tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEncounters with Mia: Second

Encounters with Mia: Second


Journal entry, August 23, 2002

It took me a while to find your house. Your address was in a stylishly upscale subdivision that I had never visited. Finally, I found it--a two-story house with a nicely landscaped yard. The house was at the bottom of a slight slope, so that when I parked out front I had a view directly into the upstairs bedrooms. A lamp was on in the bedroom facing the road, and after only a moment of watching, I saw you move across the room. My heart skipped a beat at seeing you again.

I pulled out my binoculars and peered into your room. I first I did not see you, but as I scanned across the room, I saw movement on the bed. You were stretched out on the bed with your legs pointed toward the window. Your head was propped up on a thick, cushy pillow, and I noted a glass of wine on the bedside stand. You were wearing a shorty black nightie of some soft-looking material that had shimmering highlights of reflected light. As I watched, your left hand moved up to your left breast and you began massaging it through the silky fabric. I could imagine, but not see, your nipples hardening at your touch as you caressed one breast and then the other. Soon your attention focused on the nipples, and each in turn was rubbed, pinched and gently twisted to the point that I could see then standing fully erect against the front of your nightie as you pulled your hand away.

You reached for your glass and took a sip of your wine. I could tell from the look on your face that you were lost in thought. I was sure you were thinking back to our encounter in the shoe store. As if to confirm my speculation, you returned the glass to the table and slipped one hand up under your nightie. As you did so, you spread your legs apart allowing full access to your waiting pussy. I saw your hand move slowly underneath the fabric as you gently caressed its smooth, hairless folds. Although I could not see what was going on, I knew you were sliding a finger up and down your slit, gently manipulating each lip in turn, patiently arousing each and every nerve ending. Gradually your hand moved upward, and I knew that you had sought out your clit. You touched it gently at first, but as I watched the movement of your hand became more animated. You used your other hand to pull up the lower edge of your nightie, giving me an unobstructed view of your hand caressing your clit. As I watched, your hand moved lower as you slid one of your fingers into your pussy. I could see the glistening sheen of your seeping juices surrounding your cunt, and when you pulled out your finger it glistened in the light. You raised your finger to your mouth and tasted your juices, slowing sucking in your finger so you could lick your nectar from it. You returned your finger to your pussy and slowly dipped back inside.

The time had come. I reached for my phone and dialed your number. I saw you jump when the phone on the table beside you rang. You looked over at it for several seconds, and it looked like you might not answer. Finally, after several rings, you reached for the phone, but I noted that you did not remove your hand from beneath your nightie.

“Hello,” came your soft, tremulous greeting.

“Hello, Mia. I’m watching you,” I said. I knew you recognized my voice, but nevertheless, you sat up abruptly and quickly looked about.

“Where are you?”, you asked. “What are you doing here?”

“I am parked out front, and I am watching you finger fuck yourself.”

You slowly swung your legs off of the bed and moved to the window facing the street. You looked out, and as you did, I switched on the overhead light so you could see me. I quickly switched it off again.

You stood for a moment, not moving, as you thought about the situation. At first I thought you might be mad at me for showing up without warning and startling you as you relaxed, fingers buried in your pussy. I saw a smile slowly spread across your face, and I knew it was okay. “I am glad you are here,” came your soft voice.

“I hope I did not frighten you.”

“More like startled me, but I’m alright.”

“Great. I just wanted to let you know what a great time I had yesterday. I will never forget the sight of you sprawled in that chair with your pussy juices churned to a froth beneath you. You were so relaxed, despite the fact that someone could have walked in on us at any moment. Your pussy, with its engorged and battered lips, looked like a succulent flower painted by Georgia O’Keefe. If we had not been interrupted, I would have had my cock buried inside you within minutes, you know.”

“Yes, I know. And I was ready. Your hands and tongue aroused every part of me. My pussy ached to be filled by your cock. As soon as I got home, I pulled off my clothes and fucked myself with my vibrator as I imagined how your cock would have felt sliding in and out of my willing cunt.” I heard you moan quietly as you finished speaking.

