I was at Jasper National Park in Canada camping by myself. I had become used to camping by myself, I had not wanted that but my sons were now interested in girls and my ex was interested in keeping them home.

I had a semi girlfriend but she was not a teacher and could not take off on long camping trips. I assuaged her feelings by taking her to Las Vegas as soon as I got back home.

I had just gotten set up and decided to walk around and take in the sights. In truth most northern forests look pretty much the same and smell pretty much the same. What I liked was the quiet, the isolation, and the surprises.

My campground had at least eighty tent sites but there were less than ten of us there. Of course it was still June and most campers of the northern woods don't vacation until July. In fact twice so far that trip people looked at my Texas license plate, shook their head and smiled. There was a fast running shallow stream behind my tent site and a trail that led up a mountain across the highway. I took that trail and encountered a couple of guys from Germany. They told me the trail ended about five kilometers further up at a ten meter wall of snow that blocked the trail. I turned around and walked back down with them.

I saw a small trail going down so I said bye to them and took it. The trail became a ravine and made walking difficult so I took a small trail that led me to a small valley. I did admit it felt a little spooky there.

I sat to rest and and must have fallen asleep because it was afternoon and would be dark soon. I took the small trail back but never found the ravine.

I heard a truck somewhere above me so I hiked up. I came out to a highway about a kilometer down from the campsite so I followed the road back. I fixed myself a can of corn beef hash, drank a beer, and watched the stars appear.

I heard something thrashing through the stream behind me and saw a moose heading away from the highway. I wondered if the bridge over the stream was high enough for him to go under or if he had to cross the road. Even though I already had many pictures of moose it was my first Jasper moose so I took a picture.

It had been a long day for me so I went to bed. It was probably before nine in the evening.

I was up before the sun had completely cleared the horizon. No one came into the restroom while I was there and was happy to see my water was already boiling when I got back to my tent. I did remind myself that I was at altitude and the water was not that hot but it was hot enough for my instant coffee and I ate peanut butter cookies with it. I was just starting on my second cup of coffee when a bear just walked through my tent site.

It was a small black bear, perhaps born two winters before but I looked around for its mother anyway just in case. The bear settled in by the stream and began munching on the new grass. Again it was not the first black bear to walk through my campsite but I took a picture anyway.

Something on the far side of the stream suddenly got the youngsters attention and it began to sniff the air. With resolute steps it suddenly walked through my site and away from the stream. "What would scare a bear? A bigger bear?" I asked myself.

I looked towards where it had been looking and saw nothing but thick woods. I took a picture anyway then went back to my second cup of coffee.

After a while I picked up a faint whiff of skunk and decided the bear may have had an unfortunate encounter with one earlier in his life.

I was a good hiker that never lost the trail I had taken, until yesterday. That bothered me so I decided to repeat it and see were I went wrong.

That time I took some red tacks before I began. I walked up the trail until I saw the small one I had taken the day before, except this one never turned into a ravine and ran more or less parallel to the stream. I had placed tacks by the head of the small trail and had continued to do so about every two hundred meters or so.

The trail just went down and so did I. It felt strange since across the road from the park there was a mountain. About a thousand meters down I needed to make a choice so a put tacked a tree and took a trail that seemed to be mostly level. A thousand meters later I decided it was a boring trail and decided to turn back but decided to eat my snack and drink some water first.

I was enjoying some marshmallows when I smelled a skunk. But no, it wasn't a skunk. It was a different aroma, more like skunk cabbage but a bit less irritating. I looked around and saw nothing. I took pictures of the area the smell was coming from, I figured if there was anything there I would find it when I loaded the pictures to my computer after I got home

On a whim before I began my trek back I left a small stack of marshmallows on a rock. I hoped it would be of interest to Stinky.

I was about halfway back to my tent when I began to feel I was being followed. The last time I had that feeling I was in fact being followed by a grizzly bear. That encounter became a happy memory for me. The bear was an old female and was simply walking the trail I happened to be on. We were in Glacier National park and she was apparently very much at ease with humans.

