tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEncounters with John Wayne Ch. 21

Encounters with John Wayne Ch. 21


John Wayne woke up with his head still lying on a pillow between Diana Maitland's thighs on the couch in the main room of his friend's beach house, a dying fire still smoldering in the fireplace. He carefully removed his arms from around Diana's hips and leveraged his torso up and moved to sit on the couch facing her, and just stared at her...she was so beautiful, but she looked worried, even in her sleep.

He had resigned himself to the fact that she was not going to stay with him; he was even afraid that if she did end up pregnant, she might lie to him about it and just disappear. There was nothing left to do but just try to make every remaining minute of their weekend together as memorable as they could.

He reached his left hand up to gently move a strand of her hair away from the right side of her face with his fingers, and she stirred slightly and started to open her eyes. As soon as her eyes started to focus on him, he could see the love in her eyes deepen and then it changed to a look of sad longing. He knew she had made up her mind that she was not going to stay with him, no matter how he tried to persuade her.

He put his left hand on the right side of her face and neck and stroked her cheek with his thumb and said softly, "I won't push you any more. You know how I feel. I'll accept whatever you decide. Just promise me that you will stay with me until tomorrow night, and let me love you as much as I can until then."

She smiled sadly and nodded her head as she whispered, "I promise."

He leaned toward her and kissed her tenderly for several moments. When he leaned back and looked at her, she still had a sad look in her eyes and he couldn't have that, so he crooked his eyebrow at her and said teasingly, "If you don't cheer up, I'm going to tickle your foot again!"

Her eyes widened, and she started to grin as she growled, "You wouldn't dare!"

He raised his eyebrows again and grinned, and said, "That's better. Just don't say I didn't warn you if you start to look sad again!" Then he leaned forward and kissed her quickly, and stood up as he said, "I have to excuse myself for a few minutes, OK?" He smiled at her and then turned and headed toward the stairs. He wanted to go call the marina and get a message to his friend to tell him to get bait and any other supplies he needed for the boat before he brings it around in the morning; he wanted to surprise her with a fishing trip.

She sat on the couch for a few minutes or so trying to figure out what to do to brighten her mood, when she heard the beginning music of "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend" from the movie "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" that just came out last year. She knew the movie well; her boss had been one of the producers and she had spent a lot of time on the set making notes to give her boss progress reports. She had loved this song and dance number and had hung around during most of the rehearsals and filming of the scene and she spent a lot of time on the sidelines learning the steps and the song.

She got up and went to the hi-fi and turned it up and started to sing "a la" Marilyn Monroe, whom she had admired greatly and met while she was on the set, and had discovered that Marilyn was a very nice person. Marilyn had even tried to persuade her to get into acting and singing when she had caught Diana doing part of this scene when she thought no one was around. She had thanked Marilyn for her encouragement but told her she had terrible stage fright and only did this by herself for fun.

Despite the fact that she didn't have the other dancers around her and the set, she started to improvise some of the bigger movements of the dance by using the furniture around her, but not moving quite as much as the original dance had called for. She had learned all of Marilyn's dance steps and bodily movements, and just threw herself into the song and dance as she half closed her eyes and pretended she was Marilyn in the movie.

As Wayne was headed back downstairs, he heard the hi-fi a little louder than it was when he went up just a few minutes before, and he heard a song that he recognized from some movie—oh yeah—"Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend" from that Marilyn Monroe movie that had come out last year. But the singing with the music sounded like it was real and not coming from the hi-fi; he peered over the stair rail and looked back toward the main room and froze for a few seconds. Diana was singing and dancing around the room, sounding and looking eerily like Marilyn Monroe in that movie scene. He remembered it pretty well because he had thought Miss Monroe was very sexy in that scene and he had quite enjoyed watching it.

He stayed where he was and continued to watch her as she performed. God, she was every bit as good as Miss Monroe had been; though some of the dance steps couldn't be completely replicated since Diana didn't have the set and the back-up dancers. But she certainly had all of Marilyn's steps, body movements and facial expressions down—and damn, did she look sexy—even though she was only wearing his shirt and her black panties instead of that sexy, pink, strapless number that Miss Monroe had worn in that scene!

