Enchanted Twelve: The Twins Ch. 02


She also knew that he had reached the point of no return. Any more and he would explode. Her true test for her intended was what he would do when he discovered the fact himself. Would he jump on the bed and take her? Would he stand there as she instructed? Or would he perhaps, as Jerov likely would, use it to turn the tide of control and spray her body with it? Her body shuddered in delight at the thoughts. She wasn't sure which she wanted most, but none of the possibilities dulled the ache between her own hips. In truth, each contemplation enflamed her all the more.

From the wonder and desire in his eyes, Beryl had yet to realize his predicament. Millay's smile widened. She placed a single hand on the top of the headboard. The action revealed a slight bit more of her breast, but the minor change was not enough for her goals.

Instead, Millay shifted her weight forward. As she knelt, her breasts swung slightly forward. In most situations it would be a submissive posture, imitating an animal giving themselves to their mate, but with him unable to disobey her, it was a show of her power. Her free hand reached back to find the top of the dress and carefully slid it over her firm butt. As it polled around her knees, she heard what she had desired.

Prince Beryl's eyes widened and his gaze finally left Millay as he looked down. His own body was about to betray him. His breathing had been her first clue, but the sudden stillness in his member was another. The final straw that broke his resolve had been the sight of her, clad only in that strange undergarment that Prince Jerov had gifted both of the twins.

The underwear that barely covered her lips and narrowed into virtually a string as it passed between her cheeks and around her hips. She had altered it from the original design. Since it offered only a token of propriety, she had cut away the section that cupped her firm butt so that from behind she looked nearly naked. Bent over as she was, it clung to the swollen lust and defined every contour Beryl wanted to caress and plunge himself within.

The giant's head flew backwards. His back arched and his knees finally collapsed. His height provided another advantage however. Even as he sank, she could still see the solid length above the edge of the bed. Pearlescent cream shot from its tip and arced out of sight. As the man's body shook it spat forth a few more times.

Millay wasn't worried by the short duration of his explosion. She crawled toward him, slipped from the confines of her dress, and studied his reactions. His hips thrust slightly. His eyes were closed. His muscles seemed to writhe beneath his skin. She shuddered thinking of the effect that would have if pressed firmly against her tender nipples.

In his predicament, he never noticed her lay on her stomach at the edge of the bed. Her head leaned off the edge and glanced down to see the trail of seed that leaked down the edge of the covers. She couldn't resist dipping a finger in that and bringing it to taste. Although as salty as she remembered, in her complete arousal nothing had ever tasted as wonderful. When she looked back up at the object of her need, reason had left her eyes.

Since he had collapsed forward, onto his knees, his manhood was only inches away from her. Already it began to soften, even as the last white traces leaked from its tip. She couldn't have that! It belonged hard. She needed it inside of her. But even more, the white gold was too precious to let drip away.

Millay lunged forward, maddened, and stuffed the length into her mouth in its entirety. She felt his body stiffen in surprise. Instinct prompted his hands forward to rest on either side of her head, just as hers reached for his hips to balance herself. She sucked only slightly, but his lust swelled within her mouth and pushed in every direction at once.

A moan escaped as she realized how completely he would fill her. Her depths clenched in anticipation. Her jaw hurt slightly, already, with the sensation but her need pushed all feeling aside as she forced her head forward and pressed her mouth to his very base and beyond.

Prince Beryl hardened completely once more. His tip pierced the back of her throat. The reflexive gag tightened her muscles around him and he moaned. Despite the convulsions of her tongue and throat, she forced herself to stay, knowing that every slight movement brought him infinitely farther towards a second climax than minutes of working him would.

Strong fingers curled through Millay's hair. Her teeth grazed against his sensitive flesh, and the fingers instantly released. It was a not so subtle reminder who was in charge. And Beryl had taken it exactly as she intended. She could only stand a few more seconds in the position and refused to have anything hold her. As much as she cared for him, the discomfort did not turn her on.

She pulled back to his tip. He pulsed pleasantly in her mouth. Now he was not only hard once more, but well on his way towards finishing. With any luck he was only slightly behind her own state of readiness. She moved her body slightly back and forward to keep him going while she concentrated entirely on calming her abused body. As much as she hated the feeling, the minute of silent gagging was well worth the extra time she would have needed to work him to this state.

Finally in control of her own body once more, Millay released him and rolled backwards. She looked down her own lithe body, to see him framed between her slightly raised knees. His eyes still held nothing but innocent wonder and passionate desire as his own view afforded him an easy glance at her entire form at once. She noticed that although his eyes strayed often to her breasts, they were inexorably drawn back between her legs and the soaked white fabric.

