tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEncounters with Meg: Eighth

Encounters with Meg: Eighth


The directions you gave me were very good, and I arrived at the campground without any problem. I consulted the sketch you gave me, and I drove toward the cove where you and your family were camped. I pulled into site number 18, as you had instructed, and proceeded to unload and set up my tent. As I did so, I glanced over toward your campsite and saw the large tent you told me to look for.

As I watched, Tony and the kids came out and headed toward the swimming area, leaving you alone inside the tent. As I turned to resume putting up my tent, I noticed movement in the campsite next to yours. A middle-aged man moved toward the picnic table on his campsite. He took a seat facing your tent which was only about fifteen feet from where he sat. His eyes were glued to your tent, so I knew that something must be going on that was holding his attention so totally.

I moved around behind him, keeping his tent between us, so I could look beyond him to see what was going on in your tent. The side of the tent facing him had a huge screened window, and through it he (and I) could see you quiet clearly. As I watched, you finished brushing your hair and tossed the brush aside. You stretched, arching your back and raising your arms high above your head, causing your large breasts to strain against the taut fabric of your one piece bathing suit. Without acknowledging your audience, you reached up and slid one strap down off of your shoulder. The other strap soon followed, but the fullness of your breasts held the suit firmly in place. Reaching up you took one breast in each hand, gently squeezing each one and caressing the nipples with your palms. At this point, I believe your eyes were closed, but I could not tell for sure. You massaged your breasts for several minutes, and I could tell you were enjoying yourself, because your upper body began to sway back and forth in a slow sensuous rhythm.

Suddenly you stopped moving and dropped your hands to your sides. I thought that you would dress and join your family at this point, but instead you raised both hands to the top of our suit and gently tugged it down, exposing your full breasts tipped by prominent nipples. The sight of your exposed breasts caused your neighbor to adjust his position on the bench, perhaps to reposition the erection I knew he must have by now, but he made no move to avert his eyes or to distract you in any way. Again your hands moved to your breasts. Your fingers grasped your nipples, squeezing them gently, then rolling them slowly between the tips. A moan escaped your lips and drifted across the campground. Your neighbor glanced around to make sure no one else had heard you, then, satisfied, redirected his attention toward you.

Again your hands moved to cup your breasts, one in each hand, the erect nipples pressed firmly against your palms. You caressed your breasts with a practiced hand, touching every sensitive point and jangling every eager nerve ending. Your head fell back on your shoulders, and you resumed the slow swaying of your upper body as pleasant sensations began to sweep over you.

At this point we were all startled by a voice coming from the direction of the bath house. "Homer, are you ready to go or not? Come on." As we both watched, Homer, your neighbor, moved off toward the bath house where he joined his wife; they moved off together toward the swimming area.

As you began pulling your suit back into place, I moved from behind Homer's tent and took his place at the picnic table. As you carefully tucked a breast into your suit, you glanced up and noticed me watching you. At first you did not recognize me, and you seemed startled, but then a smile of recognition flashed across your lovely face.

"Don't stop on account of me," I said.

Without saying a word, you slipped your suit down off of your shoulders, again freeing your breasts. As one hand toyed with those luscious orbs, the other hand dipped out of sight between your legs. I knew your fingertips were playing along your hidden pussy, but I had to use my imagination to visualize what was happening. Realizing that your actions were hidden from my view, you adjusted your position so I could see what you were doing. Swiveling around, you turned so you were facing me directly. Then you slowly lowered your upper body until your were reclining on the floor of your tent. Your legs were parted, and I could see your fingers moving up and down along the crotch of your suit.

Your fingers slid up and down over your pussy, caressing your tender flesh through the satiny fabric--back and forth, up and down. I imagined my tongue in the place of your fingertips, caressing your pussy lips, teasing your clit. My cock was now hard and straining against the fabric of my pants, eager to escape and probe your luscious cunt..

As I watched, your fingers pushed aside the fabric, exposing your pussy and the streak of dark hair above it. I had only a momentary glimpse, however, because your fingers were soon back at their task. I watched as you teased your clit, first smearing it with some of the juices already seeping out of your hot pussy. Your fingers caressed your clit lovingly, moving first along its length and then sliding back and forth across its hardness. With each stroke, you raised your ass off the tent floor and wiggled it against your fingers.

