tagGay MaleEncounter in the Adult Video Arcade

Encounter in the Adult Video Arcade



This story takes place in the 1970s before the threat of aids when bareback sex was commonplace. It is completely fiction and all characters are 18 years of age or older.


I was on my way home on a Friday evening after a few drinks at my favorite watering hole. None of the girls that I had been fucking lately showed up that evening but I had hooked up with a very attractive lady in the parking lot. We made out and she got my juices flowing but that was it. I had hoped to get at least a hand job if not a blow job in the car but I struck out. She had begged off and said that we should save something for the next time. That didn't do much for me since I still had a hard on and my balls ached with desire. Then I drove passed the adult video and novelty store that was on my way to my apartment.

I had noticed this store in the past and I had often thought of stopping in and checking out the selection of porn movies. As I drove passed it I decided to stop this time. I turned around and pulled into the parking lot. I had never been in this particular store but I had been in ones out of town when I traveled on business. I knew that the store had all sorts of books, novelties and movies. I also knew that they had video arcades that had private booths to watch movies and I had heard about the glory holes where you could stick your dick through it and get an anonymous blow job.

When out of town I had watched movies in the booth but I had never used the glory holes. I would try to find a booth that didn't have glory holes so that I could masturbate in private as I watched a hot flick. The booths usually had paper towels in them so that you could clean up a little bit after whacking off. This time I planned to rent a movie if any of them appealed to me.

I entered the store and looked around before I spotted the movie theme that I wanted. I loved to butt fuck girls so I was drawn to the anal section and looked through the numerous movies. As I perused the movie choices I glanced up now and then toward the video arcade. A number of guys were standing around and some were jingling tokens in their hands in the hope of attracting of partner. Most of them were older and unappealing even if I was interested in getting a blow job.

I was no stranger to having sex with another guy but it had been quite awhile since I had. It happened when I was stationed in Italy for two years. During my last year I met a young Italian man with whom I had oral and anal sex. I was never interested in another guy's cock and my Italian friend was fine with that. He loved the fact that I could cum three or four times each time we were together and I always filled his mouth and asshole with my loads. As I was thinking back to that time I started to get hard. I turned my attention back to the movies on the rack and I was close to selecting one when I heard a young voice.

"Hi, you new here aren't you? I haven't seen you here before."

I looked up and into the blue eyes of a very handsome blonde young man. In fact he wasn't handsome he was actually pretty. He looked to be about 5'6" tall and he couldn't have weighed more than 150 pounds. He was nicely dressed in a tight fitting polo shirt and tight dress slacks. His hair was longer than a guy would normally wear it but it wasn't too long. There was something very sexy though about the way his blonde hair covered the nape of his neck.

I answered his question, "Yes this is my first time here. I thought I would rent a movie for tonight."

H smiled at me and his entire face lit up. I thought that I was looking into the face of an angel but then I remembered it was guy not a girl.

"I see you like anal. There are a couple of anal movies playing in the arcade that are pretty hot. You may see one you like there," he said softly and sexily.

"Thanks, I'll keep that in mind," I replied with a smile.

"If you are interested, I'll show which both has the hot movies," he whispered.

I knew this was an invitation for him to suck my cock. I thought about it for a minute and I decided that this guy was even prettier than my Italian friend in Naples. Why not? I thought to myself.

"Lead the way," I told him.

H smiled and then turned to walk to the video arcade. My eyes dropped to his ass and I watched his bubble butt as we walked back to the arcade. I noticed that his waist was slender and he had a very nice ass, one that any girl would kill for. I felt my cock stir as I watched his perfect ass undulate as he walked. We reached the arcade and walked passed several other guys with tokens in their hands. He stopped at one booth and told me to go in but to leave the door unlocked. I did as he told me and then a minute later he slipped in and locked the door.

He pulled a bunch of tokens out of his pocket and put a number of them in a slot. The screen lit up and the first movie on the screen was a guy with a big cock getting blown by a pretty brunette. My companion then pushed some buttons until a movie came on that was anal. It was actually a bi-sexual movie where this guy was fucking both the girl and the other guy in the ass. He moved back and forth between them fucking one and then the other. It was very hot and I had no trouble getting an erection watching this movie.

