tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEncounters with John Wayne Ch. 11

Encounters with John Wayne Ch. 11


When they finished breakfast, John Wayne and Diana Maitland went into the bathroom to brush their teeth—he let her use his toothbrush after he was through with it and started preparing to shave while she brushed hers. The bathroom had a double vanity so they both had a sink, and he started running hot water in his and went to get his shaving kit in the bedroom and then returned to the sink. As he mentally continued working on his plan to surprise her with the trip to the beach house, he unconsciously shrugged the robe off his shoulders and let it fall to the floor. He didn't like to have any clothing on his chest while he shaved because it usually just got in his way or ended up all wet, and the robe needed to be washed anyway, so there was no sense in hanging it up!

When she saw him shrug out of his robe, she nearly choked because she gasped lightly and sucked some toothpaste toward the back of her throat. It was a sexy move that she'd seen him make a couple times now and it sent tingles through her pussy each time she saw him do that! He seemed to do it so slowly and sensuously, the muscles rippling in his shoulders and chest... God, she couldn't stand it! The man just turned her on...no matter what he did!

She forgot she was standing there staring at him with a mouthful of toothpaste, and that his toothbrush was still sticking out of her mouth as she gripped it tightly trying to control the shaking of her hand because she wanted to touch him so badly! He turned and looked at her just then and he had to smile and laugh softly at the picture she made...her mouth hanging open full of toothpaste and his toothbrush, and staring at him like she was ready to jump him again! She looked so cute and sexy at the same time, and he was still smiling at her as he said, "Don't you think you'd better get that toothbrush out of your mouth so you don't choke on it while you're lusting for me?" with a sexy lift of his eyebrows, as he felt his dick starting to stir.

She started laughing softly as she realized what she must look like, and finally managed to finish brushing her teeth while she watched him getting ready to shave. When she was done, she looked at him and asked him if she could watch him and he said sure. So, she turned around and sat herself up on the middle of the vanity between the sinks facing him, not noticing that her robe fell open exposing her cleavage. She watched him as he lathered up, then rinsed his hands, picked up his razor and started to shave. She used to watch her father do this sometimes when she was a little girl and she remembered that she thought it was interesting, but she never would have guessed when she grew up that she would one day be watching John Wayne do the same thing—something so ordinary—and that she would find it so fascinating...and sooo sexy, especially since he was doing it stark naked.

He saw that her robe had opened partly and he could see her soft breasts and he kept glancing at her while he shaved; his dick twitched and grew somewhat larger, making him adjust his stance at the sink. Her eyes were following the path of his razor, and when he would move his head to different angles to stretch his skin so he could get a closer shave, she would sort of mimic his movements with her head. He was just finishing up and he noticed the look in her eyes was very sensual, making his dick continue to grow. It looked like she was almost imagining herself to be the razor scraping over his beard to get to his smooth skin underneath... Yes, he wanted to feel her skin on him as well...his hand almost felt like it was shaking because he wanted her again...his dick was hard and he needed to fuck her again!

She noticed he had stopped and was staring at her with his eyes burning and he was breathing heavier...he wanted her again! Oh God, she wanted him, too, so she yanked at the tie and pulled her robe open, and pleaded throatily, "Yes, fuck me, big man, I need it as much as you do!" He growled as he dropped his razor beside the sink, then grabbed her and slid her ass to the edge of the counter—it was also just the right height for him. She reached down between them and grasped his big dick and pulled it to her dripping pussy, then moaned, "God, how I love you and your big, fucking cock!" as he grasped her hips and thrust his hips forward hard, burying himself inside her.

He groaned when he entered her...he still craved the feeling of her soft, wet tightness fully engulfing his dick as he slammed into her; he never wanted to forget it! And her desire for him and the way she expressed it just seemed to make his blood surge even more into his dick, making it harder and feel like it was throbbing...God, how she turned him on—he already wanted her and craved her, and she could still ratchet up his desire even further just by talking to him like that!

