tagChain StoriesEnchanted Twelve: Merry Ch. 02

Enchanted Twelve: Merry Ch. 02


Hello and welcome to my readers. Thank you for your votes, PM's and e-mails. This tale is a part of the 'Enchanted Twelve' chain story begun by RedHairedandFriendly. You may also wish to read Chapter 1 of Princess Merry and Prince Karl's adventures. I also highly recommend your reading the other authors contributions to this chain. Fun and adventure await you.


'Children of the Dragon'

Princess Merry ran eagerly to Prince Karl and jumped into his arms. She rubbed herself against his hard body as he hugged her and they kissed passionately. Merry could hardly wait until they were in the forest so they could make love before the dancing began. Her knee hit something that gave a dull 'clang'. Karl's two-handed broadsword was at his side.

"Why did you bring 'Thunderbolt' my love? Is there danger about?"

"A leaf blew in my window as I was preparing to meet you. It was a note from Larch and Aqua. They said there are dragons prowling and we should be on our guard."

"Then it is good I brought Snake Fang."

Merry lifted her skirts revealing her fighting dagger. It's snake skin scabbard strapped to her calf.

"My brave Princess," Karl said admiringly. "Let us go, our boat awaits."


"Does it not seem farther than usual to the Dancing Ground?" Merry said wearily. "I do not recognize this part of the forest."

"I am positive we turned correctly at Mushroom Rock," Karl replied. "Do you wish me to carry you?"

"That would be nice, however I…Karl! Where are we?"

Appearing before them lay a vast expanse of green grass stretching to the horizon. The sun shone brightly and the sky was cloudless.

"I do not know. How can the sun be shining in the dark of night? This is wizardry most foul."

"I am tired my love. Can we not tarry a while?"

Merry spread out her cape removed her dagger and lay down. The smell of grass and earth filled her nostrils. Karl spread his cape next to hers, unbuckled his sword and stretched luxuriantly. They began to kiss and hug, hands roaming, their forever-smoldering passion bursting into flame.

Lovingly they undressed each other and lay naked in the warm sun. Merry stroked Karl's stiffening cock while his fingers danced in her pussy. Karl rose on all fours, straddling Merry as his cock head slid up and down on her wet slit. Merry's arms went around his neck and pulled him to her, raining kisses on his face.

"Take me my prince," she breathed. "I want you inside me." She raised her hips and partially impaled herself on his thick cock.

"My princess, you are my life," Karl rumbled. "I am incomplete until I am with you." He thrust into her as she wrapped her legs around his waist; pumping in and out in time with her surging hips as their lovemaking began.

She clung to him as he rose to his hands and knees, swaying back and forth like a pendulum, his cock stretching her pussy walls as she moaned in delight. Her vaginal muscles rippled along his cock, feeling as if a hand in a silken glove gripped him.

The rocked together as their orgasms rose, kissing wildly, grunting and panting like animals in rut.

"I can hold back no longer," Karl moaned. "I must release. Are you with me?"

"Fill me to overflowing," Merry cried. "I am with you. Do it now!"

Karl's body shook as he shot his thick cum deep in Merry's soaked pussy. She cried out in pleasure as her orgasm seared through her and she drenched his cock in her sweet juices. They continued to sway until they each had another wrenching orgasm, then lay beside each other; enervated by the intensity of their lovemaking.


A shadow passed over them and they looked up. Something was circling high above, and then began descending in slow spirals. Weapons at the ready they watched an immense dragon land in the grass a short distance away.

The creature lay down, folded it's webbed wings, crossed it's front paws and gazed at them benignly with yellow eyes the size of dinner plates; it's lower body and wings a pale blue while it's upper body and wings an amazing riot of color. Each of it's large scales were different; red, blue, purple, yellow, green and orange; an amazing sight to behold.

"Why does it not attack?" Merry said nervously. "What does it want?"

"I know not, but if it makes a move we shall strike from both sides," Karl replied. "Pierce an eye with your thrown dagger and I will sever it's head from it's body."

"That will not be necessary," said a female voice. "Starflower will not harm you."

"It speaks," Karl cried. "This is evil wizardry! Stand ready my love."

"There is no wizardry here, it is only us," the voice replied. The dragon lowered it's head and out of nowhere a woman appeared, slid down it's sinuous neck and landed in front of them. She was naked, her skin a bright pink, her slim body of medium height with pert breasts and slim hips.

