tagSci-Fi & FantasyEncounter with Forrest Nymphs

Encounter with Forrest Nymphs


When I was 18, I went camping in a secluded wilderness area in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains with my 4 other troop friends. We were all Eagle Scouts, and it was our first time going out without any troop leader; just five men in the wilderness. (We were also virgins.) Even Kevin Ray, who talked a good game about women and girlfriends admitted reluctantly that he'd never actually slept with anyone before.

We lit a fire and talked late into the night. The stars were bright overhead, and the crackling of the fire blended with the strumming of Tony Phillips' guitar. We heard the screeching of some far away owls. We were feeling pretty proud of ourselves, and in touch with nature and proud to be Americans and elite scouts. I must admit I felt a bit of the call of the wild that night; nothing specific, but a sort of far-off longing for something more than the companionship of my fellow scouts...


I woke suddenly from a deep sleep; something was wrong. I was no longer in my bag. All around me, I heard something like the sound of harp strings being strummed... I gasped as my eyes dialed into focus; I was strung up, arms wide, legs spread eagle, caught by some invisible force holding me upright in the air... I was facing into a circular clearing of trees, and noticed each of my companions was similarly suspended. I squinted, and noticed a shimmering webwork stretching between the trees... we were caught in some sort of vast spider's web! I tried to struggle, but the sticky gossamer only pulled tighter on the skin of my arms, my legs, and my back. I tried to kick my legs, but was unable to even bring my knees together, so stretchy and taught were the filaments. The warm nighttime breeze blew, and I realized I was naked except for my shorts; we'd been taken from our sleeping bags still in our underwear!

The wind blew, and the harp sound strung again... it was sound of air moving through the webbing that held us. My eyes fell on a massive gnarled tree stump in the middle of the clearing. It had moss growing out of the top, and big twisted black roots springing from all sides, plunging into the ground like evil fingers of massive monstrous hand. I was near enough to kick it, had my legs not been glued into place by the silvery threads.

Suddenly, a shimmering blue green light emanated from within the stump. It shone out from between the hanging roots and soil, and faded back to shadows. Then the light pulsed again, and again, sustaining a rhythmic drum beat that I could feel in my chest. Suddenly, the soil around the base of the stump began to bulge.

"Shit! WHERE THE HELL ARE WE?" Cried Bobby Carmichael.

"I... Can't reach my... Knife!" said Kevin, struggling.

"You don't have your knife, you idiot! We're all naked! " quipped Tony, "What the fuck is THAT!?!"

We all gazed in horror. The earth split in five places, and five white bulges swelled from the damp black earth, like enormous drum head mushrooms. The pale featureless spheres just seemed swell out of the ground, pushing the mossy and fallen leaves aside. We looked at each other and then back to the bizarre white orbs... were they eggs? Mushrooms? Balloons?

"Cocoons" muttered Tony.

"Shut up, Tony!" stammered Kevin in near panic "How the fuck could you know that?!"

"Um.. guys" I said, apprehensively, seeing a little spot on the surface of mine start to bulge "I think he's right! There's something inside of mine!"

Tony was more right than he could have known... We watched the cocoons undulate and jostle.

"If I only had.. my knife..." repeated Kevin, struggling harder than before. The white orb near him was stretching. These bizarre things were so close they almost touched our knees.

I was just about to piss myself when it happened: The thin wall of the quivering white orb before me popped, a seam opened down its side, and a shimmering glittering liquid softly flowed out. And then a pair of arms reached out. Silky white arms. Pale beautiful arms of a woman. The arms softly spread, and the cocoon split wide open onto the moist earth. The girl sat there... the most beautiful girl I had ever seen! She had long flowing red hair, sharp beautiful features, lovely curved shoulders and... I gulped... the most AMAZING tits I had ever beheld in my 18 year old life!

The other cocoons opened in the same way... I noticed each of the girls as they split the cocoons and sat in the moon.. they had WINGS! Wet little wings hanging from their backs. Each had the same look of sheer undeniable beauty, and each looked like she had been doused with some sort of oily glitter... I felt the tightening of an erection in my shorts.

The girls stretched, seemed to yawn, but made no sound. It wasn't until the breeze blew again and the harp strings that bound us resonated again that we began to hear their breathy voices. Not words exactly, just soft sounds. Sounds that grew louder, and more noticeable with each moment.. soft moaning... the girls slowly looked around. The one nearest me looked up and gazed directly into my eyes... green... impossibly green beautiful eyes! Big, wide somehow knowing eyes... she moaned softly... she shivered a little, and began to crawl across the earth, her wings wet and furled on her back. I saw the moonlight glisten down the full of her beautiful curving spine, over the round curves of her hips, her thighs, her buttocks... her ankles pulled free of her cocoon, and she gazed up at me, where I was hanging. I looked up to see the other girls moving toward my friends as well.

