tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEncounters with Mia: Fourth

Encounters with Mia: Fourth


Journal entry, September 3, 2002

The plane trip back from Baltimore started out uneventfully. In the cab on the way to the airport you filled me in on the details of your business meeting. Once at the airport, we breezed through security, because the lines were short due to the late hour. After a brief wait, we boarded and found the plane to be nearly empty. Our seats were in the back row. The nearest other passenger was three rows ahead.

We chatted as we waited for takeoff. As we talked I rested my hand on your knee, squeezing it from time to time as we talked. As we peered into one another’s eyes, I saw a little spark of devilishness hidden within grow to a full-blown blaze. You leaned over to kiss me, and at the same time you grasped my hand and moved it up under your skirt. As your tongue tangled with mine, my fingers sought your pussy. You assisted by parting your legs, allowing me ready access. I placed my hand between your legs, but my efforts to reach your most sensitive places were frustrated by the barrier created by your panty hose and panties. I tried easing my hand beneath the waistband, but you playfully slapped my hand and pulled it away.

Rising from your seat, you headed for the restroom that was located right behind us. Moments later you returned and took your seat. “Now I’m ready,” was your only comment. You took my hand and again placed it under your skirt, and this time there were no barriers. My fingers found your pussy already moist with anticipation. You reclined your seat, leaned back, and spread your legs so I would have unimpeded access. I moistened my fingers between your delicate pussy lips, then dragged them up, up, up slowly to your clit. I gently rubbed your clit from side to side, your luscious nectar allowing my fingers to move smoothly. With the tip of one finger, I gently raised the hood covering your little soldier, and with the others I caressed it. At my touch directly on the tip of your clit, you raised your ass off of the seat and pressed against my hand. I continued to stroke your clit, pausing occasionally to retrieve more of your juices. You were slowly pumping your ass, milking the sensations radiating from your clit as I stroked it.

Your eyes were closed, and I could tell that you were moving toward orgasm. As my fingers left your clit and trailed down to your glistening pussy, you moaned and thrust your pelvis against my hand. In a barely audible whisper, I heard you say, “Oh yes, fuck me with your fingers.” Eager to comply, I inserted two fingers into your waiting pussy. You moaned, a low, sensuous moan that nearly made me cum. I gently but firmly trust my fingers up inside you, feeling the warm flow of your juices between my fingers and the slippery walls of your luscious, hot cunt. ‘Ohhhhh yeeeessss,” was your only comment on my efforts.

I began pumping my fingers rapidly into your crimson cunt, which clung so tightly to my fingers that I might have had trouble removing my fingers had I chosen to. You pumped your eager cunt into my hand, and I felt muscular pulses caressing my fingers. Oh my God, you are so hot!!!!!

“May I get you a blanket?”

I looked up, and there, smiling down on us, was a stewardess, smiling, with a twinkle in her eye. I slowly removed my fingers from your pussy, giving her an unimpeded view of your gaping cunt. Its lips were flared apart and the cavern left by my fingers remained open until a tremor ran through you causing your entire body to quiver and your cunt to slowly close its crimson gates. The stewardess took a moment to unashamedly examine your gorgeous pussy. For a moment, I thought she might stoop down and touch it, so taken was she by what she saw spread before her, but soon, she regained her composure, reaching into the overhead compartment for two blankets and pillows. As she handed me the blankets, she winked, then moved off to check on the other passengers.

Through this entire episode, you had kept your eyes closed. Once the stewardess was gone, you opened them and gazed lovingly into mine. You found my hand and moved it back to your pussy, now neatly covered by the blanket. Juices were flowing from your cunt, stimulated by the unexpected visitor, and I knew that there would a large wet spot on the seat when time came for our departure. My fingers glided easily into your cunt, and after only a few thrusts, you came—hard. Your head pushed back against the headrest as you lifted your ass off of the seat, your lower body convulsing in spasmodic thrusts. Your pussy squeezed, and then relaxed, clutching my fingers as a series of rapid-fire tremors coursed through your body. Wave after wave of tremors swept through you as you climaxed in the semi-privacy of our shared airplane seat in a half-filled airplane somewhere over West Virginia.

Gradually the intensity of the tremors diminished, and your body slowly sunk back onto the sopping seat cushion. A quiver ran through your body from head to toe as I watched, awestruck (and somewhat envious) at the strength of your orgasm. You rested several minutes before you finally opened your eyes. “Wow!!!,” was your only comment. I leaned over and gently kissed your sweat-moistened forehead.