"From whence did you appear?" Merry asked. "We saw naught when the creature landed."

"You will see," the woman said, laughing. "Starflower, show the lady."

The dragon rolled on it's side presenting it's back to them. At the base of it's neck was a pink indentation the shape of a human lying flat with arms and legs outstretched.

"I ride there," the woman said, gesturing.

Merry noticed a fleshy protuberance on the woman's flat stomach the size of a tea rose. The woman saw her looking and smiled.

"That is my link to Starflower when we are joined. I see what she sees, feel what she feels. We are one."

She turned to pet the beast on it's nose and Karl and Merry saw the woman's back, arms and legs were colorfully scaled. She was a part of the dragon, truly a wondrous thing.

"Come closer. Starflower would like to meet you."

Lowering their weapons they warily approached the beast's head, it's vertical pupils pulsing a deep green. Massive fringed jaws opened revealing jagged teeth the length of sword blades. A deep red forked tongue shot out and licked Karl and Merry's faces, showering them with saliva.

"How sweet, Starflower likes you," the woman said happily.

"Aren't we lucky," Karl grumbled, wiping his face with a handful of grass.

Merry poked him in the ribs, "Now be nice. They are trying to be friendly."

"I am Princess Merry of Westingfield," she continued. "And this is Prince Karl of Vard. Who might you be?"

"I am called Linni," the woman replied. "I am a Child of the Dragon."

A shadow passed over them. Starflower raised her head and bellowed. An answering cry came from far above as another dragon swooped down and landed beside her. They nuzzled each other, steam rising from their nostrils.

A figure detached from the dragons back, slid down it's scaly side and walked towards them. This person was male, his skin a darker pink, with colorful scales to match the dragon he rode.

"This is my mate Harabi," Linni said as they embraced and nuzzled. "These people are Princess Merry and Prince Karl. They are strangers in our land."

"Welcome to the Land of Dragons," Harabi said. "What brings you here? Our visitors are few, something frightens them away." He and Linni laughed and the dragons snorted as if enjoying the joke.

"We seek the Dancing Ground where my sisters and I travel every night. We meet our princes and enjoy ourselves until daybreak."

"You seemed to be enjoying yourselves a short time ago," Harabi said with a wink. "Linni and I watched you until she became curious and decided to investigate."

"It was so exciting," Linni added. "Seldom have I seen mating with such intensity."

"It is the power of our love," Merry replied, sighing as Karl put his arm around her and drew her close.

"So alluring. So exciting," Linni said, her voice husky with arousal. A look passed between she and Harabi. "May we mate with you? It is our custom to mate with new friends and seal the bond between us."

Karl and Merry looked at one another. Their desire for each other temporarily satisfied, they wondered what delights these new lovers could bring. In answer, Karl picked Linni up and kissed her. Merry embraced Haribi, kissing and rubbing against him. They fell together on the soft grass.


Karl lay on his back as Linni explored his body. Her warm mouth and soft hands were everywhere, but always returned to his stiff cock, caressing and licking as he groaned in pleasure.

"So big, so strong." Linni purred. "Your body is like my dragons, hard and sinewy and this…" her tongue curled around his cock "is magnificent."

"Come and take a ride, it will be quite different from your dragon."

Linni straddled Karl, lowering herself as his cock head spread her pussy lips. Karl's sweat flowed from him as he resisted pulling her down, instead letting her ease onto it until she was comfortable. Moaning and whimpering, Linni lowered herself inch by inch, tossing her head in ecstasy until it was all the way in.

Karl caressed her breasts, rubbing the nipples with his thumbs, and then moving downward to grip her firm ass, the scales surprisingly soft to the touch. Linni leaned forward and they kissed, open mouthed and passionate. She wiggled her hips and Karl moaned; his stiffness enveloped in her silken tunnel. He kneaded her breasts again, then captured a nipple in his mouth, swirling his tongue on the pebbled aureole. Moving her hips up and down, Linni moaned at the fullness of his thick cock in her pussy.

Karl sucked on one nipple, and then the other as Linni rose higher on his cock before plunging back down, her pussy lips gripping the velvet head.

He clutched her ass and pulled her down harder on his cock, filling his mouth with her breast flesh. Legs entwined, they thrust against each other, gasping and moaning between passionate kisses.