"Ohhhhh... mmmmm?" was her soft intonation. She had not said a word, but didn't have to. She licked her lips softly and looked longingly at me out of the tops of her eyes. She was deathly serious for a moment. She let her eyes wander up and down my naked body, and then looked back into my eyes. I detected a slight smile on her lips; a smile or a smirk? If it was a smile, it was not one born of innocence!

"Oh, my-god!" shivered Tony, as his wood nymph began stroking his ankles. Her fingers slid up to feel his calves with her slender fingers. She stroked his bare legs, pushing firmly against his muscles. Her smooth slippery fingers slipped higher and higher...

"Oh!! Hey there... Look I... oh!!" I couldn't say any more. I looked down, and the nymph before me was stroking my inseam with here smooth warm thumbs. Her hands slipped higher and higher, then disappearing up the legs of my shorts. I felt her hands stroke knowingly around my genitals... I felt them pull up tight to my body... her fingers just seemed to paint smooth little circles of heat, which tingled. After a minute or two, I felt an intense tingling sensation spreading over my nuts and up my shaft... over every place her slippery fingers had stroked!

"Holy shit I...oh!!"

"Gaaaaa! Oh fuck!!!"

"Holy... holy... ohgod!!"

"What the fuck!!! hey!!"

My friends were all having a similar experience, I could tell by their breathless stammering.

Now, I'd been jerking off since I was about 12, and considered myself an expert on all things that related to my cock. As I looked down into the glassy green eyes of this amorous wood nymph, I knew she was far wiser than I... her fingers just seemed to encourage and tempt and massage and coax in a way I never imagined possible. And it went on and on and ON!

I looked down in time to see my cock pop directly out from the front of my shorts, and saw the nymphs glistening pale fingers stroke lightly on my shaft. Her other hand remained deep in my shorts, cupping my genitals deliciously. She opened her glistening pale lips, and a devilishly long forked tongue flicked out and back inward for a moment. I gasped, not believing what I was seeing! Then, sloOOOWly, the twin tips of her forked tongue pushed out through her wet lips, and I watched as probably a foot-and-a-half of tongue wrapped itself around the shaft of my cock!! It felt hot and sticky, as it undulated in a cork-screw like spiral around my shaft. It coiled and re-coiled, tightening, undulating, and to tightening again...

I was gasping when the sticky serpentine tongue wrapped itself around the bulging purple head of my cock, licking its way around the ridge with forked tips. Then the tongue withdrew, and the mythical creature tipped her head inquisitively, looking into my eyes. She pursed her lips and blew again on my cock... this time, I felt it... a wave of hot tingling. I looked down and saw a sheen of the fiary's saliva glistening and sparkling on my cock. Her soft hands gripped the cloth of my shorts, and I watched the sexy muscles in her arms and shoulders suddenly tense, as the fabric ripped away... I hung naked before her... It must have been some kind of chemical or hormone or, hell, magic elixir in her saliva... before my eyes, my cock seemed to stiffen even more than I could imagine, and then I saw it bulge and begin to grow... little by little, and then an inch or more at a time!

"Holy FUCK!!"

"FUCK! What are they doing to us??!"

I glanced up at Tony, seeing his nymph had moved onto licking his genitals... his cock had grown too... it was standing out taller than his belly-button, and glistening in the moonlight, dripping a little from its tip!

"Oh!" My wood nymph's tongue had wrapped itself deliciously about my junk, and was slithering, lifting my balls one at a time in a swirling 'motion of the ocean' I looked down and realized I had absolutely front row seat to her amazing cleavage.. I watched her nipples harden to tight points, standing out like sharp little mountain cones on her breasts... her chest glistened in the moonlight, her naval, her hips... the bare place between her legs... And then i felt it happening... an aching soreness I remembered... a soreness that came from a week of vacationing at my cousin Bethany's house (Bethany was two years older and liked to swim topless in aunt Trish's pool. She liked to tempt me, and I ended up with the worst blue-balls of my life every time I stayed there)

Blue balls doesn't even begin to describe what happened next. I felt the tugging weight of my nuts as they swelled and hung like a heavy fruit from a tree. I felt faint as the girth of my cock filled with my lifeblood, and nearly cried for the aching pangs of lust were so great! Still, the forked wet tips of her tongue went on licking wet lines around my swollen heavy balls.

