tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEncounters with John Wayne Ch. 05

Encounters with John Wayne Ch. 05


As they were laughing, John Wayne lifted Diana Maitland off the edge of the kitchenette counter, swung her around, hugging her, and set her on her feet. Then he bent down and picked up their robes off the floor, handing one of them to her, and said, "I'll clean up our 'mess,' you go ahead to the bathroom and do whatever you need to do and I'll be there in a few minutes."

"Can I help you?" she asked, not wanting to make him feel that she expected him to take care of everything.

"No," he replied, still chuckling, "It's not like it's that big of a mess! Besides, I'm going to put the room service dishes outside the door and I can't very well ask you to do that!"

"But we haven't had our 'dessert' yet!" she exclaimed, thinking he was going to get rid of the strawberries and cream.

"Don't worry, little girl, I'm just going to put them in the icebox to keep them chilled until we're ready for them. I'm only getting rid of our other dishes, OK? Now, vamoose," he said firmly, indicating with a wave of his arm in the direction of the bedroom.

She snapped to attention and barked, "Yes, sir!" Then gave him a salute, spun on her heels and hurried away, trying to keep her thighs together, because she could feel drips of cum starting to trickle down her legs, and she didn't want to leave a trail for him to have to clean up!

When she got to the bathroom, she realized that she did have to go very badly, so it was a good thing that she would have it to herself for a few minutes. When she was finished, she took a washcloth and wet it with warm water and a little bit of soap and cleaned between her thighs and her crack thoroughly, then rinsed the cloth several times and wiped away any soap residue that might have been left on her sensitive areas. Then she put the terrycloth robe back on and opened the door to go into the bedroom.

Wayne had taken some paper napkins and wiped up "their mess" off the hard floor (thank God it wasn't carpeting!), then used one to wipe most of the wetness off his dick just so he didn't drip any more or leave wet spots on his robe. He put the bowl of strawberries and cream in the small icebox in the kitchenette area and then put all the used dishes and utensils back on the room service tray, put the lid on it and set it just outside the main door in the hallway.

Then he headed into the bedroom and started looking through his toiletries bag to find a comb so they could untangle her hair. Luckily, he found a nice larger size comb with wider teeth that would probably work a lot easier than the small barber combs he usually used. Just as he was pulling the comb out of his bag, she opened the bathroom door and came out. He showed her the comb, and she smiled and said, "Great! That'll work just fine!" Then she indicated to the bathroom and said, "All yours!"

As they walked toward each other, she reached out her hand to take the comb, but he held it back from her and said, "Don't I get a reward?"

She grinned, if he wanted a reward, then by God, she would give him the best reward she could come up with on the spur of the moment. So, she moved right up to him, put her lips to his, then opened his robe to reach her hands around his waist to his back and then down to his ass. She thought she had felt his ass cheeks tighten with her first soft stroke over them, so she started to rub and knead his hard ass firmly with her soft hands. She'd kept her eyes open the whole time, watching his face.

He had closed his eyes when she kissed him, but as soon as he felt her hands move down to his ass, his eyes popped open and he saw her watching him. The slight surprise in his eyes changed to a heavy-lidded look as he was enjoying the feel of her soft hands rubbing and massaging his firm ass, so he had relaxed his cheek muscles completely. His arms had just been hanging loosely at his sides, the comb still in his left hand, so he tossed it on the bed and was just about to put his arms around her.

Suddenly, she broke the kiss and removed her hands from his ass, and said, "I guess this just isn't doing much for you, is it?"

He frowned in confusion, and asked, "What do you mean?"

She said, "Well, usually when a man likes the feeling of a woman playing with his ass, the muscles relax and the cheeks feel more 'pliable,' you know, softer. But you've kept your cheeks clenched the whole time."

Now he looked even more confused and said, "No I haven't! I was really getting into the feeling of your soft hands on my ass and my cheeks are as relaxed as they get!"

Now it was her turn to look confused. "What?" she asked, shaking her head slightly. "Turn around!" she commanded; he hesitated for a second then turned his back to her.

