Encounter in the Adult Video Arcade


"Tony thanks for seeing me. I really fucked up big time," he said.

"What happened? What did you do?" I asked wondering what this delicate person could possibly do that was so bad.

I handed Robby a beer and listened as he told me what happened. His parents were going away for the weekend and his cousin was staying with him while they were gone. Robby told me that his cousin was gay too and that they often had sex together. In fact it was his cousin who introduced Robby to gay sex. Apparently Robby's father had forgotten something important and he came back to the house. Robby said that he and his cousin were watching a porn movie and they got really turned on.

"We were in a 69 position sucking each other's cock with the movie still playing when my Dad came back in the house," Robby said almost sobbing.

"Holy shit, what happened then?" I asked.

"He went ballistic and started screaming at us. He called us fagots and told us to get out of his house," Robby added.

"What did you do then," I continued the questioning.

"We got dressed as fast as we could and got out of the house. My cousin went home and I waited for my Dad to leave so that I could get my stuff. After he left, I went back in and got all my stuff and pack my bags. I didn't know who to call except you. Can I stay here tonight?" Robby asked just about begging.

"Sure you can stay here tonight. Hell you can stay in the spare bedroom until you get this sorted out. Don't worry about it. I'll give you the spare key so that you can go to school from here," I told him.

Robby's face lit up, "Oh thank you so much. I won't be any trouble I promise."

"Okay but there will be some rules and one of them is that you cannot bring anybody home with you, understand?" I said firmly.

Robby nodded in agreement and stammered, "Yes I understand, don't worry I won't bring anyone into the apartment."

"Okay, now let's go and get your stuff out of the car," I said ending the conversation for the time being and then added, "But I do want to hear about you and your cousin later."

I helped Robby bring his stuff up from his car and into my apartment. Then I re-arranged some things in the second bedroom so that he could settle in there. I normally used the second bedroom for my office so I just moved my files out of the room. Robby was thrilled that I let him stay. We sat in the living room after he got moved in and we had a couple of beers.

"Okay, now I want to hear about you and your cousin," I told him.

Robby began the story. He told me that one summer he spent a month with his cousin and uncle at their cottage by a lake. His cousin Paul is two years older than Robby and Robby knew that there was something different about him. His uncle spent most days away from the cottage but he was home every evening. One day after Paul's uncle left for the day Paul told Robby that he wanted to show him something. They went back to the bedroom that they shared and Paul showed Robby a magazine.

The magazine was a gay publication that showed men having sex with one another. Robby said he was surprised to see how good looking and fit the men were in the magazine. They were shown having oral sex and anal sex. There were pictures of guys in a 69 position and others in group sex. Robby admitted that he had always felt more comfortable with guys than girls but that he had thought about having sex with a guy. Robby said that Paul then took his cock out of his pants and began jerking off.

Robby challenged his cousin, "Paul what are you doing?"

Paul told him, "I'm going to get off. Come on join me. Get your cock out, I can see that you're hard."

Robby admitted that he was hard and that he was a little turned on by his cousin's act. Robby had jerked off plenty of times but never in front of anyone. He took his cock out and began to stroke it. Paul flipped the pages of the magazine while the two of them jerked off looking at the pictures. Then Paul reached over and took Robby's cock in his hand.

"Take my cock Robby and we will do each other," Paul told him.

Robby took his cousin's cock in his hand and for the first time he touched someone's cock. Robby said he actually liked the feel of a different cock in his hand and that he liked being jerked off by someone else. The two of them continued to look at the magazine and jerk each other off until Paul said for them to get undressed. They both shed their clothes and then resumed jerking each other off as they looked the magazine. Then Paul shocked Robby by dropping to his knees and taking Robby's cock in his mouth.

Robbie said he almost came on the spot. The feeling of his cousin's mouth around Robby's cock was incredible. Robby didn't know what to do except watch his cousin's head bob up and down as he took Robby's cock deep in his mouth. Then Paul stood up and told Robby to lay down with him in the bed. Paul arranged them so that they were in a 69 position and Paul told Robby to do him too. Paul then took Robby's cock back in his mouth and resumed sucking it. Robby admitted that he was turned on by the act and that he tentatively took Paul's cock into his mouth.