“And tonight, you were beginning a repeat performance?,” I asked..

“Yes. My pussy has been aching for you since yesterday. My pussy lips swell and my clit throbs every time I think about that shoe store. It is so good to hear your voice.” I noted that with this last comment your hand moved back under your nightie and began moving slowly.

“Move to the middle of the room and take off your nightie,” I said in a firm voice.

You complied, and I could see you standing naked in the center of the room.

When you picked the phone back up you were breathing a bit more deeply. I could see your nipples standing erect, and I imagined that a tingle of anticipation was beginning to stir in your loins.

“Stand in front of your mirror,” I began, “and take a good look at yourself. I want you to see the beauty I saw yesterday. Begin with your hair—that glorious red hair that compliments the ruby red of your nipples and the delicate pink of your pussy. Run your hands slowly over the silky skin of your arms, your breasts, your stomach, down along your upper thighs. How does it feel?” I watched your every move with rapt interest.

“My skin is smooth to the touch, it tingles when I run my fingers—your fingers—across it,” you replied.

“They are my fingers that are roaming over your body. Linger at your breasts, experiment and find the touch that feels the best, caress each one and manipulate the nipple as you would want me to do.” I heard your breathing become more shallow as you caressed your gorgeous breasts. “Gently pinch the nipples until it begins to hurt,” I requested.

“Oooh,” was your only reply.

“Now move your hand down to your pussy. Are you still looking in the mirror? Keep your eyes open, focused on your cunt. Use your fingers to spread the lips apart. Spread your pussy lips wide apart so I can look inside and see your soul. Think for a moment about how it will feel when I thrust up inside you, filling you with my hard, throbbing cock. Imagine how your pussy lips will be forced apart to allow the passage of my relentless dick. Envision how my pelvis will pound against your clit, sending micro-electric shocks through your system.” I watched as you pulled apart your pussy lips exposing the deep crimson inside. Glistening juices trickled out and ran downward, dripping onto the floor. What a wanton, glorious site, you standing there allowing me to look deep inside your cunt to your very core.

I heard rapid breathing but nothing more. “Now gently caress your pussy, top to bottom—slowly. Spread the juices beginning to seep from within you over your entire cunt. Dip inside and retrieve more juices and slather your cunt with them until your fingers glide over it. Turn your attention to your clit now, gently circling it without touching it at first, then gently moving back and forth across it, now rubbing it vigorously. Stop. Go back to circling it without touching it, then gliding back and forth over it from side to side, now treat it roughly again. Keep going, over and over.” As I watched, your pelvis began moving slowly back and forth, flaring your pussy lips with every slow-motion thrust.

“Is your finger—my finger—arousing you yet?”, I asked. “Yes, I am so damned horny.”

“Okay, I’m ready to fuck you now.” I heard a gasp. “Keep your eyes on the mirror.”

“Buuut…you can’t come in. My husband is right down the hall.”

“I know. That means you will have to do it for me.” I could see the puzzled expression on your face. “Indirectly I am going to fuck you. Get your vibrator. Turn off all the lights and then stand in front of the window.” I waited for you to comply. You turned off the lights, and moments later I could see you standing at the window as I had instructed. You stepped close, and I could see your body clearly.

“I have night vision goggles on that I bought at an army surplus store for my orienteering hobby. With them, I can see you clearly, but none of your neighbors can see a thing. I want you to touch yourself again, and imagine that your fingers are mine, sliding along your cunt, teasing your clit, slipping inside and pushing deeply into your pussy as you know my hard cock would do. Use your pussy muscles to squeeze your fingers, just as you would my cock. How does it feel, having my fingers up your cunt?”