"My name is Robby by the way," he whispered.

"Tony," I whispered back.

"I'm going to jerk off. Are you okay with that?" Robby whispered again.

"Be my guest," I replied.

I watched as Robby unzipped his fly and pulled his erect cock out. He looked to be about average size at about 5-6 inches. He smiled at me as he began to stroke his cock. I didn't know if he expected me to do anything but I just continued to watch the movie.

"Do you want to jerk off? I'm okay with it if you want to," Robby asked.

"Sure why not," I replied as I suspected he wanted to see my cock.

I unzipped my fly and I fished my 8" cock out of my pants. I saw that Robby stared at it and I knew he was pleased with what he saw. I remembered the first time my Italian friend looked at my cock and his eyes were wide with desire. I know that there are lots of cocks bigger than mine but I was very pleased with my prowess and I felt blessed to be so endowed.

"Wow you have a great looking cock! Is it okay if I touch it? Would you like a hand job?" Robby expressed excitedly.

"If you want to, go right ahead," I agreed.

Robby moved closer to me and took my cock in his hand. He stroked me slowly as I watched the movie. He also jerked his cock off with his other hand but his attention was on my cock and not on the screen.

"Tony would you like me to suck it? I would love to suck your cock," Robby whispered urgently.

I just nodded in the affirmative and he dropped to his knees in front of me. Robby unbuckled my pants and pulled them down below my knees. He then pulled down my underwear with my cock still sticking through the fly. He purposely lowered my briefs slowly allowing my cock to get caught up in the fly. Then as he pulled my underwear down below my knees my cock sprang forward and bobbed in front of his face.

Robby drew me in toward him. He caressed the back of my legs and cheeks of my ass as his warm, wet, wonderful mouth began sucking on my cock. I was so horny from watching the movie and the anticipation of getting my cock sucked that I almost shot right then and there. Robby was massaging the head of my cock against the roof of his mouth. He circled my cock with his tongue and scraped it lightly with his teeth. My cock felt as hard and long as it ever had been in my life and I felt I was going to shoot at any moment.

Robby took my cock out of his mouth and looked up at me as he stroked the entire length of it and massaged my bloated balls. At that time I felt longer than my 8" and bigger around then 5." He put it back in his mouth and then took it out again then he gently blew on it as his fingers continually massaged my balls. He tickled my cock head with his tongue and teased my pee slit. He was bringing me up and down and I was close to cumming few times. Robby seemed to know when I was getting close, and he would do things making me last longer, torturing me in the process. He had handed me the tokens so it was my responsibility to keep the movie playing but I forgot about the movie as I relished the blow job.

Robby looked up at me smiling and stroking my slick cock. Then he said, "I want you to cum in my mouth Tony. I want to taste you."

Robby then took my cock all the way into his warm wet mouth. He swirled his tongue around the length of my shaft, nibbled on my cock head and sucked me hard. Robby reached under my balls and rubbed the hardness between my balls and anus. I could feel my cock thickening and I knew I was going to cum. There was no stopping me this time.

Robby grabbed my ass cheeks with both hands as I exploded in his mouth. I fired round after round of cum into his mouth and Robby sucked and swallowed as fast as he could. The force of shooting my load was so intense that it almost hurt. I lost track of time for awhile and just held onto Robby's head as he milked my cock for every drop.

My legs were weak but Robby kept my cock in his mouth. He massaged my balls as he continued to suck my cock clean until it shrank and left his mouth. Robby continued to lick and kiss my cock sending chills and shivers through my body. The movie had stopped and I quickly popped in a few more tokens so that attendant didn't check on our booth.

We stood up and Robby wiped his cock off with a paper towel. Apparently he had cum while he was sucking me but I never noticed. Robby told me to go out first and he would follow when the movie stopped playing. I walked out of the booth and out of the arcade back into the main part of the store. I was no longer in the mood to watch any porn so I subtly left the store. The attendant said goodnight and told me to come again. I knew he was being a smart ass but I just nodded and left the store. I was about to get in my car when Robby came out and called to me. He ran over to me and handed me a phone number.

"If you ever plan to come back here, call me and I will meet you here. You have a beautiful cock and I would like to see you again," Robby told me.

