tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEncounters with John Wayne Ch. 06

Encounters with John Wayne Ch. 06


Diana Maitland leaned over and gave John Wayne a soft kiss on his mouth before she sat up next to him and picked up the bowl of strawberries and cream on the bedside table. As she turned back to him, she looked at his face and said, "Please, make yourself comfortable; just lie back and enjoy..."

So, he moved his arms up and folded his hands behind his head on the pillows as he had done when he first laid down, leaving his legs lying just straight and loose on the robe she had spread on the bed. There were quite a few pillows piled at the head of the bed, so he wasn't lying flat and he had an easy view down his body. His cock wasn't quite as hard as it had been a few minutes ago before he'd had to reassure her that she would in no way disappoint him by trying to give him a blowjob! He knew just the sensation of her soft lips and tongue anywhere on his thick shaft for even just a few minutes would feel like heaven to him!

She waited until he looked like he had positioned himself comfortably, then she picked up a nice, ripe strawberry, dipped it in the cream and brought it up to her mouth to take a bite. But first, she stopped it about an inch from her mouth and then stuck her tongue out to lick the cream from the berry in a circular motion, closing her eyes, and moaning, "Mmmmm...this tastes really good!"

She heard him inhale sharply and then mutter, "You little minx...!"

When she opened her eyes, he was staring at her with his eyes burning, and she could see out of the corner of her right eye that his dick was at full attention again. Maybe it wouldn't be very difficult at all to get him off with her mouth if she could tease him this much and she hadn't even touched him yet! She dipped the same berry in the cream again and held it toward him and asked, "Would you like a taste?"

He nodded his head yes, and she brought the berry to his mouth; he wrapped his lips around it like it was one of her nipples and sucked the cream off, then flicked his tongue over the end of it a few times before biting it off. Touché'; he could tease as well as she could!

She ate the rest of that berry while she picked another one out of the bowl and dipped it in the cream. Then she leaned down and started to kiss his neck, shoulders and chest as she took the berry and touched it to his nipples, leaving little dollops of cream on them. Then she said, "Let's see if your nipples are as sensitive as mine." Then she set the bowl aside for a moment as she leaned down and used her tongue to firmly lick the cream from his chest, feeling his nipples harden slightly as she licked and sucked at them, and hearing him moan softly as she did.

This was another new experience for him; no other woman had ever licked or sucked at his nipples; he realized this was another more sensitive area of his body that he had not known about before. She was almost half his age, yet she was teaching him things about his own body that he would probably have never figured out himself.

As she sat back and looked at his face again, she could see he was definitely enjoying what she was doing so far. She brought the berry in her hand up to her mouth and wrapped her lips around it before taking a bite of it, then offered the rest of it to him. He opened his mouth and she pushed the rest of the berry past his lips and he captured her finger with it, sucking it into his mouth and licking it with his tongue as he was anticipating her doing with his dick.

She got his message, and she would get there...in due time. She picked up another berry, dipped it in the cream and ran it from the base of his sternum to the top of his pubic hair, right down the middle of his abdomen. He was so tall, that it looked like such a long line and she wondered how long it would take her to lick it all off! She hoped it wouldn't take long, because she was dying for a closer look at his cock, and she was afraid she wouldn't be able to keep from grabbing it!

She set the bowl aside again, taking her time to lick the line of cream down his abdomen, making her tongue firm and using a swirling motion. As she neared his crotch, she could see his diaphragm moving up and down as she heard his breathing getting heavier. He seemed to be thoroughly enjoying what she was doing and she wondered how much more of his body she could lick and taste before he would be begging her to suck his cock.

When she got to the end of the line of cream at his patch of hair, she nudged his cock aside with her chin and she planted a firm, lingering kiss on his pubic mound about an inch or so above the base of his dick. Then, she inhaled lightly, getting the scent of his clean maleness—his pheromones. The smell intoxicated her senses, causing her juices to flow and her pussy to feel like it was throbbing, and she let out a low moan. Then she felt his dick twitch as it tapped her on her neck and he hissed. She sat up and looked at him; his eyes were closed and he looked like he was trying to regulate his breathing. She asked him, "Are you OK?"

