tagChain StoriesEnchanted Twelve: The Twins Ch. 02

Enchanted Twelve: The Twins Ch. 02


Enchanted Twelve: Mandy and Millay Ch. 02

This is the second chapter in my part of a Chain Story. While it can probably be read on its own, it will make much more sense if read with the Enchanted Twelve chapters and other Enchanted Twelve: Twins chapters. I would highly recommend reading the other authors as well for further misadventures.

The mysterious shadow had to move quickly to keep up with the twins. He had found them late in the middle of the previous night; in time to witness the cruelty of one of their princes. He couldn't believe what he had seen. The larger of the two seemed reasonable. He seemed like a good man. Yet he did nothing in the face of such obvious pain. Tonight the shadow wished to see from the start.

What he saw truly confounded him. The twins, Mandy and Millay, had slipped a few dozen yards into the forest and immediately began to run. What he could not understand was how they could put such energy and obvious concern into running, when the very ground beneath them warped and twisted. It reminded him of the time he spotted a rat trying to run against the direction of a wagon wheel.

If they did this for much of the night, it was no wonder their shoes were worn through by morning. As well as he made them, he had never thought they would need the strength, the endurance, of a common messenger's shoes. But what confused him even more, was why they ran so hard. It was obvious that they did not move, and yet they looked as if the very Devil himself chased them. Not that they looked back, but their eyes were focused forward, with maniacal intensity.

Curious, the shadow slipped cautiously forward, in the direction of their intent gazes. Sure enough, only a few dozen feet farther into the woods was the clearing he had spotted the night before. In it were the two princes. The smaller of the two, the cruel one, draped lazily in his chair, but the shadow knew a large portion of his attention was directed at the princesses. Could he be responsible for their strange condition?

The big man was busy tending the campfire and seemed to be making various pastries and finger foods. Those were lovingly in the twins' best interest. There was no doubt that the gentle giant had no idea of their fate as he busied himself. The two princes' banter was light, but the shadow was hesitant to leave. The spell could be released at any time, and he wanted to be there when it was. He wanted to see what happened, even if he could not stop it.

Unfortunately, there was still the ball to consider. He slipped silently away. The small clearing wasn't that far from the rest of the princesses. It would be little matter to slip back later and keep an eye on them as well as all of the others.


Jerov used a stick to pick at the fire while Beryl busied himself with tasks better suited to a servant than a prince. He snorted in disgust at the sight of the fragile pastries that the giant fingers meticulously fashioned. Those hands could easily crush bone into powder. Those arms could hack an adult tree in half with a single blow, much less an adult man. Yet the parchment thin dough was completely safe beneath his delicate touch.

"So why do you persist on your foolish celibacy? She would have you in a thrice if you used those fingers for more than making desert." Jerov tossed the stick in the fire and thrust his hips to accent his point. "What is that one, a bird!?"

Beryl blushed as he looked up from his work. "It's a crane. I learned how to fold paper like this, and thought it might look nice. I learned it in the east of their world."

Jerov rolled his eyes and snorted in disgust for the hundredth time that evening. "All this time I thought you'd been sent there to learn to fight. Now I discover that you were only trained by some housewife?"

Beryl tensed. "I was sent to learn to control my temper." Jerov's eyes flashed in nervous surprise at the growl in the big man's voice. "The man who taught me to fight, as you so crudely refer to the form, was also a master of origami. The images he folded would be instantly recognizable not just as a bird, but a hawk from an eagle."

Prince Jerov nodded quickly. Rarely had he struck a nerve with his large friend. Every time he did, he carefully avoided any repetition of the slight. He was acutely aware of how easily the man could snap his neck. Fortunately, the training seemed to have worked. Every one of the few times Beryl was upset, he calmed very quickly.

Although Jerov remained tense until tranquility seemed to wash over Beryl's face. It always looked as if someone poured it onto him, like a bucket of water. First his brow, then eyes and cheeks, and finally his jaw and neck would relax. With the last, a pleasant smile returned to Beryl's face and he began to whistle as he returned to the cooking.