She moved his robe aside to get a clear view of his firm ass. Then she squarely placed both of her hands on each of his cheeks. "Are you relaxed right now?" He shook his head yes, and she exclaimed, "You are not!" Suddenly, she felt the muscles in his ass harden even further to, what felt like, granite, making her gasp slightly; then she exclaimed, "Oh my God! You really are a hard ass!" And she collapsed onto the bed in a fit of laughter.

When he realized what she'd said, it made him chuckle. Yes, he'd always had the reputation as being somewhat of a "hard ass," but he'd never thought about it that way! Then he wondered if she had thought about one of the ways in which his strong ass muscles served him so well? He pivoted around to face her, his robe still hanging open, and his stance a littler wider than usual. He put his fists on his hips and looked down at her with a sexy grin on his face, and said, "Oh yeah? Well, I have to have a hard ass in order to be able to fuck with this monster!" indicating his dick with a quick thrust of his hips in her direction.

She had slowed her laughter some when he turned toward her. Her eyes were traveling up and down his body taking in his appearance, and when he put his fists on his hips with his feet planted further apart than usual, she thought he looked like a sexy, grown-up version of Peter Pan! Then he made that statement about why he had to have a hard ass, and when he jerked his hips toward her so that his cock flipped up slightly, her gaze flew to his face and she saw his obvious amusement—they both burst out laughing...again!

His hard laughter brought his attention to the fact that he needed to piss...badly. So, he calmed himself down and told her he had to go to the bathroom and that he'd be right back, then made his way to the door. He glanced back at her just before he closed the door, and they shared a quiet chuckle together.

She laid on the bed for a moment longer as her laughter subsided, then sat up and spotted the comb just a couple feet away where he had tossed it on the bed. She grabbed it and started picking at the worst of her tangles, a huge smile still on her face as she sat recalling the last few minutes, and hours. She had not laughed this much in such a long time, and it amazed her to discover what an engaging sense of humor he seemed to have! And, oh, how she loved the sound of his laugh!

As Wayne stood pissing in the toilet, he kept smiling to himself as he thought about the last few minutes, and hours. He could not remember ever, in his life, laughing this much with a woman. He and some of his drinking buddies would have some rip-roaring times when they would be making jokes and laughing their asses off as they got plastered. But most women usually did not enjoy his sense of humor, except for a couple of his favorite co-stars and friends, like Maureen and Gail. Of course, out of respect for them, he never made his jokes with them raunchy; they were just simple practical jokes, but instead of getting mad at him, they saw the humor in them and laughed with him...and then usually paid him back! But with Diana, he felt like he could talk to her and joke with her about almost anything. He finished his business, finally, and then saw where she had used a washcloth to clean herself up, so he did the same thing.

When he came back out to the bedroom, she was sitting on the end of the bed using the comb to work on the tangles on the right side of her head. She was having some difficulty because the comb was a little large for her hand and she seemed to have trouble controlling it. She looked at him and said, "I've gotten the left side done since I'm right handed and I didn't have any trouble using the comb. But trying to use this thing with my left hand is proving a little more difficult."

He smiled at her and took the comb out her hand, and said, "Here, let me..."

She looked up at him quickly, her eyes wide and a faint look of fear in them as she started to speak, "But, these are really bad..."

He shushed her, and then said, "I have daughters, remember? I've had to untangle little girls' hair before. You trust me...don't you?"

He had such a look of tenderness on his face that she immediately felt bad for thinking he would even attempt to do something that might hurt her. All the look of fear was gone and she nodded up at him, and then sat still while he gently started to pick at her tangles—from the bottom up.

So, he did have practice at this! She laughed softly as she remembered her own mother's impatience sometimes when trying to get the "rat's nests" (as her mother had called them) out of her hair when she was a little girl. But her father, even though she knew he loved her beyond reason, would never have taken the time to learn how to get tangles out of her hair! The fact that he did intrigued her, mostly because it was something about his personality that she would never have guessed!