Linni's body shook uncontrollably as her orgasm swelled within her, the sensation of being filled to bursting taking her breath away. Wailing in pleasure, she came repeatedly, joyfully impaling herself on Karl's thick cock until he groaned and pumped streams of hot cum deep in her pussy.

They rolled over and she wrapped her arms and legs around him, swaying back and forth, as she had seen Merry doing. Karl's rigidity never lessened

as he fucked hard into her. Uttering little shrieks, Linni rammed Karl's throbbing rod into her creamy wetness as another orgasm blazed through her spraying Karl's cock and thighs with her salty juices. He gasped and flooded her pussy with warm cum, pumping into her until his balls were empty.

She relaxed her hold and sprawled on the grass; Karl rolled away and lay next to her. Linni arose and lay on top of him, sighing contentedly as they embraced.

"Such a wonderful lover you are young prince," she murmured, her head on his broad chest.

"As you are dragon child, your lovemaking sets me afire."

"You could teach our men many things about what arouses a woman."

"I have more to show you if you are interested."

Linni slid her sopping pussy along his hardening cock.

"I am very interested."

Hugging and kissing, their lovemaking began anew.


Merry kissed Harabi as she rubbed his cock and he fingered her pussy. He lowered his head and sucked on her nipples as her hand spread precum over his throbbing rod. His body was so slim and delicate totally unlike Karl's massive frame and his touch was that of a butterfly alighting on a rose. It combined into raging lust that needed to be satisfied.

Harabi crawled between Merry's legs, raining kisses and licks on her belly and thighs, his hands kneading her round ass. She whimpered in delight as he sucked a nipple in his mouth and stroked her engorged clit with his fingers. Her hand circled his stiff cock slick with precum and masturbated him furiously. It was longer than Karl's but not as thick; no matter, she wanted it in her pussy now.

Seemingly reading her mind, Harabi plunged into her with a single thrust as she locked her ankles around his waist. He stroked into her with a rapid, jabbing rhythm, rabbit like, her pussy squeezing him in a velvet vise. Merry lifted her hips to meet his, wanting every inch of him in her. He bit her nipples and lashed them with his tongue as she moaned in delight. In one fluid motion, Merry rolled Harabi on his back, riding his cock while he sucked on her breasts. Pounding on the rigid flesh, the sensations of him driving deep in her gooey pussy were driving her wild.

Her impending orgasm shook her body and she felt as if her nerves were on fire. She impaled herself repeatedly on his throbbing cock, throwing her head back and screaming in ecstasy while orgasmic waves coursed through her. Harabi shuddered and pumped bursts of cum into her flooding pussy. She collapsed on top of him and they clung together panting from their exertions. Hearing Linni's cry of delight, they watched as Karl took her from behind, slamming into her until they came and slumped in the grass.

Legs wobbly, Merry and Harabi walked to where Karl and Linni lay and sat next to them.

Linni smiled at Merry and said, "Your prince is a mighty lover, his techniques are superb."

"Your mate is equally skilled. I am well and truly satisfied."

The men simply smiled and hugged them.

For a moment they all were silent, then Linni crawled forward and lay her head in Merry's lap, Harabi did the same to Karl then they looked up expectantly.

Karl looked at Merry and arched an eyebrow. What is this?

Merry smiled and winked, then puckered her lips in a kiss. They wish to pleasure us.

They lay back in the grass holding hands as Linni's tongue slid into Merry's pussy and Harabi's warm mouth engulfed Karl's throbbing cock. They spread their legs wide giving their hosts easy access to their heated sex. Merry sighed as Linni licked her wet slit, and then wiggled a slippery finger in her new friend's asshole. Karl moaned as Harabi's head bobbed up and down, deep throating the thick cock in his mouth.

Merry's hips rose, pushing her pussy into Linni's lips and tongue, grabbing her lover's head and grinding her sopping crotch on her face.

Karl shivered in ecstasy as Harabi's long tongue swirled around his cock and his hand caressed his balls. He gripped his lover's head and began fucking his mouth, thrusting deep into his throat.

Merry shrieked and came in Linni's mouth, filling it to overflowing with salty juices that she eagerly swallowed. Karl thrust once more in Harabi's mouth and with a loud cry flooded it with his cum, his lover sucking and swallowing every drop.

Merry and Karl sat up as Linni and Harabi turned around, wiggling their buttocks at them. Merry licked and sucked Linni's pussy while worming a long finger into her asshole. Karl eased his stiff cock into Harabi's tight hole, popping through the sphincter and deep into his ass, Harabi moaning with pleasure.

