tagChain StoriesEnchanted Twelve: Merry Ch. 01

Enchanted Twelve: Merry Ch. 01


Hello and welcome to my readers. Thanks for your votes, comments and e-mail's on my previous stories. This tale is one of a series in a Chain Story entitled 'Enchanted Twelve'. I strongly encourage everyone to read all the stories written by other authors in the chain. Now, I would like to introduce to you Princess Merry and Prince Karl. Enjoy.

* * * *

Laughing and talking, the Princesses wended their way through the Silver Forest. Rounding a bend they saw their Princes waiting for them and began walking faster. When Merry saw Karl she broke into an unladylike run, hitching up her skirts, flinging herself into his outstretched arms. He lifted her and spun her around as they exchanged passionate kisses.

Merry always felt safe when she was with Karl; he made her forget the awful dreams she and her sisters suffered with every night. He was her protector, her champion, her armor against all that would threaten them and she loved him dearly.

Karl hugged Merry's slim body to him, his face buried in her mane of red hair. She smelled of perfumed soap and fragrant herbs. He breathed deeply, inhaling the wonderful scents of the woman he loved. Her arms encircled his neck as they kissed, oblivious to the happy cries of the others as they met their own princes.

"Your boat awaits m'lady," Karl said, setting her down gently. She was so unlike the women in his kingdom of Vard. They were large framed and as strong as their men, unlike Merry who was slim as a reed and just as delicate. He had learned not to hug too tightly for fear of hurting her, but she accepted his embraces without fear.

"Why thank you kind sir," Merry replied, taking his hand as he helped her into the gently rocking boat. Her green eyes shone as he clambered into the stern, dipped a paddle into the water and struck out for the opposite shore. His muscular body gave her goose bumps as she watched him scull effortlessly through the rushing water.

She quivered with anticipation as they neared the other side. Soon they would disappear into the dark forest and slake their thirst for each other. She was already moist between her legs remembering the first time they made love, how his thick cock stretched the walls of her virginal pussy as he gently entered her. The pain quickly turned to pleasure as he stroked in and out of her, her fingernails leaving deep scratches on his back as they rocked together. Her powerful orgasm heightened by his long moan as he drenched her pussy with jets of thick cum while she cried out in pleasure.


After they had disembarked, Karl lifted the boat from the water and upended it on the bank. Hand in hand they walked among the towering oak, maple and chestnut trees; in no hurry to reach the dancing ground. They saw a trail through some underbrush and decided to follow it. Soon, they came upon a verdant sunlit glade and a shimmering pool of water. It was dark where they had come from. How could this be? Curious, a Merry dipped a hand in the water; it was pleasantly warm.

"Let us go for a swim Karl," she said happily. "Unlace me please."

"With pleasure," he replied, untying the knots and nuzzling her neck as she giggled with excitement. Merry wriggled out of her garments and hesitated, her face in an exaggerated pout.

"Karl, I have no place to hang my pretty gown. It will be soiled if I lay it on the grass."

"Such a demanding wench you are," Karl grumbled in mock irritation. He strode to an oak tree, shinnied up the trunk, broke off several limbs and in minutes had constructed a crude rack for their clothing. He stripped and dove in, Merry jumping behind him. Laughing and splashing they played in the water, dunking each other as they became more excited.

Standing in the shallows, Karl pulled Merry to him and kissed her. "Would you enjoy a ride in the country fair maiden?"

"Oh so very much good sir," Merry replied. "I will ride with you anywhere."

"Then let us begin," Karl said. He lifted Merry by her waist as she wrapped her arms around his neck and nibbled his ear. She spread her legs and felt the velvet head of his throbbing cock brush her pussy lips. She relaxed her hold and slowly lowered herself, shivering with delight. Karl groaned as her silky pussy enfolded his aching cock, teasingly gripping it inch by inch until it was completely inside her.

Merry tongued Karl's ear. "Now," she whispered, "Let us ride, my love."

She swung her legs around his waist as he lifted her up and down, his cock head lingering between her engorged lips, then plunging into her, making her gasp. He was such a wonderful lover she could hardly stand it.

"Enough trotting, let us canter a while," she moaned. He shifted his weight in the knee deep water and stroked into her even faster, her little shrieks of delight spurring him on.

Merry felt faint as Karl's stiffness impaled her repeatedly. Her puffy nipples tingled as they rubbed on his wiry chest hair, their bellies slapping together with each thrust. Familiar warmth suffused her body and she knew her orgasm was near. Her green eyes met his blue ones as she cried, "To the gallop my darling, the quarry is in sight." He began pounding into her, his hands leaving her waist, cupping her rounded buttocks as she squealed with excitement. He bit his lip trying desperately to keep from cumming until she did.

Merry tossed her head back, red hair swirling, scattering drops of water everywhere. "Ohhhh...Karl...yessss," she wailed as her orgasm coursed like liquid fire through her body. Her pussy bathed Karl's erection in waves of warm juices as he pumped ropes of thick cum into her, groaning and shuddering in his release. Her pussy muscles rippled along his cock coaxing out the last of his cum as she had another massive orgasm. Clinging together, they settled into the warm water, softly kissing as they basked in the glow of their mutual satisfaction.

