tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEncounters with Mia: Third

Encounters with Mia: Third


Journal entry, August 25, 2002

A few days ago you told me about your upcoming business trip to Baltimore. Immediately, a plan for our next encounter began to develop in my mind. I waited until the evening before your scheduled departure, and then I called you at home. I knew your husband was also there, but that was part of the plan.

The phone rang twice before you answered. “Hello.” Your sweet, melodious voice sent a warm shiver through me.

“This is Chuck.” I heard a nearly inaudible gasp, but then you recovered quickly. “Oh, hi Lillie, I was hoping you would call.”

“Is your husband in the room with you?” I asked. You answered in the affirmative. “Stay in the room with him. This will only take a minute.”

I listened carefully, and I could hear your measured breathing as you tried to remain calm. Time to take things to a new level, I thought. “I was sitting here thinking about how good it would feel to have my fingers buried to the knuckles in your juicy pussy, and I just had to call.”

That elicited a gasp that you covered quickly. “Lillie, I am so excited for you. It is just what we both wanted.” Your breathing became more irregular as you pretended to chat with Lillie as I listened.

After a minute I continued, “I want to kneel in front of you and lick the sweet juices from your sopping pussy,”

“Oh, that would be delightful,” came your unflappable reply.

“Anytime, darling. You name the time and place,” I quickly countered.

You whispered a low moan into the phone, but you did not reply. “ I called to tell you that there will be a surprise waiting for you at the hotel in Baltimore when you check in. Just ask at the desk. I’d better go. Give your clit a special caress for me when you get a chance.”

“I sure will. You can count on it. Bye, Lillie. I’m so glad you called.” And with that, you hung up.

I sat thinking about how you might react to my call. I had to admit, I did not know you well enough to even anticipate your response, though I suspected you would eventually tell me.

The next morning, I got up early and caught a plane to Baltimore. I knew you would not arrive until late afternoon, so I had plenty of time to implement my plan. I drove the rental car into the city. I knew the hotel where you would be staying, and I needed to find some place nearby to stay. I visited several hotels in the area before I found what I was looking for. I checked into a room on an upper floor looking across town toward the bay. There were no tall buildings blocking the view. Office buildings and a small park occupied the area directly below the window.

I called the concierge and got the phone number for a nearby florist. I placed a call, and within the hour two large, fragrant bouquets of roses adorned the dresser. With the room now ready, I rested, because I knew the upcoming evening would be a long one.

As the time for your arrival approached, I showered, dressed and straightened up the room. I wrote a quick note on hotel stationery and sealed it an envelope before departing for your hotel. I left the note, with “Mia” neatly printed on the envelope, at the check-in desk. The following was written on the note:

Welcome to Baltimore. Once you have settled in, meet me in the lounge at the next hotel down the street. Wear the outfit you intend to wear to your meeting tomorrow but without stockings, bra, or panties.

I went for a leisurely walk through downtown before returning to my hotel. I went directly to the lounge to await your arrival. The lounge was the reason I had settled on this hotel. Located just off the lobby, it was relatively small and dimly lit. It had a long bar that ran the length of one wall, with short sections at right angles to either end.

When I arrived, the lounge was nearly empty. I moved to the end of the bar farthest from the door and took one of the two stools located there. I ordered a beer and settled in for what I thought might be a long wait. While I waited, I replayed the details of our previous two encounters. I conjured up visions of your luscious pussy dripping nectar onto the chair at the shoe store, of your fingers massaging your clit while I watched from the street, and of you fucking yourself with a vibrator as you stood at your bedroom window. My dick grew hard as a result, and I had to adjust my position on the stool.

You arrived sooner than expected while I was nursing my second beer. You were dressed as instructed, in a tailored business suit with a skirt of moderate length, matching jacket, and a silk blouse. I rose to greet you, and you swooped into my arms. We embraced and shared a lingering kiss before we separated and sat down. You ordered a glass of wine as you described the details of your trip, the frustrations of increased security, your surprise at my phone call, and the upcoming meeting. Your hand rested lightly on my knee as you talked, further adding to my aroused state.

There were perhaps fifteen patrons in the bar by the time you finished your second glass of wine. Nearest to us was a man sitting at the bar about ten feet away; most others were couples scattered at tables. As I scanned the lounge crowd, your hand, which formerly rested on my knee, had begun to slide up and down my leg, reaching nearly to my throbbing dick, then sliding back down toward my knee. I could stand it no longer. I held you by the elbow and gently lifted you up off of the stool.

