tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEncounters with John Wayne Ch. 12

Encounters with John Wayne Ch. 12


John Wayne and Diana Maitland were sitting on the bed, naked, with a deck of cards getting ready to play poker. They discussed the rules for their game; it would just be hands of straight 5-card draw, no wild cards, and whoever could make the best hand would win their wager. Wayne suggested this game as a way to pass the time until the clothes he secretly ordered for Diana for their outing to the beach house would be delivered in about an hour and a half. Also, he thought he might think of some way to find out more about what she wanted to see if he could figure out how to convince her that they could be good for each other if they stayed together.

He let her deal first and make the first wager. She thought for a moment, then said, "If I win, I want you to massage my back."

He grinned, and said, "OK. If I win, I want you to take 2 shots of tequila!" He thought if he could get her a little tipsy, she would be more amenable to his ideas. Her eyes widened a little, but she agreed and dealt the first hand. She thought she was going to win because she had 2 pair, but he drew an open-ended straight and made it, and he grinned as he retrieved the bottle of tequila from the bedside table. As he poured a shot in the tumbler that was still beside the bottle and handed it to her, he started to tell her that he wanted her to down it quickly—no little "sissy girl" sipping at it. He got about 2 words out his mouth when she put the glass to her lips, tilted her head back and poured it all straight into her mouth and swallowed, handing the glass back to him for the second shot.

He stared at her again, eyes wide, as he took the glass and poured another shot and watched as she downed it as quickly as the first one. She cleared her throat a little after that second one, but she never made a face and her eyes didn't even water! He thought, "Oh shit...this isn't going to work out like I hoped—where the hell did she learn to drink like that?" as he shook his head slowly in defeat.

She chuckled softly as she watched him, and said, "I told you my girls' poker night included booze—and lots of it! I can get pretty drunk and still maintain a good sense of judgment and reason. I've worked very hard on that the last few years; it helped me to overcome my sense of vulnerability with men. I found it amusing to watch some of them make asses of themselves getting ripped thinking they were going to get me drunk so they could take advantage of me. So, I turned it around on them; I drank them under the table and then just walked away satisfied in knowing that they were not worth my time. The ones who didn't try to get me drunk were the ones I was reasonably sure I could trust just enough to make them understand what I wanted from them, and to not expect anything else from me." She wasn't smiling any more and she took a deep breath and asked, "So, were you hoping to get me drunk and take advantage of me in some way? You know that you don't need to get me drunk to do whatever you want to me—so what were you really hoping for?"

He smiled ruefully and shook his head again, then said, "I guess I was just going to try to test you and see if I could find out more about why you are so convinced you could never survive a life with me. But, I see that idea was for naught; I just hope now you won't be mad at me for trying—can you really blame me for trying, knowing how I feel about you?" as he looked at her with longing in his eyes.

No—she couldn't blame him for trying—it just made her realize that he really wanted her, and not just for this weekend...and not just because it was the best sex he'd ever had. She smiled softly at him and said, "No, I'm not mad at you and I don't blame you for trying—it proves to me that you really do love me. And I'll make you a promise; if you don't try to continue questioning my reasons about why I feel I can't stay with you, then I'll use every opportunity I can to reconsider my feelings on this, and I will discuss them with you when they come up, OK?" He smiled slightly and said that would be fair enough.

They played several more hands, each of them making tame wagers; a 10-minute foot rub, 5 minutes of neck massage, 10 minutes of back scratching, etc. Then she handed him the cards and told him it was his deal. He grinned and said this time, if he won, he wanted her to rub his ass for 5 minutes, and she said she still wanted her back massage—this time, she won. She laid on her stomach and he straddled her thighs while he firmly, but gently, kneaded her neck and shoulders with his strong fingers, then moved over her shoulder blades and down her ribs with his fingers flat, gently rubbing her flesh and muscles. Then he used his palm to rub gentle circles down her spine and over her lower back, as she softly moaned.

Then he started to softly knead her ass cheeks and she commented that that wasn't her back, and he chuckled and said sexily, "I can't help it...I am a man!" Then he softly swatted her ass as he moved off of her to sit down again.

