tagCelebrities & Fan FictionEncounters with John Wayne Ch. 25

Encounters with John Wayne Ch. 25


John Wayne carried Diana Maitland up the stairs of his friend Ward's beach house, and to the master bedroom to take her in that big bed again. He didn't intend to let her out of it until she either relented to marry him or convinced him it was best for them to part, though he couldn't imagine how she could convince him of that! He set her down on the floor next to the bed as he threw the covers off that side, then grabbed her and kissed her desperately as the sudden urgency to have his dick inside her again swept over him.

As he kissed her hard, he reached down and started tugging the bathing suit bottoms off of her, having to break their kiss for a moment until he got them down to her ankles and off of her, then stood back up to continue kissing her passionately. She sensed his urgency and put her hands at the waist of his shorts, unbuttoned and unzipped them, and then grabbed the waist of the shorts and his boxers and worked them over his hard dick and down his hips until they fell to his ankles.

He stepped out of them, and then reached down and lifted her up by her ass as she wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his shoulders and neck, then he bent his knees to position her over his dick just like the first time he'd entered her back at the hotel. Only this time he didn't hesitate at all; as soon as he felt her wet opening on the head of his dick, he relaxed his hold and thrust his hips upward as hard as possible with a low grunt, and then groaned deeply at the feeling of his dick being fully engulfed by her tight, sweet pussy again.

She gasped as he grunted when he thrust his cock hard up into her, and then she groaned the same as he as she felt his huge cock stretching her open and filling her pussy; a feeling that has always thrilled her to her very core and made her spine tingle, causing her to arch her back as much as possible. He used his hands on her hips and ass to lift her up and down slightly as he pumped his hips up into her a few times. Then he turned toward the bed and knelt onto it and moved forward just until his feet were all the way on the bed, and then slowly bent to lay her down as she kept herself wrapped around him and impaled on his cock until she was fully on the bed and he was pounding in and out of her.

He had moved his arms up under her back and shoulders when he laid her down, and had his head next to hers on her right side with his mouth near her ear. Between his soft grunts as he continued to thrust into her as hard as he could, he was softly telling her how much he loved her and how much he loved being inside her, feeling his big, hard dick thrusting in and out of her; how soft and tight and wet she was, and how perfectly she fit him.

The passion in his voice and his words excited her and had her moving her body with his as much as possible, as she kept her arms wrapped around his shoulders, and moaned from the tingles of pleasure that were coursing through her. He stopped talking and just groaned deeply; then his hips thrust faster into her several times as he started to cum. She thrust her hips against his and stimulated her clit just enough to trigger an orgasm for her at the last second; then she continued to grind herself against him, even as his hips stopped moving. He was quiet and still, other than his heavy breathing, and she was still writhing beneath him, rubbing her clit against his pubic hair and moaning as the throbbing in her pussy finally started to abate.

He had lifted his head to look at her as she was still rubbing herself against him and moaning—she looked her sexiest when she was having an orgasm. Her eyes were half closed and glazed over with desire; her mouth was hanging open and moving in a relaxed fashion as she moaned in pleasure; and her lips were darkened to that deep rose color while her cheeks and neck flushed a lighter complimentary shade. As her orgasm ended, she closed her eyes and her mouth, and murmured a soft, "Mmmm..." and then she licked her dry lips.

When she opened her eyes, he was staring down at her with a look of raw desire as he said, "When I watch you orgasm, I want to make you cum again...you are just so fucking sexy when you cum! She grinned at his pun, and he grinned, too, as he realized what he'd said.

She looked up at him and said hotly, "And you are just so fucking sexy...no matter what you're doing! Why do you think my pussy stays wet all the time? All I have to do is look at you and I start to tingle. The only times I am aware of that I haven't felt in a constant state of arousal is right after you've worn me out and made me cum several times in a row. But as soon as I've had a chance to rest or sleep, I look at you and I get turned on again and my pussy is dripping. That's yet another reason why I can't stay with you—I would have to change my underwear 10 times a day!" she exclaimed.

