tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEncounter in Vienna

Encounter in Vienna


"Will zis table suit you, sir?" the waiter asked. As with most of the waiters in Vienna, his English was pretty good. He motioned to one of the small outdoor tables crammed together on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant.

I sat down next to a handsome-looking black couple who were midway through their meal at the next table. The waiter tried to give me a menu, but I waved it away. I'd already had dinner, and I was just looking for a place to people-watch and enjoy the warm summer evening. "Just coffee," I said.


"Um, do you have American style drip?"

"Filterkaffee? No sir, we do not."

"Espresso will be fine then."

The waiter nodded and left.

"American coffee, huh?" said the man at the next table. "Where in the states are you from?"

"Houston," I replied.

"Andre Wheatley. Shreveport, Louisiana." He put down his fork and extended his hand. We were sitting close enough that I could easily grasp it. He gave me a firm, hardy handshake. His thick, rough hands didn't fit with his stylish tan suit and black silk shirt. He was a big man, with broad shoulders and a closely cropped frohawk. "And this is my wife, LaReese."

I smiled and nodded. She was short and thick, the way many black women are, with ample curves everywhere and a cute, chubby, round face and a head of big, black curls.

"I'm Mitch Graham. Nice to meet both of you."

"So what'cha doin' in Vienna?" Andre asked.

"Just vacationing. You?"

"Celebrating our twentieth wedding anniversary."

"And getting away from two teenage boys!" his wife added. She had a little girl's voice that made her sound like a cartoon character or a child's doll. But there was nothing child-like about her figure. Her huge chest strained against her tailored linen blouse, and even seated I could see she had an ample bubble butt under her short skirt.

"Nice," I said. "I'd always planned go to Europe on my honeymoon. But I recently turned thirty, and there's no bride on the horizon, so I just gave up and came by myself."

"Oh, that's so sad. Don't give up, there's somebody out there," LaReese said.

"I just meant I gave up on the honeymoon plans," I explained. "I don't think I could give up searching for a woman."

"No man ever can, even if a lot of them say they have," Andre replied. "Every man just got to have dat ting."

"That thing?" I said quizzically.

"Not 'that thing'," he laughed. "You gotta say it like you're from the islands — 'dat ting'!"

"Dat ting," I repeated.

"Yes, sir! Dat ting!" He held his hands in front of his hips as if holding a woman's hips and pumped them back and forth slightly, while discretely making several slight pelvic thrusts in his chair. "You know, dat ting! Dat ting you NEED!" LaReese put two fingers to her mouth and giggled. "No sir, don't stop looking for the right woman. I found LaReese, and she's the best thing that could'a happened to me."

"Aww, Honey, that's so sweet," she cooed.

"Seriously," Andre continued. "A lot of people are down on marriage right now, but I'm telling you right now, there's no joy like sharing your life with a lady you love. And when you're married, you ALWAYS got dat ting. MMM! Ohhh yea!"

All three of us chuckled at his enthusiastic endorsement of 'dat ting'. The waiter returned with my coffee and I sipped it while they finished their meal. We discussed what we'd seen in Vienna so far, and what our sightseeing plans were for the rest of our stays.

After they finished, LaReese suggested a walk along the canal. They invited me to join them as they stood up from their table. As she rose, LaReese demurely tugged on the hem of her her short, pleated white skirt, then ran her hands down her chubby thighs to smooth it out. Most women her size wouldn't attempt such an outfit, especially without hose. But as I stole a few long looks at her bare legs and watched her big, bouncy ass jiggle under her skirt as she began to walk, I couldn't help but agree that the flirty outfit worked for her.

We strolled down the walkways overlooking the water, staring across the canal at the lights of Vienna. We chatted easily, and I learned all the ordinary stuff about them strangers are apt to discuss. They had two boys, seventeen and fifteen. Andre was a bus mechanic back in Shreveport and LaReese was a physician's assistant. Things were pretty tight, financially, but even though they were saving for the boys to go to college, they managed to scrape together enough for the trip.

"You've got to take care of your marriage," Andre said. "There are a million distractions to draw your attention away from your spouse, but you can't let that happen. You have to protect that spark of passion, or even the best relationship can get stale."

"I hope to find that sort of passion one day," I said.

"When you find it, don't wait, act on it. We started dating in high school and I asked her to marry me a week after graduation. As a young man, I'd chased enough girls to know what good lovin' felt like. But from the first time I got it on with LaReese, I knew there was nobody else for me. Ain't been with another woman since. She's still got the sweetest, tightest little snatch you could ever—"

"Andre!" LaReese exclaimed. "Poor Mitch here was just tellin' us how hasn't been with a woman for who knows how long. He doesn't want to hear you brag about how good it is!"

"I don't mind," I said. "It's nice to hear that somebody's enjoying good sex, even if I'm not."

She turned towards me. "And just for the record, it's not that I'm so incredibly tight, it's that Andre's got a big-ol' horse's cock."

"Sounds like you're both pretty lucky, then."

Andre chuckled and held out his fist. I gave it a knuckle-bump.