"Sure, I'll call you," I said and we shook hands and departed.

That night as I lay in bed I thought about the fantastic blow job that Robby had given me. It was as good as any I had ever received in my life. My thoughts then returned to my Italian friend Nicky. He liked to be called Nicky and I never knew his real name. The first time I had met Nicky I was walking the streets of Naples looking for a streetwalker that I had shacked up with before. I ran into Nicky and he was very friendly. We started out having an espresso at a sidewalk café along the Bay of Naples. After a couple of espressos and a cognac, Nicky invited me to his place for a so called nightcap. That nightcap turned into me fucking Nicky in the ass twice and him sucking me twice. I came four times that night and Nicky was thrilled with my youthful energy and recuperative powers. Of course I was 19 years old at the time.

From then on, Nicky and I saw each other often. He understood that I was not into cock and he was okay with that. One night however, as I was fucking him as we lay on our sides he took my hand and placed it on his cock. At first I resisted but then I decided to jerk him off while I fucked him. I actually liked the sensation of his cum shooting through his cock when he ejaculated. If any of his cum landed on my hand I put it up to his lips and he licked it clean.

Another time I fucked Nicky missionary style and jerked him off as I fucked him. When he started to cum I released his cock and rubbed his tight ball sac. Nicky grabbed his cock as I rubbed his balls and he ejaculated all over his abs and chest. Seeing that turned me on so when I was about to cum, I pulled out and jerked off all over his body. I loved watching cum cover his chest and abs as it mingled with his own spunk.

Thinking about this got me hard again so I jerked off in bed. I thought of both Nicky and Robby as I masturbated. When I ejaculated, cum flew past my head and hit the pillow and then several ropes covered my chest and abs before it puddled around my pubes. I made up my mind at that moment that I would call Robby and make another visit to the video store.


I went through my normal routine on Saturday. First I played golf with my regular group and afterward I went to the gym in my apartment complex and worked out. After the work out I hit the Jacuzzi and then swam a few laps. This particular Saturday I didn't have a date as I usually did so I just kicked back at my apartment. Later I decided that I would head down to my favorite hamburger joint and grab a burger and a beer but first I needed a shower.

I stepped out of the shower and I checked my self out in the mirror. I liked what I saw. At age 25 I was in great shape and it was obvious that my workouts were paying off. I stood at 6'3" and weighed 190 pounds. I had hardly any body fat as my body was well toned. I got dressed and then headed out to the burger place. As I sat by myself eating a burger and nursing a beer, I thought about the adult video store again. I never did pick up a new porn movie and I was tempted to go back there again. Then I thought about Robby and I took his phone number out of my wallet and decided to call him.

Robby was thrilled that I called. He told me that he had just finished eating and that he could meet me at the video store in an hour. After I hung up with Robby, I wondered if I had made a wise decision. As I finished my burger and beer I thought about the great blow job Robby had given me yesterday and I felt my loins stir with desire. At that point I was glad that I called.

I drove over to the video store and went inside. I didn't see Robby so I went back over to the movie section and looked at the different titles. Minutes later Robby came in the store and smiled when he spotted me. He came over to where I was and told me to follow him again. Once again I watched his curvy ass as I walked behind him. This evening he wore shorts and a tee shirt. We followed the same routine as we had the previous night. I entered the booth leaving the door unlocked and then Robby joined me minutes later. I didn't know it at the time but the store had a rule that only one person was to be in a booth. If two people, except for couples, were caught in a booth they were kicked out of the store.

He popped a couple of tokens in the box and smiled as he whispered, "I was hoping you would call but I didn't expect you to so soon."

Robby wasted no time as he dropped to his knees and freed my cock. He first unzipped my fly, then unbuckled my belt and pushed my pants down below my knees. Next he pulled my underwear down past my knees and my cock popped out. I was hard by the time his warm mouth engulfed my cock. As he sucked me I continued to feed the token box and watched the movie. My eyes went back and forth to the movie and watching Robby's head bob up and down on my cock.

