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Encounters with John Wayne


Diana Maitland was an assistant to a movie studio executive in early 1954. They had just secured a movie deal with one of the biggest stars at that time, John Wayne. She had been assigned to give him a tour of the studio lot, and had no idea that this would turn into the most romantic and erotic adventure of her life.

She had always liked John Wayne as an actor, but felt that sometimes his romantic scenes were not as hot as some of the others. He seemed like such a "powerful" and sexy man to her, but that didn't always translate into some of his romantic screen personas, and she sometimes wondered why. She also knew from reading stories about him in the entertainment papers, that he lived his life like a lot of his movie characters; as a rough, tough, hard-drinking, and outspoken, opinionated man—a real man's man. And, although he never outwardly appeared so in public, she had a feeling that he was a red-blooded ladies' man as well, but his type of charm might not appeal to most "ladies." But he would certainly be able to charm the pants off of her...she laughed to herself as she thought just how true that was!

She had heard that he recently divorced his second wife and wondered what had caused the breakup...but, then, she knew the tumultuous life of Hollywood stars usually did not make for ideal marriages. Still, she felt he deserved to find happiness with a woman who could truly appreciate his many fine qualities.

She had been looking forward to this day ever since her boss told her about the assignment, but the day did not start as she had hoped. When she entered the office of her boss, the executive producer, he introduced her to John Wayne by saying, "Mr. Wayne, this is your tour guide, my assistant, Miss Maitland."

She did not look directly at him until her boss had finished the introduction. When she first entered, she was afraid to look his way, because she didn't want him to see the effort it was taking for her to remain composed in his presence, which had almost overwhelmed her from the moment she opened the door. She did manage to notice that he seemed even taller than he appeared on screen, and that he was dressed casually in light trousers with a matching jacket, and a loose collared shirt.

When she finally looked up at him, the expression on his face confused her because he looked almost..."startled"...it was the only word she could think of to describe what she thought she saw. But it lasted only for a second or two and then his expression became stony. He said a quick "hello" and then mumbled, "Please excuse us for just a moment," as he took her boss aside to speak privately.

She got the feeling that maybe he was disappointed in their choice of her as his tour guide, and he was probably asking her boss to assign someone else (she was partly right, though not for the reason she thought!). She knew she wasn't what most people would consider a typical beauty, but she wasn't exactly plain, either. She had tried to dress as would be expected; a conservative length, flowing skirt and a fitted blouse of lightweight material, with medium heeled sandal shoes, but no stockings since it was a warm day and the tour would be mostly outside. Well, if John Wayne felt she wasn't good enough to be his tour guide, then maybe she had misjudged his character as that of a powerful, yet honorable and kind, man.

The day did not start as John Wayne had expected, either. When the producer told him that a young woman was going to be his guide, all he could think was, "Great, another young starlet who's going to flirt with me all day to try to get herself a part in the movie." It certainly wouldn't be the first time he'd had to put up with that scenario. Since news of his second divorce had come out, he was getting tired of trying to fend off women who wanted either to just sleep with him in hopes of getting a part in one of his movies, or to be the next Mrs. John Wayne. He was just about to ask the man to please find someone else, when there was a knock on the door and the producer said, "Here she is, right on time."

When Wayne looked at the young woman who opened the door and entered, he nearly jerked as if he had been punched in the gut, which was a good description of his immediate physical reaction to her. Never had any woman affected him in such a way the very second he saw her. But this...girl (he realized she looked very young as she got closer) seemed to have all the physical attributes that he had been fantasizing about lately as his "perfect woman."

She had one of the most naturally lovely faces he had ever seen (he noticed she wore very little makeup) framed by wavy, thick, golden blonde, shoulder-length hair; deep-set, sparkling, blue-gray eyes with sparse lashes (he'd had enough of the doe-eyed starlets always batting their thick lashes at him); a small, nicely shaped nose and a lovely, bow-shaped mouth with soft lips that looked perfect for kissing. She wore just a tinge of color on her lips and cheeks, and he could see that was all the enhancement her face needed.