We chatted, replaying our first encounter in the shoe store, the continuing adventures of the past few weeks, and the prospects for our future. As we talked, your hand drifted to my lap and began teasing my cock through the fabric of my pants. My erect cock throbbed at your touch, pleading for release from its confinement. You unzipped my zipper, running your hand inside and caressing my cock through my briefs. Your fingers teasingly found the opening and crept inside. The touch of your fingertips on my aroused cock was exquisite, and I nearly came. This time I gently slapped your hand and pulled it away.

I raised my ass up off of the seat and slid both my briefs and trousers down to my ankles, leaving the blanket where I had pushed it down across my knees. My dick stood erect and tall, pointing at the ceiling. You wrapped your fingers firmly around its full length, giving it a few quick stokes before you lowered your head into my lap. Your lips found the tip of my cock and you gave it a loving kiss. Your lips parted and your tongue swept sensuously back and forth across it, teasing the tiny pee hole. My loins quivered with every pass as your tongue delicately stimulated the sensitive nerve endings in my cockhead. You parted your lips and my cock glided between them. I felt the silky-hot smoothness of your mouth gradually surround and engulf my rock hard pole. When you had fully taken my cock within you, I felt your lips wrapped tightly around the shaft as your tongue playfully flitted up and down its length.

The heat of your hot sucking mouth was like an incubator, drawing forth the hot cum from the eggs nestled between my thighs. As you sensed that my climax was approaching, you began moving your head rapidly up and down, thereby using your mouth like a second pussy to fuck my hot cock. The sensation of your wet, hot lips gliding rapidly up and down the length of my throbbing dick was enough to send me over the edge. With a moan (probably loud enough to be heard by most of the plane’s passengers) I shot bolt after bolt of hot cum into your eager mouth while pumping my cock forcefully into your receptive mouth/cunt. You swallowed several times, gorging yourself on my hot cum. As my cock began to shrink inside your now cum slick mouth, you softly licked it clean.

At this point, I realized where we were and opened my eyes just in time to see the same stewardess coming down the aisle toward us. I tapped you on your shoulder, and you sat up just as she reached us. She looked into my lap, and the condition of my wet, glistening, shrunken cock left her with no doubt as to what had just transpired. With a twinkle in her eye, she leaned over you and gently sucked my deflated cock into her mouth. The warmth of her lips wrapping around my soft dick was enough to breathe new life into it. It began to swell, and within moments it filled her mouth. She dipped her head, swallowing its length fully, her lips pressed against my wet pubic hairs. After a few quick strokes, she stood up, smiling down at us. For those curious passengers sitting farther forward, she said, in a louder than necessary voice, “There, that seems to have fixed the problem,” and with that she turned and walked back toward the front of the cabin.

“Too bad she had to leave, I said, somewhat stunned at what had just transpired.

“Yes, it is, but perhaps I can make you forget your disappointment,” was all you said in reply. You reached down and retrieved a small parcel from your bag tucked beneath the seat at your feet. Before I could comment, you stood up, shook down your now crumpled skirt, and moved to the row of seats across the aisle, carefully raising each of the arm rests. My first thought was that you were about to take a nap as you spread the blanket across your lower body. Waves of disappointment began to flash through my still horny mind, but your next actions served to alleviate my concerns.

As I watched, you pulled the blanket across your body, carefully tucking it behind you. Then you raised your skirt until it was gathered around your waist before you removed an elongated blue object from the bag in your hand. It took me several seconds to realize that you had a sleek vibrator about six inches long.

You moved the vibrator between your now spread thighs, saying as you did, “I want you to watch me fuck myself with this hard dick. This will be your dick that I use to fuck myself. Now, fuck me hard, make me cum!” And with that, you moistened the plastic dick in your seeping juices and slowly pushed it inside your tight cunt until only the portion you held protruded. After pausing for only a moment, you began pushing the plastic cock slowly in and out of your hot, slippery cunt. As you did so, you thrust your hips up to intercept each thrust, driving the plastic cock deep inside you on every stroke. I watched intently, mesmerized at the sight of you fucking yourself in such a public place, unafraid. I focused my attention on your smooth pussy as the vibrator slid easily between its lips, glimmering with your juices.

You began to moan, quietly at first, then more loudly, to the point I was sure that you would soon attract the attention of our fellow passengers. You must have realized the risk, because you clenched your teeth to restrain the moans as you proceeded to fuck yourself with the plastic cock. With your eyes closed, you used both hands to pump it into your now oozing cunt, slathering your juices into a creamy foam.