He had come into this scene right at the end of the first time she sang "but diamonds are a girl's best friend!" He just leaned on the stairway banister and watched as she sang and danced her way through the rest of the number; his dick was starting to grow and it made him grin wolfishly at how cute and sexy she was, as well as being astounded at her talent! She should've been a movie star!

His dick was fully hard by the time the number ended; she ended it standing on the coffee table in Marilyn's sexy pose facing toward the kitchen. As the final trumpet fanfare at the end of the song died, he wolf-whistled and started clapping loudly as he came down the stairs saying, "Bravo! That was wonderful, little girl!" as he strode quickly toward her.

She had jumped and looked at him, startled, and when he reached her, he grabbed her off the coffee table and hugged her to him, rocking side to side with excitement a few times, then backed away from her as he set her down still holding onto her under her arms, and grinning widely in amazement and surprise as he stared at her.

"Oh, my God! How much did you see?" she exclaimed.

"Most of it. That was great! How did you memorize that scene? You could've played that part every bit as good as Marilyn Monroe did!" he said excitedly.

She gave an embarrassed laugh and said self-deprecatingly, "Oh, no. I am no Marilyn Monroe!"

He sobered slightly and raised his eyebrows at her as he let go of her, and said sarcastically, "You're right...you are no Marilyn Monroe...you're better!" He leaned down and said those last two words right to her face in a forceful tone of voice, also remembering the performance she had given before their nap and hour or so ago as well.

Her eyes widened in surprise when he got right in her face and told her she was better than Marilyn Monroe! She grinned and lifted her eyebrows questioningly as she asked, "You really think so?"

"Damn straight!" he said just as forcefully as he frowned and nodded his head toward her to emphasize his opinion. Then his eyes started to smolder as he continued in his sexy, gravelly voice, "I saw that movie and I thought Miss Monroe had looked pretty sexy during that number, but she didn't have the effect on me that you did as I watched you...see?" Just before he said see, he took her hand and put it on the front of his boxers so she could feel his hard dick.

Her eyes smoldered back at him, as she stroked him a couple times and said sarcastically, "Don't you think you might be just a little bit prejudiced because of...this...you and me...?" She tugged on his cock a couple times and then released him as she ended, throwing his own words back at him from when she had tried to tell him what a good actor she thought he was.

His eyes kept smoldering, but he grinned crookedly as he got her point. Then he asked her again with a slight laugh, "How many times have you seen that movie for you to have memorized that scene?"

Then she explained to him her boss had been one of the producers and she had spent a lot of time on the set and had learned it from all the rehearsals and the shooting of the scene. She told him that she had gotten to meet Marilyn and thought she was a very nice person, but she didn't tell him that Marilyn had thought she was talented as well.

She also didn't tell him that she had filled in as a studio singer before; her voice was taped and dubbed for actresses in a couple movies. Her boss had caught her singing in the office one time when she thought she was alone and had asked, then demanded, that she do the singing for those movies because he was the producer. She had tried to refuse to do it at first because she thought she would be too nervous and it would bring too much attention on herself, but afterward, she really didn't mind because the public never paid attention to things like that; they just liked to happily believe the actress did her own singing.

Then he said to her that since she had such a good voice that she should at least be doing some of the studio singing for actresses who didn't sing well. She laughed ironically and admitted to him that she had a couple times because her boss had made her. When he asked her which movies, she told him and he said he had seen one of them and demanded that she sing a few lines from one of the songs. When she did, he instantly recognized her voice because he had thought it was one of the most beautiful voices he had ever heard and had wondered about the woman behind that voice, because he knew the actress who played that role and he knew she couldn't sing that well.