She was short; just over 5 feet, but not so small that he was afraid he would crush her if he hugged her too tightly. She had a voluptuous, curvy body; full breasts that looked slightly too large for her short frame (oh, how he loved big tits!), a medium waist and softly rounded hips that were not quite wide enough to balance her over-large chest. He liked a woman to have a little more meat on her bones—he loved the feeling of soft flesh under his hands as he caressed their body. The skinny starlets he sometimes had to work with did not help him to make those love scenes believable.

This girl's legs weren't very long and were mostly covered by her knee-length, flowing skirt, but her calves were nicely toned, and he imagined her thighs to be very shapely. Suddenly, the image of him holding her with her legs wrapped around his waist while he lowered her onto his already hard, aching cock came to mind, which startled him even further...just as she turned to look up into his face. He was stunned for a couple seconds, then noticed that she was looking at him with a strange expression, and he realized she must have seen what he thought was written all over his face. He instantly put on his usual scowl and mumbled hello to her, and then excused himself saying he needed to speak with the producer just so he could move away from her long enough to compose himself.

He had no idea what to say to the producer, other than to ask him if she was the only person available to give him the tour. When the producer asked him if he would not be happy with Miss Maitland, Wayne immediately said, "No, it's just that..." he stopped himself; he couldn't tell the producer that he didn't trust himself to be alone with this young woman because he might drag her off somewhere and fuck her brains out! (He preferred more intelligent women so he could literally "fuck their brains out"—he considered that a testament to his ability to physically please a woman).

So, he would just have to figure out how to control himself around this...girl, and the only thing he could come up with was to try to convince himself that she was just way too young for him. "I'll just make myself think of her as a 'little girl'—like a daughter or a niece--yeah, right, like that's going to work!" he thought to himself. But he had to try...so he told the producer that it would be fine and he was sure she would be adequate (what an understatement!).

When they finished their conversation, Wayne grabbed a glass and poured a drink of water from a pitcher on a nearby table to try to cool off and calm his nerves. Meanwhile, he heard Diana's boss instructing her to "give Mr. Wayne a complete tour of the facilities and then assist him with anything else he needs." Diana and the producer both turned to look at John Wayne as he nearly choked while taking a drink of water. She asked him if he was OK, and all he could do was nod in the affirmative. This was going to be harder than he thought (not to mention his dick!).

When they walked into the hall to begin the tour, he said, "Lead the way, little girl," in his low, gravelly voice that she had always found so sexy.

The way he said "little girl" made her nerves tingle, but she wasn't sure if it was just her body's response to his nearness or something else she thought she detected in his voice.

He had called her "little girl" on purpose trying to make it sound disdainful so she would get the idea that flirting with him would do her no good.

As she led him around the studio lot, she began to feel that he was annoyed with her for some reason, constantly referring to her as a "little girl," even though his tone of voice still sent tingles down her spine despite his complaints. But she couldn't imagine why he would be angry with her since she had kept the tour as short as possible, showing him only the areas that he would need to know, and doing her best to behave in a professional manner.

He was annoyed because he was following behind her watching every move of her shapely body, and he couldn't find any way to get the images of what he wanted to do to her out of his mind. And he certainly couldn't blame her, because she had not flirted with him in the least, so he figured she had gotten his message. Still, he was so caught up in an image at that moment that he didn't realize she had stopped and turned around to face him, and he ran right into her. His arms automatically came up around her to keep from knocking her down, which caused their bodies to be crushed up against each other. She nearly gasped out loud as she felt the bulge of his hard dick pressed against her lower abdomen, causing her already damp pussy to flood with wetness. Her eyes flew to his face, and the look of raw need she saw in his eyes nearly made her explode into orgasm. She had stopped and turned to face him to ask him why he kept calling her "little girl," when she suddenly realized that was not how he was thinking of her at all.

