tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEncounters with John Wayne Ch. 24

Encounters with John Wayne Ch. 24


When John Wayne told Diana Maitland that his friend knew about her, she had wanted to ask him how, but he kept distracting her with his cock; then he started to tell her, but kept his cock moving inside her so that she was only getting parts of the story. Then he started to remind her of the last time they fucked on the beach yesterday, describing it in detail and bringing that image back to her mind and, coupled with what he was doing to her right now, it brought her to orgasm at the same moment as he—right at the end of his description.

As her senses recovered, she started to put the pieces of the story together. From what he'd said, it sounded like his friend had come home unexpectedly, saw the two of them fucking on the beach, and his friend had confronted him afterward. Then she surmised that he just sent his friend on his merry way, but asked him to bring his boat around this morning and then pretend to just disappear! What the hell?!!! He was still lying on top of her, watching her warily, and breathing heavily. She brought her hands up from his sides and put them on his chest to try to push him off her, but he wasn't budging. "Get off of me!" she shouted angrily.

He quickly grabbed her wrists and pinned them up on either side of her head so she couldn't try to punch him again—even though he deserved it—again. Then he said, "I'm not going to let you up until we talk this out...it's not as bad as you think!"

"Not as bad...! He saw us fucking, for God's sake! He's seen me naked! Doesn't that bother you at all?!!" she half shrieked in anger and half wailed in fear and embarrassment, as she struggled in vain get him off of her, though his cock did slip out of her during her struggle.

"YES...it bothers me!" he roared, as her held her pinned wrists tighter. Then he continued angrily, "I almost smashed his face in when he told me about that! He said he was terribly sorry because he knew I could very well kill him, but that he couldn't help it, because...because..." he stopped, not knowing how she would take his friend's explanation.

"Because what?!!!" she yelled through her gritted teeth.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath and then exhaled heavily as he opened his eyes to stare directly into hers and said quietly, "He said he was mesmerized because it was the most beautiful, sensuous and erotic thing he'd ever seen. And then he told me I was very lucky to have found my soul mate when I told him that was who you were—I never told him your name."

She didn't look as angry and scared as she was, but she was still frowning, so he continued, "I've known this man for almost 30 years, I'd trust him with my life; other than this one indiscretion, he's never done anything to ever make me feel I couldn't trust him. We've played stupid practical jokes on each other over the years, but we've never done anything that would hurt each other intentionally—other than physically, I mean!

He knew I was in love with you before I even told him that you were my soul mate. Besides that, he knows that I'd make good on my threat to kill him, or at least beat the living shit out of him, if he ever tells anyone about anything regarding you or this weekend—but I really don't believe I'll ever have to make good on that threat." He could see she was calming down as he explained his trust in his friend.

She tried to take a deep breath, but he was still mostly on top of her, so he lifted his body just far enough so she could breathe deeper, and she looked at him and said, "You're sure you can trust him?" He nodded solemnly. Then she asked him, "So, who is he, this friend of yours...anyone I may have heard of?"

He nodded again, and when she raised her eyebrows to get him to tell her, he said simply, "Ward."

She cried, "Bond? Ward Bond! Oh, God! Why couldn't it have been one of your non-movie industry buddies? You do know chances are that I am going to bump into him at the studio at some point, don't you? You may trust him, but what about me—can I trust him?"

He nodded again, as he said quietly, "Which is why I wanted to tell you about this now so you could meet him face to face when no one else is around, so that the two of you would not be thrown if or when he ever ran into you. Because I know Ward, he has no poker face when it comes to surprises. Even though I know he wouldn't have said anything to you if I had never told you, it would have been written all over his face, and then you would've thought that I'd told him about you or you would've at least wondered why he reacted to you that way, knowing he's a friend of mine. Do you see now why I had to tell you about this?"

She sighed heavily, and said, "Yes." Then her eyes narrowed as she said through her teeth, "But you sure picked a dirty, rotten, underhanded way of breaking this to me...using sex to try to soften the blow! Do you realize how much I love you to be letting you get away with this?" she asked him huskily.

