tagChain StoriesEnchanted Twelve: The Twins Ch. 01

Enchanted Twelve: The Twins Ch. 01


This is part of a chain. Although these three chapters can be read on their own, if you like them I highly recommend you check out the other authors and their princesses.


Of all of the princesses, it is likely that Angora's plans have been most effective when it comes to the eldest twins, Mandy and Millay. Their sisters know of their dreams, and the handsome princes, Jerov and Beryl, they have met in the enchanted lands. But there is much they have not revealed, even to those they trust the most.

If they were the first to suspect in their 'waking moments' that the dreams were more than just that, they never spoke of it openly. Instead, they kept such thoughts to themselves. Sometimes literally. While most twins seem to have some level of a mental and emotional connection, with Mandy and Millay it goes much deeper. With a share of their mother's birthright, the two have always been able to literally share each others thoughts. Provided, of course, that the other is willing at the time.

Through the years the two have plotted much mischief. Because they were identical, it was a simple matter for them to switch places and cause trouble. Yet when confronted their alibis meshed so completely, through use of shared thoughts and memories, that none could ever pin the blame on one or the other. Punishments were generally shared as a result. Unfortunately, this meant punishing the innocent, which always resulted in lighter terms on them both. In all, they probably received an average amount of punishment through the years commensurate with their crimes.

Mandy and Millay were no longer strictly speaking identical. Once they began to notice boys, they decided it would save on heartbreak and confusion if there was a way for those around them to be able to identify them. In the end Mandy chose to dye her hair the purest blond, while Millay darkened hers to a rich chocolate.

It is thus, blond and brunette, a decade later that the two curvaceous women stepped from the boats. With a smile to their sisters they quickly made their way towards the enchanted woods. But their moods were not as carefree as their visage expressed. As the boats crossed the water the full memory of their 'dreams', nights spent in the enchanted lands over the past few weeks, returned to them.

The moment they passed from sight, lost amongst the trees, both women hiked up their hoopskirts and began to run. Nightly, they ran as fast as they could to the west. Their princes would eventually meet the two somewhere along the route. They were keenly aware that they could run for only half of the night at most, for at that point they would need to turn around and run even faster in order to reach the boats before dawn.

If they did not run, they might miss the evening with their princes. That had happened once. It was an event they wished they couldn't remember. Exhausted from too many nights running, the twins decided to walk that night in the hopes that the princes were close by. It had been a lovely, if uneventful stroll.

Unfortunately, it was the next night that had terrified the two. Prince Jerov was a sorcerer of some skill. As the intellectual of the pair he was also the obvious leader. He had been so furious that the twins had missed their appointment, due to lack of effort, that he used his magic to bind Millay naked to a tree six feet in the air. Worse still, he had beaten Mandy savagely. He took special care to assure that it was in the most private of areas so that no ill marks would be visible. It would be a reminder to them both.

The hours passed, yet they ran still. They began to stumble from fatigue, despite the lack of undergrowth. They could not keep the pace they set for themselves but they pressed onward, afraid of the consequences should they fail to appear. Their combined thoughts, shared memories of the helplessness of that night spurred them forward despite their weakness.

Finally, ahead lay a light. They knew without seeing that it was the campfire they sought. The princes would stop for the night along the twins path and await them. They slowed to a walk. While prince Jerov had been infuriated that they had missed that evening, he never flinched when they arrived at a walk. So long as they arrived, he cared not their condition. And while the last dozen feet was not nearly enough for the twins to regain their endurance, much less their composure, it allowed their breath to settle slightly. They broke through the trees into the clearing with all of the dignity they could muster.

Even with their fear, and even after two weeks with the men, the sight of the two princes still brought a gasp of desire to the twins. Beryl was nearly six and a half feet tall with kind blue eyes and light brown hair that flowed halfway down his back. His shoulders were broad and muscular. The solid frame went all the way down, and collective thoughts could not help but wonder how well proportioned he was. What treasure was in store for Millay when Prince Beryl finally chose to woo her fully?

