Enchanted Twelve: Cecilia Ch. 04


Cecilia screamed, dropped the knife and fell to her knees clutching her head. The guard rushed to Andrea's side, she held up her hand to warn him off. The Queen knelt, tossed the knife away and clasped her daughter to her.

"Blood mother, there is so much blood. She's in my head, she's talking to me, and Danielle is there. Oh god mother, Warren, her son – your nephew – he's - god mother, she's bleeding. Her eyes, nose, mouth, ears, there is blood everywhere. She won't die! Oh mother! Help me! Please help me!"

Andrea grabbed Cecilia's face and lifted it. She held it firmly between her palms. "Cecilia, you are safe here! You are in Orathland. She is dead. Andrew has saved us all! You must come back to me! I am here, I love you! Your Prince is here. He is with your father. You must come back to me, so you can save him! Now Cecilia!"

The young Princess blind and afraid clawed her way back from the pits of Hell. The darkness she was accustomed to embraced light. The images of her aunt crawling toward a serving girl, the sight of Danielle, a sister she had never seen before now was staring at her from a far. Andrew was hurrying from the room with Danielle and a serving girl. They left the body of her cousin behind. He did move; he too was dead. Her mother's voice called to her. Cecilia hesitated. She could see her surroundings. She wanted to stay to look at the room, to lock in the visions, but they were grotesque, dark and bloody. There was nothing but evil here, and her mother's voice promised light and safety, but at the same time it meant the darkness of her disability would be her life once more.

"Cecilia, come home." Her mother's voice was full of so much pain. Cecilia took one last look around her aunt's dining hall and turned away from the various lifeless colors and embraced the sound of her mother's love.

Andrea knew her youngest had returned to her when she felt her weight slump against her. She stroked her hair and back, cooed to her the words a mother gives to a feared offspring. When she felt it was safe she pulled Cecilia away, just enough to stroke her cheek and wipe away the tears. "The spell is broken my love, do you remember anything?"

The Princess sniffled. "I remember it all – aunt Angora is dead, and Andrew and Danielle are coming home, a maid is with them. I saw it mother. I saw the colors, the room, and the bodies. My sister, she is beautiful."

The Queen stroked her daughter's cheek and kissed her forehead. "And you gave it all up, to return to me. Thank you."

"Thank you mother, it was an ugly world Angora had created, much uglier than the darkness I now embrace."

"So you still cannot see?"

Cecilia smiled softly. "No, but it is okay mother. I saw enough to know that with sight not only does their come beauty there is horror, and I wish to see the beauty of the world. Let others embrace the ugly."

Andrea tucked several strands of loose curls behind her daughter's ear. "Come, I believe with the death of your aunt, the dragons and the man your father holds in his ready room to be more friend than foe."

The Queen rose with her daughter, and ordered the guard to take her to her husband. The warrior bulked at the idea, but also knew that if he deposited the Queen back into the care of her husband, than perhaps he would be allowed to aid in the slaying of the dragons. The two mammoth creatures had landed and were currently surrounded by three dozen fully armed guards. Their riders were dismounting, and an unknown number of arrows were aimed toward their hearts.

~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~

Danielle quickly leaped from the dragon as did Andrew, who rushed to help Marie. The Princess quickly identified herself as well as naming the dragons as friends, not enemies. The guards still leery of the claims kept their weapons aimed at the creatures. She waited until her father appeared, and with him the Prince she had seen often with her sister Cecilia. "Prince Cassius," she gave him a soft smile, and then hurried to her father's side. They embraced, and tears fell fast from her clenched lids. When they pulled away she giggled at the moisture that seeped free of her King's soft orbs. He touched her face and kissed her brow, before releasing her to stare humbly at the cobbler.

"It is done," Andrew said, and walked with Marie's hand held tight in his. "I did not do the deed, however, this young girl, a mute thanks to the hands of Angora, she was the brave soul who saved our world, and your daughters."

Marie's eyes were huge in their sockets. She chewed on her lips, and fear caused her features to pale dramatically. The young girl curtsied, and then watched in awe as the King bowed to her. Her shock was multiplied tenfold when the soldiers lowered their weapons and did the same; each man paid homage to the girl before them, though only a small handful understood the true meaning behind her act of courage. "You will have a place in my home as my daughter, if you find that to your liking."

Marie smiled wide, and curtsied back to the man before her.


The soldiers parted as the Queen rushed forward. She threw her arms around her eldest and held her tight. The two women cried and when they pulled apart, each knew the value of the other. "I am sorry I ever doubted magic, mother."

Andrea cupped Danielle's cheek. "I am so proud of you. You will make a fine wife for our cobbler and a strong mother for your children."

"Then you know – you know of Andrew and I – and of Simon?" Danielle whispered, lowering her eyes in shame.

"I know he loves you deeply and you him. What happened behind the spell is up to you to either accept and move on, or allow it to rule you." Andrea looked around. "What of your sisters? Are they returning to Westingfield, or do they chose to stay in Oarthland?"

Cecilia slipped through the crowd, and waited on the edge. Her eyes sought out what they could not see.

"Cece!" Cassius shoved away the two guards who held him. He rushed to her side, only to be blocked by a massive wall of muscle and steel.

"Let me go to him!" the youngest Princess shouted, and pushed her way toward the man who had called her name.

" Let her go," the King demanded. He had spoken to the Prince moments before the dragons had landed, and knew that this Prince was the one that held his daughter's heart. He watched as the two embraced, and knew that Cassius would serve well as a husband to his littlest girl. He glanced to his wife and held his hand out to her. "My dear wife, can our two worlds co-exist?"

"There is still evil in Oarthland; but there is evil here in Westingfield. We will find a way, for I will not lose all of my children to the wonders of that land."

"Then we will wait for our daughters and their mates to walk or fly," he eyed the dragons that were saying their goodbyes to Danielle and Andrew, "back home to us."

The Queen smiled softly, pressed herself closer to her husband and smiled as her past and her future finally became one again.

~ ~ ~ The End of Danielle and Cecilia's story ~ ~ ~

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