He nodded and then said quietly, "You know, I didn't have to tell you this; I could've kept it from you and just told Ward who you were, and then if he ever did meet you at the studio, he wouldn't have been as surprised and you would never have known. But, I have to say that I'm actually glad that he knows, so I'll have someone to turn to for support if this weekend doesn't end the way I want it to." He had a stark look on his face as he said that.

She closed her eyes at the look on his face; he looked sad and scared, and it saddened her that it was the thought that she was going to walk away from him that caused him to feel that way. She opened her eyes and said, "If he is that good a friend to you, then I will be happy to meet him."

He leaned down to kiss her tenderly, and released her wrists to put his arms under her shoulders and back to hold her tightly again; she put her hands on the sides of his face and neck and returned his kiss just as tenderly. When he raised his head, he asked her if she was ready to head back, and she smiled softly and nodded. Then she said, "Thanks for the best fishing trip I've ever had! I'll never forget it..." she stopped and blinked as tears came into her eyes.

His eyes misted slightly as he stared at her, and said huskily, "You're welcome...and I'll never forget it either." Then he kissed her again for a moment, softly, and then lifted himself off of her so they could get up and clean up a little and get dressed again. Then they headed up to the bridge, weighed anchor and turned around and headed back toward Ward's beach house.

It took them about 15 minutes, and when the boat came nudging past the western rock face as Wayne was positioning it to drop anchor, they saw Ward sitting in a chair out on the beach reading a newspaper; he jumped up like he was going to try to run into the house, then he stopped as they both waved at him. Diana couldn't help but chuckle at the way he'd jumped up, then looked back and forth at them and the house like he couldn't decide if it was too late to try and hide or not. She'd looked at Wayne and said, "I think he thinks he's in trouble!" So they'd waved at him and he tentatively waved back.

When they came ashore in the launch raft, Ward came over to grab the bowline as she tossed it to him, then he stood there looking sheepishly at her as she climbed out of the raft staring at him with a stern look on her face. Duke had stepped out of the raft, so Ward started to haul it up onto the beach, walking backward as Diana followed, still staring at him sternly. When he stopped, she walked directly up to him and folded her arms across her chest because she noticed he kept glancing at her breasts, so she stared sternly up into his face and then spoke in her most serious tone of voice.

"Mr. Bond, my name is Diana Maitland and I work at the studio that is getting ready to produce one of your friend's next movies, so we may have occasion to run into each other there, and I want to make sure that you will in no way, ever, let on that I had any kind of relationship with your friend here," as she jerked her head sideways toward Wayne. Then she put her hands on her hips and said loudly, like she was barking a command, "IS THAT CLEAR?" as her wide eyes stared directly up into his; she noted he was not quite as tall as the big man.

His eyes went wide, but he still looked sheepish as he mumbled, "Yes, ma'am...Miss Maitland."

She dropped her hands off her hips and then flung them out to her side as she said sarcastically, "Oh, for God's sake, call me Diana. I mean, you've seen me completely naked and in the most compromising position possible. There's no need for formalities now!"

He looked startled and glanced at Duke, who was just standing there with his arms folded across his chest and one hand on his mouth as he was trying not to laugh. Ward looked back at her again and saw her looking at him like she was waiting for him to decide how he was going to react to her. Duke had already threatened to kill him if he ever told anyone, and now she was adding her two cents worth, and he had a feeling that her wrath would be way worse than Duke's! She was a feisty little thing—and he liked her instantly.

Then he smiled and said in his gruff voice, "Damn, Diana. I like your style. I'll bet you've been able to keep the Duke here in line if he's done anything you didn't like!"

Wayne piped up then, and said with a short laugh, "Yeah, I'll warn you now, Ward. Don't piss her off...she can throw a punch like a man...see?" as he lifted his shirtsleeve and showed Ward the bruise she'd left on his arm from last night. She looked at Wayne and told him again how sorry she was for that one, and then she asked him if his stomach still hurt. They stared at each other for a moment as their eyes started to smolder; then he asked her if her ass still hurt, and they almost forgot Ward was there until he coughed slightly.

She turned her face back to Ward quickly as she blushed, and said nervously, "I do my best at keeping him in line. Unfortunately, he has the power to make me forget whatever it is I'm mad about, and he can be ruthless at wielding that power over me."

