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I had been stuck with working overtime and, having finished my last drop-off, headed for the nearest bar. I was slap bang in the middle of theater-land and most people were heading for some performance of whatever took their fancy. In an indifferent mood to start with, the jostling through the crowds was only pissing me off, but I managed to find a little establishment that wasn't too busy. The plan was to down a couple of beers before going home (thinking of my license) to a bottle of something harder, so I dumped my lid and jacket by my feet, ordered a drink and sat watching the soundless news on the television in the corner.

The place was almost dead, with only a few people sipping away. Even at this early an hour there were a few who were worse for wear, one of which was a man trying his luck with some unfortunate female. His attempt, loud enough for all to hear, was laughable. I was hoping for some witty putdown but was left slightly disappointed and, hearing a trace of emotion in her voice, turned around to see. The drunk stood over a table, at which sat a smartly dressed redhead nursing an empty glass. She became more distressed at his presence, getting up to leave only to find her way blocked by his arm. Turning around on herself, she made tracks for the backdoor, only for the drunk to follow.

As the rest of the patrons returned to their drinks, I abandoned my beer and wandered out the back. Ready to help if need be, I got there in time to see the drunk receive a kick to the stomach that had more in common with Buffy than her best friend Willow. Looking at me as the man regurgitated his wages, I got my first proper view of her. Pausing as my mind came to terms with the idea of being within touching distance of Alyson Hannigan, I found my tongue to splutter out a few words.

"Are you alright?"

"All things considered..." she replied.

"Tell you what," I said. "Let's get out of here."

Nodding in agreement, I took hold of her hand and led her back through the bar, stopping only to grab my gear. With the hints of tears in her eyes, I asked what was wrong. It turned out that she and her partner, Alexis, were supposed to see a show together but he 'phoned to say he couldn't make it, leading to an argument. Our meeting seemed to be over as she spoke of getting back to her hotel, luckily my brain was working so I offered her a lift. Reaching the bike I dug out my spare lid and handed it to her.

"How about we go the scenic route?" she suggested, her eyes lighting up.

"Fine." I said, getting on and starting her up.

"What do you want me to do?"

"Just hang on tight." I replied, turning around to look ay her. "Don't worry, I've had virgins before..."

Choosing to wrap her arms around me instead of the grab rail, Alyson seemed to be enjoying the ride. I'll admit that I did, on occasion, brake harder than necessary just to feel her slide up against me, but there's only so many sights you can see and we eventually pulled up at her hotel. Inviting me up for a drink with an innocent look on her face, she took hold of my hand in the elevator. Pulling each other close we kissed deeply, our hands exploring the others body. The doors opened and, with Alyson peeking to check the indicator as I kissed her neck, we ducked through, leaving the elderly woman to finish her journey alone.

Stumbling over the threshold, our clothes fell by the wayside, as we made straight for the bedroom. Somehow I was naked first, leading her to grab my cock en route to the bed, while she still had her underwear on. Falling on the sheets I released her breasts from her purple bra, kissing and sucking them as she dragged the matching panties over her thighs. Naked but for her bra, Alyson headed straight for my cock, hungrily taking it in her mouth. As she knelt beside me sucking me off I got my hands on her firm, tender ass, giving her a couple of slaps between the fondling. Seeing how wet she'd become I moved to finger her pussy, stroking her lips and clit before sliding a finger inside.

Pulling away, Alyson straddled me, lowering herself onto my cock. Sitting there riding me, I reached to take hold of her sweet tits, flicking and squeezing her nipples. Her moans were growing louder with every touch as the orgasm built up inside her.

"Oh fuck, I'm Cumming..." she cried.

Somehow she managed to stay sat upright. I started to slow my strokes as she wallowed in the sensations, only for her to start writhing again. Lifting myself up so we were face to face, I put my hands on her hips as she wrapped her legs around me. Kissing her, I raised her up so only the tip of my cock was inside before pulling her back down on me. With each thrust Alyson screamed a little louder, as wave after wave of bliss violently flooded her body.

"I want your cum," she gasped "I wanna swallow it."

Slowing my rhythm, I leaned her backwards to put more pressure on the base of my cock. She could feel everything as my orgasm built up inside. She urged me to cum, her words having the desired effect. Jumping off me, Alyson knelt on the floor and used her juices to jerk me off. She squealed as my cum burst from me, landing on her cheek before finding her eager mouth, swallowing what she'd caught and licking the rest from her fingers. Wrapping her lips around my cock, she sucked up every last drop as I sat there stroking her hair. We clambered back to the top of the bed laying our heads on the pillows, Alyson still caressing me, snuggling up before drifting asleep.

Light had burst through the drapes, with the sun high enough to indicate mid-morning as the telephone rang, waking us from our slumber. Alyson spluttered slightly as she realized the voice on the other end was that of her other half. She turned to me after replacing the receiver with a look of sorrow on her face, coupled with one of urgency.

"Oh my God." She said, flinging back the covers.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm late. I've got to go."

"O.k.," I began, thinking she was too polite to kick me from her bed.

"No, it's not you. I've got a flight to catch."

In what felt like no time at all, Alyson grabbed and packed her stuff. Slipping into jeans and a loose top, she sat on the bed next to me, where I was close to getting my clothes back on.

"I'm sorry. I wish I could stay for a bit longer."

"It's no problem." I said, wishing the same.

We both stood at the same time, leaving her looking up into my eyes. Laying a kiss on my lips she broke to wrap her arms around me, resting her head against my chest. The embrace seemed to last a lifetime before she turned, picked her bags up and walked out the door.

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