My cock throbbed with desire as I watched you. I considered pulling it out of my pants and giving it the attention it so needed, but I knew that I could not risk being discovered. Instead I adjusted it in my pants, pressing the palm of my hand against the firmness of its shaft.

When I returned my attention to you, your fingers were beginning to dip between your flaring pussy lips. I watched as you slid two fingers slowly inside you while you used your thumb to toy with your clit. When the fingers reemerged, they were glistening with your savory juices. Oh, how I wanted to lick those juices from your fingers! I let out a long sigh as I watched your fingers dip back inside you. In and out they went, faster and harder with every stroke. You pumped your lower body against your hand, forcing your fingers to penetrate deep inside you. Your wetness became smeared across your exposed flesh and ran in tiny rivulets down between your flared legs.

The sounds of your enthusiastic finger fucking floated across the space between us and assaulted my ears, fanning the flames of desire already lapping at my loins. My hand stroked my hidden cock as my imagination buried it deep inside your willing pussy. My ass slid back and forth on the bench, as I envisioned us moving together in the heat of postponed passion.

And then we were coming. I heard you gasp as the first wave of relief swept over you. The gasp was followed by a series of quick intakes of breath, each shorter and louder than the one that preceded it. Your ass was raised high off the floor as your fingers moved rapidly inside you, your flesh red and slick. Your orgasm was powerful, and I watched as your body was swept by wave after wave of intense sensations that caused your lower body to convulse rapidly against your fingers. Your movements carried me to my orgasm, and I came with my fingers wrapped tightly around my throbbing cock. A dark stain of cum spread across the front of my pants as I envisioned the feel of your hot pussy convulsing around by straining cock. Wow! That was powerful I thought, as I looked around to make sure our actions had not attracted a crowd. I was relieved to see that we were still alone.

I turned back toward you. Your ass was back on the floor, and you were fully reclined on your back. Your fingers were gently stroking your sensitive pussy lips, teasing from them the last tingling sensation of what had been a glorious orgasm. You raised your head so you could look at me. You smiled as your fingers continued to play softly between your legs. As I watched, you moved your fingers to your mouth, and teasingly licked your juices from each one. Your tongue glided along the length of each finger, seeking every droplet of your nectar. Then you sucked your fingers between your lips and swirled your tongue around them. Desire was building inside me to the point I considered joining you in the tent, but just at that moment I saw Tony heading toward the tent with the kids in tow.

With a quick signal to alert you to their approach, I quickly ducked behind Homer's tent and moved toward my own so I could change my clothes. I hoped you were able to dress and recover your composure without Tony noticing your flushed cheeks and irregular breathing. I was sure you would tell me all about it the next time we were alone together.

I spent the rest of the day reading and relaxing around camp as you and your family enjoyed a day frolicking in the lake, riding jet skis, and in general enjoying an outdoor adventure. As evening approached, Homer and his wife packed up and left hurriedly, perhaps due to some family emergency. Because it was so late in the day, no new campers arrived to take their place, so the campsite beside yours remained open.

As nightfall approached, you fixed burgers and fixings, which were soon consumed by your hungry family. After the table was cleared and the food safely stowed, you read to your kids as they sat close by your side. Your campfire flickered with an orange glow that played across your face, highlighting your features one moment then concealing them in shadows the next. I could hear your clear, familiar voice as you read, and I relaxed in my tent as I listened to you read.

Soon the kids were snuggled down inside their sleeping bags and sound asleep. You and Tony sat by the fire and talked in tones too quiet for me to hear except in snatches. "Tomorrow we will get up early and..." "...but do you think the kids will like..." and "...asleep soon...quietly..."

Through the open door of my tent, I could see the two of you clearly. Your conversation consisted of intermittent exchanges separated by long pauses during which you both stared into the fire. Tony occasionally checked his watch, as if waiting for something to happen. From my hidden perspective I watched as the two of you spent a relaxing evening together around the fire.

