cecilia. Yet, she had turned from him. The other women had come to Oarthland, but not Cecilia, not his Princess. His heart seemed to shatter into a million pieces. Why had she stopped walking toward him? What had he done to stir her anger?

The shimmering path that glowed from the woods of Oarthland had been unusually bright this particular evening, and he was tempted to walk through it, but what would happen if he crossed into Westingfield, found his love and discovered she had in fact knowingly and willingly abandoned him. Also, what was so special about this night that allowed the portal to remain open? Cassius stood bewildered until a rush of wind swept over him. He stumbled back and looked up. His eyes grew wide and his mouth shut tight, stifling the gasp of shock that threatened to explode from his chest.

Two dragons flew high over Oarthland, their speed and beauty was easy to see with the stars and moon illuminating every rippling muscle. He watched them sore higher and higher, until a cloud seemed to part and their large muscular frames disappeared. Cassius stood speechless. Where had they gone? He rubbed his eyes and looked back at the shimmering clouds. The dragons were indeed gone and yet the shimmer still remained. He glanced at the path where he had seen Cecilia hovering. Were the portals of Orathland open again, and if so how and why? Did he dare go forth and take a chance on becoming lost in another world, or crushed inside the portal if the magic chose to close around him?

"I'm trying."

He heard Cecilia's words; felt her pain and knew he had to go to her. Cassius licked his lips, touched the hilt of his sword, and stepped through the portal. Instantly he was surrounded by the shimmering silver and gold leaves of the garden that lived within the magic walls of the portal. He caressed them; they were soft and warm. The more he walked, the more the leaves began to change; eventually the bushes, flowers, and other various foliage looked dull compared to the beauty of the magic path he had trod.

Cassius looked around. He felt queasy and sick to his stomach. His gaze shifted back to the portal. It still shimmered. He could return to his land, and what was familiar to him, or he could explore the world his love lived in, and pray he found her. He was in Westingfield, he was sure of it, and was that not what he had always wanted ever since meeting Princess Cecilia? Cassius squared his shoulders and moved through the garden. When he heard the laughter of two men, he paused and pressed himself against the cool surface of the castle. It did not surprise him that the grounds were guarded, after all Cecilia was a Princess, one of twelve, and that certainly meant a King and Queen resided within the stone walls. Getting to his beloved would not be an easy task. He listened to the men, hoping their conversation concerning the local whore would be quick.

"I speak the truth," Sir Chad said to his fellow guard, "she dropped to her knees and sucked my cock like she'd been doing it from the cradle."

"You speak lies. You know the only Princess that is a whore and slut is the eldest. Princess Cecilia is a gem of a girl. She would not take a guard's cock."

Cassius frowned. His Princess had drank another's seed? Was she the whore these men spoke of? No, he told himself, she was enchanted by the magic of Oarthland and he had to save her.

"She did and tomorrow I will visit her chamber. I'll have my cock buried so deep in her pussy she'll most likely be able to see the stars!"

The Prince from Oarthland gripped his sword.

"We'll see about that," he muttered, then took a step out, exposing his presence to the two men.

Immediately they pulled their weapons. Sir Chad shouted, "To arms" while the other quickly began to parry with Cassius.

The young Prince fought valiantly, but he was no match for the two more seasoned warriors. Cassius had not had to fight for his life in years, for the world of Oarthland, though full of magic and beasties that would rather eat you than parry with you was relatively peaceful at least in his lands they were. When his sword was knocked from his hand and sailing into the air, Cassius fell to his knees and knew he had failed his Princess.

The tip of Sir Chad's weapon rested against his throat. "Who are you and where are your men?" the guard demanded.

Cassius looked up, and took note of several more guards rushing into the garden. "I am Prince Cassius, one of the Princes from the land of Oarthland."

The guard stared down at the young Prince. "We have never heard of this land you speak of."

"It exists beyond the garden, a portal between our two lands has opened and it remains open for any and all to walk through it."

Sir Chad stared in shock at the man's words. He looked at the soldier nearest to the gardens. "Take two others and if this man speaks the truth, leave them to guard this portal, and return to me. They are not to let anyone through, or they will suffer."

Cassius glanced toward the three men that had taken the order to heart and quickly left to do the warrior's bidding. "You sir, rise and we will seek the council of our King."

The Prince rose, making no move to attack his captors. His shoulders slumped and his step was heavy. He had failed Princess Cecilia. A scream of fear ripped through the air. All of the men, including the Prince spun around and stared at the man who sat on his knees cowering in fear. His eyes were locked to the sky. Two dragons swooped around the clouds, their bodies huge and menacing.