Jerov shook his head in bemusement and tried again with his questioning, acutely aware that it could have been the initial question, and not his mocking of the man's hobbies, that had brought about the anger. "So about Millay?"

It was almost embarrassing to watch the big man blush. Jerov sighed in relief that the issue of manliness had been the sore point and not his chastity. "I don't know. I don't want to make her uncomfortable. I mean, I don't want to push her."

Jerov laughed with honest mirth. "Push her? Have you not seen the way she looks at you every time you wrap an arm around her? It's the way she squirms. You've been driving her nuts by holding back!"

Prince Beryl's eyes widened comically. "I thought she was just, well, you know, uncomfortable with..."

Prince Jerov nodded in understanding. "You thought the way I treat Mandy made her nervous." Beryl nodded meekly. "The truth, my simple friend, is that it turns her on even more. She feels your arms around her, sees her sister's enjoyment and ecstasy, and it burns within her. You taunt her with empty promises."

Jerov never noticed the bigger man's scowl when he was referred to as 'simple'. He hated the misconception that just because he was big and strong he was dumb. He might not have the mystical training that his smaller friend had, but he had seen far more of both worlds.

By the time Jerov looked up from his vocal thoughts, Beryl's annoyance had passed, to be replaced by shock. "She...she wants me to..."

Jerov's laughter rang through the clearing. There was no fear that the women would hear him, trapped as they were in the delusions of his magic's creation. They would only see, hear, feel and smell what he told them. "Yes, my friend. She wants you desperately."

It always amazed Jerov that the worldly man had so little experience with women. He was muscular and handsome. The woman had always practically thrown themselves at him, yet Jerov had seen him time and again keep them at a respectable distance. If he hadn't known the man better he would have assumed he preferred men to women. But Beryl was simply too honorable to take advantage of a woman.

"Come, my large friend. Finish the pastries then sit. I have a feeling tonight it will take a while for the women to arrive. My magic will keep them warm until they do." Jerov paused only long enough to see the man nod, then continued.

"If you doubt my assessment feel free to test it. Some women react differently, and I may be mistaken. Just brush against her," Jerov paused to think of a word that would not make Beryl uncomfortable, "sensitive parts. Start with her chest. If she snuggles closer then try between her legs. If she moans in appreciation you have your answer."

Prince Beryl smiled in appreciation. A moment later he placed the last pastry on the platter, set it on the small table and moved to his customary place on the love seat. He did not know how Jerov always knew when the princesses would arrive, but he had long since learned to accept that his friend spoke the truth.


Mandy and Millay practically collapsed into the clearing. It had never taken them this long to reach their princes before. As it was, they figured they had little more than half an hour before they needed to begin the long trek back to the shore. Although the night was not quite half over, they knew it would take them much longer to return. They simply did not have the energy to sustain the run.

Prince Beryl hurried over to them and quickly scooped Millay into his arms. His wonderful strength enfolded her and pushed some of her fatigue away as her body melted against his. As frequently happened, her loins seemed to explode with the simple contact. His refusal, so far, to salve her growing lust only magnified the problem. And this night, with her body ragged and sensitized by extreme fatigue, every nerve seemed to burn with need.

With their fatigue, it only just occurred to the twins that Prince Jerov's usual throne-like chair was empty and he sat instead on a large couch. Even more surprising, he patted the cushion beside him gently. He had never invited Mandy to sit with him as equals. She had always been at his feet while he reclined in his chair. He even seemed more contrite today. Perhaps it was because of the sheer distance they had to run to get to the glade today.

"My dear ladies, I'm sorry we were so far away today. We could not make it any closer due to a pressing engagement earlier." Millay noticed Prince Beryl's confusion, but the big hunk didn't say anything. He obviously thought something more, but she wouldn't pressure the kind man into anything if he didn't want to tell.

Mandy settled comfortably next to Prince Jerov. He reached out and brushed the back of her neck She gasped and shuddered at the seductive touch. This was a completely different man than she had become accustomed to. She rather enjoyed the friendly attention. Perhaps he would even teach them more powerful tricks tonight. Though she doubted they had the time to learn something more complex. They were fast learners, but even the simplest spells generally took half an hour.