Wayne drawled deeply, "Don't forget, little girl, that goes both ways...you have just as much power over me," as she glanced back at him and another hot look passed between them, which was not lost on Ward.

Ward figured he should just get going and let them go back to trying to get each other out of their systems, so he said, "I guess I'll just mosey on out to the boat and get it back to the marina."

Diana spoke up first, and said, "Oh, please, don't go yet! I'd like to get to know you a little better so I know I can trust you with this secret...please? Stay and have a few drinks with us, and we can tell you about our fishing trip and you can tell me some embarrassing stories about the Duke here...something he wouldn't want me to know about! Please? This is your house, after all, and I would like to thank you for allowing me to stay here." she said sincerely when he still hesitated.

Ward smiled at her, then offered her his arm to escort her up the beach as he said, "Sure. I guess I can stick around for a little bit. Besides, you two could probably use a break...you both look like you're walking a little funny!" as he chuckled at his joke. Then he yelled, "OW!" as Diana punched him in the arm. He stopped and was rubbing his arm as he looked at her and asked, "What was that for?"

Diana said sternly, "We just got off the boat, Ward—we haven't gotten our land legs back yet! That's why we're walking funny!"

Ward glanced over at the Duke again as he rubbed his arm, and Duke chuckled at him and said, "I warned you! Don't piss her off!"

As Ward looked warily back down at Diana, she grinned crookedly and said, "Besides, if you think we're walking funny now, wait till you see him tomorrow...I'm not nearly through with him yet!" as she glanced back over her shoulder at the big man and winked, then looked back up at Ward and they both started to laugh. Ward knew the Duke had lucked into one hell of a woman—no wonder Duke had fallen so hard so fast...hell, he was half in love with her already, too!

Ward escorted her up the beach and onto the patio as they chuckled at the look on Duke's face when he and Diana had started laughing at her statement that Duke was going to be walking funny tomorrow. Duke clearly did not like that she had shared a joke like that with him...Duke was looking a bit jealous as he followed them up onto the patio. They all went over to rinse their feet with a hose next to the outdoor shower, then Ward sat Diana in one of the chairs at the patio table and said, "Well, since this is my house, I may as well play host. What can I get you to drink?"

Diana said, "Well, usually after a good day of fishing, I like to have a beer or two—do you have any beer?" Ward replied that he did and asked her if she wanted a bottle or a can, and she told him she wanted a bottle. Ward then asked the Duke what he wanted, and Wayne replied that he'd come in and help Ward get the drinks—he wanted to speak to him privately for a few minutes—so he told Diana they'd be right back.

Diana knew why he wanted to go in with Ward; she could tell that he was uncomfortable with the fact that Ward liked her instantly and it seemed to be causing him some jealousy. She wished she could hear what he was going to say to Ward; this might give her more ammunition she needs to finally convince him that they would have problems if they stayed together. She was a little warm, so she stood up and shed the shorts then gathered up the bottom of the tee shirt and pulled it forward and stuffed it down through the neck, sort of turning it into a makeshift bra top, and decided to relax on the double chaise lounge.

Wayne followed Ward into the utility room where he had an extra icebox that he kept beer and other cold drinks in. Ward looked at the Duke, smiling, as he opened the icebox to get the beers and said to him, "Damn, Duke. I really like her. Now I understand how you fell for her so fast. She's special...I've never met a woman who intrigued me so the second I laid eyes on her and who has done nothing but surprise me since meeting her just a few minutes ago!"

Duke looked at him sullenly, and said, "Yeah, what's not to like! See how fast she's gotten to you? Now imagine throwing in the thought that she desires you like no other woman you've ever known—how would you react?"

Ward thought for a moment, remembering how Diana had looked at the Duke when he'd watched them on the beach yesterday, and then looked at his friend and said, "It's a wonder you aren't a dead man by now! I think I'd be dead if I were you!"

Then Wayne said worriedly, "That's worst part about this, Ward; I'm not getting her out of my system—it's doing just the opposite! The more I...make love to her...the more I want her! The thought of letting her go and the thought of her with another man is...I don't know if I can handle it! What the hell am I going to do?" He'd stopped for a couple seconds to close his eyes and clench his fist when he thought about her with another man.

Ward said quietly, "You still haven't been able to convince her to stay with you, huh?"

