tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEncounter on the Jundland Wastes

Encounter on the Jundland Wastes


Jonta gazed down the moon-washed bluff. He did not like this. He glanced over. The rest of his hunting band was gathered around him, peering over the bluff at the female below. Jonta looked back at the small campsite. The moon-skinned female sat next to her fire, legs crossed, arms folded in front of her.

Jonta shook his head. It did not look right and, most of all, it did not feel right. Why would a female who was not of the People be out here alone on the Jundland Wastes? He signaled to his band and they crept back down the bluff away from the lone female. Once they were out of earshot, Jonta spoke.

"I say we leave the moon-skinned female alone and go our way."

"So, Jonta, you are a coward as well as old."

Jonta turned his head towards the one who had spoken. Kron was tall and strong and had been chafing under Jonta's leadership for some time. Hotheaded, even for a Tusken, Kron was the most eager to confront the strange female. Jonta looked at the other members of his band.

The youngest, Tekur, had only just passed his manhood trails. He was Kron's son. The remaining Tuskens were Foel and Aryk, who out of all of Jonta's band was the one he trusted completely. He and Aryk had been friends for many turns.

"You speak too fast as usual, Kron," Jonta said sharply, "your words outrunning what little of your brain you stoop to use."

Kron roared and advanced on Jonta, gaderffi stick raised above his head. Aryk stepped in front of him and blocked his path. Kron stared up at Aryk for a long moment. Then he slowly lowered his gaderffii stick and stepped back.

Jonta smiled behind his mask. Even Kron, hot-headed as he was, was not fool enough to take on Aryk, who was not only stronger but half a head taller. However, Jonta was surprised at what his old friend now said.

"Kron is right," Aryk said. "This female, whoever she is, whatever her reason for being here, is a trespasser. She must be dealt with."

Jonta remained silent for a moment as he mulled over Aryk's words. It was true. The law of the People demanded that trespassers on their clan's land be dealt with harshly, especially those who were not of the People. But Jonta could not help feeling that there was something wrong, and that the female was not all that she appeared to be.

However, as he looked around at his hunting band, he knew that it would not be wise for him to go against their wishes. For the hot-headed Kron was right. Jonta was getting old. He had already seen 50 turns. Younger males like Kron were eager to see him show weakness so that they could swoop in and destroy him.

"All right. We will go back," Jonta finally said.

Although Jonta could not see the faces of his band, covered as they were by their masks, he sensed their excitement, particularly among the younger males. More than likely, Jonta thought, as he turned and made his way back to the bluff, they would want to have some sport with the female before they killed her.


Aurra Sing gazed into the flickering flames. She had heard the movement of the Tuskens above her on the bluff. They had watched her silently for a long moment, then moved away, but she was not worried. They would be back. She shifted her body slightly, allowing the muscles of her arms and legs to loosen. When she had come upon the Tuskens some kilometers back, her first instinct had been to kill them. But as she had watched them, swaying on the backs of their banthas, something had stirred inside her. An itch along the cleft of her sex.

The Tuskens were vicious, cruel and murderous, and it was their potential for violence that had stirred Aurra. She had piloted her swoop ahead of them, keeping out of their sight. She had soon stopped and hid the swoop and her weapons in a cave not far from the bluff under which she now sat.

She had then built a fire knowing it would draw the Tuskens like moths to a flame. And she had waited. Waited for them to find her, alone and defenseless. Waited for them to swoop down upon her like the carrion they were and take her.

Aurra's mouth twisted. It was a dangerous game she played. The Tuskens could just as well slit her throat as give her what she wanted, but that was part of the appeal of the game; the not knowing if this time she had overplayed her hand and would wind up dead. She was not so arrogant to think that someday she would not find herself in a situation that was too much even for her. But, again, that was part of the thrill.

Lifting her head, Aurra gazed up at the star-speckled sky. Devoid as it was of any heavy industrial areas, the skies of Tatooine were sharp and clear. A backwater planet if ever there was one, Aurra thought sneeringly, but there was also something about it that appealed to her. There was a purity in the planet's harshness unencumbered as it was by the facade of civilization that Aurra found on other worlds in the Republic. Tatooine was brutal, cruel and unforgiving. Like her.