I turned your body so you were facing me, leaning you against the bar. At the same time, I slid my right hand up your leg beneath your skirt in search of your naked pussy. You flinched at the first touch of my fingertips, as if they carried an electrical charge. Your slit was already moist with seeping juices as I began to caress your secret charms. You slouched back against the bar, spreading your legs slightly to make your waiting pussy more accessible. I stroked it from bottom to top, beginning at your puckered asshole and moving up between your nether lips, across your clit, and then to the narrow strip of unshaved fur at the top. I moved my fingers back down to your clit and gently stroked it from side to side. I kneaded it between my thumb and forefinger, causing it to grow noticeably larger as it became engorged with blood.

You thrust your pussy against my hand, encouraging me to continue. I allowed my hand to move lower, my fingers seeking the opening to your cunt. Your warm juices allowed me to ease a finger up inside you slowly and sensuously. Your pussy was tight and warm; your tight muscles clinched around my finger, holding it securely inside you. .As I did so, I used my other hand to reach up and unbutton your silk blouse, exposing your bare breasts.

As I began to slowly finger fuck you, you began to caress your breasts with your left hand. I watched as you stroked each one in turn, fondling, caressing, and gently squeezing each one, then gently sliding your fingertips rapidly across both nipples until they blossomed into fullness. Your pussy was now slick with warm, steamy liquor, as I used two fingers to fuck you. You began moving your pelvis back and forth slowly in response, causing your pussy to flare open and then constrict around my fingers. The seeping juices made audible squishing sounds as my fingers thrust in and out of you.

Muffled moans escaped from between your pursed lips, attracting the attention of the nearby bar patron. He turned on his stool so he could see what going on in our corner, and I saw his gaze widen as he realized that I had my fingers buried in your cunt. Your actions were becoming more animated, and I knew that soon everyone in the bar would become aware of our activities. I decided that the best thing to do was to quickly bring on your orgasm.

With my right hand fucking your pussy, I used my left hand to caress you clit. After wetting my fingertips in the nectar seeping out around my fingers, I used them to gently caress your enflamed clit with a firm but gentle stroke. At the same time I increased the pace of my other hand as it slipped in and out between your fleshy pussy lips. Your eyes were now closed and your head was rocking from side to side. You began to squeeze your nipples with your fingertips in a manner that looked painful but that must have been pleasurable given the resulting pelvic spasms.

The onset of your orgasm was marked by a series of rapid-fire thrusts of your pelvis against my intrusive fingers. I could feel your tight pussy muscles pulsating around them. You tried hard to be quiet, but a barely audible moan, followed by a series of several loud squeals, escaped your best efforts to restrain them. Your climax went on for what seemed liked minutes but was probably much shorter. Your squeals had attracted the attention of all the lounge patrons, so that every eye in the place was focused on your back and the throes of your body in the midst of cumming.

When you were finished, your body slumped downward against my hand, and I had to support you as you recovered. You opened your eyes, and gave me a huge smile. “Welcome to Baltimore,” I said. I slid my fingers out of your now flowing pussy, raising my fingers to my mouth and licking your juices from them. They were warm and pungent, slightly salty-sweet, suffused with essence of Mia. You turned and sat on your stool, but you did not close your blouse. The neighbor bar patron carefully studied your tits before turning his thoughts back to whatever it was that had brought him there in the first place. Gradually the other patrons returned to their conversations, though there was an occasional surreptitious glance in our direction.

When the bartender came toward us, I was certain he was going to ask us to leave. Instead, he stopped and poured a glass of wine that he brought and placed before you, all the time focused on your gorgeous breasts with their fully engorged nipples. “On the house. You can probably use this,” was all he said before he slowly returned to the other end of the bar.

You sipped your wine slowly as your body recovered from what appeared to have been a super orgasm. There was no need for talk. We sat looking into each other’s eyes, both clearly thrilled with the adventure to this point. When we were ready to leave, you tucked the tails of your still unbuttoned blouse into the front of your skirt, leaving your breasts partially exposed.

I left the bartender a huge tip, and gave him a nod of thanks. The other patrons all watched us leave, and a few even gave us thumbs up. We made our way to the elevator, and as soon as the doors closed you were in my arms. You found my lips and thrust your tongue between them. You pressed the full length of your body against mine as we wrapped ourselves together, your cunt pressed tightly against my throbbing cock. Too soon the ride was over and the doors slid open just as we were separating. Two college-age men stood there, delighted, as you strode by, your blouse pulled loose by our embrace, your breasts totally exposed for their rapt examination. “Good evening fellows,” you said as you strode boldly past them.