Prince Jerov was only a little taller than the twins; perhaps five foot eleven. Although not as broad, proportionately, as his cowed friend he was very powerfully built. The smooth lines of his muscles stretched beneath his flawless skin. His green eyes flowed freely over the two women, hid nothing of his desire to know them both. They were certain that only respect for his friend had kept his hands from Millay.

All around the campfire were spread furnishings that would look more appropriate in a well appointed sitting room. Prince Jerov was an accomplished sorcerer and found some method of transporting the setting wherever he went. Of course, it was possible that Prince Beryl moved it into the final positions but the women suspected, by the seemingly random placement that little thought went into the exact arrangement.

Beryl sat on a solid oak love seat that would normally hold two comfortably. Blood rushed through Millay as she thought about how his massive body would press tightly against her when she went to join him. Comfortable, down-filled, chairs sat haphazardly next to side tables. There were even silver platters of finger foods and deserts arrayed for them. The twins' journey might be difficult each night, and Jerov could be cruel, but they were obviously beloved and treasured.

Jerov leaned back, settled into a fine chair, as he waited for them to close the distance. As if to emphasize his thoughts, his intentions, his knees slowly spread, wider the nearer the women were. Millay grew uncomfortable and finally shut herself away from her sister's thoughts. It wasn't that she had issues sharing intimate sensations with her sister. They had intentionally linked numerous times while one, or both, of the two was with a lover. It was the particular flavor of those thoughts that had begun to form since they met this pair that bothered her. It was the first time their thoughts had diverged.

Mandy's eyes were locked between her prince's legs and heat began to grow in the core between her own. Jerov was not the largest, or even most skilled lover she had experienced. He always ensured she finished, however. More than that, most of the time it was so exceptional she could barely remember her own name afterwards.

"You made good time tonight." Jerov's soft baritone voice glided over the women. Mandy's knees nearly buckled from the sound alone, and even Millay felt her loins quiver at the sound. Whatever other questions she had about her sister's desires, she understood exactly how she had fallen for the man.

Mandy, her legs locked to keep from collapse, pulled her gaze up to meet her prince's gaze. Unfortunately, his attention was on her firm breasts. Her heart fluttered and her nipples hardened as if his gifted, mage-trained, fingers caressed her body rather than just his eyes. As his gaze slowly slid down her body she gasped. Her depths clenched in anticipation and released, over and over. The strange, revealing undergarments he had gifted her with moistened quickly until drenched fabric clung tight between her legs.

Beryl smiled gently at Millay. Her own body responded much as her sister's had to the smaller prince. The warmth, the genuine interest and compassion, of that smile flashed from his eyes to hers. She shivered as the sensation seemed to coat the inside of her body and pool between her legs. It was a tense longing, unlike her sister's. He hadn't touched her except to hold her and kiss her. Her need had grown into an almost literal pain as she waited for him to make his move.

Jerov patted one knee. Mandy knew it wasn't an invitation to sit on his lap and knelt between his legs. It had been an invitation to rest herself however and her head leaned over to press against his thigh. Her body fluttered when she noticed the slight quiver on his cod-piece in reaction to the touch. For the solid item to shift, he must have hardened considerably already.

"We've enough time tonight, it seems, that I should be able to instruct you some. After we spend some quality time together, of course." Both women shivered with desire as his voice once more glided across their bodies. Mandy's head slid forward slightly as she instinctively reacted to his charisma. The cod-piece pulsed once more, and this time it remained lifted slightly from the cloth of his breaches.

Millay had begun to slide onto the love-seat next to Beryl, but ended up melting into his thick, strong arms as the voice, combined with her prince's touch, dissolved the last of her strength. Instead of sitting next to him, she found herself on his lap. The stunning warmth of his muscled body seemed to enfold her and reminded her of both protection and possession. She knew within that embrace was also unconditional faith and trust in her as well.

They both knew what 'quality time' was a euphemism for. It wove a thread of nervous anxiousness through them both. But the promise of learning to use magic like Jerov could was so tempting that their moods brightened regardless. They did not realize that they had inherited their mother's potential, and so thought nothing of the trinkets of wisdom and skill that he saw fit to dole out rather than their full capabilities.