Wayne shook his head and then said, "Well, she's said would stay with me, but under only one condition." Ward had thought he knew what Duke was going to say...that she'd stay with him if he quit the movie business. He spewed the mouthful of beer he'd just taken when Duke looked down and said, "She'll only stay if I can get her pregnant."

Ward just stared at him for a moment as he set one of the beers down and grabbed a rag to clean up the beer he spewed, then said, "And you agreed to this?" with a slight laugh.

Duke snapped angrily, "AGREED TO THIS?!!! Hell, it was my idea! It was the only thing I could come up with that SHE'D AGREE TO! What the hell's so funny?" he yelled at Ward as he started chuckling.

Ward looked at his friend as he chuckled and said, "Damn, Duke! Can't you see how ironic this is? It's usually the woman who intentionally gets pregnant to trap a man into marrying her...and you had to convince HER to let you try to get her pregnant so she'd stay with you?!!! I'm sorry, Duke, but that's just funny as hell!" as he continued to laugh silently.

Wayne looked at his friend chuckling, and he started to see the irony of it as well, and he half laughed and then groaned and said, "So, do you understand, now, how desperate I am to make her stay? To do something that drastic?"

Ward went to his friend and put his arm around his shoulder as he started to lead him out of the utility room to head back out to the patio, and said, "Yeah, Duke. I guess I understand. But hell, I'd thought you were getting serious with Pilar."

Wayne stopped and his head snapped to his left to look at his friend; then he told Ward that Diana knew about Pilar and that he'd thought about marrying Pilar until he met Diana. Ward's eyes widened and he said, "And you're wondering why Diana is reluctant to stay with you?" Then Ward shook his head as he said, "I really can't blame you for falling for Diana so fast. Hell, I just met the little girl and I'm half in love with her already myself. I'm just glad it's you she wants!"

Wayne looked down and said quietly, "I just wish she wanted me for more than a weekend," as they headed out. Ward took his arm off his friend's shoulder as they headed into the main room and told him to cheer up before they got back out to the patio so Diana wouldn't see him looking so sad. Ward told Duke he was going to hit him if he didn't smile, and made like he was going to punch Duke's arm where Diana had already bruised him. Wayne jerked his shoulder back and then made like he was going to punch Ward, as the two of them smiled and then laughed as they headed through the patio door with beers in their hands.

They both stopped short as they saw Diana reclining on the double chaise to the left side of the patio in just the bathing suit bottoms and the tucked up tee shirt. With the tee shirt molded to her breasts, her firm nipples were clearly visible poking forward, and the bottoms were molded to her rounded hips. She looked at them as they stood staring at her, then she said exasperatedly, "What the hell is the matter with you two? You've both seen me completely naked...why are you staring at me like that now?"

They both took deep breaths and looked at each other, then Wayne went and sat down next to her on the chaise and handed her a beer as he said, "Look, little girl, you're a very sexy woman and we're men, so...do we really have to spell it out for you?" She looked over at Ward as he sat in a patio chair facing her side of the double chaise; he shrugged his shoulders and raised his eyebrows at her as he concurred with Wayne, then he grinned and waggled his eyebrows suggestively at her as he glanced at her breasts, making her chuckle slightly. She turned and looked at Wayne as he growled at his friend, "Watch it, Ward! She's mine!" He said those last two words softly as he looked at her with his eyes smoldering.

She continued to stare at the big man for a moment, her eyes mirroring his, as Ward said, "I know she is, Duke. She doesn't look at me the way she looks at you. But you can't stop me from lookin' at her!" He chuckled softly as he teased his friend, drawing another glare from Duke as Diana chuckled with him. Then Ward said, "Now, why don't you two tell me about your fishing trip!"

The three of them sat on the patio, drinking their beers, and Ward and Wayne dragged on cigarettes as Diana excitedly related most of their fishing trip to Ward. Wayne could see on his friend's face, as Ward watched and listened to Diana, that he was almost as fascinated with her as Wayne was himself. Even though Wayne knew he could trust his friend, it still bothered him that Ward's instant fascination with her just confirmed for him that she would have no problem at all finding another man to love her if she would just let them. Ward laughed heartily when she told him how she had gotten rid of the men in the other boat that had come snooping around.

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