Merry devoured Linni's pussy while Karl pumped rapidly in Harabi's ass. Merry pushed two fingers in Linni's ass, reaming her while sucking on her clit. Karl stroked Harabi's throbbing cock in time with his thrusts, his hand slippery with precum.

Linni squealed and came in Merry's mouth as she nipped and sucked on her lover's clit, continuing as Linni came repeatedly. Harabi groaned as he came in Karl's hand and Karl blasted ropes of cum in his ass. Karl and Harabi came a second time and collapsed in the grass panting. He and Linni embraced, kissing passionately as Karl ate Linni's pussy and Merry sucked Harabi's cock.

They continued pleasuring each other in different combinations and positions until they were exhausted. Throughout the lovemaking, Karl noticed the dragons staring intently at them, eyes glowing as they nuzzled each other making purring noises like gigantic cats.

"This was immensely satisfying," Merry said delightedly. "You two are wonderful lovers. We have truly enjoyed ourselves."

"So have we," Linni replied. "We are so pleased you chose to mate with us. Now we are .bonded as friends."

"I care not that we missed the dancing," Karl added. "This was an experience too good to have missed."

"If you wish to be among your dance partners, Thistle and Starflower can take you there in a matter of moments," Harabi said.

"Will you accompany us? I would like you to meet my sisters and the other Princes."

"Alas the dragon's can carry only one. My sister and I will remain here."

"Sister?" Merry said. "I thought you were mates. You were lovers."

"We are all those things and more," Linni laughed. "The Children of the Dragon are one with our steeds and each other. Thistle! Starflower!

Carry our friends to the Dancing Ground."

The dragons rolled on their sides. The four kissed and said farewell. Harabi and Linni settled Merry and Karl in the warm flesh of the creatures' backs, their clothing and weapons held tightly in the dragon's neck tendrils.

With a booming flap, the dragons soared into the air and sped away, Harabi and Linni waving goodbye.


"Are you enjoying the ride?" a voice said as they flew over the dark forest.

"Yes, it is so exciting," Merry replied. "I did not know you could speak Starflower."

"I can hear you plainly, my love," Karl said incredulously. "How is this possible?"

"We communicate with our voices and our minds," a deeper voice replied.

"Thistle, you can speak as well?" Karl asked. "This is truly incredible."

"We have many talents," Thistle replied. "A long time ago we and the two legged ones were mortal enemies. We joined to battle a threat from the dark reaches of space and became partners. Thus, The Children of the Dragons came to be. We can function independently, but combined we are virtually unstoppable."

"Thank you for sharing your lovemaking with us," Starflower said. "We mate but once a season, but it is pleasurable to experience your sensations. Our riders enjoyed it as well."

"There is your Dancing Ground," Thistle announced. "We will land a distance away so as not to frighten your companions."

"Land near the trees in the clearing," Karl said with a chuckle. "I want everyone to meet you."

"Oh yes, do," Merry added. "My sisters will be thrilled."

The dragons landed. Hearing the beat of wings, the Princesses and their Princes stopped their dancing and walked hesitantly toward the creatures. Karl and Merry slid down and stood naked next to their brilliantly colored friends.

"Come closer," Merry shouted. "They will not harm you. They are our friends."

While they dressed, the others peppered them with questions while stroking and petting the huge creatures. Thistle and Starflower purred happily at all the attention, tongues flicking out giving wet kisses.

Hazel led Cecilia to where she could feel the dragon's scales and claws. Thistle lowered his head so she could explore his scaly nostrils, fringed jaws and shiny fangs, then tenderly licked her face as she squealed in delight.

"Alas, we must depart," Thistle said. "Our riders grow lonely. Good fortune Karl and Merry."

"Till we meet again," Starflower added. "Visit us anytime; we four enjoy your company."

Mighty wings bit the air as the dragons took flight; circling the Dancing Ground then speeding into the distance and disappearing into the moonlit clouds.

"That was naught but a dramatic entrance," Danielle said admiringly.

"Karl and I meet the most interesting people when we travel," Merry replied. "Wherever we go we find enjoyment."

"All manner of enjoyments," Karl chuckled, hugging Merry and kissing her.

Carrying their weapons, they walked with the others to the Dancing Ground.

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