He heard her soft laugh and wondered what she was finding amusing this time. Maybe the fact that a big star like John Wayne was standing here picking tangles out of her hair like she was a child? That thought stirred a slightly uneasy feeling in him. So, he asked her, "What, exactly, are you finding amusing about this?"

She thought for a moment, then said, "It's not amusing, really, it's more...ironic. I was just remembering when I was a child, my mother used to get so impatient sometimes, trying to get tangles out of my hair, and it was much longer then, so the tangles were a lot worse. My father would hear her yelling at me, sometimes, to stand still while she tried working on them, and he would look at me as if to remind me to just do what she said and be patient. Don't get me wrong, my mother is a very warm and loving person, but sometimes, she just doesn't have patience for little things that seem to get in the way, so we've all had to make allowances for that. And my father is a very patient man. The ironic part is, that in all the years my father listened to her yelling at my older sister and me about it, he never once tried to learn how to untangle our hair so my mother wouldn't have to deal with it any more—and he adores her." She looked up at him with her next sentence, " And now, here you are, doing something my own father would never have done and with more patience than my mother was capable of. I just sort of like seeing the differences in people's personalities and trying to figure out what it is that makes them different."

He thought about what she told him as he continued working on the back of her hair, remembering when his girls were younger and why he had taken the time to learn how to untangle their hair. Then he realized that the times he spent doing that gave him a chance to talk to them and learn about what they had been doing and how their days were spent when he was away from them on location. He asked her, "Diana, did your father spend a lot of time away from your family when you were young?" She shook her head no. He inhaled slowly and quietly, then held his breath as he asked his next question; "Do you feel like he didn't pay enough attention to you when you were growing up?"

"No," she said with a slight laugh, "Just the opposite. My father would take me places with him all the time; even to just the grocery store or service station, and we would talk a lot. He would read stories to me sometimes, but we never played games or anything like that, except he did teach me how to play poker when I was four; and I always knew he loved me." She heard him exhale heavily like he'd been holding his breath, and she began to wonder why he asked her that.

He had asked her these questions hoping to get an answer to help show her where the differences came in between her father and himself, and to lay to rest something else that had been nagging at the back of his mind as well. "Well then, that explains it," he said. She looked up at him with a question in her eyes, so he continued; "I spend a lot of time away from my children shooting movies. When I was home, doing little things like getting the tangles out of my daughters' hair, gave me a chance to spend a little time just talking to them and learning what they'd been up to while I was gone. Your father didn't need to do that because he spent time with you in other ways. He was a smart man, because untangling hair is not an easy job!" He said that last part through his teeth as he worked on her last stubborn knot.

She appreciated his insight into why he had done something for his daughters that required a level of trust and indicated closeness, but that her own father had not done for her. And she could see he was right—she and her father were always close and she trusted him implicitly—whereas he had to take what opportunities he could to show his children that he loved them because he was gone so much. But she still had the feeling there was more to his last question than that. So she asked him, "Why do I have the feeling that you had another reason for asking me about my relationship with my father?" She looked up at him as she finished that question, and he avoided looking directly at her.

He had just finished getting that last knot out and was starting to run the comb through her, now, tangle-free, soft hair, and said, "There you go, no more tangles!" and handed her the comb as he started to turn away.

"Not so fast!" she said, as she grabbed the tie on his robe and pulled him back around to face her as she stood up. The tie loosened and his robe fell partially open down to his hips, making him look especially sexy.

He had a slight frown on his face; he didn't want to admit to her that he'd been unable to completely shut out of his mind the idea that the only reason she was so attracted to him was because she saw him as some sort of "father figure." He'd still been feeling a slight lingering of guilt that he was somehow taking advantage of her. And the fact that she liked him calling her "little girl" hadn't exactly helped to dispel that notion. Now that he knew she didn't have any "daddy issues," there was nothing to hold him back, and he wasn't quite sure how that was going to make him react when their lust came back full force again, which could be at any second. He wasn't quite sure what to say to her at that moment, and he opened his mouth a couple times to try, but nothing would come out.

