Encounter in the Adult Video Arcade Ch. 02


The movie had been running while we were fucking and sucking so Robby rewound it to the second scene. This one had two boys camping and while they were setting up their tent they started fooling around. The next thing you knew was the two boys were naked on a tarp except for their hiking shoes and they were sucking each other's cock. They stayed in a 69 position until a third boy joined them. This one was dressed as some sort of park ranger. Within minutes he was naked too and he was directing the action. All the boys again looked younger than 18 years old and they had very attractive hairless bodies with flawless skin. The park ranger was particularly well hung and he fucked both of the other boys while they took turns sucking the other's cock. The two boys came before the park ranger did covering each other's face in cum. Then the two of them knelt side by side as the park ranger jerked off on their faces. He came in buckets and the two cute boys were drenched in cum. They then kissed each other and licked cum off each other's face as the park ranger got dressed. The scene ended with the two boys dressed again and setting up their tent.

For the second time, Robby sat between Paula and me and played with our cocks as Paula played with Robby's cock. We were hard again but not quite ready to fuck and suck so more. So we kept watching the movie.

The next scene also had very young good looking boys in it. Two boys were in a locker room sorting out equipment when two other boys still dressed in football gear entered. The boys dressed as football players started teasing the other two boys who appeared to be the equipment managers. The movie progressed to them all being naked except that the players still wore their shoulder pads and jock straps. The other tow boys were on their knees sucking the football player's cocks and jerking of their own cocks. Both football players were well endowed but the boys seemed to be able to take a lot of cock in their mouths. The player's jocks were pulled to the side with their cocks and balls exposed as the other boys sucked them off. The players then put the other two boys in a 69 position so that they could suck each other's cock while the players fucked them in the ass. The two boys then came on each other's face as the players pulled out and aimed their cocks at the boy's assholes. The players then fired rounds of cum right at the boy's assholes and buttocks.

The players weren't done with the equipment boys yet. One boy was put on the training table on his back with his ass near the end of the table. The other boy moved in and slipped his cock into the ass of the boy on the table. Then one of the players moved behind the boy and slipped his cock into that boy's ass while the other player straddled the table and fed his cock to the boy's mouth. The boy lying on the table lifted his head and licked the balls of the player whose cock was being sucked. It was quite a scene as the one equipment boy had his cock buried in the other equipment boy's ass while his own ass was filled with a players cock and he sucked off the other player. The players still had on the shoulder pads and jocks.

The one player came first and he pulled his cock out of the boy's mouth and sprayed his cum all over the boys face. The boy underneath him who had been licking his balls opened his mouth to catch any cum that dropped toward him. Next the other player pulled out of the boy's ass and shot his load all over the boy's buttocks. Then the equipment boy pulled out of his buddy's ass and shot a load all over his buddy's chest and abs. Finally the boy on the table jerked off and shot his cum onto his body. The players then left the two boys covered in cum and headed to the showers.

As I watched that movie I noticed that the players had never touched a cock and I wondered if they were gay or more like me a bisexual who enjoys a good ass fuck or a good blow job. The three of us were then ready for some more action. Paula lay on his back and Robby lowered his ass onto Paula's cock. Paula told me to kneel by his head so he could suck my cock. Paula was every bit as good a cock sucker as Robby and I enjoyed the attention to my dick. I looked at Paul's small firm tits again and I couldn't help but play with them as he sucked me off. Robby jerked on his cock as he rode Paula's dick and he was the first to cum.

Robby jerked on his cock as cum flew out the head and landed all over Paula's body. I moved my hand out of the way as Robby's cum landed on Paula's tits. Paula announced that he was going to cum so Robby got off of him and took a hold of Paula's cock. Robby jerked on Paula's cock and rubbed Paula's balls until Paula shot his load all over his own body. Then I pulled my cock from Paula's mouth and aimed it at his body as he rubbed my balls. I fired streams of cum that hit Paula in his pubes, abs and chest. Then my cock oozed the remaining cum onto his face. He turned his head back toward me and sucked the last drops of cum from my shaft. I looked at Paula and he was cum drenched from his face to his pubes. Robby was rubbing his cock on Paula's body easing the last bit of cum out of his cock onto Paula's thigh.