The nymph stood back, surveying her work. She looked me in the eyes, biting her lip, and smiling in a way I could only say was both devilish and knowing. Still looking me in the eyes, the wood nymph bestowed a kiss on the head of my swollen member, her translucent lips pressing against its purple head. Then she kissed again, this time a little further down. And then she bestowed what seemed like an endless row of little nibbling kisses all the way down its shaft, and came back up, letting her tongue trail along its length all the way back to the head. And then she did it again!

And then, never breaking eye contact, she kissed the tip again, this time with a suction... I watched as the entire length of my cock disappeared into her slippery mouth. I felt the undulating of her tongue, the heat of her saliva, and the tightness of the back of her throat. Then, she slipped back again, a string of saliva connecting my purple head with her lip. And then again she took me in and let me slip out... and again... AND AGAIN...When at last I could take no more, I closed my eyes, bracing my body for the inevitable. That's when I felt her suckling kisses stop. I opened my eyes, and struggled a little in the web in desperation. Her hands held my genitals tightly, and I felt a pinching prickling ache as she rolled them in her palms... I HAD to cum! Please!

The fairy stood up before me, her lips pressing against mine. We gazed into each others eyes and shared a moment of intense closeness.

Then I felt her body pressed against mine, her breasts squashing against my chest, her breath on my neck. Her knees dug into my thighs as she climbed up my body. She spread her arms, and all at once scaled web like a spider, her legs parted. I found myself looking directly at the glistening open flower between her legs, just inches from my face. Its sickly sweet fragrance swirled through my mind... I tried to lick her, but it was already too late.. her body skillfully moved downward... the wetness between her legs drew a slippery streak down my chest and stomach. I felt the rock-hard length of my cock lance upward into the tightness of her body... her sweet body slid all the way down, skewered upon me, her eyes looking into mine, her hands gripping my arms, her legs wrapping through the webbing and around my bare ass...

She began to move, to ride me... her body's motion adding each time to the natural springiness of the web, until we were bouncing up and down as if carried on the wind. The fat shaft of my dick impaled her cruelly over and over again... the hard tips of her nipples brushed my mouth, and I suckled one for a moment. A gentle breeze blew through the forrest, and I felt a cool tingling spread over the hefty weight of my genitals, which bobbed and bounced freely in the air. She began to moan, and only bounced harder... Her hands tore into my hair, and gripped the nape of my neck... she let her arm trail downward, and I felt it cup beneath my genitals...

"Oh, fuck!" was all I was able to articulate. My nuts were bouncing like apples in her hand. She cupped them delicately, unable to fully support their heaving weight. I felt her fingertips begin to massage there. I could feel them tightening, and suddenly felt shudders of the inevitable! I heard her breathy moans, and looked over my shoulder... I was shocked to see the backs of four other wood nymphs bucking up and down on my friends... I could only see their round sumptuous asses swerving and moving up and down, their narrow waists, and the jostling sides of their heavy tits... I could also see the enormous wet shafts upon which they rode, and the swollen pairs of my friends' genitals...

Jake was the first to go... It could have been any of us, and in the end, it was all of us: "OHMYGOD!!!! FUUUUUUCKKK!!!!!!"

His ecstatic cry echoed off the mountainside as an ungodly volume of semen passed from his balls up through his tormented cock, and erupted deep within the erotic creature of the night... the creature was blown full off of him, and lay panting in the dirt before him, the last streamers of cum spraying up into the air and landing on her... she gasped, and panted, smiled, and then crouched low on the ground... she moaned again, this time as if exerting great effort. Magically, her wings swelled and unfurled before us! Glorious shimmering transparent wings, nearly six feet from tip to tip! Beautiful fairy wings, shining in the moonlight, nourished by the spoils of lust from mortal man!





Four more fairies fell back to the earth, shimmering streams of semen glistened in the moonlight and fell upon the unearthly beauties like rain. Their wings unfurled and dried in the moonlight while the five of us hung, panting. Just before the dawn, these beautiful unearthly creatures began to move their wings. They rose from the ground, and disappeared amongst the tree tops. The five of us hung helpless in the fairies' webs. Each of us came three more times into the air as we struggled in the early light, the drops of our seed landed on the great gnarled stump and were absorbed by the soft dark wood.

Gradually, the relentless pangs of lust gradually subsided and the silky webs melted away in the sun's first rays. We were thirsty beyond belief. We drank from a cool mountain stream and then began to search for our campsite and clothes. My dick was sore for a week.

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