Millay settled in her usual position on Prince Beryl's lap. Always before, she had noticed the warmth and strength as his arms folded around her. While she noticed that today, she also felt a solid form within his breeches. She couldn't help but squirm slightly at the feel of it. She wanted him so desperately, and this was the first indication that he truly wanted her as well. His kisses were so full of passion that she shuddered at the thought of what his love-making would be like. A warm amusement flowed through her as Mandy's response to her thoughts.

Millay's attention was so focused on the pleasant pulse that occurred beneath her, as she felt his manhood grow through the meddlesome clothing, that she never noticed the shift of his arm. Her gasp was loud and heartfelt as his hand slid across her breast on its way to her stomach. Her body collapsed against his as the brief rush of electricity left her muscles demanding more.

Mandy's eyes twinkled in delight. She could see what her sister could not. She made sure their mental link was closed. Nothing should ruin the surprise and delight that her twin was about to experience. Beryl's eyes had widened at the reaction to his obviously intentional slip, and his expression read of determination.

Two tentative fingers began to inch lower on Millay's body. Beryl's action pressed her gown slightly between her legs. Too long had she waited for this. Her body reacted without thought to the blessed intruders and caused her hips to roll forward. The probing fingers slid directly across her swollen bud and she lost what little control she had. Her hands gripped his legs and she moaned piteously out of need.

Even through her dress and his pants, Millay could feel his length solidify between her cheeks. As her hips rolled to further amplify the actions of his hand, it also added to both of their arousal with the sensations of his manhood surrounded by her.

Millay could barely hear herself as she pleaded in his ear. "Please. I don't want you to stop, but can we go someplace private?"

The answer floated across the clearing and caressed her skin like fingers. "I have made sure there is a comfortable bed set up just beyond the clearing." To punctuate his comment, Prince Jerov waved negligently behind the aroused couple. "Feel free to go."

Prince Beryl's eyes widened when Millay sprung from his lap and grabbed his nerveless hand. Instinct had him on his feet before he truly knew what was happening, as the erstwhile princess dragged the giant of a man behind the love-seat and in the direction the smaller prince had indicated.

Within moments the two were into the tree line and the furnished clearing was out of sight. Within moments they saw a large, plush bed. Millay could tell from his expression that Beryl had not know of its existence. For once she was glad of the smaller prince. Apparently he had read her needs where her own man had not. She certainly didn't mind. She could direct the gentle giant through this night's activities, and now knew he was fair game for seduction.

With the placement of the bed firmly in her mind, Millay turned to face Beryl. She took both of his hands firmly in her own and backed towards the bed. The lust that pulsed through her body flared in intensity at the sight of the awed wonder in the big man's eyes. He was the epitome of perfection, surely he had bedded many women in his time and travels. That he should find the thought of being with her such a miracle only stoked the inferno within her loins.

The back of Millay's knees brushed the velvet sheets and forced her to stop. Beryl's slow movement stopped him with her, just within arm's reach. Slowly, meticulously, she reached out and began to unlace the shirt; from bottom to top. Each freed knot showed more and more chiseled muscle and a fine body hair that seemed in contradiction to the thicker light-brown hair of his head. She had to restrain herself to keep from rushing down to unlace his breeches in order to find out what those hairs were like.

Instead, Millay luxuriated in the feel of Beryl's solid chest. She could feel the solid thumb of his heart beneath sensitive fingers as she guided the shirt to his shoulders. From there she let gravity take it from her. Her focus was on the ultimate strength that lay before her eyes. Something primal within her screamed to bite into all of that meat and taste the salt of his skin. Those thoughts she held in check as surely as the earlier rush to disrobe him.

Beryl's eyes slid shut at the sensation as her fingers explored. His head dropped back bonelessly and a sigh of pure delight escaped. Even the slight submission to her will enflamed Millay. Despite her will, her fingers curled slightly to let her nails trail lightly. She left no more than slight pink lines, but it was more than enough for Beryl. She watched as his knees begun to shake with the effort of keeping him upright.