"Oh my, and who do we have here sister?" someone said behind them.

Karl and Merry turned and their eyes widened in surprise. Two naked women stood on the bank looking bemusedly at them. The one on the right's skin was a pale blue, her long hair, lips, nipples and pubic hair a shimmering aquamarine. The one on the left's skin was a light green, her long hair, lips, nipples and pubic hair a deep emerald. Both were slim with flared hips, narrow waists and firm up tilted breasts.

"Who...who are you?" Merry asked, finding her voice.

"More like what are you?" Karl asked wonderingly.

"I am Aqua," the blue woman answered. "And this is my sister Larch. She is a wood nymph and I am a water sprite. Why are you befouling my favorite pool?"

"Look at my poor oak," Larch exclaimed. "You brutes ripped it's branches off. She hugged it and said soothingly "There, there, it will be all right, don't be upset."

Merry gasped as the tree quivered when Larch crooned to it. "Karl, what shall we do?" she whispered. "These are magical beings and..."

"Come here you two," Aqua said menacingly. "You castle dwellers encroach on our homes every day; cutting down trees, setting fires, washing clothes, dirtying my pure water with your waste and filth. You should be punished."

"You'll not touch a hair on my loves head," Karl rumbled as he climbed on the bank, water sheeting from his broad chest. "Magical beings or no, deal with me first if you dare."

Aqua looked appraisingly at his massive frame, eyes alighting on his semi-hard cock. 'I would never think of hurting a lovely man such as you," she purred. "Come here sister."

Larch was at her side in an instant. "What a beautiful human," she said huskily. "It has been a long time since we..."

"You get away from him," Merry shouted, stepping next to Karl. "This is my prince. Go find one of your own."

"She's a spirited one isn't she?" Larch said, smiling. "There is so much of him. Won't you share for a while? We weren't going to neglect you, lovely." She stepped forward and caressed Merry's cheek. "So soft and smooth, what is your name pretty flower?"

Merry sighed as Larch's hand touched her. "Merry. I am a Princess of Westingfield. Karl is a Prince of Vard. Your touch is so gentle Larch."

"As is this one's," Karl rumbled as Aqua pressed herself against him, her stiff nipples poking his chest. "Do not start something you cannot finish little sprite."

"Oh I think we will all finish in fine style," Larch murmured as Merry caressed her cheek in return. "I have already forgiven you both for hurting my tree."

"As have I for fouling my water," Aqua said, stroking Karl's abs and his stiffening cock. "Do you wish to play now?"

"Yes, let us play," Larch replied, pulling Merry to her and kissing her deeply. She sighed as Merry returned the kiss with equal fervor.

Merry was no stranger to Sapphic love, expertly tutored in secret by an equally adventuresome Ladies Maid her same age. They had continued their clandestine trysts until she met Karl and the Maid married the Head Cook who captured her fancy.


Karl lifted Aqua and kissed her, their tongues swirling together as she slid her wet pussy along his stiff cock. He laid her softly in the grass, sucking her erect nipples, his finger probing in her pussy. She mewed in pleasure as her hand moved on his cock, slippery now with precum. She spread her legs and he slid between them.

"I do not wish to hurt you Aqua. However sometimes when I am in passions grip I forget my strength. I will be careful, I promise."

"I welcome all you care to give me, you beautiful man. Mine is the strength of floodwaters and the pounding surf. Let us blend our strengths in glorious pleasure."

Aqua gripped Karl's ass and pulled him into her with one thrust. He sucked and bit her thick nipples as he pounded her tight pussy; her long nails raked his skin as her hips rose to meet his in perfect rhythm. They rolled in the grass, first one then the other on top, never missing a beat as they fucked in wild abandon.


Larch and Merry lay together in the grass, kissing and exploring each other. Merry sighed as Larch's finger wiggled in her pussy. "Your touch is so exciting Larch. Do you love men as well as women?"

"Oh yes. I enjoy a man's hardness as well as a woman's tongue in my...ooooh." She moaned as Merry's finger slid between her green nether lips.

"As do I...uhhhhh." Merry replied as Larch added a second finger, twisting them against her lover's slick walls.

Merry sucked a green nipple in her mouth and lashed it with her tongue, her fingers probing Larch's wetness. Larch responded by pumping her fingers deep in Merry's pussy, back arching as Merry's thumb found her lover's throbbing clit, peeling back the fleshy sheath.

"Ohhh...mmmm..." Larch moaned. "Sweet Merry, I want your mouth on me. Please lick my pussy. I want to taste yours."

Merry turned around and lowered her dripping pussy to Larch's wiggling tongue; her head dropping between Larch's spread legs as she sucked the engorged lips in her mouth. Hands gripping ass cheeks, they began devouring their pussy banquet.