Roby then got up and took one of the towels and handed it to Paula who used it to wipe all the semen from his body. Our scene was every bit as hot as we had watched in the movie and we joked that we could have made our own movie. We decided it was time to get cleaned up and ready for dinner. We would some more of the movie and play again later that evening.

We did just that. After dinner we watched some more of the movie. We were naked on the sofa just as we had been earlier but this time Paula sat in the middle. He stroked my cock and Robby's cock as Robby stroked Paula's cock. I played with Paula's tits and nipples again. The scene of the movie was as equally hot as the others had been. A very young looking boy was sitting up against a tree and he had his cock out jerking off as he read a book. Another young boy was jerking off as he spied on the one reading the book. Then the boy who had been spying walked over to the boy seated against the tree. The boy seated smiled and reached up and stroked the other boy's cock. Then the other knelt down next to the seated one and stroked his cock. They began kissing as they jerked each other off and the then the next scene showed them in a 69 position sucking each other off. The scenes changed quickly from there as the two boys sucked and fucked each other. One boy was fucking the other one doggy style when he pulled out and sprayed cum all over the other boy's ass. Then they changed positions and the scene was repeated with the other boy cumming on his lover's ass. The scene ended with them kissing and stroking each other's cock.

Robby, Paula and I concluded our sexual marathon with me fucking them both in the ass again. Robby sucked on Paula's cock while I fucked Paula in the ass. Then it was Robby's turn. I fucked him in the ass as Paula sucked on Robby's cock. This time I came in Robby's ass. It was time for me to call it a night so I went to bed. Robby and Paula went into Robby's room to spend the night there.


When I woke up Sunday morning both Paula and Robby were already out of bed. I heard the shower running in the bathroom and I had to take a piss anyway so I went into the bathroom. I heard Robby and Paula in the shower and I assumed that they were having sex. After I took my morning piss I pulled back the shower curtain and I saw that Robby was fucking Paula in the ass. Paula had his hands on the shower wall with his back slightly arched emphasizing his shapely ass. Robby held to Paula's hips as he drilled his ass. I decided to join them.

I stepped in the shower and I felt my cock rising to the task. I grabbed the body wash and began to soap up Robby's ass and finger his asshole. Then I soaped up my erect cock and moved in close to Robby. He knew what was coming so he stopped fucking Robby long enough to let me slide into his ass. I pushed my soapy cock into Robby's soapy asshole and then we both started to fuck. I reached around and held onto to Paula's body and my hands found their way to his small tits. Paula's nipples were rock hard and I twirled them in my fingertips as I fucked Robby. Once again I didn't have to do much work since Robby was in the middle fucking Paula. I came first that morning and shot a big load in Robby's ass. That seemed to set Robby off and I watched as his body stiffened and he came in Paula's ass. Robby's anal muscles tightened around my cock as he ejaculated into Paula.

My cock slipped from Robby's ass and in turn his cock slipped from Paula's ass. Paula turned around sporting a hard cock and he reached for Robby. He put his hands on Robby's shoulders and pushed him to his knees. Robby went to his knees willingly and then took Paula's cock in his mouth. Paula didn't last long and soon he was shooting in Robby's mouth. Paula's load was huge and Robby pulled Paula's cock from his mouth after the first cum shot. He held Paula's cock as Paula continued to cum and shot his wad all over Robby's face, neck and chest. Robby let the shower water wash the spunk from his body.

The three of us finished washing and threw on tee shirts and shorts. I fixed a light breakfast for all of us and made a pot of coffee. I kept staring at Paula as I still couldn't get over how much he resembled a girl. I looked at his small tits visible in his tight tee shirt with the nipples pushing through the material and I watched his shapely ass move under his snug shorts. Of course Robby's ass looked just as desirable in his tight shorts. I could feel my cock harden again and I knew it was outlined in my shorts. As the three of us ate breakfast and drank coffee, I got the sense that everyone was horny again. I know that I was.

After breakfast we took our coffee into the living area and sat around talking. Paula steered the conversation back to sex and told us about his decision to look like woman. It all started when he lived with this guy for about a year. It was his roommate's idea to transform Paul into Paula. At first it started with dress up and Paula kind of liked it. They went out a few times and Paul easily passed for a woman named Paula. His roommate Kenny loved to fuck Paula when he was still partially dressed. He would have Paula wear different outfits and play act.