He opened his eyes and she could see them smoldering again as he said, "Oh yes...I'm fine!" Her moan when she inhaled his scent, started the fire where she had kissed him to spread throughout his loins, which caused his dick to twitch. Then he furrowed his brows slightly as he asked, "Why did you pick that particular spot to kiss?"

"Oh, just sort of a 'thank you,'" she replied, with a Mona Lisa smile.

Then he grinned slowly as he began to understand; that was probably the spot that stimulates her clit when they fuck! "You're welcome," he rumbled sexily.

As they stared for a few seconds, the looks in their eyes were almost making both of them just grab each other for another good fuck, but she finally shook her head slightly remembering her original mission—dessert! She picked up the bowl of strawberries and cream again and said, "Now, where was I? Ah, yes, now I remember..." as she moved to position herself between his legs.

He widened his legs as she moved between them and he bent his knees and brought his feet up to support his legs at a comfortable angle. As he looked down his body and saw her crouched between his bent and spread legs just inches from his crotch, he thought it was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. His dick was throbbing from his anticipation of finally feeling her mouth on it, and he was finding it difficult to control his breathing.

She was staring at his rock-hard dick, and said, "Now, this is the dessert I've been longing for!" She looked at the bowl of strawberries and cream, then back at his crotch, then up to his face and said, "I don't want anything else interfering with my first taste of you," and she set the bowl aside. Then she looked back at his face again and, with a sly grin, said, "By the way, feel free to tell me if you like what I'm doing, or if you want me to do anything else..." She saw the desire in his eyes increasing as he nodded yes.

Slowly she bent toward his left thigh to place a soft kiss on his inner thigh about half way between his knee and his crotch. She looked down at his balls and noticed that there seemed to be very little hair on them, much to her relief. Then she kissed the same spot on his thigh again, but this time, she parted her lips and used her tongue to lick firmly in a circle, then slowly started to trace a path with her tongue up his thigh (or rather down his thigh, since it was bent upward!) toward his crotch. She would only be able to do this once on each side since the hair on his thighs was a little rough and she didn't want to desensitize her tongue. Just as she got to the crease where his leg meets his crotch, she nuzzled his left ball with her mouth, sucking softly on as much of it as she could, while she used her left hand to support his sac. He moaned, and said, "Oh, God!"

She glanced up at him and saw he had taken his hands out from behind his head and he had his arms just sprawled out to his sides; the look on his face was one of relaxed passion—his mouth open slightly from heavier breathing and his eyes barely open under his heavy lids. She smiled at him and then kept her eyes locked on his as she bent back down, then closed her eyes as she lightly nipped at, licked and kissed his left ball again. Then she switched sides; kissing and licking up (or down!) his right thigh to his crease, and then softly sucking, nipping, licking and kissing his right ball and massaging his left one with her right hand.

His eyes widened as he watched her; he'd forgotten how much he enjoyed having a woman play with and massage his balls. So, he told her, "Oh, little girl, it's been so long since any woman has put her mouth on my crotch, and your soft lips, tongue and hands feel so good on my balls!"

She sat up a little further, looked at him and smiled sexily, and said, "Well, if that feels so good, let's see how this feels..." and she reached up with her right hand to grasp his thick cock firmly, standing it straight up and bringing her head down over it. She stopped about an inch from it, opening her mouth to snake her tongue out and slowly lick around the ridge of his huge head, ending up at the sensitive spot right at the top of his head, then applied just a little more pressure with the tip of her tongue.

As soon as he felt her tongue touch the head of his dick, he closed his eyes, hissed in another breath and his hands clenched at his sides, gripping the robe he was laying on. When she applied a little more pressure on that sensitive spot on the top, it caused him to moan. He opened his eyes again and saw her watching him with her head still poised just over his dick. As she kept her eyes locked on him again, she lowered her head and put her tongue at the base of his dick and slowly licked completely up the side of his thick shaft like it was a lollipop, pausing to wrap her lips softly around the tip of his head and swirling it with her tongue. He had closed his eyes again and started to moan the second her tongue began its journey, then he growled deep in his throat when she tongued the head.