Until this point you had been relatively quiet, but now, standing in front of your window looking out at the houses of your neighbors with your (my) fingers jammed up your pussy, you suddenly became more verbal. “Yes, those are your fingers I feel on my pussy. Sliding and stroking my creamy velvet wetness. Rubbing my clit, wishing they were buried inside me. Wishing they were your cock. Ooh. I'm so fucking hot, my hips pump into my hand with desire for your touch.”

“Don’t come yet; I am ready to fuck you. I have my hard cock in my hand. Watching you has made it swell with desire, and now I am ready to slide it deep inside you. Are your ready?”

“Oooh yessss, fuck me. Fuck me noooooooow?”

“Turn on the vibrator and run it slowly up your cunt from top to bottom, up to your clit, linger there for a moment, then back down to the bottom. Put your foot up on the window sill and stand close so I can see the vibrator sliding up and down along your juicy cunt. That’s it, baby. That’s what I want to see. Now use that vibrator to fuck your cunt like you know I would if I were standing there with you. Go ahead, I am watching your every move. I can see the vibrator approaching your pussy. I see it moving up and down along your cunt, pausing to tantalize your clit, then dipping into your cunt. Oh yes, your hips are beginning to buck with desire. I am ready now, open your cunt and allow my engorged cock to slide inside, far inside until our pubic hairs are smashed together. Stop. Focus on my throbbing cock surrounded by your silken cunt walls. Squeeze my cock so I will know how much you like it there. Keep squeezing--that feels so damned goooood. Okay, now use that cock—my cock—to fuck yourself while I watch and listen.”

At first, I could hear nothing but heavy breathing and an occasional sharp intake of breath. Through the goggles I watched as you drove the vibrator in and out of your cunt. I saw your free hand steal up to your breasts, squeezing, then rubbing, then squeezing again. I saw the tip of your hard nipple pinched between your fingertips. I could see your hips rocking forward to meet every thrust of the vibrator as it easily glided in and out of your now flowing pussy. “I’m fucking you, “ I said, “I’m fucking you.”

“Ooohhhmmmyyygggoooddd. Your cock is buried deep inside me, sliiiiiding iiiin and ooooout, fucking me so good. Oh yes, pinch my nipples. Squeeze my breasts. Drive your cock into me, harder. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck, fuck me harder. Now. I’m going to cum, going to cum, going to cum, g-o-i-n-g t-o c-u-m. Aaaaaaarrrrrrrggggggghhhhhh. Ooooooohhh,yessss. Fucking yessssss! Oh, yes.”

As I watched you fucking yourself, my hand was sliding up and down my hard cock. Your voice was wired directly into my cock, and every sound you emitted was transmitted through it, jangling every nerve ending. I had never been so hard, never felt such sensations generated by my own hand. My eyes were glued to your pussy and the blur that was the vibrator as you repeatedly drove it deep inside. I watched as you fucked yourself, excited that we could share such intimacy even from a distance. When you came, I came, spewing cum all over my hand and the car seat. “Mia, Mia, Mmmmiiiiaaa,” I cried out as I came. Damn, you are a good fuck, even from 200’ away.

As I watched, you slumped against the window sill, the vibrator slipping out of your cunt, tumbling to the floor. For a while I sat listening to your breathing, quick, choppy breathes as your body was suffused with the numbing tinglings of your climax. I wanted to rush in and take you in my arms, snuggle in bed and hold you close. I wanted to fuck you for real, to spend the night beside you, to be watching when you awakened in the morning. But that could not be, at least not this time.

“Are your eyes open,” I asked.


“Look out your window, look around at the houses of your neighbors. Whenever you look out that window from the inside, you will always remember me sitting here, fucking you from a distance as your neighbors went about their ordinary lives. And when you look up at that window from the street, you will see the vision of beauty I saw--you , totally naked, fucking yourself with your vibrator as I listened.”

“Yes, this will always remain in my memory. That was great; I will always remember.”

“I have to go now. Good night. We will meet again soon, I promise.” Click.

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