Robby said that at first he just took the head of the cock in his mouth and then he allowed more of it in. He soon got the hang of it and he tried to do everything that his cousin was doing to him. Robby said that he really got into sucking his cousin's cock and that he was close to cumming when Paul came in Robby's mouth. Robby was stunned at first and then he quickly swallowed his cousin's load as he did not know what else to do. Jets of cum flew into Robby's oral cavity as his cousin's cock pulsed in his mouth. Then Robby lost it and came in Paul's mouth and Paul sucked down every drop. Robby said that the feeling was fantastic and that it felt wonderful. They continued to suck each other and they remained hard.

Then Paul said. "Let's fuck now."

Robby said he was shocked by the statement and told his cousin that he had never done that. Paul told him that it was easy and that Robby could fuck him first. Paul then got some lube and greased up his asshole and Robby's cock. Robby admitted that he was extremely nervous but at the time very excited about putting his cock in his cousin's ass. Paul got on all fours and told Robby to fuck him. Robby said that he almost came immediately as he watched his cock slide into his cousin's asshole. Robby said that he really got into the butt fucking and that he loved watching his cock go in and out of his cousin's shapely ass. Robby shot his load sooner than he had expected firing a barrage of cum into Paul's ass. Paul used his anal muscles to milk Robby's cock dry and then Robby's cock softened and slipped from Paul's ass.

"Your turn," Paul told him with a smile on his face.

Robby admitted that he was scared but he knew that he had to reciprocate. Paul told him to get on all fours and then Paul played with Robby's ass for what seemed like an hour. Paul fingered Robby's asshole with a plenty of lube. The he licked Robby's anus and tickled it with his tongue. Paul probed Robby's asshole with his tongue and then he returned to fingering it. Paul gradually introduced a thicker digit each time and then he put two fingers in Robby's ass. Robby said that Paul did a good job loosening him up but that he still wasn't ready for his cousin's cock.

Robby admitted that it hurt like hell when Paul first entered his ass. Paul was careful and considerate as he gradually fed his cock to Robby. Soon the pain had passed and there was a slight cramping and bloatiness. Robby said that the cramping and bloatiness too passed and then there was just the feeling of fullness. Robby then took to the ass fucking as Paul's cock touched Robby's prostate and it felt strangely good. Paul kept fucking Robby until he came in Robby's ass. Robby said that the warm cum felt good shooting into his ass and that he instinctively used his anal muscles to massage the cock in his rectum.

Robby said that for the next two weeks that he and Paul sucked and fucked each other whenever they could. Robby admitted that he was then hooked on guys but he wasn't ready to come out of the closet. He continued to have sex with Paul when they got together. Paul took him to the adult video store and introduced Robby to that action and he also introduced Robby to some of his friends.

"That is quite a story Robby," I said.

"I have another story when Paul took me to meet to of his friends but I should probably save that one for another day. It looks like you are hard enough from this story," Robby said and then laughed at my predicament.

I had a massive erection and of course Robby had spotted it in my pants. I smiled at him and nodded toward my bedroom. We entered the room and Robby immediately stripped and jumped on the bed.

"Hurry and get your clothes off. I have missed your big cock this week," Robby said excitedly.

I took my clothes off at a normal pace and by the time I dropped my briefs my cock was rock hard. I walked over to Robby as he sat on the side of the bed and pulled me in toward him. Robby reached up with his hands resting on my thighs he caressed my muscles causing my cock to bob about in front of him. He slid one hand across my belly wrapping his soft fingers around my shaft and pressed my cock up against my belly. And then, at last, I felt his mouth on my cock.

He caressed me with his tongue, moving from deep underneath my balls to the very tip of my cock in one lingering sweep. We both moaned as his tongue swirled around my swollen cock head, his hands caressed my shaft and balls. His fingers probed between my legs.

I moved as he looked up at me, easing my legs apart as he cradled my balls in one hand, my cock in the other. His fingers reached down to rub the hard taut skin between my balls and my ass. I moaned as I felt the hunger in his movements and I watched his tongue move across my cock. The air cooled the wet spots he left behind on my pubes. With a moan, Robby let my cock fall away from my body so that it was swaying in front of me again. It stood straight out from my body. He glanced up at me and then back at my cock before taking me deep into his mouth.

My legs felt like jelly as I felt his hot wet mouth around my cock. He sucked me hard and drew me in deep. His tongue lashed across my cock head and I felt his teeth gently slide down my shaft. My cock jerked in his mouth as he sucked hard. My cock bulged in his mouth as I thrust forward and began to fuck his mouth. I reached for Robby's head, feeling his silky blonde hair as I plunged my cock into his mouth. His sucking matched my thrusts.