Gradually the fire burned down, and Tony made no move to replenish it with additional wood. I knew that soon the two of you would retire for the evening. With a final glance at his watch, Tony stood and extended a hand to you. You rose and followed him, as he moved toward the tent.

As I crawled from my tent, I was surprised by the darkness that surrounded me. My attention had been focused on the campfire and its illumination, and I had not noticed the moonless night that had spread its cloak over the campground. I stretched, then moved toward your tent, implementing a plan I had developed during the day. I knew that you and Tony slept beneath the window where I had watched you earlier, so I moved in that direction, being careful to keep a large tree between me and your tent. The tree was about five feet from the wall of your tent, so once I reached it, I sat down beside it; the night's darkness engulfed me, and I knew that I was safe from discovery.

Initially the only sounds I heard were the rustling of clothing as you and Tony undressed. Those sounds ended, and then, by listening carefully, I could hear the subtle whispers created as your bodies slid beneath the light covers. When I heard no further sounds, I thought perhaps you had decided to go straight to sleep, but then you moaned softly, and I knew that there was still more to come.

In the minutes that followed, I had only subtle auditory clues to tell me what was taking place inside the tent only a few feet from where I sat. You were both being as quiet as possible because your two children were sleeping nearby, though the prospect of their awakening after a long day of outdoor activities was slight. Still, you were cautious. When the covers rustled, I knew that one or both of you was changing position, but I had to use my imagination to create an image of what was taking place. COVERS RUSTLING. You reposition yourself so Tony can kiss you as his hands roam over your body.

INTAKE OF BREATH. Tony's hand has found your sensitive breasts and is fondling them as his tongue and yours intertwine in a passionate kiss. SOFT MOAN. His hand is between your legs, now spread apart to allow him unimpeded access. MORE SOUNDS OF MOVEMENT. Your hand has found Tony's cock, and he repositions himself so you can stroke his erect manhood. KISSING SOUNDS. Tony is kissing your face, your ears, your neck, as his fingers explore your pussy. SLITHERING SOUNDS. These sounds are hard to identify, but I picture your fingers wrapped around his erection and gliding up and down its length as he pumps his body against your hand.

WET SQUISHING SOUNDS. I know that his fingers have begun to probe your wet pussy. ANOTHER MOAN. You raise your ass off the ground and thrust against his hand. SHARP INTAKE OF BREATH. He responds by using his thumb to stroke your engorged clit causing your body to twitch involuntarily in response. MORE KISSING SOUNDS. I imagine he has leaned forward and is kissing your full breasts, first one and then the other.

"Oh yes," I hear you say. "Don't stop."

MORE RUSTLING OF COVERS. I sense, but I cannot see, that he has climbed on top of you. His cock is poised between your thighs, ready to enter you. He is propped with only his pelvis resting on your body. AN ELONGATED MOAN. Your hands have moved to your breasts and have begun to gently squeeze them as Tony pushes his cock head against your waiting pussy. "Now," I hear you say, and I know you are ready to be fucked by his hard cock. You thrust up against him forcing his cock to slide smoothly inside you.

INTAKE OF BREATH. He begins to slowly fuck you as you stroke and then pinch your engorged nipples. RAPID BREATHING. You both breathe harder as you establish a practiced rhythm. I know your eyes are closed, your every sense focused on the feel of his hard cock thrusting rapidly inside you. SLAPPING SOUNDS. His balls slap against your ass as his movements become more frenzied.

"Oh, Chuck!"

What? Did you really call out my name? Did Tony hear it? I listened carefully, afraid that he would stop and ask you to repeat what you had said. But instead, he kept on, pumping his cock deep inside you as his climax began to mount within him. "OHHHHHHHHH!" You are on the verge of cumming. Your hips are thrusting against him, pulling his cock deep inside you. RAPID-FIRE SHORT GASPS. You cum, your pussy squeezing his cock with rapid-fire convulsions, drawing out his climax. THRASHING SOUNDS. You move together, seeking ultimate fulfillment. Your arms hold him close as his cock erupts deep inside you. A LONG, LOW MOAN. And then only silence.