He looked so uncomfortable, and to see him at a loss for words with her, amused her, and she smiled and chuckled softly. Then she remembered that he was avoiding answering her question about why he had seemed so curious about her relationship with her father—and suddenly she thought she knew why he was so uncomfortable.

She climbed onto the bed on her knees right in front of him, which put her almost at eye level with him. She looked at the expanse of his hard chest where his robe was gaping open and brought her hands up to caress him there. Then she looked up into his eyes and she thought she saw a slight warning look, but also the beginnings of embers, and she said, "You still think I'm too young for you and that I see you as a father figure, is that it? Well, let me reassure you that I definitely do not need another 'daddy,' and the reason I like you to call me 'little girl' only has to do with the fact that you're such a 'big man' and...I'm...so...small..."

She had started her second statement with a sexy groan to her voice, and moved her right hand down his chest, undid the loose tie of his robe, and then reached her hand down to grasp his dick just as she said "big man"—then faltered on her last words, her voice drifting off as she felt his cock grow from half mast to fully hard as soon as she wrapped her hand around it! And the look in his eyes instantly went from smoldering to blazing hot! Now, she was speechless; there was a stunned look on her face and her mouth was gaping open. She was so stunned, she didn't even realize that her hand was still gripping his hard shaft like a vise, until she felt his hand on hers prying her loose!

Finally, it seemed, he was able to surprise her. He grinned in the sexiest way, enhancing the look in his eyes, as he reached forward and undid the tie of her robe and opened it with his hands so he could see her body. Then he looked straight into her eyes as he told her in his gravelly voice, "You're partly right, little girl. I was harboring a little guilt, still feeling that I had to be taking advantage of some need you probably had for a father figure, and it may have been holding me back in some way. But now that I know this has nothing to do with any 'daddy issues' on your part, there's definitely nothing left to hold me back, so now I'm going to eat you alive!"

With that, he gripped her upper arms, lifting her slightly, and threw her straight backward onto the bed, causing her to let out a small shriek as she landed with her head on the pillows. He shrugged the robe off his shoulders, just letting it fall to the floor, then he leaned down and crawled onto the bed on his hands and knees. Slowly, he crept right up over her, staring into her eyes the whole way—looking every inch like a predator about to devour his prey.

As she watched him moving toward her, she was trying to deal with her confusion over their switch in positions. She had thought she was going to have to seduce him in a way that would convince him she did not see him as a father figure. But, it seems he had already figured that out, and now he was seducing her and...boy, was he good at it! The hunger in his eyes and the sight of his hard body in such a predatory pose over her had the faltering flame in her pussy, from her confusion, roaring instantly into an inferno! She wanted to touch him.

He saw the fire come up in her eyes and saw her start to move as if to touch him, and he growled in his throat to warn her, then said in a sexy command, "Don't move, little girl. I'm in control at this moment because I have a very specific image in mind of what I want to do to you next. But you have the power to take control away from me when you touch me...so please don't, OK?"

He saw her eyes widen slightly at his warning and then her nod that she understood. Then he saw the passion in her eyes deepen even more and he realized she wanted him to take control! Good. He leaned back on his knees in a crouched position straddling her thighs, and his monstrous cock was hanging, pointing straight at her face. He saw her staring at it with a wanton look as she slightly bit her lower lip, then licked her lips and closed her eyes and gave a soft moan. He knew what she was thinking. "You want to suck my cock, don't you little girl?"

Her eyes flew open to his face, and all she could do was whimper and nod her head yes. She looked and sounded so desperate again, like she had been in the shower earlier, only this time she was desperate to please him. How could he refuse? His image of him touching, tasting, kissing and licking every part of her body could hold for the moment. He smiled at her as he pushed himself backward off the bed and stood up. Then he paused for a second as he looked at her and said, "I'll be right back." He turned and strode out of the bedroom completely naked.

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