Robby covered my cock with his mouth and gave me one of his mind blowing blow jobs. He ran his hands over my body and under my shirt to get at my abs. He scraped his finger along my perineum causing me to shiver and raising goose bumps on my skin. He caressed my bloated balls and swirled his tongue around my cock. I gently grabbed his head and he knew I was close to cumming. Robby picked up the pace and he soon had me shooting my load down his throat. Jets of cum shot into his mouth and the first spurts must have hit the back of his throat. Robby swallowed as quickly as he could and he did not miss a single drop. He kept my cock in his mouth and drained every drop from my shaft. Then he took my cock from his mouth and ran his tongue around the mushroom head and into the pee slit. I was shaking from the tingling sensations and I almost lost my balance when he nibbled gently on the head of my cock sending shock waves through my body.

Robby stood up and I could see his erect cock pushing his shorts out. "Tony do you think that you can go again?" he asked.

I knew that I could as I was still able to cum three or four times a night. I just nodded that I could.

"Tony, would you like to fuck me?" Robby whispered in more of a request than a question. "I want to feel your cock in my ass. I want you to fuck me," he said again.

"In here?" I whispered back in a concerned manner.

"It's okay, we just have to be quiet," he replied softly.

"Then yes, I would like to fuck you." I admitted.

Robby took something out of his shorts and then he pulled his shorts and his briefs down to his ankles. He turned away from me and I looked at his magnificent ass. It was round, firm, hairless and the skin was flawless. It was perfect. Robby bent over arching his back and once again I felt that tingle in my pubes. He used whatever he had taken from his pocket and began to grease his asshole. I was to learn later that it was called anal ease and it was sold in the adult video store. I waited for Robby to give me the all clear and then I moved closer to him. My cock was rock hard by now and I was anxious to put it in his curvy ass.

I knelt behind Robby and I begin to caress his beautiful ass his body was delicate, hairless and flawless. I couldn't believe how much Robby looked like a girl from behind with his shapely curvy ass pushed back toward me. I was getting turned on by the thought of burying my cock in his shapely ass. I moved closer to Robby and lined up the head of my cock with his anal opening and began to ease it into to him. My cock head cleared his sphincter and it slid right in without too much resistance. His ass chute was warm and tight as I went deep into him. I was all the way in Robby's ass and I started a slow fucking motion. I continued to pump his ass with deep, long, deliberate thrusts as I caressed his smooth round ass.

"God, that feels so good, love me, fuck me," Robby cried out.

His ass was in the air and my cock was fully embedded in it. I pulled back a little and pushed forward. He groaned as I began to slowly fuck him. Each time I would start taking longer strokes. My cock head was soon at the edge of his asshole before I pushed it back into him. My fucking was making a sucking sound. Each time my balls slammed against his ass, my body and his ass made a wet slapping sound.

Robby asked me to fuck him harder and quicker. So I picked up the pace and I started pounding his ass faster and faster. My balls started bouncing off of his body and Robby was moaning with each thrust of my cock. I could feel my climax building and I knew that any moment I would shoot my seed in his ass. I tried to make it last as long as possible but once Robby started to contract his anal muscles I lost it. I fired a barrage of cum in his ass filling it to overflowing.

Robby moaned and then whispered in his excitement, "Oh yeah cum in my ass. I can feel it."

As I continued to fuck him, my jizm backed up in his rectum and began to ooze out flowing over his balls. Robby used his talented anal muscles to milk my cock and drain it of all my seed. I didn't think that I would ever be soft again as I remained hard in his tight sheath. Robby's milking action weakened me and I leaned over on his body. I was so fucking hot that I crammed my cock fully into him. He held my cock and he massaged it with his anal muscles. Robby humped up against me fucking me back as I stayed in him. The video booth smelled of sex and sweat. I noticed Robby's hand flying over his cock as he sought his own release.

"I want to cum just from you fucking me," Robby whispered urgently, "Just keep fucking me."

I managed to stay hard and I took slow long strokes in and out of his ass as Robby pushed up into me more and more. Soon he took control and just fucked my cock. I let him fuck me with his ass. His actions began more erratic and his thrusts shorter and more powerful. Robby was grunting as my cock slid in and out of his hot ass. Soon my cock was barely staying in his ass. Then Robby slowed down and let my cock just press against his prostate. He announced that he was cumming. I saw his cum shoot out and hit the wall just below the movie screen.

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