She thought to herself, "That you are...and, oh what a man!" as she turned over and stretched before she sat up after he had moved off her legs. His eyes were smoldering at her as he handed her the cards since it was her turn to deal. This time, if she won, she told him she wanted him to lick her pussy for 5 minutes; his eyes turned to flames and he told her if he won, he wanted her to suck his dick for 5 minutes. They stared at each other as she dealt the cards and they picked them up, but neither one of them looked at the cards; they both tossed them aside and said at the same time, "You win!" Then they both rose up on their knees right in front of each other and started kissing fiercely and running their hands all over each other.

She told him to turn around and lay down, and he thought she wanted to suck his dick first, so who was he to argue? Once he was lying comfortably, she moved up next to his right shoulder on her knees, then she lifted her left knee and straddled his neck. He was staring straight up at her ass and he was a little confused as to what she intended to do; then she bent forward down onto her hands and this positioned her entire slit right over his lower face! He could feel her hot breath on the head of his dick as she grasped his semi-hard shaft and then felt her tongue lick him softly.

Now he understood—he could lick her pussy while she sucked his dick! This was another first for him—he had seen pictures of people doing this in some porno book that someone had passed around at a party he was at once. He had thought it looked sexy as hell and it turned him on and made him wish he could find someone to do that with—and now, here he was! He wrapped his arms around her thighs and pulled her crotch down a little further so he could reach more of her slit with his tongue.

She moaned as he ran his tongue up and down her pussy, licking at her juices, and he felt her swirling her tongue around his dickhead, making him moan as well. He could feel his dick getting harder with each lick of her tongue on his shaft, and each lick of his tongue inside her pussy. She rested her upper body fully on him so she would have both her hands free to grasp his cock and balls, and he kept both of his arms wrapped around her thighs so he could move her hips slightly and get to as much of her pussy as he could reach with his lips and tongue, but this wasn't an easy position to do that in. He wanted to play with her ass, too, but he couldn't reach it with either his hands or his mouth in this position.

She had really started to suck and stroke his dick now that he was fully hard again, and he was starting to lose concentration on what he was trying to do to her. He stuck his tongue in her dripping hole and just starting thrusting it in and out of her in the same rhythm she was stroking his dick, as it was the only thing he could keep his mind on at the moment. She was moaning almost constantly, and he loved the feeling of the vibrations from her moans on his dick. Then he felt one of her hands move down to his balls and start massaging them, and he felt that jolt of pleasure he'd felt when she showed him how she had massaged his perineum, and he groaned deeply to let her know it felt good.

She kept massaging him there and he felt the pleasure increasing and start the tingling in his dick, as his balls started to tighten up—he knew he was about to cum. His hips started to rock upward as his head collapsed under her pussy and he groaned loudly, "Oh yeah...oh God... Ohhhhhh..." as he felt a few spurts of his semen shoot into her mouth as she kept her lips wrapped around his dickhead and licked it with her tongue. It wasn't very much...hell, he'd just cum three times in less than 2 hours and...how many times now in less than a 24 hour period? He couldn't believe he had any cum left in him at all! As his breathing returned to normal, he could feel her licking his softening shaft, and now he wanted to make her cum.

He moaned to her, "That felt soooo good, little girl. I love the way you suck my cock and massage my balls. Now, I want to make you cum, so stay on your hands and knees and move up here so I can get behind you." She moved off of him and turned around to look at him with a confused look on her face, so he sat himself up and gestured for her to move up to the pillows and said, "Come try to make yourself comfortable, just keep your ass in the air, OK?" When she furrowed her brows even further, he raised one of his brows and grinned sexily at her and just said, "Trust me."

Then she knew what he wanted to do; he wanted to play with her ass! She felt her pussy throb at the jolt of excitement that shot through her with that thought. She grinned back at him as she moved to grab a couple pillows and shove them under her head and chest for support, wrapping her arms under the pillows and bending down to leave her ass and pussy as high in the air as possible, with her knees spread far enough apart to give him easy access. She almost held her breath in anticipation of what he would do first.