Like now I was headed out of the trail. I had turned to see what was behind me and she stopped when I did. I said good afternoon then walked on at my previous pace. I talked to her for about two hundred meters before we came out to the trailhead. Just in case I went to the far side of my car and I took pictures as she looked both ways before crossing the road.

However, this time I did not see anything moving behind me but took another picture on general purpose. The tacks led me back to my campsite well enough and I was soon relaxing on my folding chair by the camp table. After a supper of canned chili and oyster crackers I decided to see if anything was in any of the pictures.

I zoomed in on the images and still saw nothing. I though I again smelled the somewhat unpleasant aroma and walked to the stream and took a picture of the other side of the stream. That time my flash went off and whatever was on the other side reacted to it.

I hurriedly apologized and put the camera in my pocket. No more pictures I promised. Then I did something stupid, I walked across the stream and left a stack of marshmallows on the other side. It was stupid because the water was cold and now my sneakers were wet.

It was also stupid because I had approached an unknown creature I could not see but had pissed off.

Anyway the creature did not go far, I could still smell it. I went back to my table and brewed some tea to which I added a bit of rum. I had taken one sip when I took my camera out of my pocket and decided to see which creature would never trust a human again.

My mind refused to accept it, I knew they were myths but right across the stream looking at me there it was, Bigfoot. It took me a while to calm down and stop shaking as I inspected the picture.

Maybe there is more than one kind of Bigfoot, this one was somewhat slim and no taller than me. I expected the creature to look like a middle linebacker but its body shape was more like a basketball player. Then I noticed her breasts, she was a girl.

I wondered if I was the first human she had ever seen. I felt like she was young although likely an adult. I wondered how many there were around me. It may have been three in the morning before I got any sleep.

The following morning I took my chair and my coffee to the bank of the stream and talked to the forest. I hoped she would still be there but there was no sign of her. As I got up to get more coffee I looked to see if the marshmallows were gone and they were. I knew any number of creatures could have eaten them but I preferred to think she had accepted them as my apology.

My sneakers were still wet so I was just wearing socks but I decided to take another offering across the stream. I had a stash of garbanzos and poured some in a bowl then added marshmallows to the bowl. Then I added a peanut butter cookie.

I took my offerings further back but to a place where I could see her if she came out.

After changing socks I went to the car and brought out my flute, got my coffee and resumed talking to her. After I finished my coffee I began to play my flute. I had been a member of the symphony orchestra for five years but had to give it up when I moved out of the city after my divorce. I still practiced regularly but I normally did not have an audience. That morning I hoped I did.

I played a bit of Mozart that was not composed for flute and hoped she would be fascinated by the sound. I saw her, she was peeking around a tree trunk to see where the sound was coming from.

I caught her eye and explained the thing in my hands was a flute and it made sounds if you blew into it just right. I demonstrated a good sound and a bad sound then resumed the Mozart piece.

She again hid behind the tree trunk. Then I though I saw an arm move from behind a different tree. There was more than one of them.

As I played I looked intently and decided there were three of them. I was going to run out of cookies. I fixed two more plates and put them next to the first.

Soon I noted I needed to pee. I decided to do so into the stream and just took my cock out and peed. As expected they were not looking, probably. My cock was OK in size but unlikely to approach Bigfoot standards. I put it back into my sweatpants as soon as I was done.

I went back to my tent site and moved everything around so I would now be facing the stream while there and resumed playing my flute.

The one in my picture was the first to come out. I nodded to her just as she was about to carry her plate away but even though she did move back she remained in my sight. She apparently dared the others to come out and both did together. They quickly picked up their plates and hurried back to where they first were. There was apparently an argument about whether they were far enough away until I resumed playing my flute.