It was the first time she'd been able to make him laugh on that touchy subject. He'd started to frown when she'd said it was another reason why she couldn't stay with him—then he shook his head and laughed softly at her last exclamation. Then he bent his head down and gave her a quick, hard kiss, then lifted himself off of her and removed his shirt as he went into the bathroom to grab them a towel and a damp washcloth. She took off the tee shirt as she moved to lay her head on the pillows since they had been sideways on the bed, and kept her legs up again for a few minutes—why she was persisting in trying to get pregnant still caused her confusion.

The only explanation she'd been able to come up with as to why she thought she might be able to build a life with him if they had a child together was because she would feel more tied to him, and it might help her to get past her jealousy of his career demands. Without a child in the picture, she would resent the publicity, she would not be able to watch him playing romantic leading parts, and she would resent the time he had to spend away from her. Then she had a horrifying thought—if she did end up pregnant, they wouldn't be able to get married until his divorce was final and she had no idea when that would be, so she asked him, "I hadn't thought about this, but when will your divorce be final?"

He'd come back to sit on the edge of the bed facing her, after he'd cleaned up in the bathroom, and handed her the towel and washcloth. Then he furrowed his brows as he thought about her question and said, "Well, we filed the papers last November and you usually have to wait a year, so sometime this November. Why?"

She frowned and thought about it while she used the towel and washcloth, and then said, "If I end up pregnant, you won't be able to marry me until November...when I would be in my 7th month! Wouldn't that be lovely! No white dress for me!" she exclaimed sarcastically.

He tried to lighten the mood further by teasing her as he said with a soft laugh, "Well, technically little girl, you didn't qualify for a white dress even before we met!" He wasn't prepared for her reaction; she stared at him for a couple seconds with her eyes wide, then she rolled onto her side away from him and curled up as she burst into tears. Then it hit him what he'd said; he'd thrown the fact that she'd given her virginity to a man that had used her and then dumped her the moment he'd taken it right in her face like an insult.

He almost felt sick to his stomach; he mumbled, "Oh, my God..." as he leaned over and picked her up, pulled her onto his lap and cradled her against him as he rocked back and forth and said in a hoarse voice, "I'm so sorry...I'm so sorry, little girl. I didn't mean that...it was a stupid thing to say. Please, forgive me! I didn't realize what a thoughtless thing that was to say to you. Please say you forgive me!" He continued to rock her slowly as he held her tightly to him, until he could feel that she wasn't shaking from her silent sobs any more.

He stopped rocking when he heard her start sniffling after her tears had stopped, and he just stroked his left hand on the back of her head as she leaned it against his right shoulder. He asked her again if she would forgive him, then she sat up and looked at him and said softly as she started to wipe her tears away with the backs of her hands, "There's nothing to forgive. What you said was true, and I didn't even know why I reacted the way I did at first, until you started to apologize—you realized before I did why that hit me so hard. I guess I just have never quite gotten over the pain of that episode. What's so confusing is that I've realized that I wasn't really in love with that man; I was just using him as a substitute for you. The only person I can blame for my pain is me. I don't even know why it still causes me pain."

He moved her off his lap and back onto the bed and motioned for her to scoot over as he laid down next to her on his back and then pulled her down to lay next to his right side with her head on his shoulder and his arms around her. Then he said softly, "You know why it still causes you pain—you just don't like to think about it." When she looked up at him and frowned, he continued, "Think, Diana. We've talked about this before. Even though you say you didn't really love the man, what happened? He...what did he do, Diana?" he prompted when she didn't answer right away.

"He dumped me...he rejected me," she said quietly.

Then Wayne continued, "And what was worse—he'd actually gotten to know you as a person...and he still rejected you. That seemed to confirm your worst fear, didn't it? That your family and your best friend had lied to you...that he didn't see you as a wonderful person, and that was why he dumped you. But you also said he knew that you had a thing for me and that might've been another reason why he dumped you. You've been living your life since then with the feeling that you don't deserve love from anyone else because you can't get over your love for me.