He angled himself sideways behind her, leaning on his left hip and elbow, which put his face at just the right height to get to her pussy and ass and leaving his right hand free to touch her where he needed to. He stared at her again, trying to memorize this sight; her pouty outer lips with soft, golden hair spread open, and her dark rose inner lips slightly swollen, surrounding her dripping wet hole, and her clit peeking out of its hood just beyond at the top of her slit. Just above her wet opening was her puckered, pinkish brown asshole in between her creamy, round ass cheeks. This was the most erotic sight he had ever seen!

He leaned toward her and licked his tongue around the opening of her wet hole, making her moan softly; then he thrust his tongue in and out a few times, causing her to emit a low groan. Then he made his tongue soft and flat and licked upward from her pussy to her tiny asshole, licking softly around it and using a lot of saliva to make it really wet. While he was doing that, he could feel the flesh around her asshole start to soften slightly, so that it didn't feel quite so rough, and she was moaning a little louder than she had been when he was licking her pussy. Then he took the tip of his tongue and started to probe softly around her hole, and he could definitely feel the muscles starting to relax, so as he felt it relaxing, he made his tongue a little firmer and kept alternately flicking it and then pushing it slightly into her ass.

He hadn't known quite what to expect in terms of how licking her ass would taste and feel because of its primary function, but he figured since she was clean and had recently gone to the bathroom, there shouldn't be any problem. He had not detected anything unusual and was actually enjoying how her body was reacting to his stimulation of her ass. She was starting to groan loudly and move her hips slightly. And her asshole was starting to loosen nicely, so he kept licking at it softly while he took his right hand and put his middle and index fingers in her dripping pussy and started fucking them in and out of her. Her hips began to really rock back and forth and she started moaning, "Oh yeah... that's it! Stroke my pussy! Oh...oh... but I need to feel more in my ass!"

OK, he would give her more in her ass! He sat up fully and pulled his fingers out of her pussy for a few seconds to rub the fingers of his left hand in and out and around her dripping hole, coating all of them with her slick, wet juices. Then he put his right fingers back into her pussy to stroke in and out of her, then took the little finger of his left hand and slid it slowly into her ass; it easily went all the way in and she begged him for more. So, he pulled his little finger out and put his index finger at her ass and started to slide it into her, and her ass felt a little tighter on this finger, but it still slid completely into her, and she moaned loudly and asked for just a little more.

His biggest finger was his middle finger, so he pulled his index finger out and placed his middle finger at her, now, relaxed opening, and slid it completely into her ass and started pumping it in and out of her in the same rhythm that he was fucking his right fingers in and out of her pussy. Her hips were thrusting to that rhythm and she was continually groaning, "Yes...oh God, yes...oh God ...Harder! Fuck my ass harder! ...Please!"

So, he started pushing his middle finger into her ass a little harder, trying to be careful not to hurt her because the inner tissues of her ass felt a little softer and more delicate, yet tight, but not like the firm, soft flesh of her pussy. Whatever he was doing must have worked, because she suddenly cried, "Oh God, big man!" in a low, shaky moan and then buried her face in the pillows and squealed as her hips bucked several times, and he felt her pussy muscles throb as more wetness coated his fingers and the rim of her ass tightened slightly around his other finger, so he gently removed it from inside her.

When he felt her pussy stop throbbing, he slid his fingers out of her, then leaned down and placed a soft kiss and lick on her ass which made her twitch slightly and gasp. Then she let herself collapse onto her left side slightly curled up, then slowly straightened and rolled onto her back and looked at him. Then he did the most erotic thing she had ever seen—he brought his right hand in front of his face and sniffed his index and middle fingers, then stuck them completely in his mouth and slowly pulled them back out, licking her juices off of them while he stared at her. If that was what she had looked like to him when she grabbed his hand and licked her juices off his fingers when he had put them in front of her face last night, it was no wonder he almost lost control!

Her eyes half closed in desire and she forgot to breathe, then she sucked in a deep breath and moaned, "My God, big man, that was so sexy...and what you did to my ass felt so good! Thank you for doing that to me!"