He saw it on her face; he knew the look of a woman who was about to cum. He had failed in his attempt to hide her affect on him and, incredibly, she seemed as mesmerized by him. Then he saw the color on her cheeks and lips deepen with her excitement, and he realized it was not makeup—it was her natural blush, and it further enhanced her beauty. He could feel her large, soft breasts crushed against his lower chest, and his dick throbbed in response. He quickly stepped back from her, dragging in deep breaths, trying to calm down, and she was taking small gasps of air, willing the tingling in her pussy to go away. All they could do was stare at each other, both trying to deal with the overwhelming feelings of lust and passion flowing between them.

He spoke first, his voice shaking from the torrent of emotions coursing through his body, "I've never met a woman who caused such an immediate feeling of...lust to come over me the second I laid eyes on her, except you...and you are so young." That last statement came out as a low, gravelly moan.

She responded softly with, "I'm probably not as young as you think. I'm 28 years old, and I'm also not as inexperienced as you may think."

Now he looked confused, so she smiled slightly and commented, "I think you've been calling me 'little girl' trying to convince yourself that I'm probably a virgin and too young to be seduced by a dirty old man like you. Am I close?"

He gave a soft chuckle, and grinned at her correct appraisal of his thoughts, and said, "I can see you are a little older and wiser than I first thought, but you're still young enough to be my daughter. Ohh," he moaned, as he turned aside so she wouldn't see the strained look on his face as he fought the urge to go against his better judgment and just do what he now knew they both wanted. It was getting harder (namely his dick—which he didn't think could get any harder!) to resist that urge.

She could see the incredible restraint he was using and, correctly assumed, that he was not going to make a move; he was more honorable than she had given him credit for. But she also knew that even an honorable man could withstand only so much. And if he was feeling just half of what she had seen in his eyes, she was sure she would be able to convince him that they could have one of the most incredible experiences of their lives if he would just let himself think of her as a woman who felt exactly the same as he.

She moved to him, put her left hand on his cheek and turned his face to her, then looked straight into his eyes and said, "I am a grown woman who has always admired you, both as an actor and as a man. Granted, I have based most of my judgment of your character from your on-screen portrayals and from what I've read in the industry bios about you, and, for the most part, I am finding I am right.

"I have always seen you as powerful and sexy, but I feel that part of you has been held back in some of your love scenes, though I haven't yet figured out why, but I hope to soon. You are also honorable and kind, as you have been showing me with your determined resistance to my 'charms' because you think you would be taking advantage of me. If that is the case, please don't hold back on me or you will make me feel as if I am taking advantage of you, because I want you more than any man I have ever seen or met, or probably ever will again in my life."

She had watched his face as she made her speech and could see that he was intrigued with her appraisal of him, and softening to her plea to not deny them what they both wanted. As she continued to watch his face, she brought her right hand up to caress his cheek then trailed it down his neck, down his hard chest, over his stomach to his waist. She saw the desire in his eyes increasing as she moved her hand downward. She hesitated slightly and then continued the path of her hand down the front of his trousers and caressed up and down his hard shaft, which felt incredibly thick. The look in eyes instantly changed from desire to raw hunger, and her eyes widened as she started to gauge the size of his cock.

Suddenly, he closed his eyes and moaned, then grabbed her hand holding it still and squeezing slightly, then gently moved her hand away. After a few seconds, he opened his eyes and groaned, "Careful, little girl, it wouldn't take much of that to make me cum and I don't want it to be over too quickly."

She responded huskily, "Who says you're only going to cum once?"

His eyes widened in surprise, his dick twitched in his pants, and he could only stammer, "Now look, little girl, you may see me as a powerful, sexy man, and though I would also like to think of myself that way, I am 46 years old and this is not exactly the prime of my life! I just don't want to disappoint you!"

She smiled widely at him, and said, "Oh, there is no way you could ever disappoint me, because you strike me as the type of man who likes to make sure that he fully satisfies a woman before he satisfies himself, am I right?"

He could only stare at her and think, "Damn, she may be young but she certainly seems to know me."

Then she said, "I think I have a way that I can prove to you that you will not disappoint me. Do you want to know how?" she asked suggestively.