She relaxed her muscles still more. She had come to this world to find and kill a Jedi that was rumored to be living among the Tuskens. This little detour, however, was costing her precious time. But Aurra had a lead on the Jedi that pointed to a clan of Tuskens who camped near what was known as the Great Needle. She was confident that, despite her little diversion, it would not be long before she found her prey. And with that, she settled herself to wait for the Tuskens to return.


Jonta peered over the edge of the bluff. He had hoped that the foolish female had realized her peril and left. But she was still there, sitting by her fire. He signaled to his band and, noiselessly, they made their way down the bluff. Moving like shadows across the sand they soon surrounded the hapless female.

Five male Tuskens in the prime of their life and one lone female. A situation such as this should have immediately drawn a scream of terror from the moon-skinned female, but she only sat by her fire and looked calmly up at them.

Now that he was closer, Jonta could see that the female was slender and well-made. She wore clothing that was the color of blood and clung to the curves of her body. Her head was hairless except for a long, red-brown pony-tail in which were woven strings of beads. Her fingers were longer than those of the humans Jonta had come across and her skin was even paler up close. Like the bones of a skeleton.

Jonta shuddered, grateful that the others could not see his reaction under his robes. He gestured at the female with his gaffi stick, asking who she was and what was her business. The female continued to gaze silently up at him, her strange shadowed eyes seeming to pierce past his mask and into his soul.

Again, foreboding rose within Jonta and, if not for how it would look to the others, he would have turned and left the female by her fire. Instead he gestured at her again as the others of his band crowded around her, their gaffi sticks pointed at her.

The female remained silent. Kron stepped forward and placed the blunt end of his gaffi stick against her chest. He pushed, but the female did not fall over. She resisted the pressure of the gaffi stick, the muscles in her slender arms bunching.

Something hot flared in her eyes and, suddenly, she fell back onto the ground. She was breathing hard, but Jonta did not think it was from exertion. It looked to him like she was excited.

Now that the female was prone, Kron placed his gaffi stick on the ground and began to fumble with the front of his robes. Jonta grabbed his arm.

"What are you doing?"

Kron jerked his arm away. "What does it look like, old one? I am going to pleasure myself on this female. I have never had one of the humanoid females. Is it true that their holes are tighter than those of our females?"

Foel, one of the younger Tuskens, rushed forweard. "Yes, I have heard it is so. And, I have also heard, they have not one hole, but two."

Tekur, Kron's son, who at fifteen turns was as tall as his father, spoke up.

"Two holes?" he cried. "Do their males have two meatpoles?"

Kron laughed at his son and cuffed him, none too gently, on the head. "No, rockhead, but with two holes more than one male can have her."

"Two at one time?" Tekur shouted, the disbelief plain in his voice. He raised his gaffi stick high in the air and shook it above his head. His father laughed. Foel joined Tekur, shaking his gaffi stick in the air also.

"And, I have also heard," Foel cried, "that you can stick your meatpole into their mouths. Their mouths are said to be as tight and as wet as their holes."

Jonta sensed the mating heat rising among his band. He looked over at the female. She still lay on the ground, but now her legs were splayed open. Jonta's meatpole twitched for, despite his misgivings, he wanted to sink himself in the flesh of the strange female.

He moved over to where she lay. Raising his gaffi stick above his head, Jonta cried out, claiming her as a prize of his band. Having trespassed upon the land of the clan, her life and her body were now forfeit to them. He lowered the gaffi stick and looked around.

"Who will be first?"

Kron pushed his son toward the female. "Let Tekur go first. He is now a full-blooded male of the clan."

Tekur thanked his father. He placed his gaffi stick on the ground and freed his meatpole from his robes. Jonta nodded in approval. The youngling's meatpole was very impressive. He would provide the clan with many strong sons. Tekur moved toward the female.


Just as Aurra had known, the Tuskens returned and quickly surrounded her. When the Tusken had tried to push her down with his gaffi stick, her natural instinct had been to resist. But she quickly damped it and let him do with her as he willed. That, she reminded herself, was also part of the game.