We came into a open area by the side of the canal. The buildings beside the canal opened up into a lush, green, park lined with trees. We stopped in a dark, shadowy section of the path and leaned over the concrete railing to watch a brightly lit barge glide along below us on the canal. Andre stood behind LaReese and wrapped his arms around her. He kissed her neck. Before long, I noticed him unbuttoning her blouse. Soon, her shirt was open wide and he was massaging her massive breasts through her black lace bra. At first I was careful not to stare, but they didn't seem uncomfortable with me knowing what they were doing, so I eventually turned and looked directly at them. LaReese just smiled.

"Take your panties off," Andre said. He said it softly in her ear, but still with enough volume for me to easily hear. LaReese slipped her hands under her skirt and pulled down a black lace thong that matched her bra. She stepped out of it and set it next to her on the wide stone railing.

"Look at dat ting, Mitch." He had lifted the front of her skirt to her waist. "Look at that fine pussy she got." I hesitated, looking instead at Andre, trying to read the expression on his face. "It's alright; we like showing off for people. It's one of the ways we keep things fresh."

In the darkness, I could just make out that her crotch was shaved bare and she had "Andre" tattooed just above her slit. "Mm-mm-mm. Yes, sir, I got to have some of that. Mitch, let me show you what a lucky man I am." He unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. LaReese spread her legs and reached forward to grab the railing. As she leaned forward, Andre lifted her skirt up onto the small of her back, completely exposing her big, round, naked cheeks. He began stroking himself with one hand while his other disappeared under her ass cheeks.

"Ohhhh, baby..." LaReese moaned. She leaned farther forward and positioned her feet farther apart on the sidewalk.

For several minutes none of us said a thing. I just stood and watched as Andre rubbed his cock and fingered his wife's pussy from behind. LaReese began making a soft, continual string of long sighs.

"Are you ready for me, baby?" Andre asked.

"Can't you feel how wet I am down there? You know I'm ready."

Andre removed his suit-coat and draped it over the railing, then Unbuckled his belt and let his pants and boxers drop to his ankles. He pushed LaReese closer to the balustrade, almost pinning her against it. She leaned over, her elbows and huge tits resting on the cool stone, her legs splayed widely. Andre's cock was rock hard now and I was amazed at both its length and girth. He really did have a horse dick. He saddled up behind her and crouched enough to position his cock at her slit. LaReese grunted as Andre grabbed her hips and pushed himself inside her. He straightened his legs and she rose up on her tiptoes, almost suspended on his member. He started out slowly but soon his thrusts picked up in speed and intensity. LaResse's tits were jiggling wildly and she was grunting "ah-ah-ah-ah" with every rapid thrust.

I watched them fuck vigorously for several minutes. The squishy, sloppy sound of wet genitals slapping together got louder and louder. My cock ached as it strained against my pants.

"I'm on the edge, La-la," Andre finally said. "I'm headed over the edge. I'm gonna nut."

"No, no, baby! Not yet! Not yet!" his wife pleaded. "I'm almost there. Oh, please, stay with me, baby. Just a little longer, baby. I'm almost there." She was almost crying. I saw Andre furrow his brow and tighten his lips, but he didn't decrease his thrusting. "Oh! Oh yea! Almost there, baby! Yes! Keep it up! Here I come, here it is...ahhhh...ahhhh...OOOOH!" Her whole body quivered and shook as she came. Andre kept slamming his hips against her ass. He jerked his head back and cried out as he emptied his cum inside her. They both stood motionless to recover for a few moments, their lungs heaving for air.

"Oh yea. Damn." he said. "That's it." Then he pulled out of her. Andre looked at me as he pulled up his pants and slipped his wet, half-erect dick back into his boxers. "Ain't nothing better than that. And the best part is knowing dat ting you GOT is da ting you WANT, every single time."

LaReese stood up straight and reached under her skirt. "We gotta get back to the hotel, Honey. This is gonna be runnin' all down my legs in a minute."

"Yeah, I've got to get back to my hotel, too," I said. "I've got a massive hard-on I need to take care of."

LaReese grabbed her black thong off the railing and placed it in my hand. "Here's a little something that might help."

We walked back the way we'd come until we came to a brightly illuminated intersection. "I"m this way," I said, pointing down a side street.

"Our hotel is on ahead," Andre said.

"Then here's where we part."

"Want one last, good, close-up look?" LaReese offered. She stepped close to me and pulled the hem of her skirt up to her waist. Under the bright streetlights, I got a much better view of her pussy. Her skin shimmered with the glistening mixture of his semen and her vaginal fluids that covered her thighs and mons. I saw for the first time that Andre's tattooed name was surrounded by tiny vines and roses. She slid one hand over her messy crotch and let her middle finger disappear between the folds of her pussy. As she did, a white creamy drop of fluid dripped from her gash onto the concrete. "Whew!" she sighed. "I think we might need to go do that again."

I stared another long moment until he pulled her hand away and lowered her skirt.

"Thanks for a very memorable evening," I said.

"Our pleasure," Andre responded.

We headed off in separate directions and I never saw or heard from them again. But when I got home and unpacked my bags, I hung her black panty on the corner of a picture frame by my bed. It's still there today.

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