He stared at her in shock, and then said amazedly, "Oh, my God! That was YOU! I knew that voice had to belong to someone special, and now I know it does! You have the most beautiful voice I have ever heard! I could listen to you sing forever, little girl. Please tell me you'll at least keep doing that for the studios, your voice is too beautiful to be wasted!" he demanded, as he grabbed her upper arms and looked at her with fierce sincerity.

Her eyes were wide with amazement as well, seeing how serious he was about not letting her voice go to waste and how much he loved to hear her sing. She smiled and nodded as she said, "OK, I promise I'll continue to do the singing. Besides, the extra money from that definitely comes in handy—it lets me keep up with my gambling addiction!" she said sarcastically as a joke.

He frowned, and said, "What?!!"

"It was a joke! I don't have a gambling addiction...unless you consider a girls' poker night every 2 to 3 months an addiction!" she said as she chuckled slightly.

He started to chuckle as well as he said, "Oh...I guess I was a little slow on that one!" He slowly stopped grinning as he stared down at her. He started remembering how she had looked when she was doing that Marilyn Monroe number and he wondered if she would do a performance of some kind just for him. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her to him and asked softly, "Would you sing something else...anything...just for me...please?"

Just as she was about to ask him what she should sing, she heard the opening notes of Nat King Cole's rendition of "Unforgettable" starting on the radio. She put her arms up on his shoulders, stroked his face with her hands and stared into his eyes as she started to sing with Nat in her high, soft soprano and put the emotions behind the words of the song on her face as she sang to him:

Unforgettable, thats what you are Unforgettable though near or far Like a song of love that clings to me How the thought of you does things to me Never before has someone been more

Unforgettable in every way And forever more, thats how you'll stay Thats why, darling, its incredible That someone so unforgettable Thinks that I am unforgettable too

During the instrumental portion of the song, he kissed her softly and hugged her as he started to sway slowly with the music and just held her to him. When she started to sing the last part of the song, he leaned back to stare at her again as she sang to him, echoing Nat in harmony on the first two lines.

Unforgettable in every way And forever more, thats how youll stay Thats why, darling, its incredible That someone so unforgettable Thinks that I am unforgettable too

Before she finished fully singing the last note of the song, he couldn't resist the way her lips were slightly pursed on that last word, and he crushed his lips to hers and kissed her passionately while his arms crushed her body to his. When he couldn't control his passion any longer, he dragged his mouth from hers and bent down to pick her up in his arms as he headed for the stairs and climbed them quickly, saying, "You're damn right, little girl...you are definitely unforgettable! And I know you'll never forget me, but I also want to make damn sure you never forget what it feels like to be loved by me!"

He carried her into the master bedroom and over to the bed and laid her down, then he went to the glass doors and pulled all the curtains open, bathing the room in moonlight. He walked back to the side of the bed and removed his boxer shorts, and laid down next to her and started kissing her tenderly as he unbuttoned the couple buttons on the front of his shirt that she still had on. He kissed down her neck to her shoulders as he helped to push the shirt off both of her shoulders, then worked it down her arms until they were free, then pulled the shirt from behind her and dropped it on the floor.

He continued to kiss and caress her for a while as she did the same to him, stroking his back and sides, and then kissing and licking his ears, neck and chest. They both wanted for him to be inside her already, but they felt a greater need to take their time and remember more of the feelings of heightened passion and desire that come with this type of slow, intimate foreplay. They were rolling back and forth, trading places at taking control of kissing, stroking, licking and caressing each other.

When he was leaning over her kissing her, she would stroke his back, sides, chest and his hip and ass if she could reach it, and rub her leg up and down the side of his leg— she was using all of her available limbs to caress him. Then she would push on his chest as her signal that she wanted him to roll onto his back so she could lean over to kiss and caress his body. While she did that, he would caress her body wherever his hands could reach, or bring his thigh up to rub between her legs.

After about 20 minutes of this exquisitely torturous foreplay, while she was leaning over him and he was rubbing his thigh between her legs, he could feel the crotch of her panties were soaked and his dick had been throbbing almost constantly; he decided the exquisite torture had gone on long enough. He pushed himself up and forced her onto her back as he moved onto his knees just long enough to slowly peel her panties off of her. But then he couldn't resist the urge that hit him when he removed her panties from around her ankles and feet, so he moved between her legs and lifted each one in turn by her ankles and began to kiss his way up her legs from her ankles, softly nibbling and licking between the kisses.