She wrapped her legs around his hips as he started to drive into her hard, pulling back slowly, then slamming his hips forward, and burying his dick inside her with powerful, deep thrusts. She arched her back, and put her arms down behind her to brace her hands to keep her ass from sliding backwards each time he thrust into her. Her head also fell back and this forced her chest and her breasts to be angled slightly upward, and he could not resist leaning down to kiss and lick her neck, chest and breasts.

As he did that, she started to tell him what she felt...when she could speak between thrusts. "Oh God, big man...unh...I love feeling your...ahhh... thick cock slamming...unh...into my tight... unh...wet pussy!...ohh!...I love how you...ahhh... fuck me! Oh yes...unh...kiss my neck...ohh...I love the feel...ahh...of your lips...unh...on my body!...mhh...Ohhhh yes...I'm going to cum soon...That's it!...Suck my nipples!...Oh God...here it comes...! Aaaahhhh...!" Then she started to thrust her hips forward.

He released her nipple from his mouth when she started to move her hips and he started thrusting faster to slam against her as she rocked her hips back and forth and he came when he felt her pussy massaging his dick. He had felt his orgasm coming just before she said she was about to cum, so he desperately sucked on her nipples hoping that would trigger hers quickly enough before he lost control. She had almost sent him over the edge when she started talking to him; if he had sped up his pace at that point, he would have cum in less than 30 seconds but he knew she wasn't close enough yet. So he kept his thrusts slow and hard until he heard her say she was getting close, then he started to thrust a little faster, and then matched her speed when her hips started to move.

He had had his hands braced on her hips the whole time, arching his back and letting his head fall backward as he groaned when he came. Then he straightened up and leaned forward to brace his hands on the vanity counter behind and on either side of her body, and bent down to lean slightly against her with his head on her chest as they both recovered. She bent her left elbow and brought her forearm up and around the side of his head to hold him as he lay against the top of her breasts, both of them breathing heavily. She took a deep breath and sighed, and said, "I love you, big man. Oh, how I wish we could do this forever!"

"Me, too, little girl...me too," he rumbled back huskily. Then he lifted his head and stood up straight to look at her, and she smiled and started to laugh softly. He frowned slightly, and asked, "What are you laughing about?" She told him to look in the mirror, so he glanced over and saw that he still had smears of shaving cream on his face—his desire to fuck her again had made him forget that he hadn't washed off his face when he finished shaving! He grinned and started chuckling, and rumbled sexily, "See what you do to me, little girl? You have the power to make me forget whatever it is I'm doing at any given moment!"

As he thought about that for a second, he realized his feelings for her were getting more and more dangerous for him—the thought of having to let her go in less than 36 hours made his chest feel tight again, and he frowned as he took a couple deep breaths to force that feeling away. Then he backed away from her as his soft cock was slipping out of her, and he hoped she would think that was why he frowned. He kissed her softly as he helped her get down from the vanity counter, and then sighed heavily and forced himself to smile at her as he moved to the sink to rinse his face and then wash his cock, while she used a washcloth to clean herself up again.

As he was cleaning himself up, he remembered his plans for the rest of the weekend and the fact that he was going to have to get her something else to wear since he had torn her blouse, so he asked her, "By the way, what size clothes do you wear?" When she frowned and asked him why he wanted to know that, he explained to her that he needed to replace her blouse and he was going to get someone to pick something up at the ladies dress shop in the lobby and have it sent up to the room because she couldn't very well leave wearing a torn blouse. So, she reluctantly agreed and told him her dress size, which would be the same as for a blouse.

They went into the bedroom and she sat on the bed and watched him while he got dressed, and agreed with herself on her earlier decision that she definitely preferred him naked; clothes just did not do his body justice. Clothed, he just looked like a powerful, sexy man; naked, he was a god—and she wished she could have a statue sculpted in his likeness so she could stare at it and touch it for the rest of her life.