So, the way I see it, you have two choices. One—you stay with me and we share a life together with the knowledge that we love each other very much, and the expectation that it will get us through whatever comes up. Or, two—you walk away from me with the knowledge that I will still love you forever, but I will continue with my life the best that I can—no matter how difficult. And you will do the same with a promise to me that you will leave yourself open to the possibility of finding someone else to love you—even though the thought of that feels like a knife twisting in my gut," he finished through gritted teeth and then took a deep breath, exhaling it raggedly.

She sat up and turned to look at him and said, "You don't think I feel like there's a knife twisting in my gut every time I think about you loving someone else now, too? Before this weekend, it was just fantasies to me—I could still pretend and dream that it was me in your arms, just wishing you loved me! Now, I'll still have to watch you kiss and pretend to love all those women in your movies, and if you end up marrying this other woman—now that I know what it's like to actually be loved by you—I don't know how I'm going to handle that!"

She rolled away from him and ended up crouched on her knees and lower legs looking at him with anger and hurt in her eyes. Then she suddenly slammed her right fist into the mattress and wailed, "DAMN IT! Why did you have to go and fall in love with me?!!! That's not how this...thing was supposed to go! You were just supposed to fuck me a few times and tell me how great it was and then LET ME GO...so I could keep my beautiful dreams and fantasies of you! That's all I wanted from you! Why did you have to screw it all up by telling me you loved me?!!!"

She backed herself off the bed to stand at the foot of it and pace back and forth while she ranted and gestured wildly at him, as he moved to sit on the edge of the bed and just watched her, his own anger and pain just simmering. "I didn't NEED you to love me before, but NOW I DO! But I can't share your life with you—I wish I'd told you that before you said you loved me...maybe that would've stopped you! Maybe you wouldn't have wanted to fuck me any more after that, but at least I would've been able to leave with my dreams in tact and been able to get on with my life a lot easier than I will now! Why did you have to fuck up my life by falling in love with me...DAMN YOU!!!" she screamed at him.

His anger was boiling over; he sprang up off the bed and came at her and grabbed at her upper arms to yank her against him, but at the last second, she spun around to put her back to him, causing his right arm and hand to rake across her breasts, the same way it had happened in that scene from "The Quiet Man" when she had accused him of deliberately grabbing Maureen's breasts—he heard her moan softly. He grabbed her upper arms with her back to him and crushed the back of her body to the front of his, his semi-hard dick wedged against her lower back.

He bent his head down and snarled near her right ear, "I'm not the one who fucked up your life! You fell in love with me...you came to me to try to fulfill your fantasies! Well, excuse me for not knowing that my falling in love with you was not part of your fantasies! And if you'd wanted to stop me from telling you I loved you, then why did you admit that you loved me—all your life, you said—why not just deny it? It would likely have stopped me from telling you that I loved you then, and if you'd kept denying it, then maybe we wouldn't be so FUCKING mad now!"

An odd choice of words, she noted, as she felt his now fully hard dick pressed against her lower back, making her pussy flood with wetness again! She tried to struggle away from him, but he was gripping her upper arms tightly and kept her crushed against him, and she cried heatedly, "Don't you dare try to blame this on me! I had no intention of telling you I loved you—you made me tell you when you interrogated me because I cried after begging you to fuck me hard! You weren't supposed to care why I was crying, other than to be sure you hadn't hurt me physically—but you wouldn't let it go! You kept after me like your male ego needed to know that I was a silly, little girl getting her fantasy fulfilled by a big star that she was stupid enough to fall in love with! When you made me admit it, I just thought I was stroking your ego!" She groaned as she unconsciously tried to press harder against his dick.

He growled menacingly and jerked her around to face him as he crushed the front of her body up against him, then moved his hips to rub his dick against her, causing her to moan softly again, as he grated through his teeth, "What kind of an egotistical son-of-a-bitch do you think I am! There's only one thing on me that I want you to stroke—and it sure as hell isn't my ego!" They stared at each other for a moment, as anger, lust and desire warred in their eyes. He dragged his right hand down her left arm to her hand, grabbed her hand and put it around his hard dick, forcing her to grasp it and stroke it a couple times as he growled heatedly, "This is all the stroking I need from you!"