One of the Tuskens had broken away from the group and was moving towards her. By the way he was treated by the others he was a young one. She stared at his cock. If their young had one that large, she could only imagine what the others had concealed under their dusty robes.

Her throat tightened in anticipation as he came closer. The Tusken stopped in front of her. Then, with a harsh cry, he threw himself upon her body.

Aurra struggled for a bit, just enough to make it exciting. The Tusken growled something at her in his language. He grabbed her arms and pushed them over her head, holding them in place with one of his cloth-swaddled hands. He reached down with his free hand and tore at her body suit, revealing her cunt.

He lowered his masked face to it. He sniffed at Aurra's cunt and the sounds he made, and the way he pressed her so hard against the ground, made her cunt tingle and moisten.

The Tusken raised his head from between her thighs and guided his long cock towards her cunt. Once the bulbous head touched her lower lips, the Tusken roared and, with a brutal shove, rammed it deep inside her. She moaned as he began thrusting hard and fast into her.

Her hips twisted against the grainy sand, the Tusken's smelly robes and ripe body odor engulfing her nostrils, his bizarre mask looming over her face. As he violently fucked her, he grunted and growled in his guttural language, the noises he made like those of some rutting animal.

He plowed into Aurra, his thick, coarse cock rasping against the walls of her cunt. She tossed her head back and forth as she groaned in lustful abandon, the grainy sand digging into the hairless skin, the searing stiffness of the his huge cock pulsing between her stretched cunt lips. It was good, so good!

Yes, this was the way Aurra liked it. Brutal, primitive, animalistic. No pretense, no facade, no veneer of love and affection to cloud what sex was really about; the shameless joining of male and female, whether it Banthas or humans. The male cock in the female cunt, pushing, thrusting, shoving.

Aurra raised her legs and locked them behind the back of the Tusken as he fucked her. Groaning low in her throat, she pulled his cock deeper into her cunt, grinding her hips against his thrusting pelvis. He shuddered beneath his robes and, with a loud, low grunt, rammed his cock stiffly into her cunt. Her head snapped back, mouth open in a soundless scream from the pain.

He thrust into her several more times until his thick cock finally jetted his cum deep inside her. Aurra screamed as she came, body jerking under his pulsing hips. The two bucked wildly against each other and, after what seemed an eternity of his endless climaxing, he finally pulled out of her.

As Aurra struggled to regain her breath, the Tusken's hot cum boiled out of her cunt and onto the ground. She shivered beneath the night sky, almost overcome by the power of her orgasm. It had been some time since she had indulged in such pleasures.

As she regained her breath, she turned her head. The young Tusken who had fucked her was standing. The others cuffed him on his shoulders, growling what sounded like grunts of approval. Then the other four Tuskens turned and looked at her.

She watched as another moved towards her, huge cock thrusting upward from within his robes. Roaring, he threw himself upon her. Then, once he was done, each of the Tuskens took their turn with her and with each she violently climaxed.


Jonta gasped behind his mask as he lifted himself from off the female's body. He was stunned at how much she seemed to enjoy their raping of her. None of the human females Jonta had raped before had ever acted like this. They had all screamed and cried, tears running like tracks down their pale, dusty faces as he had thrust his meatpole into their strange, but satisfyingly, tight female holes.

But the moon-skinned female did not cry, and when she did scream, they sounded to Jonta like screams of pleasure, not of pain or fear. He looked at her as she lay on the ground, bare breasts rising and falling, blood-colored clothing ripped, female hole clammy with her sap and the male-sap of the band, strange, shadowed eyes staring up at him.

Was she a demon? He did not know. Jonta was not a shaman, but he did know that fucking her had felt very good and he wanted more. Then it occurred to him that perhaps the female could serve a better purpose then just the appeasing of his lust. He could use her to show the younger males that he was not old and weak. He turned to his band.

"The female was good, was she not?"

The others grunted in agreement, shaking their gaffi sticks above their heads.

"I will have her again," he cried. "We will all have her again."

The Tuskens roared their approval. Jonta moved over to the female and lay on his back next to her. He opened his robe and pulled out his meatpole. It was hard again and thrust upward towards the sky.