Entranced by your actions, I failed to notice that the passenger from three rows in front of us had risen and was moving toward the rear of the plane. He was a businessman, dressed in a nice suit, headed for the bathroom. At first I thought he was going to walk past us, but just when he reached the backrests of the row of seats forward of us, he looked down and saw you sprawled across three seats, legs spread wide apart, the blue plastic cock a blur now as you moved it rapidly, fucking yourself toward climax. With your eyes tightly closed, you had no way of knowing that he was there, and I decided that I would not interrupt your frenzied actions. As the stranger and I watched, you fucked yourself with the plastic cock, totally absorbed in the sensations it created as it stretched the walls of your tight, grasping pussy.

You began to moan again, the sounds cascading down the aisle and reaching the ears of anyone still awake. As you began to cum, you slowed your actions, gently gliding the cock in and out of your flowing pussy, savoring every sensation as waves of climax coursed through your body. Your cunt clinched around the plastic cock, my cock, as a single, wracking tremor electrified your body causing your limbs to quake and your head to move violently from side to side. At the same time, you screamed, a long, anguished scream of release that rocketed though the plane like a lightening bolt. Like a sleeper awakened by his own snoring, your eyes shot open and focused directly on the passenger looking down at you. A look of surprise registered on your reddened face. Unashamed, you slowly pulled the vibrator from your bruised pussy leaving your innermost depths exposed to our visitor.

Now that you were aware of his presence, the passenger grew uncomfortable at his uninvited intrusion into our activities. Excusing himself, he shuffled past, erect cock making a tent of his trouser front. As the bathroom door clicked shut, you wrapped your hand around the vibrator and slid it back and forth, then pointed toward the restroom. We laughed together, knowing that your appraisal of what must be taking place behind that door was probably correct.

After taking a few moments to regain your composure, you swung your legs off the seat, straightened your clothing as best you could, then returned to the seat beside me. As you settled into the seat, I wrapped my arms around you, embracing your tightly, overjoyed to have such a horny, self-confident exhibitionist as my friend and lover. After resting in my arms for only a few minutes, you turned to me with a big grin on your face.

“What is it?” I asked.

“I have always wanted to belong to the Mile High Club,” you answered.

I knew we were rapidly approaching the airport, but I thought that we still had enough time. As I pulled the blanket up over us, I helped you turn so your ass was toward me, and I slid my hand across the smooth curve of your ass until I found your dripping cunt. I stroked your now overly- sensitive clit, causing you to flinch involuntarily. I pushed two fingers up into your wet pussy, and they glided easily up inside you. I knew you were ready and time was quickly running out, so I slid close behind you and pressed the head of my dick up against your waiting slit. My hands pushed up under your blouse to your firm breasts and hard, sensitive nipples.

As soon as you felt the nudge against your engorged labia, you pushed violently back against me, causing my hard cock to drive up inside you. Your warm pussy engulfed my cock, clasping it within you so tightly that at first I could not move. We remained that way for several minutes, joined at the loins, my cock totally buried within your cunt. I felt your warmth spread through my cock. I felt your hot juices seeping out around my shaft. I inhaled the delicate scent of your gorgeous red hair and the slightly musky scent of your leaking pussy juices. I listened to the sound of your breathing, shallow and slightly irregular with anticipation. I reveled in the feel of holding you in my arms, in the sensation of being joined together as one, in the place high above our daily lives, in our blossoming relationship, in you and all you meant to me. I sighed out loud before I realized what I was doing.

Slowly you relaxed your grip on my cock, and I began to move gently within you, my mind focusing on every sensation generated by our tender lovemaking. Despite the semi-privacy of the setting and the rapidly approaching landing, we were unhurried, unconcerned, and totally absorbed in the moment. These slow, sensual movements continued for several minutes, though it seemed much longer. As our passions built, I thrust more forcefully into your gaping pussy, and you responded by pushing back against me with every thrust. Tender lovemaking soon became desperate fucking based on a need to share release of pent-up passions. We rocked together on the seat, enjoying fully our union. The blanket was tossed aside by our actions, but this time no intruder appeared to observe our activities. Our mutual climax swept over us in waves, gentle at first, then crashing down upon us, swirling around us, engulfing us. Your yelps of pleasure were accompanied by my moans of heated passion, and we made no effort to restrain those sounds of ultimate release. You collapsed against me, depleted of energy by the intensity of your orgasm. I held you tightly against me as my cock slowly shriveled and slid from you accompanied by a flood of our commingled juices.

We were dragged back to reality by the stewardess’s announcement that we were approaching the airport and needed to fasten seatbelts. As your again straightened your clothes, I pulled on mine in preparation for disembarking.

Soon, the plane was on the ground. As they left the plane, most of the other passengers looked back at us (some even smiled) as we stood in the aisle and retrieved our bags from the overhead compartment. At the exit, the stewardess patted us each on the ass as we moved past her, and she whispered in my ear “Welcome to the Mile High Club.”

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