With a look of curiosity on his face, he could only nod yes. The lack of blood in his brain seemed to be affecting his ability to speak.

She took his hand and said, "Follow me." Then she led him around the corner of the building they had been standing in front of to a dead-end alley. She knew this would be a relatively safe place since no one was using this section of the lot at the moment, so there was no reason for anyone else to be around. She moved them toward the end of the alley and turned to face him, leaning up against the wall to her left and to his right and then told him what she wanted. She wanted him, without touching her at all, to lean down and just whisper in her ear what he wanted to do to her.

He looked confused and said, "I don't understand."

She said softly, "I guarantee that you just telling me what you want to do to me will make me cum."

He jerked in surprise; he had never made a woman cum by just talking to her. One woman he had been with in the past said she would get more turned on if he said "dirty" things to her while they fucked, so he did and it seemed to work, but most of the women he'd been with (especially his wives) just seemed too prudish for that. Hell, it had taken him awhile to figure out how to pleasure his ex-wives because they had been raised as "nice catholic girls" and they were uncomfortable with their sexuality. They were both Hispanic, and he had gotten the impression that most Hispanic people had a better appreciation of passion and sex. He fell in love with them, and then saw their inexperience as a challenge, hoping he could show them how to enjoy sex as much as he did. But even after he got to where he could bring them to orgasm every time he made love to them, still neither one of them wanted to have sex as often as he did. That was one of the problems that led to the breakup of both his marriages, but not because he was unfaithful to them.

And now, here was a young woman possessing all the physical attributes that he had started to desire lately, who seemed very comfortable with her sexuality, and she seemed to be testing his. He stared intently at her and could see the look of challenge in her eyes...oh, she was turning out to be far better than even he could've imagined in his fantasies! All right, he would take her challenge, but he wanted proof that she was not just a really good actress in disguise and could fake an orgasm. So he said, "All right, little girl, I'll do what you want. But I want proof that you're not faking it. So how do we handle that?"

She thought for a moment, then smiled and said, "I have the perfect solution. I'm going to take my panties off under my skirt, lift the edge of my skirt to one side, and you will put your right hand just in front of my crotch, but no touching until you get my signal."

At the questioning look in his eyes, she continued. "Usually when I'm just about to cum, I say 'oh God,' and that will be your signal to put your hand between my legs and you will feel that I'm not faking."

He was almost trembling from the thought of touching her pussy, so he had to calm down and concentrate on what he was going to say to make her cum. But he had to ask her something that he wasn't quite sure how to phrase, so he cleared his throat and said, "Um, what kind of 'talk' works best for you? More romantic descriptions or...dirtier language?"

Softly she said, "Well, I like it all, but the dirtier the language, the faster I'll cum, so it depends on how long you want this little experiment to take!"

He started taking deep slow breaths to try to remain calm as his dick was getting painfully hard and throbbing from just thinking of what was about to happen. He closed his eyes for a moment as she bent over slightly to remove her underpants and lift a section of her skirt; he was afraid that even the slightest glimpse of her pussy at this point would make him cum in his pants without even touching her or saying a word. He was also afraid that voicing his images of what he wanted to do to her would make him cum as well. But at least it would be a mutual orgasm, if she really was telling him the truth.

She whispered, "I'm ready."

He opened his eyes and looked into her beautiful face. She was holding the edge of her skirt in her left hand and with her right hand, she took his right hand and pulled it toward her so that it was positioned directly in front of her crotch. He could almost feel the heat radiating from between her legs, and he growled deep in his throat from the effort it was taking him to not grab her, pin her against the wall and fuck her brains out as he had been longing to do since the second he saw her (he had noted that she did, indeed, have brains—his fantasy was truly fulfilled!). But with the state he was in at that moment, he knew he probably wouldn't even get his big dick into her hot, little pussy before he shot his load. Suddenly, he knew this would probably be all he'd have to tell her and it would hopefully make her cum as quickly as he felt he was going to. So he started...

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