He had to close his eyes; the sight of her beautiful face showing such obvious pleasure at licking his dick was quickly making him lose control, and he wanted to be able to enjoy this for as long as possible—he might never get the chance again. He felt her continuing to move his dick and her head around in different positions as she completely covered his thick shaft with long, slow, wet licks of her tongue. His moans were replaced by a low, gravelly chant of, "Oh, yeah...oh, yeah..." as he savored the feeling of her soft tongue on every inch of his painfully hard dick. He was going to need release soon. He opened his eyes and reached his hand down to touch her soft hair to get her attention, as her head was making an upward journey on one of her slow licks and her eyes were closed.

She had her eyes closed as she was concentrating on feeling every hard, velvety inch of his cock with her tongue. When she felt his hand in her hair, she slowly opened her eyes, but kept her tongue and lips in contact with the head of his cock for a few seconds, using her tongue to lick up a pearl of pre-cum that was poised on the tip, and then she mumbled, "Mmmm..."

His eyes almost bugged, his hand dropped, and then his lungs burning in his chest reminded him he had forgotten to breathe. The continued look of shear lust on her face since she started licking his balls and cock was exciting him as much as what she was actually doing to him. His dick was continually throbbing now and he so badly wanted to cum, but he was having trouble getting his brain to function properly so he could tell her what he wanted.

She could see him struggling to regain some control, so she tried to help give him some focus, by coaxing softly, "Tell me what you want, big man," as her right hand still gripped the base of his cock firmly.

His wide eyes looked directly into hers, seeing her lust tempered with passion, begging him to help her please him by telling her what he wanted. He closed his eyes for a moment; he could do this; he wanted to do this...for her.

He took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, opened his eyes, and in a soft, sexy voice said, "I want you to wrap your luscious lips around the head of my cock and lick and suck on it. Also, please use your soft hands to rub up and down my thick shaft and massage my balls. And...would it be all right if I cum in your mouth?" His voice had a pleading groan with that last question.

She started to smile softly at him as he had told her what he wanted, absently stroking his cock with her right hand as she listened. When he asked her if he could cum in her mouth, there was no way she would have refused him, even though she preferred not to do that. She had tried it only once and she nearly gagged because she didn't like the texture of it in her mouth; it just felt..."slimy." The taste hadn't bothered her at all—it was just the texture. But, she could do this; she wanted to do this...for him. Her eyes glowed as she looked at him and said, "Anything for you, big man."

She changed her position so she would have both her hands free to use them as she needed. She sat fully up, crooked her left thigh outward and bent her knee back in to pull her left ankle and foot in front of her between her crotch and his. Then she scooted a littler closer toward his crotch, leaving room to get to his balls with her hands, and put her right leg over his left thigh when he lowered it realizing she would need to brace her right leg over his for balance. Once she was ready, she looked into his eyes again and said, "Don't worry, big man, I'm going to take care of you now."

With that, she grasped his thick shaft at the base with both hands, lowered her head and licked another droplet of pre-cum from the tip and kissed it softly with her lips. She saw him close his eyes just before she opened her mouth and engulfed his entire dickhead, holding still for a moment to use her saliva and thoroughly wet it with her tongue. She could hear his breathing getting ragged. Slowly she moved her head up and down a few short strokes to just rub her lips over the ridge as she also started to rub softly up and down his thick shaft with both of her hands. This had him moaning softly again, and he was keeping his eyes closed.

As she continued her slow, short strokes of her lips and mouth on his dickhead, she gradually started to use a sucking pressure to draw the head back into her mouth on her downward stroke, keeping the same steady pace with her hands up and down his shaft while gradually increasing the pressure with them as well. He was now starting to moan louder, and she could see his hands were clenching and unclenching the fabric of the robe he was laying on to the rhythm of her strokes.

She took her left hand off his dick for a few seconds to softly massage his balls, and that caused him to crush his head back into the pillows and let out a low groan, "Ohhhh...."