I knew that I couldn't last much longer and Robby sensed it as well, however we made no attempt to slow down. Robby needed my release almost as much as I did. I drove my cock into his wet and willing mouth, feeling his experienced tongue on me as I moved. Cum exploded from me without warning, pumping deep into Robby's mouth. Robby grabbed me, his hands sliding from my hips around to my ass as he pulled me tighter to him, taking my pumping cock deep into his mouth as he sucked my cum from me.

I stumbled backward as my legs were weak from my release and my cock slipped from Robby's mouth. I smiled at Robby who was still sat on the bed between my legs. He reached out to stroke my wilting cock and to run his hand over my chest and belly as I closed my eyes. I savored his touch for a few minutes as I caught my breath.

I then watched as Robby reached for the lube he had brought with him. I watched while he smeared some lube over me, I moaned as his hands moved across my cock and balls. Within minutes he had me hard again. Then he knelt on the bed on all fours and looked at me over his shoulder.

"Fuck me," he quietly requested before dropping his head down onto the bed.

I moved quickly, moving behind him, by cock bobbing and swaying in front of me. I knelt up, towering over him with my cock reaching out to him. Seconds later, my cock was buried inside him as I thrust expertly into his waiting body. I heard Robby cry out as I drove my cock deep inside him. I could feel the heat in his ass around my cock.

"Fuck me," he whispered again, his words distorted by his soft moans.

So I did, I fucked him hard, driving into his body as deep as I could, my balls slapped against him as he reached under himself for his own cock. I fucked him long and hard and deep. His body clung to my cock and sent powerful waves of pleasure through us as we moved together. I drove into him and he pushed back to meet my thrusts.

When I came again it was like a dam bursting. Our moans and groans filled the room as cum gushed into his body. I flooded his rectum and felt the warmth of my seed surround my shaft. As soon as the torrent of cum had subsided, Robby pulled away and then he took me into his mouth, sucking the last bit of cum from my cock devouring me.

Both of us then lay down on the bed. Robby nuzzled into to me and pushed his shapely ass back into my groin. We stayed in the spoon position for awhile without speaking. Then my cock started to harden again. I was really horny after listening to his story. I guided my cock back into Robby's ass and this time I gave him a reach around and jerked him of as I fucked him. Robby came twice before I shot another load into his ass.

We stayed in bed for a few more minutes and then we both showered and dressed. I called out for a pizza. We ate pizza and drank a couple of beers as we watched some TV. Later we went to our own beds and slept soundly.


Robby was no trouble at all staying with me in fact I enjoyed his company. I really enjoyed that his ass and mouth were available to me any time I wanted. When we had sex in the evening in was always in my bed but then Robby would return to his own bed so we got a good night's sleep. We hardly ever had sex in the morning but once in awhile I would wake up horny.

When I was in the mood for a morning fuck, I would go into Robby's room and fuck him first thing before I showered and got ready for work. Robby always sleepy in the nude and he was usually on his stomach. I would walk in the room sporting a hard-on and peel the covers off his sleeping body. I loved uncovering his shapely bubble butt and I always felt my loins stir when it came into view. I would get in bed with him and slip my well lubed cock into his ass and fuck him until I shot my wad. Robby loved the surprise fuck in the morning as he never knew when I would be in the mood.

Robby was always good about staying in his room whenever I had a girl back to my pad. One would never know he was there. Even when chicks stayed over on a Friday or Saturday evening Robby remained out of sight. He was really cool that way.

Robby got a part-time job and offered to pay me for the room if I would let him stay with me while he went to college. I told him that he could stay and that he should use the money for his own needs and food. I had never planned to rent out the other room so I wasn't out any money as a result of Robby staying with me.

One night in my bed after I had just fucked Robby, he told me that his cousin Paul wanted to stop by for a few days and visit him. I told Robby it was okay as I was some what curious as to what Paul looked like. Robby told me that Paul had really changed over the past year. Paul now went by the name of Paula and he dressed like a woman. Robby went on to tell me that Paul had started talking female hormones and that he truly did look like a woman. I was really curious now and I suggested that Robby invite Paul to stay with him while he was in town. Robby was thrilled.

I fucked Robby again that evening before he returned to his own bed. As I lay in bed that night I tried to envision what Paul or Paula would look like. I had seen European female impersonators when I was in the service but I had never seen one since I was back in the states. It should prove interesting.


Tony continues his somewhat normal heterosexual life but he enjoys the bi-sexual side as well. Paul visits Robby and he is allowed to stay at Tony's apartment. Tony is in for a real surprise when Paul / Paula arrive at the apartment.

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