tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEnchanted Woods

Enchanted Woods


Hitting the Road

With the car finally packed, Eliza turned to Brad and put her arms around him. Their lips met for a long sultry kiss. Brad's hands roamed across Eliza's back and down to her butt.

This goodbye was taking too long for Mary, who busily tapped her foot while looking up into the deep blue sky. She cleared her throat and commented brusquely, "Get a room!"

And that is exactly what Eliza was going to do, but with Mary instead of with Brad. Mary had won a weekend for two at a luxurious spa called Enchanted Woods and, having never won anything before, was ready to hit the road. Eliza and Brad finished their kiss that not only said goodbye, but turned them both on immensely. Eliza considered another kiss, but heeded Mary's request to get in the car.

"Bye, Brad."

"Bye, Eliza. Have a great time. I will be thinking about you."

"Me too," Eliza said wistfully as she got into the car.

As they drove off, Brad blew Eliza a kiss that she caught and placed over her heart. Although it was a Friday, the traffic wasn't too bad, and Mary's new Mercedes flew down the highway. During the two-hour drive, Eliza and Mary talked excitedly about their getaway. The two women had been best friends since college and never could spend enough time together, especially now that Eliza was with Brad. A pampered weekend was the goal, and the pair planned to take every advantage of the spa and have the time of their lives. But little did they know what awaited them at Enchanted Woods.

The girls were not disappointed when they arrived. As they pulled up to the entrance, two tanned and toned bellboys dressed in polo shirts and khaki shorts met the car. The guys picked up their luggage with ease while Sarah, Enchanted Wood's social director, met them with two mimosas. Sarah was a 5'10" brunette who bore a stunning resemblance to Salma Hayek.

"Everyone here is good-looking," Eliza thought to herself.

"Welcome to Enchanted Woods, ladies! My name is Sarah, and I will be helping you plan your weekend here. Please follow me to registration."

Eliza and Mary were impressed and admired the beautiful spa while Sarah checked them in and gave them room key cards. One of the bellboys led them to their room, and Mary and Eliza couldn't help but examine his physique from behind. There was plenty to admire from his broad shoulders and trim waist to his toned legs and calves. He swung the door to their room open, and the women were amazed at its elegance.

Thirteen foot ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, high-quality drapes, and two bedrooms with King-sized beds were just the beginning. The bellboy carried Eliza's suitcase into the far room and helped her situate it on the luggage stand. While straightening the suitcase, he spent an excessive amount of time admiring Eliza's more than ample breasts contained in a black tank top. As she leaned over to go through her purse for a tip, he got a great glimpse of her cleavage. Out of the corner of her eye, Eliza caught his obvious stare and, although she had found a few bills, she continued to rummage through her purse to toy with him. Finally deciding that he'd had enough, she stood up to tip him. She could see that her tease had resulted in a slight bulge in the bellboy's shorts.

"There's a lot there," she said with a coy smile as the money transferred hands. He smiled and thanked her.

"Have a great stay at Enchanted Woods," he added with a wink as he walked out the door.

"Mary, that guy was gorgeous," Eliza teased. "Maybe you'll get laid after all on our girl's weekend!"

A chilled bottle of champagne awaited them to start the stay off on the right foot. The girls indulged in a couple of glasses, but were interrupted with a knock on the door. Mary found Sarah waiting on the other side with a clipboard in hand.

"Hi," Sarah said. She checked Mary out not so subtly. She'd found her attractive from the moment she got out of her Mercedes. "I just wanted to make sure everything was ok and discuss all the spa has to offer."

The three women sat around the coffee table. As they chatted, Eliza noticed the extra attention Sarah was paying to her friend, placing her hand on Mary's knee when she wanted to stress a point. Mary was clearly experiencing the effects of the champagne as she didn't seem to notice Sarah's flirtations. Sarah continued for a while, covering in detail the massages and treatments available as well as the fitness center.

As she got up to leave, Sarah said, "Oh, and I forgot to mention...Enchanted Woods is having its annual masquerade party Saturday night."

"That sounds like fun," Mary said.

"Yes, it's always a big hit," Sarah said, "and the costumes are free. Stop by my office downstairs, and you can pick one out."

"We are in," Mary replied enthusiastically, without consulting Eliza.

"Great. Visit me tomorrow afternoon and see what you like. I already have something in mind for you, Mary. You'll look great." Sarah walked out and closed the door behind her.