I sit for a moment, thinking about what I have just heard. I know that perhaps I should not have intruded on your shared intimacy with Tony, but somehow it made me feel closer to you, knowing that I was so near you when you and Tony were locked in each others arms. In an odd way, it was like being in a threesome with me being the inactive third partner sitting on the sidelines watching the two of you--though of course I was listening rather than watching.

I quietly stood and walked back to my tent, careful to keep the tree between me and your tent. My cock bulged against the front of my pants, but I resisted the temptation to stroke it, afraid that in my aroused state I might cum with only a single touch. I knew that you would be coming to me soon, and I wanted to wait to cum with you.

I returned to my tent and undressed. I slipped into my bag to wait, leaving the door open so I could watch for your approach. I awoke with a start as I felt something brush against my face. It was your hand soothing my cheek. I fell asleep while waiting, and now you were there beside me, naked, already nestled down beside me in our zipped together sleeping bags. I rolled to face you. You moved toward me and I felt your warm body press against mine. Our lips met in a passionate kiss brimming with promise of things to come. But neither of us wanted to rush things. We propped on elbows facing one another and talked, quiet intimate talk of shared desires and recent times. As we talked, our hands roamed, touching, teasing, stroking. Your delicate touch sent shivers through me. The weeks of being apart had aroused my desire for you to a fevered pitch.

Your hand found my cock, and you wrapped your warm fingers around it. Your grasp was warm and comfortable. You pulled me toward you, and I knew you were ready. You rolled on your back and spread your legs in invitation. I mounted you, pressing my body against yours. Your nipples pushed against my chest. Your mouth sought mine, and we kissed, a deep passionate kiss, as you positioned my cock at the entrance to your wet pussy. I pushed forward slowly and slipped effortlessly inside you. Once there I stopped, enveloped by your warmth. Your tongue swirled around mine as you began a slow movement of your ass beneath me. Your motions stirred the passion within me, and I moved within you in rhythm with your undulations.

Our love-making was slow and unhurried. We moved together as if in a well orchestrated dance, despite the fact that we seldom get to practice together. Your hands roamed over my back and ass as I stroked my cock into you, plumbing your inner depths, caressing the walls of your crimson pussy. Our tongues separated and our kiss ended as our breathing became more rapid and shallow. I lean forward and sucked a hard nipple between my teeth, causing you to moan loudly, perhaps too loudly.

"Oh yes, suck my nipple. Please, suck both nipples. Oh yes. I want you so bad."

Your words aroused me further, and I moved into you more forcefully. You slithered beneath me, eliciting the fullest pleasure from every stroke of my driving cock. Our long separation and pent-up desires made it impossible for us to delay the inevitable any longer. Your pussy softened and engulfed my cock with its silkiness as your body prepared for the climax that it only moments from shooting through you like a bolt of lightning on a summer's night.

We came together, our bodies fused for the moment by common desire. As our powerful orgasm wracked our bodies, every movement generated new tremors of consuming passion. Like ripples spreading outward from a rock thrown into a pool, so waves of sensation swept through our bodies, each successive wave stronger and more powerful than the preceding. As you came, your arms locked around my upper body, holding me close, pressing your body tightly against mine, your breath warm on my cheek.

Gradually the climax passed, and our bodies slowly relaxed and our senses returned. We remained locked in each others arms, each unwilling to break the embrace. I glanced out through the open tent door expecting to see a crowd gathered outside, because I knew that we had not been silent. I did not know how noisy we might have been, because in the throes of passion neither of us monitored the noise we must have made. But, fortunately, there was no crowd. The campers around us slept peacefully, and the only sound was that of a distant whippoorwill.

I rolled beside you and focused on returning my breathing to a normal rate. You snuggled against my side with your head resting on my shoulder and your hand on my chest. I could not see your eyes, but I knew that they were looking into mine. I leaned toward you and gave you a tender kiss.

Too soon it was time for you to leave me again. The orange hues of sunrise were already creeping above the treetops, and soon the camp would come alive. You dressed slowly as I watched in the faint morning light. You leaned down and kissed me on the cheek, then turned to go back to your own tent. I watched you move off through the semi-darkness until you disappeared behind the door flap of your tent.

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