Paula told us that she wore a school girl's uniform and that Kenny would play with her and feel her up as if they were teenagers. Then he would put Paula on all fours, flip up his skirt and pull his panties down to his knees. Then Kenny would fuck Paula in the ass while she remained dressed in the school girl uniform. There were outfits too; a cheerleader uniform, a tennis outfit, a maid's uniform and cocktail attire. Kenny would also take Paula out dressed up in her finest cocktail dress or take him to play tennis in a girl's tennis dress.

Then Paula told us about the time that Kenny brought a friend home with him. Paula was made to dress up and role play with Kenny and his friend Skip. Paula said that Skip had the biggest cock that he had ever seen in person and as it turned out the biggest cock that ever fucked him. Carl told Robby and I that he liked to dress in woman's clothes and act out certain fantasies. He wanted to do that today if it was okay with us. Robby and I gave him our approval and we waited while Paula went into the bedroom to change. When Paula came back out he had put on a black cocktail dress with spaghetti straps that was cut about 8 inches above his knees. He wore thigh high nylons with elastic tops that you could see when he sat down. His hair cascaded down to his shoulders. Paula was showing some cleavage and he looked very much like a woman in fact a very pretty woman.

Carl started the fantasy by saying, "You know I really shouldn't be here with you two alone. My husband will be wondering where I am."

Robby played right along and patted the sofa as he said, "Why don't you come and sit over here by me and don't worry about your husband."

Paula walked sexily over to the sofa and sat next to Robby. He tugged his skirt down to try and hide the tops of his hose just as a woman would. Robby put his arm around Paula and then moved his hands over Paula's tits. Robby slipped the spaghetti straps down off Paula's shoulders baring his small breasts. Robby and I were amazed how real the tits looked and how hard his nipples were. Robby leaned over and took one tit in his mouth and sucked on it emitting a moan from Paula.

"I really shouldn't be doing this, my husband!" Paula gasped.

"Just relax," Robby assured Paula as he slid his hand over Paula's thigh onto the bare skin.

Robby moved his hand up to Paula's panties and stroked his erect cock through the fabric.

"Oh see what you have done, my clit is so hard now," Paula moaned.

Robby pulled Paula's panties aside and let his erect cock free along with his balls. Robby stroked the cock and fondled Paula's tight testicles as he sucked on one of Paula's tits. All of this activity served to turn me on and I felt his cock pressing against my shorts as if it was trying to get out on its own. Robby tested Paula's asshole and found it already lubricated.

"See how wet you made my pussy. I really need to go my husband must be looking for me now," Paula said role playing.

"Nonsense, we are going to make you feel good. I am going to suck your clit now while I finger your hot wet pussy," Robby told Paula.

Robby then leaned over and took Paula's cock in his mouth and slid a finger deep into his asshole. Paula's cock was just shy of seven inches when erect and fit easily into Robby's mouth. I dropped my shorts to my knees and knelt on the sofa along side of Paula with my big erect cock waving in the air.

"Here Paula this is for you. This should help you forget about your husband for awhile," I said as I moved his cock toward Paula's mouth.

Paula eagerly gobbled up my big cock. Paula was so turned on that he came in Robby's mouth sooner than he expected. Robby sucked Paula's cock until it was soft and then he removed Paula's panties. He pushed Paula's skirt up to the waist and raised Paula's legs exposing his asshole. Robby lowered his shorts and lined up his cock with Paula's asshole. With one push Robby was buried balls deep in Paula's ass and he began to fuck him in search of his own orgasm.

Paula was an excellent cock sucker and had me on the verge of cumming. I warned him that I was cumming and fired volley after volley into Paula's warm sucking mouth. Paula sucked me dry and kept my softening cock in his mouth as Robby continued to fuck him. Robby then announced that he was going to shoot and he blasted his load into the recesses of Paula's ass. Robby continued to fuck Paula until his cock softened and slipped from Paula's asshole.

"Oh look at me. My dress is a mess and you two filled my holes with your spunk. What am I ever going to tell my husband? I am such a slut," Paula said playing out this fantasy.