Millay raised a single finger and beckoned him onto the bed. Although she could see his natural instinct to leap forward, he moved slowly. Still on his knees, he crawled to the bed. When his hands began to draw him onto the velvet sheets, she began to slide backwards. Framed between his arms and legs, his manhood pulsed steadily. It was a mock chase, and they both knew she would let him catch her.

Once more she sensed the headboard only inches from her. This time, she stopped rather than climb up it. Millay wanted to feel his warm, protective, mass above her. Beryl's smile turned playful, but lost none of the innocent wonder. He continued to stalk towards her. She shivered in anticipated delight as his face neared her barely covered temple.

Beryl's arm curled up to reach over her leg, but Millay had other ideas. With a leg trained for courtly dance, it was simplicity to coil and lash out to once more cover his outstretched arm. Overcommitted, he lost balance and his body dropped an inch to rest against the mattress. Her mouth dropped open with a groan as the maneuver provided the unanticipated benefit of his mouth pressed against her lust and his nose against her tormented bud.

Between the action and Millay's reaction to his face, Beryl understood her desire. His other arm slid beneath her remaining leg and both wrapped around her hips. His casual strength easily held her motionless in a vice-like grip. The rest of her body spasmed with ecstatic electricity as his nose playfully prodded her overly sensitive flower.

Overcome with the sensation, she almost missed hearing him breath in heavily, through his nose, to take in the full measure of her scent. Her body seemed fit to explode as his lips sealed over the wet fabric. When his tongue crept forward to taste her liquid desire, she cried out.

Millay gripped the soft cloth of the sheets. Her body writhed with long pent energy. Now that she had him, he moved to slowly. She wanted to demand her take her that instant, but even her throat was frozen by unrequited need. When he sucked on the fabric, taking much of her flushed lust into his mouth with it, her lungs exploded with a scream of frustration and delight. Through the thin material, she felt his teeth slide across her flesh, grip the underwear and finally her body released itself to sensation.

The world exploded into white. All of the pressure that had built within her, to unbearable proportions, seemed to flood outward between her legs. She felt his tongue pummel her tender pearl and greater levels of pressure and bliss radiated outward. Her body bucked and squirmed, but the tree-trunk arms held her hips completely still. Her inability to vent the extra energy only compounded it, and forced louder and louder screams.

Just when Millay thought he could bring her no greater pleasure, her tiny world paused. Another timeless moment passed, on the brink of orgasm, as two thick fingers nestled at the gates of her temple. With the force of a battering ram, those fingers thrust within her and her mind shattered beneath the multiplied ecstasy.

Tongue whipped and glided. Fingers thrust. Lips sucked. Fingers spread outward before they retreated. Tongue peeled back her enflamed hood and probed the base of her need.

Millay lost all sense of time. She knew only sensation; ecstasy, passion, electricity, heaven. She knew she screamed until her voice grated in her throat. She thought she pleaded, begged for him to stop and take her. Finally she yelled in language learned from her father's soldiers how badly she needed him inside of her.

Her body collapsed as those strong, torturously immoveable, arms released her. She pried her eyes open to see the look of innocent wonder had not left Beryl's face. He was as amazed as she the heights to which he could bring her. She saw a flash of uncertainty flicker across his face. He obviously feared that he could do the same by simply making love with her. Had she any strength in her body she would have grabbed the long flowing hair that cascaded down and dragged him into her.

Prince Beryl must have caught the frustration in her eyes. Sheepishly he crawled forward. The giant's weight glided along her body and made her shudder once more. His control was great enough that she barely felt any pressure, but her body's reaction proved that she was completely unable to move. Only her legs shifted, and those were more pushed aside to make room for his tremendous hips.

Still weak, she found the strength to lift her hands to cup his face. He paused and followed her direction; to bring his lips to meet hers. Always before the two had kissed. Their tongues entwined as the love flowed between them. This time, they seemed to devour each other's mouths in their passion.

Millay's legs wrapped around his wide hips and lifted her own to meet him. She felt that perfect, large, member glide through her drenched flesh and settle just inside of her. She tried to impale herself on him, but even the slight contact sent fresh fire through her body and stole control of her muscles. Her pitiful whimper escaped directly into his mouth. His hips rolled forward obligingly.

It was not the force of Prince Beryl's thrust that tore her lips from his and threw her head back, but the wave of fresh orgasm. Never before had a man been able to bring her multiple times into euphoria. Millay had not realized how little her body had recovered from the previous delighted torture.

Her depths clenched around him, refused to relinquish the blessed girth that forced her wide. Her body bucked and twitched but could not move. In his previous assault, she had lost count of the number of time pleasure crashed through her body, but this time was like none of them. At the same time he seemed to both surround her and fill her completely. Every nerve of her body could feel the touch of his flesh, and every fiber of her being craved more.

