tagSci-Fi & FantasyEncounter with a Unicorn

Encounter with a Unicorn


This story contains mind control, male-male sex, and the fantastic. If you are not old enough to look at any of that or have a problem with it, close the browser tab.

Mike was walking through the park, looking to burn off some nervous energy. He was going deeper into the forested part than people usually did, because he didn't want to be disturbed. The park's borders only extended so far into the forest, and technically people weren't supposed to go any further than that but nobody cared. Mike crossed the line and kept on going, not stopping until he tripped over his own shoelaces. As he picked himself up, swearing, something in the brush caught his eye. "What is..." he began to ask, but found no need to finish his sentence because the thing he'd seen emerged into plain view right after he'd started to ask.

His jaw dropped. He couldn't believe his eyes at first. Standing before him was a creature of myth and legend, of fairy-tale and fantasy. It had the body and head of a horse, but its tail was like that of a lion, its hooves were like those of a deer, it had a beard like a billygoat, and protruding from the creature's head was a three-foot-long straight horn. He looked upon a unicorn. A magnificent unicorn. Its fur was a shiny bronze colour as opposed to the white so commonly depicted, but it did have the piercing blue eyes. Eyes Mike now found himself staring into.

"What is your name?" the unicorn asked. His voice was even and his tone pleasant.

"Michael David Aarons," Mike answered. "But I'm usually called by the short form Mike." Mike felt oddly calm despite the strangeness of the situation, and briefly wondered why. Then he realized that the unicorn was affecting his mind somehow, making him feel relaxed. He didn't mind, he was glad to be able to speak calmly around the majestic creature. "What's yours?" he asked.

"I am Sieldan," was the reply. Sieldan looked him over appraisingly and then asked another question. "Tell me Michael, what do you think of my appearance?"

Mike thought about it and responded, "You are by far the most majestic being I have ever beheld. You are glorious, handsome... attractive, even."

Seildan was silent for a moment, seeming to consider something. "Now tell me something else. Have you ever had sex with another male, or entertained fantasies of doing so? And if you have been with another man, how was the experience?"

Mike thought this was an odd question but answered without hesitating. "I did do it with a guy once. It was okay, but not the greatest sex I've ever had (not that that's saying much). It probably would've been better if we'd had a better idea what the hell we were doing. I wouldn't mind giving it another try."

Sieldan favoured him with a smile. "I am glad to hear that. I had hoped you would feel that way. Michael David Aarons, I shall grant that wish. And I think that you will find me a far better lover."

"Beg pardon?" Mike asked in surprise.

"You said you saw me as attractive," Sieldan reminded him. "And I see you as attractive. And you will thus know the pleasure of making love with a unicorn stallion. You do not have to worry about being seen, my magic will shield us from prying eyes. You have only to relax, and let me take care of things." With that, the inner light in Sieldan's eyes intensified and his horn began to shimmer. Mike was totally entranced by Sieldan's gaze. The unicorn touched his horn to the human's forehead, and the spell was complete.

"Take off your clothes and set them aside neatly, Michael," Sieldan instructed. Mike obeyed without a word.

"Now, look at me." Sieldan reared up to reveal his cock emerging. It was thick, long, curved, and black as a car tire. Sieldan set back down on all fours. "Crawl beneath me and take it in your mouth." Again, Mike quietly did as he was told, carefully slipping his lips around the unicorn's member.

"Very good. Now, suck. Slowly and gently." Mike began suckling on Sieldan's cock.

"Ah, yes. That's good. Keep at it, Michael, you're doing well thus far. Feel free to twist your head from side to side a little as you go."

Eventually Sieldan felt his orgasm approaching. "Michael, I will soon climax," he informed the human. "When I do, you are to swallow as much as you can without choking yourself." Shortly after the unicorn had finished his sentence, he climaxed hard and Mike eagerly gulped down as much of the semen as he could.possibly manage, enjoying the salty taste of it. At last Sieldan finished.

"You can let go now, Michael," he said. "That was very good."

Mike let Sieldan's cock slide out of his mouth. There was cum on his face - he hadn't quite been able to swallow all of it. Sieldan licked it off and nuzzled him affectionately. "Quite good, pet. Now lie down on your back in the grass, and I will return the favour."

As soon as Mike had lain down Sieldan took the entirety of the human's now-hard member into his own mouth, and began to suck and tease it with his tongue. The unicorn's technique was excellent, and Mike was soon moaning out in bliss. But it could not last forever; eventually he reached climax, and Sieldan milked his shaft for all it was worth, not releasing until the human's orgasm was spent.

"And now, Michael, it is time for the grand finale. On your hands and knees," Sieldan ordered. Mike obediently got up off his back, turned around, and got down on his hands and knees. Sieldan's horn shimmered with magic once more, and he tapped it against Mike's rump, placing one last necessary enchantment upon the human. He positioned himself carefully over Mike and eased his cock into the human's magically stretched and lubricated anus. A gasp of pleasure escaped Mike's lips at the sensation. Sieldan began thrusting in and out, slowly and gently as he enjoyed most.

Mike was in paradise. The sucking had been wonderful, but it was nothing compared to this. This was much better than the time he'd tried it with Bill - Sieldan was much more experienced at this and had an excellent technique. No-one knows quite how long they were at it, enjoying the sensation, until at long last their orgasms approached. Sieldan came first, flooding Mike's rear end with his semen. Mike came immediately afterward, and found it to be his largest load ever.

Sieldan smiled at him and proceded to once more lap up the excess cum. The unicorn then tapped his horn to Mike's forehead again, lifting his ealier spell on the human's mind while simultaneously casting another to clean him up. "Michael, I must thank you for a wonderful time. I hope you enjoyed yourself as well. Are you angry with me for charming you?"

Mike shook his head. "No. I just wonder why you felt you needed to. I would have lain with you of my own full will if you'd asked."

"I knew as much when we first made eye contact. The charm spell was merely to keep you from hurting yourself in a panic," Sieldan explained. "It has been determined to be a wise precaution for a human's first mating with a unicorn."

Mike thought about this as he pulled his clothes back on and then understanding dawned. "I can see that. Well Sieldan, thank you for the best sex I've had yet. Would you care to do this again some time?" Sieldan nodded. "I would like that very much Michael. I'll be in touch." And with that, the bronze unicorn galloped away.

The End.

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