Mary was clearly excited for this party, while Eliza was less so, but she wanted her friend to have the vacation she deserved and said she'd go. They finished their drinks. It had been hours since they'd eaten, and the champagne bottle was empty.

"Let's get some dinner," Mary said.

"Thank God, I'm starving," Eliza replied.

Massaging & Manhandling

Eliza awoke and looked at the clock. It was 8:30 a.m., and she climbed out of bed. She looked in on Mary who was still sleeping with a black blindfold covering her eyes. Eliza put on her exercise gear and went down to the gym, which was a decent size and not crowded. She grabbed a towel and looked for an elliptical machine. It was a brand that she never used in the past and had trouble getting started. Steve, the manager on duty, approached Eliza and helped her program in a 30-minute workout. Steve brought her a bottle of water and asked her if there was anything else she needed.

As Eliza inquired about getting a massage, Steve looked at the buxom blonde and started to daydream about being her masseuse and stroking the hot body starting to sweat before him. He managed to catch her requesting an 11 a.m. slot and forced himself back to reality. Eliza thanked Steve, who examined the young blonde's body one more time before excusing himself. The damp clothes clung to her curves. After her workout, she returned to the room to find Mary just getting out of the shower. They agreed to go to breakfast after Eliza got ready.

Although the restaurant was packed, Eliza and Mary found a table and hit the buffet line. As they began to discuss the day's plans, a handsome middle-aged gentleman stood near them looking for a seat.

Eliza nudged Mary and hissed, "Tell him to sit here. We have room. He's cute!"

"No!" Mary replied, but as she looked up at him, she noticed his attractive, clean-cut appearance, Rolex watch, gold chain, and Polo clothing. At that moment, he caught Mary's glance, made eye contact with her, and smiled.

Mary stammered, "Would you like to join us?"

"Why, thank you, I would," said the gentleman as he sat down. "Hi, I'm Peter."

Mary could barely reply with introductions as she was already enamored with his good looks and air of confidence.

"Well, thank you for letting me share your table. There seems to be a rush at breakfast this morning."

"Mmmhmm," Mary replied, and then recovered with, "How many days have you stayed here, Peter?"

"Oh, I live here," said Peter.

Mary's eyes grew wide, and she inched closer to Peter. The three chatted about Enchanted Woods and other general topics. Peter mentioned he'd just bought a 2011 Mercedes E-class convertible, and Mary was immediately hooked. The conversation inevitably transitioned to occupations, and Mary had, of course, consulted for Peter's company on a few projects. Financial gibberish ensued, and Eliza began to daydream about Brad. Peter asked Mary if she'd heard of Kingman Falls, a waterfall about a 20-minute drive west of the resort.

"No, but that sounds amazing!"

Eliza rolled her eyes. She knew exactly where this was going.

"How about a drive out there after breakfast? I can show you the falls and surrounding scenery,"

Peter said as Mary smile widened.

Eliza excused herself and headed for her massage. She entered the tranquil, cool room, removed all her clothes, and wrapped herself in a towel. She stopped suddenly, removing the towel and admiring herself in the full length mirror. Although it was unnecessary for her to have lost 10 lbs over the last few months, she looked incredibly hot and had no problem catching any man's attention -- least of all Brad, for whose strong arms and fantastic lips she longed. She lay down on the massage table and let her mind drift to the last time she and Brad were in bed together. Just thinking of his soft touch and strong arms holding her tight began to turn her on.

Masseuse Heather knocked and interrupted Eliza's daydream. As Heather prepared for the massage, they discussed the masquerade party that evening. Eliza was doubtful that it would be a good time, but Heather emphatically insisted she had to attend. As she recounted last year's ball, she began to touch Eliza's shoulders with long firm strokes. The warm scented oil made Eliza's body melt, and her mind wandered back to Brad. Strong fingers worked the oil into Eliza's creamy skin, which she imagined Brad was massaging. As Heather's hands made their way down Eliza's back, she let out a moan of relaxation. The combination of dreaming about Brad and Heather's magic hands began to arouse Eliza. Whether it was planned or accidental, Heather's hand brushed against the side of Eliza's breast. She let out a soft moan and shifted, exposing more of her breast. The dreamy vision of Brad's hands moving over her body had put her in a sexual state.