Beryl's thrusts became even more powerful. His arms slid beneath her body to hold her in a gentle embrace, even as his thick manhood opened her wider. Wrapped in his arms she was even more immobile, but his hold lifted her from the bed, suspended by the pounding delight between her legs and the protective trunks that enfolded her. She floated in a sea of euphoria. Her body collapsed into the total freedom of the sensation he wrought.

It wasn't until the first horse moan refused to escape that Millay realized something was wrong. Her eyes snapped open as she tried to draw a breath and failed. Suddenly she realized that at least some of the added light-headedness was not from the sheer bliss that pulsed between her legs. Even her teeth began to tingle from asphyxiation.

Prince Beryl seemed completely unaware of her plight. Like her, his eyes had closed to immerse himself in the pure sensation. Wrapped as she was, she could only freely move her legs below her knees. Her hands, pressed against her body, tried to prod her lover, scratch him, anything to get him to open his eyes, but she was too restricted and he was too lost in the moment.

The worst part was the extremes of emotion that now mingled within her. One the one hand were the horror and terror that raged through her. The world, only moments before the purest white of climax, now began to fade into gray. On the other hand every action, every sensation, that came from Prince Beryl brought nothing but love, passion and bliss.

Just as the gray haze began to solidify, to turn her vision black, Millay felt Beryl's tempo falter. His hips drilled into hers and his shaft plunged deeper than it had yet, deeper than any man had pushed. There was a sharp pain in her very core, but unlike the strangled desperation, this pain blended smoothly with the orgasm.

Instead of pulling free, Beryl managed to push deeper. His hips ground against tender nerves and sent her even further into bliss, only marred by her failing consciousness. As his manhood swelled and exploded his seed within her, she tried to scream her bliss. But the darkness overcame her.


Millay came back to herself at the end of a hushed argument.

"You had no right to make that choice for either of us!" Although barely more than a whisper, she knew Beryl's deep voice. More importantly she could hear the anger that threatened to increase his volume with every word.

The dress was draped over her, but not restored. Millay still lay on the soft mattress, but her head rested in the lap of her sister. Frantic with worry, Mandy nervously stroked her blond hair as if she were a beloved pet. Millay did not fault her sister though, she had done the same to Mandy the first time Jerov had humiliated her.

Prince Jerov stood amongst the trees and stared up at his large friend. After a moment he waved a hand negligently. "As you wish. Her sister can't get enough, I simply thought to offer the same opportunity to yours." With a flourish the smaller man turned on his heel and returned to the clearing.

Millay saw the worry in Mandy's eyes easily. She was torn between her need to comfort her sister and follow her lover. "Go with him." Her voice came out horse and painful. She smiled weakly as she realized that she couldn't blame the affect on the wizard. At least not most of it. "I should make sure Beryl understands."

It only took a moment but their minds connected once more. Mandy instantly knew of Millay's fear that the frightful turn of events would drive the gentle man even further into celibacy. Millay knew just as quickly that her twin had tried to warn her of Jerov's plans. Unfortunately the practice they had gained in locking their thoughts from each other had proven too strong. What little had gotten through had been lost in the blaze of orgasm. Both women smiled and shuddered as their linked minds replayed the slightest memory of that.

Aloud, as much for the sake of the anxious Prince Beryl as for each other, Mandy cautioned. "Please be quick. We've still a long way to travel to get back tonight." Millay nodded.

Mandy carefully passed her charge over to the care of the nervous man. He scooped her to him. Millay couldn't help but cuddle deep against his warm, solid chest. There was little that this man could not protect her from, and she was determined to learn how to protect them both from magic.

Millay reached up and stroked his cheek lovingly. She was rewarded by a brief flash of joy beneath the panicked fear that held his face. "Everything else was wonderful." The weak smile strengthened and some of the shadowy ghosts fled his expression. She did not need to specify what was not, he understood perfectly.

She could not help it when her own expression darkened. His eyes bored into hers, filled with concern. Tears pooled within her eyes as she stared back in love and fear and was forced to explain her thoughts. "We cannot keep up like this. Every night we weaken more. Soon we will begin to miss the meetings through lack of energy."

Millay looked away from him and towards the clearing as she continued. "We're both afraid of that. We're afraid of him."

She looked back and smiled sadly. "She loves him. Truly and deeply. Despite everything he has done to either of us. But we cannot remain as we are."

The tears began to leak freely. Millay buried her face in his gigantic hand, unable to let him see her tears but equally unwilling to hide the truth from the man she loved. His lips pressed softly against the top of her head and he pulled her close. For the remaining minutes they had, she released her fear into his care and cried freely. By the time his arms loosened, she felt slightly relieved.

Mandy awaited her at the edge of the bed. It was time to get dressed and return.

Copyright January 2008, by Deathlynx

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