Unexpectedly, Jerov's hand flashed out and coiled roughly in Mandy's platinum hair. Her squeak of surprise, and slight pain as his tightened grip pulled at her roots, was smothered before complete. He pulled her head forward and pressed her mouth against his loins, below the slightly raised cod-piece. Her eyes were wide, and she could see the slightest hint of his manhood as it poked through a specifically designed hole in his pants. The boiled leather groin armor was the only thing that covered him.

Jerov groaned in pleasure. Even through the soft satin of his pants, the touch of her supple lips on his balls was an exciting promise he would ensure she followed through on. More than that, however, was the excitement and euphoria of the power that he held within his hand. These princesses held great magic within them and if he could control them, as he did the physically powerful Beryl, he could be one of the greatest kings of all time.

Millay's eyes squeezed shut as she pressed her cheek against Beryl's chest. She had never been able to figure out how it could be so hard, so solid, while still be incredibly soft and comfortable. The chords of muscles that rippled beneath her face looked as if they should feel like steel. But his heart beat just beneath the surface. That sound and the arm that instinctively came up to wrap about her ear, hold her and protect her, kept out the sounds of her sister and her consort just as her own will kept free of the thoughts.

The rough grip shifted and Mandy's neck tilted back instinctively to avoid the pain. Her nose caught the edge of the cod-piece and lifted it, even as he pulled her closer. Her face pressed against the throbbing, solid, length and Jerov groaned louder. Mandy's lips opened slightly and plucked at the sensitive spot where the rock-hard form met the soft skin beneath. Jerov threw his head back and sighed.

Mandy shifted her weight and lifted the offending armor to rest against her prince's tight stomach. His impressive width stood firm in the center of the hole in his pants, but she knew she could view more. Deft fingers slid the hole wider in order to work his testicles free. She knew he enjoyed it when she paid attention to everything, and she hoped it would not only calm him but possibly inspire him to teach greater works than he had been.

Gently, her teeth caught the silken skin. Mandy was rewarded as a shudder ran through her lover's body. With first her tongue, then lips, she slowly began to caress the loose skin. The solid form that stood before her eyes expanded slightly and veins began to thrust at the surface, unable to increase his size any further.

Mandy let her eyes close as the pressure released slightly from the hand tangled within her hair and Jerov's other hand began to massage her shoulder. Her body began to relax into the soothing touch, and her soft attentions took on a more heated need as she moved her mouth to suck at the flesh of the base of his shaft. It pulsed in anticipation and his caress slid down her arm to her elbow and sent a jolt of electric delight to her chest.

The hand tightened suddenly, pulling at her hair even harder. Mandy began to scream in pain, but quickly shut her mouth as he yanked her head up to the tip of his manhood. He wanted her pain. She knew what he had intended, and although she had been willing only moments before she would not let him control her in this way.

Jerov expected her resistance. He even knew that she had been working closer and closer to using her mouth. The woman was truly skilled, but this night he didn't want the soft caress of her tongue and lips. He wanted to stretch her mouth and pierce the back of her throat. He wanted to feel her jaw pressed against the base as she struggled with instinct; fought the urge to bite.

Mandy knew she was safe, for the moment, even if it would upset Jerov more. He could plug her nose to force open her lips, but not her teeth. He would need to inflict more pain than simply pulling her hair in order to force a scream. And she knew he would not leave marks where they could be seen. He had a sense of propriety and dignity that prevented such actions.

Her eyes widened in fright. Mandy had only a moment to realize her mistake as well manicured fingers closed around her exposed breast. His gentle massage had been a ploy to keep her from noticing as he cleverly slid her dress down her arm to free her breast. Now, his fingers clenched and twisted hard. Her nipple, caught at the base of two fingers, burned while the rest of her breast was in even more agony.

The moment Mandy's mouth opened to scream, Jerov thrust her head forward with her hair entangled hand. Her jaw ached as she opened it wide to avoid dragging her teeth along the sensitive skin. The scream faltered in her chest as his tip pressed against the soft back of her throat and she began to choke.