Millay's lips pulled back at the thought of tormenting him until he could no longer stand. She could probably even finish him without even removing his pants. But that would certainly not relieve the great pressure, the raging inferno, that dwelt between her own hips. Instead, she contented herself with his near collapse as her nails dragged down to reach the waist of his breeches.

Beryl's head snapped forward when Millay began to untie his belt. His hands came around and made a start at the laces of her bodice, but she paused only long enough to slap his hands away. He would undress her, but on her time not his own. Her own task was complete, and onlt delicate fingers held the pants aloft. By the manner in which the fabric now hung, she knew it was all that kept her from the final sight of her desire.

Millay shifted backwards and daintily sat on the bed. The moment her hands left the breeches they fell. For a moment they caught on the rock hard organ, but quickly fell free with a bob. Feral delight lit her eyes as she gazed on the nude form of her intended. Her depths clenched and her hips shivered as she realized that his manhood matched, if not exceeded slightly, the proportions of the rest of his body. There was no question she would feel every inch of him inside of her.

With ease, Millay used her arms to slide her body more fully onto the bed. Beryl made to take a step forward, but she wouldn't have it. She slid her feet from the already battered shoes and lifted a single bare foot. His slight momentum pushed his body against her braced foot.

For the first time she felt the silken skin of his member. Her toes curled curiously around the curly hairs at its base. They were as soft as those of his chest, but as thick and strong as that on his head. She moaned in appreciation. Whether from the sound of her desire, or the touch of her flesh, Beryl sucked in a breath and the organ pulsed beneath her touch.

With a third act of will, Millay released him and slid fully onto the bed. She was well satisfied to discover he obeyed even unvoiced commands as he held steady. With both hands and feet, she spider-crawled backwards up the oversized bed until her shoulders reached the oak headboard. Another couple of feet and she sat propped against it.

Millay's eyes wandered aimlessly across Beryl's body as her fingers almost negligently found the laces that held her bodice closed. She wanted to view every reaction as she revealed herself to him. A single loop freed and she noticed the tension in his neck. Another loop and his chest flexed with the effort to hold him back. Two more loops and she watched his arms strain as he either wished to stroke himself or touch her body. More loops and that glorious length bobbed and pulsed as it pointed accusingly at her.

Her lips pulled back to reveal teeth as she realized that he was primed. He might not even survive her undressing. She wouldn't mind. She could easily work with that, and his embarrassment would serve her well. No man liked to discover that a woman held so much control that she could finish him without the slightest touch. To their minds, she knew, it meant less time buried within the moist heat.

Millay casually tossed the bodice aside. She couldn't help but take a deep lungful of air. The damned device forced so little room for breath that she luxuriated in the sensation of freedom every time. The action filled her chest and pushed her round breasts forward.

Although unintended, the combination of greater pressure and released fabric caused the top of her dress to slip lower. Her areola remained covered, but nearly half of her milky globes were exposed along with an incredible depth of cleavage. In her exultation, she almost missed his eyes lock on the sight.

She would never have missed noticing the increased rate which Beryl's manhood began to pulse. Although limited, she had experience with men. She knew he had nearly reached the point of no return. That knowledge firmed her resolve. The first seed he paid to her would spoil the ground at his feet.

Millay's hands crossed her chest to take hold of the already falling shoulders of her dress. In the same motion she covered herself and promised a completely unhindered view as the dress slid halfway down her upper arms. Masked her crossed forearms, the dress slid free of her taut nipples and slid down to rest just beneath her breasts. Prince Beryl's breath was ragged.

Her body rolled sideways against the headboard. Without revealing any more of herself, Millay seemed to glide around until she faced away from him and knelt; sitting on her feet. She looked over her shoulder, a twinkle in her eye, and dropped her hands to her side. The top of the dress pooled about her wrists and in her lap. She knew he could see the vague hint of her naked breasts, as they rounded nicely just beyond her ribs, but nothing more.

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