Paula did look like a slut on the sofa with the dress gathered around his waist. His tits and ass were on display along with his limp cock and signs of semen on his body and leaking from his ass. Paula jumped up, picked up his panties, tried to cover his exposed body and ran from the room as if he were truly embarrassed and ashamed. In a few minutes Paula came back into the room wearing a robe to explain his next fantasy.

"Next I want you to fuck a school girl. You know the ones that wear the private school girl uniforms," Paula asked.

"That is definitely something I have wanted to do," said Robby playing along.

"Me too," I added and for me that was something that I had always wanted to do.

"Oh good, take off all your clothes and wait for me while I change," Paula said excitedly.

Robby and I stripped and waited for Paula in the room. Paula came out dressed as a school girl and told them his name was Paula. He had put his hair up in a pony tail. The uniform was complete with a white blouse, bow tie, navy blue jacket; a plaid skirt cut 10 inches above the knee, white knee high socks and saddle shoes. Underneath he wore white cotton panties and a white bra. It was unbelievable how much he resembled a schoolgirl.

"You boys shouldn't be in my room. You should put your clothes back on and leave before my mother comes home," Paula said.

"Why should we do that?" Robby said playing along.

"Because the last time my mother caught me doing bad things with two other boys and I should not be doing bad things," Paula told them.

"And what bad things did you do? What did the boys do to you?" Robby asked.

"Well the one boy held me by my pony tail and put his thing in my mouth. The other boy pulled my panties down to my knees, flipped up my skirt and put his thing in my pussy," Paula told them and then said, "They kept their things in me until they shot their hot juice in my mouth and pussy."

Robby and I were rock hard again from playing this game with Paula. Paula spun around allowing the skirt to fly up exposing her thighs and panties and then flopped down on the sofa allowing the dress to rise up displaying the panty covered crotch.

"Oh look at your things they are so hard. You must have got hard when you saw my panties. That's what happened last time with the other boys," Paula giggled.

Robby and I went over to the sofa and had Paula kneel on all fours. Robby grabbed Paula's pony tail lightly and pulled Paula's head down to his cock. Paula sucked Robby's cock right into his mouth. I pulled Paula's panties down his thighs to his knees. I then lined up my big cock with Paula's asshole and slowly eased it in. Paula's eyes got wide when he felt my monster inching its way into his ass for the first time today. I applied my saliva which when mixed with the lube made the entry easier. Paula had only been so stuffed with cock other time in his life and that was with Skip's cock. Once he got used to my girth again, Paula started fucking back at me and his ass cheeks slapped against my thighs.

Robby unloaded in Paula's mouth and Paula greedily swallowed every drop of Robby's seed. Paula was working his anal muscles around my big dick. I could feel my pending orgasm building in my balls. My body stiffened and I blasted another load into Paula's ass. Paula felt the hot sperm coat his rectal lining and he relished the warmth of the cum. Robby and I removed our soft cocks from Paula's holes and sat back on the sofa.

Paula stood up with the panties still around the knees and said, "I mustn't get my uniform soiled."

Paula then took off the uniform slowly. As each piece of clothing was removed it was folded neatly and placed in a pile. Paula took off everything except the knee high socks and stood in front of Robby and me. Paula actually was very shapely with his small firm tits, narrow waist, bubble butt ass and very nice legs. Paula looked like a shy school girl who just did the dirty deed.

Paula came over to me and took my cock into his mouth. Paula massaged my big balls as he sucked on my cock. Paula could feel my cock hardening in his mouth once again. Robby was getting hard watching the action and decided to fuck Paula in the ass. Robby knelt behind Paula and slid his cock into Paula's ass. Robby's cock went in easy as the hole had been stretched by me and cum was still present acting as lubricant.

As Paula sucked my cock and Robby fucked Paula's ass, Robby reached around and found Paula's hard cock. Robby jerked Paula off as he fucked him. I played with Paula's small firm tits and tweaked the hard little nipples. In a matter of minutes the three of us were cumming again; me in Paula's mouth, Robby in Paula's ass and Paula in Robby's hand.

That was enough for awhile and it wasn't even lunch time yet. I offered to treat for lunch after we got cleaned up again. Robby asked if we could go to the Italian place that had become his favorite.

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