The muted sound vibrated into the core of Jerov's loins. He let out an inarticulate scream of pleasure as the sensation drove him to the very edge of climax. Her throat spasmed around him. Her jaw pressed against his body. The pressure was too much for him, but he needed just a bit more to push him over the edge. The hand around her breast curled into a claw and twisted further, even as he dug manicured nails into her supple flesh.

Liquid fire burned up his length as her scream redoubled. His muscles spasmed with ecstasy and pulled her head farther onto him. His hips bucked forward to complete the vice. Seed ricocheted straight into her throat and began to pour down the wrong tube, opened by her vocal pain.

Beryl cooed soft words to Millay as she huddled within his embrace. She counted her blessings and thanked any god she could think of that the cruel prince would not touch her for fear of the big man who had fallen in love with her. She couldn't leave her sister to this fate, but she could do nothing about it either.

Mandy fell back, released from Jerov's sadistic grasp. On hands and knees she began to retch and cough alternately. The cloying liquid stuck within her and refused to come out. Her body shook as it tried desperately to get air past the thick fluid.

Jerov began to harden at the sight of his princess on her hands and knees and helpless. With practiced ease, he tossed the cod-piece aside. He threw himself from the chair to land on his knees behind her. The first indication that he was even there, for Mandy, was the hem of her dress as it landed across her shoulders. She was too weak from lack of air to struggle.

He sat back on his heels and simply appreciated the view. The underwear he had gifted the twins looked exquisite. In the front it followed the contours of the delicious V of their legs until it ran over their hips and dropped suddenly to cup and hold the tight, round, butt. The white, paper thin, cotton offered little actual protection or warmth, but it covered for modesty's sake. Like the girls, it presented the image of propriety while suggesting so much more. Soaked, as the pair was, with her desire it clung to every curve and mound and had turned nearly transparent. Jerov hardened fully. It was like looking through lightly smoked glass at her lust.

Beryl knew what his companion had planned and shifted on the love-seat to impose his body between it and his troubled love. He knew how much it bothered her to see her twin abused. It was the main reason he had chosen to move so slowly with her. They kissed and fondled easily, but the only time either had even pleasured the other was the once when they'd been able to sneak away privately. And during that encounter he had sensed her worry for Mandy.

Jerov leaned forward. A single finger traced the outlined and visible features displayed beneath the thin cotton. Mandy's shiver and whimper were equally mixed with desire and fear. Her muscles clenched slightly in a failed attempt to grip his finger as it passed over. The slightest bit of her cream seeped through the saturated material as her depths wept.

Mandy gasped as he pulled the slight protection aside. He pulled on the top of the panties slightly and the bunched fabric dug into the tender juncture of hip and leg painfully. She coughed fully, finally able to breath slightly, although she could still feel his seed coating her throat. She tried to push herself more upright, but heavy hands caught her shoulders and pushed her face to the ground.

In one motion, Jerov found her depths and buried himself. Mandy cried out as pain and pleasure exploded from her traitorous loins. He was too big for the position and he knew it. This deep, at this angle, he pressed painfully into her. Even at his most gentle, his sheer width threatened to rip her open and added a slight pain. Now, her carelessness provided him with the optimum position for his dark fantasies.

Mandy was embarrassed as she heard the scream escape. There was too much pleasure, and so little pain to be heard from her disloyal voice. Her body began to twitch in wonder as he pulled back and slammed forward, drove himself even deeper. Suddenly she was trapped within an unresponsive form as she drank in every slight ache and every sharp prick.

She lost track of time as her body rode its own twisted needs. Her eyes sealed shut against the tears that leaked freely. She tried to drown out the sound of her own exultant screams.

Slowly, Mandy began to recognize the world once more. Jerov was no longer inside of her, but somehow it felt as if she was even more full than when the throbbing length thrust in. Too slowly, she felt herself leaking, and the sensation begin to equalize. She had collapsed to her side when that solid length had been removed; her only support.

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