~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~

Andrea woke with a start as her Ladies maid gently shook her. "What is it?" she asked, slowly rolling over to see if her spouse still slept. His snore was her answer. She rolled her eyes and chuckled. "Yes?" she asked the maid again.

"Your daughter Cecilia seeks your council," the woman answered.

Andrea's brow furrowed in confusion. "Cecilia," she rubbed her eyes and looked around; her face paled and she rose up tossing the blankets from her nude figure. The maid rushed to grab the Queen her robe. "Where is she?" Andrea demanded as she slipped her arms into the sleeves and tied the sash.

"She is in your private study. She came to your bedchamber door and asked to speak with you. I was roused and that is all I know, Your Majesty."

"Take me to her," Andrea demanded.

"Do you wish for me to..."

The maid's words were cut off as several guards burst into the King and Queen's bedchamber. The maid squealed, and pushed Andrea behind her. King Bartholomew rose from his bed, the covers thrown off and the sword that rested at his side was in his hand. His nudity was barely noticed as his guards advanced further into the room. When the King noted that the only men in his room were the ones in his employ, he laid his weapon down and pulled a robe from the hook on the wall. When he was covered he faced the Captain of the guard.

"What is happening?" he demanded.

"Your Highness, Westingfield is under attack."

The Queen gasped, and looked to her husband. They both knew who attacked their home, what they did not know was the fate of their daughters. "Take the Queen and my daughters to the dungeons, access the secret passage way and deliver them safely beyond our walls," Bartholomew ordered, before hurrying to dress. "Tell me how many men are at our gates."

The soldier beckoned for two men to go with the Queen and her ladies maid. The women stopped when the Captain of the guard said, "One man, he claims to be a Prince and two dragons. The dragons have not landed, but they look to carry riders. Two, three – I don't know how many and I don't know if there are more to come. They appeared in the sky, there was no warning, and not a sound spoken, they were just there."

The Queen turned to face the Captain. "Dragons?"

"Yes, your Majesty. I know my words sound like those of a crazed man, but there are dragons in Westingfield and they mean to attack I'm sure of it! We must hurry your Highness, please go with the guards and..."

"Bartholomew, dragons of Oarthland are loyal and kind, if they are here it is not to attack, not unless Angora has charmed them with some spell or potion."

"We can take no chances!" the King answered. He received assistance in donning his battle gear.

"Go now, gather the girls and..."

His sentence was interrupted when another entered the room. "The Princesses are gone!"

Andrea and Bartholomew staggered against the bed.

"All of them?" Andrea asked; her world seemed to slip out of focus as she began to sink to the floor, her ladies maid and a guard caught her before she crumbled.

"Princess Cecilia is in your study, remember," the ladies maid called out from a dense and heavy veil that seemed to cover Andrea's mind.

"See to her, immediately," the King demanded, and bring this so called Prince to my ready room, I will have his story. Keep an eye on the dragons and their riders. If they land, be ready to still the hearts of the great beasts and disarm those that ride them. Be swift, for a dragon is not a being to be trifled with."

"Bartholomew you cannot kill them! They may be harmless!" the Queen shouted.

"And they may be here to finish what your sister has started! Go to Cecilia and see what she knows of all this. I want that Prince brought to me now!"

The Queen was rushed from the room, and the King left with his men. Word spread quickly through the castle; men and women hurried to hide the valuables they knew would be used to rebuild the wealth of Westingfield if their royal family had to flee. Andrea was pushed roughly over the threshold of her study, and waved off the apology the guard offered. She had only eyes and thoughts on her youngest daughter, who had risen to stand upon hearing her mother's entrance.

Andrea rushed forward and gathered Cecilia into her arms. "Daughter, what is it? What is happening?"

Cecilia looked upon her mother, as well as one can with an empty gaze. "You have my love mother, my heart, my soul. I am here to rescue him from your grasp. You will give him to me, or I will kill you."

Andrea felt the prick of a knife pressed into her stomach. She glanced down and saw the determination in her daughter's face. Her gaze flew to the guard, but he was unaware of what her daughter intended; his attention was locked on what was happening outside the window. "Cecilia, I don't understand. I have no one, please –please tell me what is going on."

"She lies, she has him she --- My sweet Warren, look what you have brought me.--- take her and use her as you desire, and feel free to make her scream, she resembles her mother too much for my liking -- Do it Cecilia, kill her so you can free your beloved ---You bitch! ---Die sister! Die!"

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