Suddenly, he saw her anger melt away, leaving nothing but the lust and desire in her eyes, as she moaned, "Is my hand the only thing you want stroking you here?" making his dick throb in response. He groaned as he slowly shook his head no while he stared at her—his ability to speak was gone again. She grinned sexily as she went down onto her knees in front of him, and immediately leaned forward to wrap her lips around the head of his cock and laved it with her tongue to get it wet, causing him to groan loudly.

He stood there, looking down at her as she sucked the head of his dick, stroked his shaft with her right hand and cupped his balls with her left hand; it was hottest thing he'd seen her do to him yet. And while he would love to just stand there and let her suck, stroke and massage him until he came, he didn't think he would be able to do it standing up—he was afraid his legs would give out under him because the orgasm would be too powerful. But he could handle it for another few minutes, so he put his hands on her head and stroked his fingers in her hair as she stroked his dick with her hands and mouth—God, it felt soooo good! His head fell back as he continued to moan in pleasure, and his hips barely rocked back and forth with her mouth and hand.

He unconsciously spread his legs a little wider, and then he felt a jolt of intense pleasure as he felt her fingers start to massage his perineum again, and he groaned loudly, "Oh, yeah! Oh, God! Aaahhhhhh!" Within just a few seconds he felt an orgasm ripping through him, and he couldn't stop from grasping her head with his hands as he tried to stop his hips from bucking too hard and shoving his huge dick too far into her mouth as he came.

She had gripped his hips at the last second and was able to rock her upper body and head with his hips so just the head of his cock stayed locked in her mouth while a few spurts of semen shot into her mouth, landing on her tongue. She waited until his hips had stopped moving before she slowly backed her mouth and lips from around the head of his cock, keeping her lips in contact with it until she could close her mouth and kiss the tip. Then she looked up at him and smiled while she swallowed his cum that was still in her mouth, and then she leaned forward to grasp his cock and milk it a couple times to catch the last drops that squeezed out of the tip.

He stood there breathing heavily, watching her release his dick from her mouth and lips; then she looked up at him and smiled softly and he could see her neck muscles working as she visibly swallowed what he'd left in her mouth. Then she grabbed his cock and milked a couple more drops out of it, which she licked off as she stared up at him sexily. He groaned as he reached down and grasped her under her arms and pulled her up to crush her body against him as he crushed his mouth to hers, forcing her lips apart to thrust his tongue into her mouth. Her tongue met his and he got a faint taste of something he'd never tasted before—his own semen. While it was not something he'd want to taste every day, it wasn't unpleasant—but just watching how it had gotten there was a huge turn-on for him!

He was back to where he felt like he was in a constant state of arousal—everything she did, every look she gave him, every time she touched him turned him on more than any woman had ever been able to turn him on! He wanted to fuck her again—but it was going to take a little time to get his dick ready for action again. She was moaning as he kissed her and ran his hands all over her body; he knew she needed some release after having just given him that fantastic blow job—doing that seemed to turn her on almost as much as it did him, except he came but she didn't! So, now it was her turn!

He turned her and walked her backward to the end of the bed, then pushed her to sit down on it as he knelt in front of her, kissing her the whole time. Then he started kissing down the left side of her neck to her shoulder as he put his hands on her breasts; he noted the goose bumps that formed on her left arm and felt her nipples harden even further under his palms, and he smiled as she moaned softly. Then he kissed across her chest to the other side of her neck and did the same thing on that side, this time also causing her to shiver slightly and he knew she had told him the truth about how this affects her because there was no chilly breeze blowing on her this time—in fact, they were downright hot at the moment!

He continued to kiss his way down her body, but when he stopped to suck on her nipples, she put her hands on his face and looked at him with raw need in her eyes as she said, "I love the way you lick and suck on my breasts, but right now I need your head between my legs and your mouth, lips and tongue in my pussy...please!!!" she begged with a desperate groan to her voice.

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