tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEncounters With Mia: First

Encounters With Mia: First


Journal entry, August 17, 2002

It had been a long day. Because the mall was new, there were few customers, and the shoe store where I worked was at the end of a side corridor where few shoppers ventured. As closing time neared, I swept the floor, lost in thoughts of the football game and cool beers I would enjoy after work. As I swept near the entrance, I nearly ran into you. I jumped back, apologizing profusely.

"Are you closing?" you asked.

"Not as long as I can be of assistance," I replied, leaning the broom against a rack. I watched as you moved gracefully toward the display against the back wall. Your red hair flashed as you moved beneath each light fixture, drawing my attention to your every movement. You knew you were being watched, and I was sure that you added an extra wiggle here and there for my benefit. I appreciated the thoughtfulness.

As you browsed the display, I moved beside you in case you needed assistance. I stood near your elbow so I could discreetly observe your features without being intrusive. Your lovely hair shimmered with gleaming highlights. From where I stood I could tell you were smiling, probably quite pleased with yourself for the effect you were having on me. Your full breasts thrust forward beneath the form-fitting blouse that clung to every contour. Your long, trim legs stretched floor-ward below the hem of your stylishly short skirt. Your aroma reached my nostrils, immersing me in a mixture of perfume and sensual musk. I closed my eyes for a moment to enjoy the nearby warmth of your form and your luscious scent.

"I like these. Do you have them in my size?,"you asked, rousing me from my reverie. I glanced at your feet before going into the stock room to retrieve the style you requested. When I returned, you had taken a seat in one of the chairs at the back of the store facing the back wall.

Some women like trying shoes on without assistance, but I sensed that you wanted me to assist you. I knelt before you, glancing up into your green eyes and smiling briefly before I turned my attention to the fitting.

I grasped your left foot by the ankle, lifted it off the floor, and slid the new shoe easily onto your foot. You wiggled your toes, testing the fit, then stretched out your leg so that you could see how the shoe looked on your foot. When you did, your skirt shifted subtly up your leg, and you made no effort to adjust it. I took your other foot and put on the other shoe, but you made no effort to stand. Instead, you simply put your feet back on the floor and looked at me. I smiled, and you returned the smile, but you said nothing. An awkward moment passed, before I said, "If they do not feel right, perhaps we should try them without the stockings." I know that was a strange thing to suggest, but if you agreed, I knew it would provide an opening that might lead elsewhere. At this point I was still not sure of your intentions.

"You're the leg-spert," you said. A coy smile spread across your face and your eyes flashed as you delivered this pun. We shared a moment of laughter before returning to the task at hand. Instead of rising to remove your stocking, as I expected, you simply slid your skirt up slightly, and I could see that you were wearing a garter belt and stockings. Without hesitation, I moved my hands up under the edge of your skirt and released the stockings, first one leg, and then the other. As I did so, I noticed that you allowed your body to slip lower in the chair.

Once I had the first stocking released, I looked up at you as I began to roll it down your leg. I rolled slowly, allowing my fingers to glide across your smooth skin, stopping occasionally to caress each new area of tantalizing skin. Your eyes closed and your entire body relaxed as I slid the stocking down. I cast the first one aside and repeated the process with the second.

Removing your stocking had caused your legs to part slightly and your skirt had somehow drifted far up on your legs. I could see that you were wearing red panties with a narrow crotch that barely covered your pussy. I thought I could see the outlines of your pussy lips pressing against the fabric. By now my cock was hard, pressing against my pants, ready to emerge, but I shifted my position to relieve the pressure.

Your eyes were still closed, so I know you were comfortable with the situation. I lifted your left foot, resting it on my knee, and I began to massage it, beginning with your toes. "I need to relax your foot muscles," I said, but you made no response. I stroked each toe, then rolled it gently between my fingers, being careful not to tickle. I raised your foot to my lips, kissing each toe gently. You scrunched up your toes in response, but kept your eyes closed. I kissed your toes again before moving on to caress and kiss your other foot.

I moved on to your ankles, gently massaging each curve and caressing each muscle. Your skin was warm and smooth to my touch, and my fingers enjoyed the sensation of touching unfamiliar skin. My hands drifted upwards, stroking your long, slender calves, surprised at the definition of the muscles there. My hands glided up and down your leg, caressing every inch. Once the left leg was done, the right received the same attention.

By this time, you had slumped further down into the chair and your legs were splayed comfortably apart. A wet spot had formed in the crotch of your panties, and your pussy lips, now swollen, were clearly visible, pressed tightly against the fabric.

As my hands moved onto your thighs, a shiver coursed through your body and your ass gave a slight, involuntary side-to-side wiggle. Your eyes remained closed, and your lips were pressed tightly together as if you were trying to keep a moan from escaping. I repeatedly moved my hands over your left leg, allowing my fingers to reach to your crotch before sliding them slowly back down to your knee. I ran my hands around the back of your leg, forcing you to lift your ass so that I could caress the backs of your thighs and the lower part of your ass. As I leaned forward toward you, I gave each breast a soft kiss of promise before I returned my attention to your legs.

As I moved on to your right leg, I became more bold. When my fingertips reached the silkiness of your panties, instead of immediately retreating I caressed your pussy lips, now soaked with your juices. You wiggled your ass and pressed your cunt against my fingers as I did so, and I could not resist slipping one finger beneath the elastic and stroking the length of your pussy. I felt the heat spilling out from deep inside you, and it was all I could do to keep from ripping off your panties and fucking you right away. But no, it was not yet time. This might be my only opportunity to enjoy your body, and there was still lots more to explore.