Aqua rolled on top of Karl, joyfully impaling herself on his thickness. Karl rolled her nipples under his thumbs as he kneaded her breasts. Blue hair flying, Aqua rode him faster and faster, her juices flowing down Karl's dick as her orgasm rose and burst, suffusing her body with a splendid agony.

Wailing her delight, she rode his cock to a second orgasm, then a third as Karl groaned and squirted bursts of hot cum deep in her gripping pussy. She collapsed on top of him, panting from her exertions as he enfolded her in his arms. They kissed tenderly savoring the afterglow.


Larch sucked Merry's clit in her mouth, licking and nibbling, as her fingers were busy in her lover's cunt and asshole. Merry slid a finger from each hand into Larch's puckered hole, licking and sucking on the engorged clit. Larch moaned in ecstasy as Merry's lips and tongue drove her wild; back arching she had a thundering orgasm that made her tremble. Merry ground her hot pussy against Larch's face, flooding her mouth with salty juices as her orgasm claimed her. Larch squirted warm fluids into Merry's open mouth, filling it repeatedly as Merry swallowed every delicious drop.

Larch turned around and snuggled into Merry's welcoming arms. "I have not made love with a woman as skilled as you before," she murmured. "It was exquisite. I wish you were mine alone."

"You were wonderful dear Larch," Merry replied. "I have never cum so hard with a woman before. If the circumstances were different, I would gladly be your lover for all time."

Two shadows fell over them and they looked up at the smiling faces of Karl and Aqua. "Did you two have fun?" Aqua purred. "Karl and I certainly did."

"It was glorious," Merry replied.

"Please join us. The fun is just starting," Larch said, throatily. "There must be a game we all can play."

"I know of one," Karl said in a deep voice. The three women looked at him expectantly. "Larch, get on your hands and knees between Merry's legs. Aqua, straddle Merry's face." He gripped Larch's hips and teased her pussy with the head of his cock. "I'll start things back here," he said, easing his thick cock into Larch's sopping hole.

Larch gasped as Karl's cock filled her to bursting, pumping in and out. She wrapped her arms around Merry's thighs and buried her face in her juicy pussy, swallowing the sweet cream that flowed from it.

Aqua lowered her steaming pussy to Merry's wriggling tongue, groaning as Merry wormed a cum-covered finger in her tight asshole. She leaned forward and stroked Merry's clit with her fingers, spreading her legs wider as Merry licked and sucked on her gaping pussy.

The woodland glade rang with the sounds of intense lovemaking. The squish of a hard fucked pussy, the slurps and sucks of pussies being eaten, the slap of flesh on flesh and the cries of passion as the four pleasured each other hour after hour. Karl's erection never dwindled and the women's pussies flowed like fountains as they shared uncounted orgasms. Finally collapsing from sheer exhaustion, they lay together in the grass as a gentle breeze cooled their sweaty bodies.

Aqua climbed shakily to her feet. "I invite all of you to my home. The warmth will ease our tired bodies." They floated and swam in the soothing waters, exchanging kisses and caresses, becoming friends as well as lovers.

"Oh Karl," Merry said. "This has been so enjoyable I don't even care if we missed the dancing."

"Me either," he replied, laughing as Aqua bobbed up in front of him and kissed his nose. "I would much rather be here."

"If you two would still like to dance, I think I can help you," Larch replied, cupping Merry's breasts and nuzzling her neck."

"Yes, the portal. What a great idea," Aqua replied, shivering as Karl caressed her pussy.

Drying off in the breeze, Karl and Merry followed Larch and Aqua to a huge sycamore tree. Pulling on their clothing, they watched in amazement as Larch touched the tree trunk and an opening appeared. "Follow us," she said, walking in holding hands with Aqua.

There was a feeling of motion, and then Karl and Merry emerged from a door in a sycamore tree near the dancing ground. The other princes and princesses were conversing gaily, waiting for the music to begin.

"Goodbye Karl and Merry," Larch said sadly. "Will you come visit us again?"

"Yes please do," Aqua added. "You are always welcome in our homes."

Karl gathered them up in his arms, kissing each one in turn. "We will return whenever we can. You are as close to us as the rustling tree or the babbling brook."

"Return to me soon, my mighty lover," Aqua murmured to Karl. "You are truly my equal in passion."

"It may be sooner than you think," Karl replied, "You will always hold a special place in my heart."

Merry hugged Aqua, then Larch, who whispered in her ear "If it's just the two of us who meet, I will not mind."

"Nor I dear Larch," Merry replied, a tear rolling down her cheek.

"Karl. Merry. Make haste, the dance is commencing," shouted the others as the music began.

"They cannot see us," Aqua said. "We must go. Good fortune to you both."

"Return to us soon," Larch added. "And if you ever need us, we are never far away."

They stepped back into the tree and the door disappeared, leaving rough bark behind.

"Karl," Merry said wonderingly. "Was that real or did we...?"

"Dream it?" He finished. "I do not know. Somehow, I think not. Come my love, the others are already forming quadrilles."

Hand in hand, they walked to the dancing ground. The sounds of leaves rustling and water flowing soothing in their ears.

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