tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEncounter at the Club

Encounter at the Club


It's the same thing that's been happening for weeks now. You're always in the same spot, against the back wall, half hidden in the shadows, your eyes lazily searching the crowd. We rarely acknowledge each other's presence when I first arrive, other than the electricity that sparks when we make eye contact and hold it for a second longer than normal. I can feel you watch me while I dance with my girls. Knowing that you are watching me sends a shiver up my spine and I am already wet.

And because I know you are watching me, I put on a show. Tonight's outfit is a micro mini black skirt that barely reaches the tops of my thighs, a tight V-neck black top with enough cleavage to hold a drink and black knee high boots. I have no idea if really look sexy when I dance, but it seems to get, and hold, your attention. You never approach until the timing is perfect. My girls are on round three and their watchful eyes are not so watchful anymore. The lights have dimmed until it's difficult to see anything that's not directly in front of you. And it's always a song that turns me on ... which you can somehow tell.

I don't even remember what song it was. I am sensuously (I hope!) swaying my hips back and forth as my girls and I get into the song. Suddenly I feel a strong arm around my waist and you're nuzzling my neck. I know it's you; no other guy would dare press his body so tightly against mine when he's that excited. My eyes lock with one of my girls, letting her know it's OK. I know they won't leave without me and I know you won't hurt me; although the slim chance that you might adds to the excitement.

You move your mouth off my neck and kiss my ear, plunging your tongue in and tightening your arm around my waist to feel my body shiver. I dig my nails into your arm as the shudder runs through my body. Your other hand is on my leg, sliding the bottom of the skirt up ever so slightly. You pull us back so we are away from my girls and even further in the shadows. You slide your hands up my sides and pull my arms straight up over my head. I arch my back and you pull my arms so they are around your neck. Your tongue teases my other ear as your hands slide down my arms, over my breasts, down my stomach and my thighs, stopping when you reach skin. Again, you slide the skirt up a little bit more.

Abruptly, you spin me around so I am facing you. Your hands on my ass pull me closer to you, your knee firmly spreading my legs so I am riding your thigh, your mouth covering mine. God, I don't know who you are or what your name is, but I want you so badly. I can feel you getting harder and know you feel the same way. Your hands slide lower down my ass, your fingers curling slightly around my thighs. You break the kiss and bury your face in my neck again. I feel the wall against my back as your hands reach further around my thighs. I run my fingers through your hair. My mouth covers your ear. "Touch me," I breathe.

"No," you growl into my ear. "It's my turn to tease you." And then you plunge your tongue into my ear again. Well if you won't touch me ... My hands slide down your chest, feeling the muscles, down your stomach, down your thighs making sure I brush against your cock straining through your pants. This is as daring as either of us has ever been and we get more excited by the minute. You bury your face in my neck and bite, gently at first and then harder, until my hands on your ass pull you even closer to me. You kiss down my throat and down the valley between my breasts. Your hands cover my breasts and I am so glad this shirt requires no bra for the cleavage. My nipples immediately harden under your touch and you roll them between your fingers. You push my breasts up as high as you can under the shirt until my nipples are just barely covered. Your tongue curls around a nipple and I dig my nails into your back, the music muffling my moans.

You slide your hands down to the tops of my thighs. With your thumbs barely touching each other, you slide your hands, and my skirt, up over my thighs. The tips of your fingers almost reach the waistband of my skirt and your thumbs press against my clit. I am so wet and turned on that I almost cum right there. You apply pressure on and off, bringing me to the point of orgasm and back several times. My juices have soaked through my thin lace panties and I know you can feel how wet I am. I open my eyes and realize that I can barely see you, let alone the people around us.

You kiss me again, your hands now at the bottom of my shirt. You push the shirt up until my breasts are fully exposed. You push them together and suck deeply on the outside of one. You flick your tongue across my nipples rapidly and then cover one nipple with your mouth, sucking, trying to take as much as you can into your mouth. You take my hands in yours and place them over the bulge in your pants. I immediately unbutton your jeans as you lift one of my legs up to your hip. I pull out your thick, incredibly hard cock and stroke from the base all the way to the tip. You slide my skirt up over my ass and pull my panties to one side. Kissing me, your tongue fighting mine, you lift me up a few inches off the ground and slide that wonderful cock into my dripping pussy. You lift my leg higher, more tightly around your hip as my hands on your ass pull you further inside me. You drive deeper into me with each stroke, your hands holding me up, my legs wrapped around you. I cum after about two strokes, feeling my juices run out of me, down your shaft, my nails digging into your bare back. Within five more strokes, I feel you expand even more as you explode inside of me, sinking your teeth in my neck. You pinch my clit between your thumb and forefinger, making me cum with you.

You kiss me again as you slide out of me, rearranging my panties, skirt and top and I button your jeans back up. We hold the kiss a little while longer until you melt back into the crowd. I head to the ladies room to clean myself up before I head back to my girls, a sparkle in my eyes.

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