They sat and ate the marshmallows first. Then the carrot. They ignored the lettuce and ate the cookie. They were fascinated by the music and they stayed there while I played. I studied them.

One had darker hair and tits. She was bigger than the other two and her hair was longer. One was smaller than the other two and had no tits, a male. His hair was somewhat reddish. My first companion groomed the older female at times.

I decided they were a family, Mom, big sister, youngest son.

Between songs I talked to them even though I realized they had no clue to what I was saying. They had yet to vocalize for me. They seemed to be mesmerized by a particular song and became a bit agitated when I played it so it was every fourth song for the rest of the morning.

Suddenly all three vanished. A car was driving into the camp and as soon as they went past me down the loop they suddenly reappeared. I rewarded them with their favorite song.

Another car came down and I wondered what day it was and decided it must be Friday, the cars kept coming and the family either stayed hidden or walked away. I did not see any of them the rest of the day.

I took a trip to the Columbia Glacier that afternoon and was properly awed about having a mile of ice under my feet. The cold climbed up to my knees. I drove to the town of Jasper and bought some supplies and more marshmallows, carrots and cookies.

That Saturday the camp ground was half full although I still had no neighbors. I did not expect to see the family and didn't. By Sunday afternoon the camp was almost as deserted as it had been. Maybe seven more tent sites were now occupied.

I wondered why most people were at the end of the loop and decided to walk down and see. I saw a bigger bathroom with showers. I saw the stream bend around the loop and it had rapids. Had I not been in a hurry to set up camp I would have been down there too, and not had new friends. I realized the sound of the rapids likely masked the sound of my flute. I was not disappointed.

The following morning I carried my now dry sneakers across the stream and began walking a trail on that side. I again used the tacks to mark my way. I had decided the family had left and I wondered where they were going.

The trail was clear and I knew it was the right way because their aroma permeated the path. The trail forced me to cross a stream but I could do that without getting my feet wet so I did. About a hundred meters further I suddenly found myself running into previously posted tacks. I had been there before. I was on the trail where I had felt I was being followed. I then realized I was being followed.

I did continue past what I knew was the last tack so I resumed planting them every two hundred meters or so. I stopped for some energy drink and an energy bar then continued after leaving three marshmallows behind. I was maybe three thousand meters from the campground when I heard a strange humming sound, It took me a while but my hair stood on end when I realized someone was humming Mozart. I joined in the humming and continued on.

Suddenly my girlfriend among the species was in front of me. She did not want me to continue down the trail. She signaled for me to follow her and we went through the woods. She got down and signaled me to do so. We crept up to a ledge and I looked down.

There were around a hundred creatures down in a glen. Some very large specimens were wrestling. Some very large specimens were in a small group to one side. Some were scattered outside the group. There was a ring of females surrounding the combatants.

I watched as the as the combats ended with the capitulation of one. The loser would go to its knees and the victor pulled his head to his crotch as he caressed the losers head. I saw some of the losers slurp the winners cock into his mouth. I heard the commotion it carried. The entire ceremony struck me as a ritual, the losers had the cock in their mouth from not at all to seconds to minutes, they were not being forced.

The victor was soon approached by several females who got on their hands and knees and he would choose one to fuck which he did in front of all the witnesses. Once done the female would stand, punch the male softly in the chest then leave. The male would then join the smaller group of big males.

The loser would join the larger group of males. My guess was they were waiting for the alpha males to be fucked out and get the leftovers.

My friend became excited. Her mother had just presented herself to a winner. He picked her mother and my companion seemed to be very pleased. The male made love to her mother. He reached around her and one hand went to a tit as the other went towards her pussy. I looked at my companion with a look of curiosity and she sat and pointed at a bump at the top of her pussy. She had a clit.

Without thinking I put a finger on it and she froze. I caressed the clit and she closed her eyes. I caressed a tit and her pussy clenched around my finger as she emitted a low growl. Fluids flooded my hand.