When he was dressed he walked over to her and stood her up and kissed her tenderly, then told her he was going down to the lobby and that he might be a few minutes since he would have to talk to someone he could trust to be discreet about getting her something to wear. She smiled and said OK and that she'd be waiting for him on the balcony. She had started formulating an idea to get him to fuck her on the balcony so she could look at him and the water and pretend they were on a beach somewhere. While he was gone, she was going to check things out to make sure they could do it without reasonable fear of being seen by anyone.

As soon as he was gone, she went out onto the balcony and leaned over the railing to look to each side; there were no other balconies on this side of the building on this floor. Then she looked around; there were no other buildings as tall as this one for about half a mile or more—not much chance that anyone would see what they were doing. And there was a nice, comfortable looking chaise lounge also on the balcony, that would be perfect for him to lay back on while she rode him and pretended they were laying on a blanket on the sand. This would be close enough to the real thing for her! Her pussy was already starting to tingle as she thought about it and anxiously waited for him to return.

Wayne was smiling softly to himself as he rode the elevator down to the lobby, thinking about the things he wanted to arrange to make this surprise as special for her as he could. When he reached the main floor, he exited the elevator and headed toward the lobby. As he approached the ladies clothing store, he paused and looked discreetly at the dresses displayed in the windows to find something appropriate for her. One dress in particular caught his eye; it was a black halter-style dress with a deep, plunging V-front, fitted waist and flowing skirt that he could instantly picture her in, but it wasn't quite appropriate for daytime. Then he spotted another soft-colored floral pattern dress with a fitted top, waist and hips, a straight skirt and small straps that would leave her shoulders bare that he could also instantly picture her wearing. He made a mental note of those dresses and headed to see the concierge.

Since he had stayed at this hotel a lot, he knew he could trust the concierge and most of the staff to be discreet, because he tipped them generously and made them understand that he required their discretion if they wanted him to remain a loyal customer. Luckily, the concierge was in his office and available to see him right away. He explained to the man what he wanted regarding the dresses for Diana and told him her size, and then remembered that she didn't have any extra under garments with her, so he asked the man to have the ladies in the dress shop pick out appropriately sexy pieces of lingerie to go with the dresses. He had also remembered to peek at her shoes and saw they were size 7, and told him to have them pick nice shoes to go with them as well and have it all discreetly delivered to his room. Then he told him that, even though his room was already paid in advance, that he would be going to a friend's house for the day and night and asked him if he could have the hotel make up a picnic-type luncheon to take with them when they left and have the hotel or a catering company to deliver a special dinner to the house, and gave him the address and time for delivery and the menu he wanted for dinner. With a $50 tip, the man was only too happy to oblige.

Since he was able to arrange things with the concierge so quickly, he went to the front desk to check for any messages. There were only a couple from the studio; one wasn't important at all but the other one was from Diana's boss asking him when was the last time he had seen her. She never came back to the office after she took him out for the tour and no one had seen her since—they were just a little concerned. He decided he'd better think of something to tell the man so no one would get worried and send the police out looking for her. He called the producer's office, but he wasn't in at the moment, so he left a message with the switchboard saying that he was sorry they had worried him, but he had asked Diana to check into some of the casting and crew personnel that would be available to work on this film. He had asked her to do this from his own office and he hoped the producer didn't mind, and that she would be back at her job on Monday. This wasn't an unusual practice, so he hoped it would eliminate any questions.

Then he headed back up to the room trying to decide how to spring his surprise on her. He figured he would just suggest to her that they go out for a drive because he was feeling a little "stir crazy" since he'd been staying in that same room for a week, and then he would just drive them to his friend's house. He hoped she wouldn't be upset at him for buying her dresses and lingerie when he only owed her a blouse. Most women loved to get presents from men, but he wasn't quite sure how she would take it. As he was walking in the door, the phone was ringing, and the bedroom door was closed, so he picked it up intending to blast whoever was on the other end since there was supposed to be a Do Not Disturb on the phone.