He subtlely wiped his left fingers on the sheet as he moved to her and gathered her in his arms as he lay down beside her and rumbled softly, "I love you, little girl. I would do anything in the world to give you pleasure. I'm just glad to know that you trust me enough to let me do that to you. I just wish..." he stopped. He started to say that he wished she would trust him enough to consider staying with him always, but he remembered he had promised not to question her on that any more, so she probably would not have appreciated that comment. Instead, he just leaned down and kissed her since she had looked up at him when he didn't finish his comment.

She knew what he wanted to say, and she appreciated that he had stopped himself because she had asked him not to push her on that subject. She laughed softly and said, "You've made me a mess again! I think I'm going to have to take another shower!"

He sat up and looked at her and said, "You can go clean up in a few minutes, but first, you have to play one more hand of poker with me!" She looked at him with her eyebrows raised as if to ask him what he was up to as she sat up while he gathered the cards since it was his turn to deal. He silently prayed that he would get the best hand, because he needed to win this wager. He told her that, if he won, she had to go for a drive with him. Then she looked really confused and told him that if she won, he had to tell her what he was up to. He said OK, and dealt the cards.

He lucked out; he beat her, just barely, with a higher pair. When he told her she should go take a shower before they left, she reminded him that she didn't have any decent clothes to wear, and he told her he had already taken care of the problem and that some clothes would be delivered soon. Then he told her to go and take a nice leisurely shower or bath, whichever she preferred, and he would let her know when the clothes were there.

She still sat there for a few moments looking at him with slight suspicion, trying to figure out what he was up to, then he got up off the bed, grabbed her arms pulling her up off the bed and kissed her hard and passionately for a moment, then released her and pushed her gently in the direction of the bathroom and said, "Go on, woman, just be a good little girl for now, and do what I said. I promise you won't regret it," he rumbled softly with his eyes smoldering at her again.

When she got to the bathroom door, she remembered that she wanted to shave her legs slightly to be sure they were nice and smooth, so she told him she would need to take a bath and asked him if she could borrow his razor. He said "of course" and went into the bathroom, washed his hands thoroughly and put a fresh blade in it, then handed it to her. He knew he had an extra razor in his bag, so he picked up his shaving kit and took it out with him, presumably to put it away and get it off the bathroom vanity.

As soon as she closed the door behind him, he got dressed again, then pulled a couple changes of clothing out for himself, including one of his nicer suits, and his toiletries bag had them waiting. Then he gathered up all of her clothing and stashed it in one of the dresser drawers, so the maids wouldn't find it when they came in to clean the room. About 5 minutes later, there was knock on the door and it was the concierge with the 2 boxes containing each of the dresses and matching undergarments and shoes for Diana and a bag with their picnic lunch. He took the box containing the floral dress and asked the concierge to take the other box and bag along with his suit and toiletry bags down to his car and asked him to have the valet attendant put them in the trunk and move his car to the side entrance. Then he carried the box into the bedroom and set it on the bed just as Diana opened the bathroom door.

She had been driving herself crazy during her bath trying to figure out what he was planning, but she had no clue. Where could he possibly take her that they wouldn't risk being seen? He knew how she felt about keeping this...thing...relationship...whatever is was...private. Or maybe he just wanted to go for a drive for a slight change of scenery so that their only memories of each other wouldn't be just in this hotel room. OK, she could go along with that. After she had shaved her legs and underarms in the bath, she stood up and opened the drain and turned the shower on to rinse off. Then she got out and dried off, and was just coming out of the bathroom when she saw him laying a large, flat box on the bed, and she asked him, "What's this?"

He was already dressed casually in the same light suit he'd had on earlier when he went down to the lobby, and he looked at her and held his hand out to her as she walked up to him. She put her hand in his and he stared into her eyes and said softly, "I hope you won't be mad at me, but I spotted this dress in the shop downstairs and I could just imagine how it would look on you, so I bought it and I hope it fits right. I even asked them to include undergarments to go with it since I stole your panties from you. So, I'm going to go wait in the front room while you get dressed and let me know right away it there is any problem with the way it fits, OK?"

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