He knew that it was big, bigger than most of the males in the clan. Jonta smiled behind his mask. He had pleasured many females of the clan with it, giving them strong sons who had gone off to form their own clans and be leaders in their own right. Weak and old, he thought angrily, as he slowly stroked his rigid meatpole. Not likely.

"Lift the female and put her on me," he told his band.

He would show them who was old.


Two of the Tuskens picked Aurra up and lowered her facedown onto the waiting cock of the Tusken who lay on the ground. She slid onto the monster phallus, moaning as she did, for it filled her cunt completely.

Once she was impaled on the Tusken, another moved in front of her and grabbed her pony-tail, snapping her head back. He guided his cock to her mouth, forcing it between her lips. It was thick and coarse and tasked like stale meat and hot sand.

Another Tusken spread the cheeks of her ass and pushed his cock inside her. At first the three moved in different rhythms as they fucked her, but soon they were all in unison, grunting and groaning and growling as they thrust their cocks deep into her cunt, her mouth and her ass. The other two Tuskens held Aurra up, their cloth-swaddled hands crushing and squeezing her breasts.

She moaned deep in her chest as the Tuskens fucked her under the black Tatooine sky, her body shuddering from the impacts of the three cocks inside her. She had not expected this, but it was more than she had hoped for. The three-way fucking went on for sometime under the moon and the stars, the growls of the Tuskens like thunder.

The Tusken whose cock was in her ass climaxed, gripping her hips as he slammed his pelvis against her, driving his cock deeper into her ass, his cum running, thick and warm, down her thighs.

Then, with a low growl, he jerked out of her, but before she could take a breath, one of the Tuskens who had been holding her up moved behind her. He thrust his cock into her ass, the cum left by the other Tusken acting as a lubricant. Then the cock in her mouth erupted. She almost gagged on the thick, foul-tasting cum as it gushed down her throat.

Once he had emptied himself, the Tusken in front of her pulled his cock from her mouth, some of his cum dribbling from her lips. The other Tusken who had been holding Aurra up took his place, jamming his cock deep into her mouth. Again, the three worked to find the same rhythm as they fucked her. Then the Tusken underneath her roared, thick cock throbbing as it pumped her full of his seed.

However, Aurra was surprised when the Tusken beneath her did not stop fucking her once he had finished his climax. His cock was still hard and, roaring, he thrust his hips up, spearing her hard. She moaned, sucking greedily on the cock in her mouth, tightening her ass and cunt on the others.

The cock in her mouth jerked and ejected loads of cum down her throat. She sucked harder, milking the thick, juicy cock for all it was worth. Then both cocks in her ass and cunt pulsed and more Tusken cum filled her. Aurra quivered with salacious pleasure.

Then, when the Tusken pulled his cock out of her mouth, she let loose with a piercing scream as she came, head whipping back and forth, cunt and ass shuddering around the cocks still thrusting deep inside her.

As she twisted around the two cocks, she climaxed, over and over and over, writhing violently against the heavy, musky bodies of the Tuskens, her cries and their growls filling the empty desert air around them.

As she continued to come, she felt something wet and thick on her back. Some of the Tuskens must have been rubbing their cocks while the others fucked her.

Their cum dribbled down her sides, coating her breasts and stomach and dripping onto the robes of the Tusken beneath her. Aurra blissfully closed her eyes. Then she took a deep breath and slowly opened her eyes. She looked down at the Tusken beneath her, then at the ones surrounding her.

As she stared at them, lust having been satisfied, another need rose within her. A desire just as potent and just as intoxicating as the one that had led her into letting these savages fuck her.

She smiled down at the Tusken who was still thrusting up into her. Had he learned, she wondered, as she had over the years (and, oh, she had had some very good teachers in that respect) that lust and death were just two sides of the same coin; one bringing life into the world, the other removing it.

Lust had been appeased. Now it was time for death.


Jonta growled as he thrust his meatpole fiercely into the female's hot, tight hole. It was a shame they had to kill her. He was tempted to take her back with him and keep her as his slave. But the law of the clan could not be ignored. Once they were done with her, she would die.

Suddenly the female screamed, again and again and again, and her screams sent a chill through Jonta's blood. She twisted wildly between him and Kron, body shaking and quivering, even as Tekur and Foel sprayed her back with their seed.

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