As she brought her left hand back up to his dick to continue stroking it with both hands, she lifted her head to relax her jaw muscles for a moment, and looked at him with her pleading, passionate eyes, and moaned, "Cum for me, big man, let me make you feel good!"

When he heard her say that, he opened his eyes and looked at her, wishing he could tell her that she had already made him feel like he had died and gone to heaven, but he was not capable of words at that moment.

But, she saw the look in his eyes; he was getting close. She bent down again and wrapped her lips around the head of his dick, and started licking and sucking on it for all she was worth, and pumping her hands up and down his shaft in a steady, but faster, rhythm. He immediately started emitting a steady groan, and then it became, "Oh, God...oh, God...ohhhhh..."

She slowed her pace a bit in time to his "Oh Gods," but increased the pressure on his shaft and the pressure of her sucking and licking just a little more. Then, his hips started thrusting in that same slower rhythm and he let out a loud groan and she realized he was about to cum. She quickly reached her right hand down and started to massage his balls, and she could feel that they had drawn up tightly and were firmer. Then she felt a wad of cum shoot out of his dickhead and into the back of her mouth, and she swallowed it as quickly as she could while she stretched her 3 middle fingers down to the sensitive area just under his balls, and massaged her fingers on that area between his balls and his asshole.

Suddenly, his hips jerked harder a couple of times, his head thrashed backward into the pillows knocking most of them out from under him, and he loudly yelled, "AAAAHHHHGGGG..." as the last few drops of his semen squirted into her mouth (somehow she had managed to keep her lips locked around his dickhead!). Then he was still, just lying there with his chest heaving, spread-eagle on the bed.

She had released his cock from her mouth just before he collapsed and she swallowed the last few drops of cum on her tongue, noting that his cum didn't seem as "slimy" as what she remembered and there was almost no taste to it, except for a slight saltiness. She sat there and just gently rubbed his balls for a minute, then she leaned down and placed a kiss on his softening cock, and licked up the last smears of cum on it, before crawling up to lay down next to him on his right side with her head on his shoulder.

As soon as he felt her move up beside him and lay down, he forced himself to find the energy to put his arms around her and hold her as tightly to him as he could, and she laid her right arm on his chest, gently stroking him with her hand. As his breathing returned to normal, his mind kept drifting back to the last few minutes and he kept trying to recall his thoughts about what had happened.

But, he had no thoughts; he could only remember the intense sensations that coursed through his body. His last clear thought that he could recall was that, when she had told him that she wanted to make him feel good, he had wanted to tell her she already had. Then he remembered looking at her, and seeing her put her mouth back on his dick, and then...nothing but the feeling of liquid heat coursing through his balls and cock until he felt the release of the orgasm he had been craving, and then another sudden flash of intense pleasure that he had never experienced before in his life. What was that? She must have done...something to make that happen, but what? He had to find out, so he took a deep breath, and said, "My God, little girl, what did you do to me?"

She raised up on her left elbow and looked at him and asked, "What, you didn't like it?" with a nervous look on her face.

"Hell yeah, I loved it! It was the most intense pleasure I've ever felt, but how the hell did you do that?" he asked, with an incredulous look on his face.

She smiled and laughed lightly, and said, "Oh, it's one of the little 'secrets' I learned from all those books and magazines I told you I read when I was curious to learn more about sex." He kept staring at her with his eyebrows raised waiting to hear what this "secret" was, so she continued, "I massaged your perineum." He frowned and looked a little confused, so she said, "Here, I'll show you."

She sat up a little, took her right hand and put her 3 middle fingers up like the "Boy Scout salute," then reached her hand down and under his balls to his perineum and firmly massaged the area with her fingers. He felt a slight jolt of pleasure, but nowhere close to what he had felt before, and he asked, "That's it?"

She brought her hand back and relaxed by his side again, and said, "No, I think the trick is that it feels a little more intense if I do that after you've already started to cum. But I also read that some men like to have that area stimulated during sex as well, but I wasn't sure if you'd like it, so I waited to see if it would work for you to enhance your orgasm...and I guess it did!"

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