Then I again did something stupid, I licked her pussy. Another low growl and more fluids. She was easy. As I continued eating her pussy I released my erection.

I pushed her to her back and slid my cock into her. Another low growl and we were soon fucking. She may have had seven more orgasms before I got mine.

I kissed her as I rubbed my nose on hers. Then I saw her mother standing next to us. I was afraid for my life until I saw the look of wonder in her eyes. I got on my knees and licked her mother's pussy. Her growl was not at all low and I hoped her mate had not heard her.

I still had my cock in her daughter and she was trying for another fuck so I continued to eat her Mom's pussy as I fucked her with a rapidly diminishing cock. It ended when her Mom fell to her knees. I got up, slid my cock back into my sweatpants. Then resumed watching the event below as mother and daughter masturbated.

Eventually they were done and I took my lovers hand, kissed her Mom's cheek, then led us back to the trail. I held her hand which she found confusing. I kissed her lips which she found mesmerizing. We were now across the stream to my tent. She was hanging back as I took my shoes off.

She was reluctant to follow me but did, I helped her into the tent, closed it off and got nude. She saw my erection and immediately lay on her back. I kissed her pussy to orgasm, sucked her tits as I masturbated her to orgasm then made love to her for about thirty minutes. I lost count of the number of orgasms she had. We fell asleep in each other's arms.

She was trying to figure out how to open the tent when I awoke. I showed her the tab and she was delighted to see she could open it. She stepped out, walked to the middle of the stream and peed. I peed into the stream downstream for from her. She seemed to be disappointed.

She stayed by the stream as I prepared dinner. I boiled some carrots and a potato for her and added a raw one of each for her. A added a marshmallow and a cookie to her plate. I fixed myself a hot dog. I added a slice of bread to her plate.

We ate in silence, she cleaned her plate and seemed to still be hungry so I made her a grape jelly sandwich. She loved that so I fixed her another.

A car drove past us. She did not try to hide but did freeze in place. My tent and table were not in the headlights of anyone passing by and they would have needed to turn their heads just to see my tent. We were behind my tent. In fact I had remained nude.

After dinner I took out my flute and played for her. She watched as I pursed my lips and blew air into the mouth piece and manipulated the keys with my hand. She hummed the Mozart as I played it.

She kissed me. It was not a well delivered kiss so I took her head into my hands and taught her proper kissing techniques. She was a fast learner. She was also checking on my cock often. Another hour I thought.

I found my iPod and after cueing the Mozart I put the headphones over her ears and pressed play. The song she liked was part of a concerto for full orchestra and she was just awed by the fact that such big sound could come from such a small thing then she recognized the melody and closed her eyes. I busied myself cleaning up and making chocolate.

I saw her mother watching us from across the stream and waved at her to join us. It wasn't until she was sitting next to her daughter when she noticed the earphones. I handed her daughter a cup of warm chocolate and put the headphones on her mother. She acted like she wanted to run away from the sound but her daughter stopped her and kissed her. It was a fine kiss.

She was soon enjoying the concert as she sipped her chocolate. Mine had Kahlua in it and apparently they could smell it. On their next cup I added a teaspoon to their chocolate.

My erection returned and both saw it. I cleaned up as my lover led her Mom into my tent. When I got in I fucked her mother first. She loved the kisses and the tit caresses and really loved what may have been her first frontal fuck ever.

After her third orgasm I switched to her daughter and fucked her until she had at least nine cums then had mine. We cuddled together and went to sleep.

The next morning they seemed to be anxious to get going so I fixed them hot chocolate and a bowl of cereal, no milk.

I walked them to the stream and kissed both good bye. Just before they were out of sight they stopped and looked at me and embraced themselves. I knew it was a hug for me so I embraced myself for them.

As they walked on I saw my lover take her Mom's hand in hers.

I was drinking coffee when it came to mind I had a very large secret to keep. I also knew I would keep it. But also I realized I was done with my camping trip, it was time to go home.

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