When he got to her inner thighs just below her crotch, he would nuzzle his nose on her pubic mound and then kiss her pussy lips softly without sticking his tongue in between them at all. She was writhing as her pussy was throbbing at this further torture—she needed to feel something inside her—his tongue, his fingers, his cock...anything! She couldn't stop herself from whimpering desperately, "Please...oh, please...!" as she closed her eyes and rolled her head back and forth.

"Please what, little girl?" he whispered huskily as he crawled up over her, positioning himself between her legs with the head of his dick pressed against her wet opening, making her hips writhe as she tried to force herself onto his cock. He put his right hand on the left side of her face and neck and stroked her cheek with his thumb as she opened her eyes and looked at him with desperate desire. He said with a groan, "I'll give you what we both want...if you say the magic words."

She was panting heavily from her almost uncontrollable desire for him, and she realized from the way he looked at her and the tone of his voice that he wanted to fuck her hard, but he needed to hear her say she loved him first. She took a deep, ragged breath and said huskily, "I love you, big man...I will always love you. And I need you to fuck me hard...right now...please!

He groaned deeply as he shoved his dick inside her as hard as he could, and then growled, "I want to do this as many times as possible so you will never forget how good it feels to have me inside you." His voice tightened as he asked her to promise him something. "Promise me one thing, little girl. When you finally get around to finding a man you think you could be happy enough with to settle down, make sure his cock is not as big as mine—I want to be able to believe for the rest of my life that my dick is the only one you crave to have inside you! I know that sounds foolish and selfish, but it may be the only way I will be able to feel any contentment at having to let you go. Will you promise me that...please?" as he backed his dick out of her and plunged deeply into her again.

She looked into his pleading eyes and said emotionally, "I already told you that no other man will ever make me feel the way you do when you're inside me. I will never crave to have another man's cock inside me the way I do yours. Besides, I don't believe there is any other man who can compare to you, no matter what size his cock is! If I am lucky enough to find someone who can make me not think about you every minute of every day, then it will just be God in His infinite mercy trying to grant me a little peace!" She almost sobbed at the end of that last sentence when he pulled back and plunged his cock deep into her again.

They realized at that moment that they were both just as scared as to how they were going to continue with their lives if they parted...which seemed the most likely outcome at this point. As he continued to plunge in and out of her, he gripped her face with his hands and then reminded her of her earlier promise to stay with him if she does end up pregnant. "Promise me, little girl, that you will not lie to me and just disappear if you do get pregnant. That would be the only thing I could never forgive you for!" He snarled slightly on that last sentence as he pulled back and drove his dick into her as hard as he could.

She frowned and looked hurt and said, "Why would you think I would do that?! I could never keep a child from you! Besides, it would be binding proof to me that we were meant to be together. It wouldn't be easy, but I would somehow make myself get over my fears of publicity and just hope our crazy love and desire for each other would remain in tact and get us through whatever else comes up." He pulled back and drove harder into her again, both of them grunting with each hard thrust.

He wanted to ask her why she couldn't just resolve to do that anyway, and just stay with him—baby or no baby—but he had already told her he wouldn't push her on that any longer. At least she had promised not to disappear if she did get pregnant. Then he felt bad for even thinking she would be capable of that, and he said softly, "I'm sorry that I thought you could even do something like that...especially to me. I'm just so..."

"I know," she whispered. "So am I. Just kiss me, tell me that you love me and then fuck me hard until we're not scared any more."

He leaned down and kissed her deeply and passionately for several moments, crushing her lips and grasping the sides of her face with his hands, digging his fingers into her hair. Then he lifted his head to stare into her eyes as he said quietly and huskily, "I love you, little girl...more than any woman I've ever known, and I always will."

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