Before he could get a word out, he realized it was the concierge and the man was immediately apologetic for ringing his phone, but he had some things that needed to be clarified in regard to the woman's clothing. The concierge was a little embarrassed to be asking him this, but the ladies in the dress shop needed to know..."how big" this woman is. Wayne was confused and, trying to keep his voice quiet, said she wasn't very big at all, she was very short, only around 5 feet tall. The concierge said, no, not how short she is, how big her...breasts are...for the lingerie. Oh. Then he tried to figure out how to explain how big she was, and he remembered meeting Jane Russell once and thought that Diana's breasts and body looked every bit as shapely as hers, but even more so because Diana was shorter than Jane, so that was how he described her to the concierge. He heard the concierge tell that to the dress shop ladies and then he heard a flurry of women's voices and he asked the concierge what was going on.

Apparently, Diana's dress size is meant for a woman as tall as Jane Russell, and since she was shorter, they would need to alter the dresses so they would look right on Diana. He asked the man how long that would take, and he was advised it would take a couple hours for them to do that, and he said that would be fine, and to just send them up when they were ready, then thanked the man for his thoroughness. "Of course, sir, I will be happy to help if there is anything else you need." He noticed the man never said his name on the phone because he had asked him to be discreet and let no one else know whom he was doing this for.

When he hung up the phone, he hoped that she had not heard him, since he figured she knew he must've answered it and was just waiting for him to finish. She had said she was going to wait for him on the balcony, so she was probably just sitting out there, staring at the ocean and thinking of him...he wondered what she was thinking! He headed into the bedroom and went to the balcony doors, which were open but the curtains were closed and the soft breeze was billowing them into the room. As he moved the curtains aside, he stopped in his tracks and his dick twitched and stirred in his pants.

She was laying on the chaise lounge on her back just slightly reclined, looking toward the ocean, stark naked; no robe, just a towel under her—and she was masturbating. He immediately looked around to see if there was any way anyone could possibly see her; all the other buildings in this immediate area were only 1 or 2 stories and the closest taller buildings looked over a half-mile away. He figured it was pretty reasonable to assume no one could see them. She must not have heard him walk up on the carpeting or when he moved the curtains because she had not moved, other than her hands, so he just watched her for a few moments.

She was doing what she'd done in the shower that first time he'd caught her. She had her left hand at her breasts messaging, rolling and pulling at her nipples, and her right hand was at her pussy, rubbing her fingers on her clit and up and down her slit. His dick was getting hard just watching her, and he couldn't believe it was happening again when it had been only about 30 minutes since the last time he fucked her! Then she lifted her knees and spread her legs wider as she started to occasionally slide a couple of fingers in her pussy and moaned softly when she did. His dick was fully hard again and he tried to figure out what to do next. Well, he couldn't very well do too much with all these clothes on, so he backed into the room and away from the balcony door as he quietly removed his clothes and then headed back out onto the balcony.

The back of the chaise lounge was reclined so low that he could walk right up to it and his dick would be about a foot above her head. So, he quietly moved up behind her just over her right shoulder, put his right hand on his dick to stroke it a few times as he said with a low growl, "Should we do ourselves, little girl, or do each other?"

She jumped and snapped her head upward to look at him in shock as soon as she heard his voice. This was the third time he has snuck up on her; for a big man, he sure moved quietly! Then she saw him stroking his cock and she gasped at loud at the heat that flooded through her pussy and she very nearly came. "Oh my God," she groaned as her eyes turned to flames watching him. She needed him inside her again! The look in her eyes when she saw him stroking his dick and the fact that he was doing it in front of her, made him even harder. He needed to fuck her again and so did she.

He bent down to the side of the chaise lounge and moved the back of it so it was flat, and then he leaned over her and kissed her hard and desperately for several seconds, then stood up and told her to get on her hands and knees. Then he knelt behind her and rubbed his dickhead up and down her wet slit a few times, teasing her, and growled sexily, "Do you know what happens to a bad little girl when she starts without me?" When she shook her head and whispered no, he gritted his teeth and groaned, "THIS!!!" as he closed his eyes then slowly and torturously slid his big dick into her dripping pussy, inch by steely inch.

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