Heather was used to old wrinkled fat women lying before her. The young ample-breasted blond was certainly different. Heather imagined what she would look like in one of the Victorian outfits they had for the masquerade party, her large white breasts being pushed up by the corset. Heather, an attractive and shapely redhead, found herself doing a little dreaming as well. She was a lesbian and had been without a lover for quite some time. Heather's fingers once again brushed along the sides of Eliza's breast as they worked her Latissimous muscles. This move elicited the same response from Eliza, which encouraged Heather to be bolder.

Heather's hands worked down Eliza's back to her butt. She began to work Eliza's lower back muscles. Straying from procedure, she pushed the towel lower and lower until she had exposed most of Eliza's firm round butt and then massaged it. Eliza let out another soft moan and shifted her hips. Eliza's movement resulted in the towel falling to the floor and exposing her whole body to the masseuse. Heather let her desire override her professionalism and poured the warm massage oil across the firm globes of white flesh and began to massage them. Heather rubbed her own thighs together feeling her juices begin to flow. Heather pressed her hips against the table in hope of getting some stimulation and relief, but it did nothing but further frustrate her. Heather started to work Eliza's thighs down to her knees and calves. As she did so she thought about the consequences of giving this gorgeous blond, so aroused by her massage, a happy ending.

A stream of warm oil flowed slowly between the cheeks of Eliza's butt traveling all the way down to her vagina. Heather's index finger followed the warm liquid's flow between Eliza's cheeks, over her rectum, and down to her vagina. Heather's hands began to caress more than massage Eliza's ass. Heather's body continued to respond. With her heart beating furiously, her sudden lust for this blond beauty overrode her senses. Heather's finger worked their way between the creamy flesh. Lost in pleasure, Eliza spread her legs slightly as Heather's hands slowly made their way between her thighs. The next moan that was emitted by Eliza was purely sexual. She spread her legs further and imagined Brad inside her.

Heather's heart was beating a hundred miles an hour while her fingers traveled deeper between Eliza's thighs. Eliza felt the pressure of Heather's fingers over her vagina. It not only sent a shiver through her body, but also a desire to orgasm. Heather began to massage Eliza's clitoris and then slowly inserted her slick finger into Eliza's wet vagina. She began to work the finger in and out of Eliza knowing just how to angle her finger to bring Eliza the greatest pleasure. And pleasure is what Eliza was feeling. Consumed with thoughts of Brad, she began to squirm. Her labored breathing and frequent moans indicated she was close to quick orgasm. Heather inserted a second finger, which had immediate effect.

Eliza moaned, "Oh Brad," and lifted her hips to meet Heathers slow thrusts. With her own fingers digging into the cushioned massage table, Eliza's body shook with orgasm.

Heather slowly removed her fingers from Eliza and massaged her butt before picking up the towel and covering Eliza. Eliza began to both recover from her orgasm and realize what had just occurred. She propped herself up on her elbows and turned to look at Heather. Heather leaned forward and kissed Eliza for what seemed like eternity, but in actuality was no more than a few seconds. When she broke the kiss, Heather said that she hoped to see Eliza at the party tonight and winked at her. After Heather's departure, Eliza regained her composure, changed, and went to the reception desk.

When asked if her massage was satisfactory, Eliza smiled and said, "Yes, it was great." She left a more than adequate tip for Heather and proceeded up to the room.

Costuming & Cunt licking

When Mary returned a few hours later, she found Eliza lying on her bed staring at the ceiling.

"You will never believe what happened!" Mary exclaimed.

"No, Mary, you will never believe..." Eliza responded.

Mary, so consumed with her experience, didn't catch on to Eliza's sarcasm and proceeded with her story. Mary started by explaining that Eliza's tales of wild sex with Brad had her yearning for a different experience. She recounted that, during her ride with Peter, they talked non-stop and really hit it off. When they reached the falls, they wandered around a bit and, at a secluded portion, he kissed her.

"It was so exciting. During the kiss, I could feel his penis getting hard in his pants, and it was pressing against my hip. It kept growing and growing. I didn't know when it was going to stop. It really turned me on, and our kiss -- it was just magical. He then ran his hands up and down my arms and then over my breasts. I unbuttoned his shirt and ran my fingers over his chest. He is really in good shape, Eliza."

"What happened after that?"

Well, we just made out," replied Mary. "But it was pretty intense."

Eliza looked at Mary in disbelief thinking about the crazy sex they could've had by the waterfall. But she said instead, "Wow, that's great. So what's next for you two?"