"Slip off your panties," I whispered. Your hand moved beneath your skirt and in a moment your panties joined your stockings on the floor. You settled back into a comfortable position with your eyes still closed. I grasped your legs at the knees and gently tugged you lower in the chair, spreading your legs wide apart so I could appreciate the beauty of your exposed pussy with its trail of red hair leading upward. I leaned forward and planted a kiss on your pussy lips which were still scrunched up from the confines of your panties. I ran my tongue over your lips, splaying them apart so I could taste the heated nectar seeping from you. Your juices tingled my taste buds, stirring passion within me, causing me to lap hungrily at your willing pussy. You moved against my tongue, enjoying each stroke, trying to lure me inside—but I resisted.

I leaned back on my legs so that I could take a good look at you. By this time you were nearly reclining in the chair, your arms flung over the chair arms, your legs spread apart, pussy fully exposed, with a pool of your juices forming beneath your ass. You looked like a goddess just ravaged by Zeus, uncaring about the probing eyes of passing mortals. I took a look around and found both the store and nearby hallway still empty, so I returned my attention to you.

I moved one hand between your thighs and stroked your cunt as I moved my other hand upward to unbutton your blouse. You made no move to object, and soon I unfastened the last button and opened your blouse exposing a transparent red bra with a front snap. Your nipples were engorged, begging for release from their confines. I complied and released the snap, pulling the bra slowly apart like a stage curtain to fully expose the hidden wonders behind. Your breasts were full, gorgeous, tipped by sensuous nipples pointed proudly toward me.

I leaned forward to kiss first one nipple and then the other. As I did so, one of my fingers glided into your pussy, forcing apart the lips and slipping inside to explore the depths of your most intimate places. You moaned, quietly at first, and then more loudly, as I sucked one of your nipples between my lips and caressed it with my tongue. The tip of my tongue explored your hard nipple, first gently teasing then gently nipping, then sucking nipple and breast into my mouth. First one nipple and then the other got the same treatment as I shifted back and forth between them.

At the same time, my finger was buried beep inside your cunt, stroking its inner walls, probing its recesses, memorizing every sensation caused by your warmth, your inner silkiness, your oozing nectar. Your ass was moving about on the seat, responding to the movements of my probing finger. Your juices were flowing copiously, and my thrusting into you created squishy sounds that seemed to resonate within the confines of the store. Perhaps, I thought, those sounds could be heard by passersby. I smiled and glanced around. We were still alone.

Again, I shifted back, studying you again. If your momma could see you now, I thought, blouse open, breasts gleaming with my saliva, my finger buried completely in your seeping cunt, your underthings scattered about the floor of a shoe store, what would she think? I chuckled to myself at the thought.

I removed my finger and leaned forward, placing my lips on your cunt. I used my fingers to pull the lips apart, and I sought out your clit with the tip of my tongue. I flicked it, and as your body quivered, my tongue felt contractions that originated deep inside you. I ran my tongue up and down your pussy, teasing the lips, tickling the clit, sliding down far enough to gently stroke the pucker of your asshole. You pushed against me, spreading your legs farther, making yourself totally accessible, as a series of low moans escaped your lips. I reveled in the combination of sensations caused by the feel of your slippery cunt greedily pressing against my mouth, the taste of your juices, and the low moans emanating from deep inside you.

I could tell you were on the verge of cumming. I thrust my tongue into your pussy, fucking you with my tongue, thriving on your frenzied response which caused me to thrust harder, my lips and nose crushing against your clit. I moved my hands up to squeeze your breasts, pinching your nipples between my fingertips, rolling them like little, hard marbles. You were sliding back and forth on the chair, whipping your juices into a froth. Your hands reached for my head, pulling it against you. Your ass was rising and falling, sliding your cunt over my face, trying to pull my prying tongue more fully inside you.

Your orgasm was long and drawn out. It began with a series of tremors that caused your body to vibrate. The tremors evolved into spasms, causing your cunt to move more rapidly against my face, slathering it with your musky juices that lubricated my movements against your cunt and the thrust of my tongue deep inside you. Your moans got louder and more frenzied, and your breathing became irregular as all of your bodies energies were focused on your cunt and the mounting climax. In the end, your body jerked convulsively several times before sinking slowly back into the chair. As the climax passed, you emitted a long, satisfied sigh.

As I moved away from you, I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye. I turned in that direction, and I was startled to see an older woman standing there, looking down at us. What a sight we must have been! I do not know if she had been there for a long time or if she had just walked in, but frankly, it did not matter.

As I stood, she headed for the door. "Well, I never…," were her only words. I turned back to you, and you were laughing. You, with your tits hanging out, your ass covered in foam, your pussy drooling nectar, were laughing, and I joined you, because it was amazingly funny.

I sat beside you and took your hand in mine as we laughed together. We laughed until tears ran down our faces and our sides hurt. What a rare thing, to have met, to have had such a delightful sexual encounter, and to have shared a good laugh, all within an hour of meeting. I knew that this was the beginning of a good thing.

Eventually you stood and began dressing as I prepared to close the store. I was half expecting the old woman to return with the police, but she did not come back. Once everything was in order, I locked the door behind us, and we walked out through the empty mall, hand-in-hand.

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