I opened the door and we moved quickly inside, falling on the bed, sharing a good laugh together. We embraced again, holding each other for a long time, unspeaking, each focused on the feel of the other’s body pressed tightly against our own. You rose to use the restroom, and while you were gone I rearranged the furniture a bit for our upcoming activities.

When you returned, I was standing near the window looking out at the bay. You came up behind me and pressed your taut breasts against my back. We remained that way for a moment, then I turned toward you. I undid the button on the side of your skirt and it fell lightly to the floor. I slipped your blouse off of your shoulders, and dropped it on top of the skirt. I rotated you so you could rest your ass on the window sill. I stepped back and removed my clothes, adding them to the growing pile.

As I moved to kneel before you, you spread your legs in anticipation. I moved my head between your legs and began licking your fragrant nectar from the petals of your succulent rose. The smoothness of your hairless pussy was a delight to my tongue which eagerly sought out your juices from every nook and cranny of your delightful cunt. You twitched when my probing tongue slid up beneath the hood of your clit and licked from side to side as it gave you a thorough washing. Your hands found the back of my head, pulling it toward you, crushing my face against your hot, flared pussy lips. My tongue glided inside, savoring the tastes and smells of your hot pussy, reveling in the smoothness of the crenulations it found there. You began using your hands to move my head rapidly back and forth causing my tongue to penetrate your cunt. I kept my tongue as stiff as possible as you used it like a dildo. My nose crashed against your erect clit, and your juices and my saliva cascaded down my chin in torrents. You came again, but this time there was no need to restrain your vocal responses. As you pounded my tongue into your cunt, you emitted a long series of howls, shrieks, squeals, and moans. You rocked your crotch against my face, as if trying to drive my entire head into your gaping pussy. Tremors of sensory pleasure coursed through your body—I had never seen anyone cum so hard or so long.

By this time my cock was rock hard and incapable of waiting any longer for relief. I stood up quickly, once your orgasm had subsided, and gently turned you to face the window. You lowered your head so that your arms were resting on the sill. I moved behind you, positioned my cock, then pushed against you driving it up inside you as far as it would go. I was instantly surrounded by your warm, pulsating tightness. I nearly came, but held still until the cum had settled back into my balls. My hand moved up underneath you and clasped your pendant breasts. They were will and firm; I tweaked each nipple repeatedly, causing the muscles in your cunt to squeeze my cock tighter. I pulled back, thrust again and again, driving into you, fucking you for all I was worth, seeking relief from the frustration built up during our several days of separation. You pushed your ass back against me with every stroke, wiggling it sensuously against my crotch.

“That’s it. Drive your dick into me. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Fuck me hard. Ffffffuuuuucccckkkkk mmmmeeeeee hhhhaaaarrrrdddd!” That set off another series of loud vocalizations that I am certain that the patrons in the lounge could here. I obeyed your command, fucking you hard, driving into you for all I was worth while pinching your nipples between my fingertips. I felt the cum beginning to rise from my balls again like magma seeking an escape, and my thrusting became more forceful. I could hear your head bumping against the window, but I am not sure that you even realized it. Your shrieks grew louder as your climax approached, and the motion of your ass became more demanding. We came together amidst a flurry of moans, shrieks, and shouts of ecstasy. I felt your muscles squeeze my cock to the point where I was uncertain whether I would be able to remove it when the time came. Through your muscles clinched around my cock I felt every sensuous tremor and quiver that coursed through your body as your orgasm peaked and then diminshed. Gradually the tremors subsided and your cunt released its stranglehold on my now shrinking appendage. As my cock slipped out of you, a huge glob of cum slid free and splattered on the carpet. Totally drained, I turned and sat against the wall beneath the window. You joined me, and I draped my arm around your shoulders.

We sat that way for several moments, trying to catch our breaths, unable to speak, but really not needing to say anything. Your silky flesh pressed against my side, the aromas of our combined juices, and the sounds of our breathlessness combined to cause a sense of total joy to spread through my body. Damn, I’m glad we met, I thought to myself.

I turned toward you and asked, “How was the view?” Without giving you time to answer, I moved my lips to yours and kissed you deeply.

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