"We are going to meet tonight at the masquerade party. We will try to find each other without knowing what the other is wearing," Mary said.

"Now that is exciting," Eliza thought. She

wondered if Heather would find her there. "Well, if we're going, we'd better go down and see Sarah about costumes."

So off they went to the social director's office. Eliza, first through the door, did not garner much attention, but Sarah lit up when Mary came into the room.

"Hi there, guys. Everything is going great, I hope?"

"Yes," Mary replied. "Things couldn't be better."

"I hope you are here for costumes for tonight's party." Both nodded in the affirmative. "Right this way, ladies," Sarah said as she guided them into a back room holding racks of costumes. She looked at Mary. "This is what I think you would look best in." Sarah pulled out a police uniform from the rack, thinking it would show off Mary's killer body. She decided she wanted Mary and was not going to settle until she had her.

Eliza was sorting through the racks looking for something fun and sexy. About 90% of the costumes were for those not as well endowed as she, and she wondered what she might fit in. One costume that looked promising was Little Red Riding Hood. Eliza first tried the cape on, and it fit well. Her beautiful blond hair looked great in contrast to the red of the hood. The remainder of the outfit consisted of a red corset with matching shorts, which Eliza tried on in a curtained dressing area. "This will certainly turn some heads," she said to herself as she looked in the mirror. The hooded cloak was cut away exposing most of the corset. And to finish the outfit, she was excited that, on a whim, she'd tucked into her suitcase the black stiletto books that made her legs look great.

When Eliza emerged from the dressing space, her phone began to vibrate. She nodded to Mary and stepped outside the room to chat with Brad. After a few minutes of idle chit chat about the masquerade party that evening, she disclosed to him the story about her massage.

"My, that didn't take long," Brad said. "What kind of place are they running up there?" Brad was amused – not to mention aroused – and wondered how he could wait until Monday to see her again.

"I wish you had been there," Eliza responded with a sigh. "That would have made it perfect."

Eliza eventually hung up and returned to see Sarah was adjusting Mary's costume. Neither woman heard Eliza as she entered. Sara was straightening the lapels on the police officer costume while standing behind Mary. The blouse barely concealed Mary's perky breasts, which were elevated by a push-up bra. The skirt just barely covered Mary's curved butt. Eliza thought Mary looked really hot in the costume.

Eliza watched as Sara continued to fuss over Mary's costume. Her fingers frequently brushed across Mary's breasts. This was having an effect on Mary; she was excited and aroused. As Mary studied herself in the mirror, she could feel Sarah's breath on the back of her neck. Mary had noticed Sarah's frequent and long gazes, but had thought nothing of it. Now she was re-evaluating that assumption. Mary found Sarah quite attractive, but she had never before been interested in a woman.

The costume made Mary feel very sexy and naughty, two things she'd never felt in the past. Mary envisioned the fun she'd have wearing it tonight and hopefully running into Peter. Sarah's hands flattened the dark blue skirt over Mary's butt. They lingered there for a little longer than necessary. In a bold move, Sarah slid her hands off the material onto the back of Mary's thighs and then over her butt cheeks. Mary was momentarily shocked, but soon was overtaken by the soft caress of Sarah's fingers. Mary's eyes closed. Sarah saw her opening and kissed the side of Mary's neck eliciting a slight moan of approval and pleasure.

Eliza stepped back not knowing what to do. She could leave the room or watch. Talking to Brad about the massage had stirred her insides, so Eliza eased herself into the dressing area behind the curtain and played voyeur. Sarah's soft fingertips again traveled down Mary's butt, over the backs of her bare thighs, and down to the backs of her knees, which gave a little. Sarah caught Mary with her free hand, holding her tight against her body. Mary's hand came up and cupped the back of Sarah's neck for support. Sarah's hands began a slow journey up the front of Mary's thighs and, when she reached the top, Mary spread her legs a little.

Sarah's fingertips gently stroked the area between Mary's thong and the inside of her thigh. Sarah could feel Mary shudder and kissed the side of her neck again. Sarah's fingers traced the fabric of Mary's thong up and over her hips, across her lower back, and then between Mary's butt cheeks. Mary's breathing was labored, and she felt excitement unlike ever before. She'd never let another woman touch her. She found it quite different than the typical man who was focused more on getting all of her clothes off, fucking her until he came, and then rolling off to sleep.

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