End Of Days


END OF DAYS: A scene we'd like to see!

It is a quarter to twelve on December 31st, 1999. The Millennium is about to end. Deep in the bowels of New York City, in an underground meeting place, Satan and his followers are about to make a terrible prophesy come to pass. If he is able to impregnate a virgin at the stroke of midnight, Armageddon will be unleashed upon the world.

Former cop turned mercenary, Jericho Cane, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, is in the audience and is working his way to the altar, when he is stopped by a vision of his late wife kneeling before him, pulling his manhood from his pants. In spite of his struggles he cannot shake the apparition and allows her to take him in his mouth. His cock grows as she caresses it with her tongue, urging him to join her in the new world of unbridled lust. In a last ditch effort to reach his goal, Jericho tries to pull away, but fails. The velvet touch of her tongue is too much and he grunts as his cock erupts into her mouth. Grabbing her head, he thrusts deep, pouring the contents of his balls into the back of her throat. The intensity of his orgasm leaves him physically drained, unable to rise from the floor. He can only look at the beautiful woman as she gulps down his semen, wiping the excess from her chin. He is also able to see just beyond her to the altar.

On that altar, the darkly handsome Satan (Gabriel Byrne) hovers over the robed body of Christine York (Robin Tunney), an innocent, virginal 19 year old that he has chosen to bear his child. Christine, drugged and helpless, lays strapped to the altar awaiting the unknown.

Satan slowly pulls the robe from the young girl, exposing her small, alabaster colored breasts, topped by small puffy nipples, tight stomach, and trimmed, jet black bush. Parting her legs he steps in between them before throwing off his own garment. Those close by gasp at the enormity of his penis as it sways, semi-firm, just above the petite form of Christine. He leans forward, allowing his member to come in contact with Christine's unprotected pussy. A large drop of pre-cum, leaking from his piss slit smears onto Christine's lips. He smiles down at the prone figure beneath him, his tongue slipping out of his mouth. The tongue splits, each fork coming in contact with her nipples, wrapping around each nub, tugging gently, rasping against the dark pink flesh.

Christine moans. The feelings in her nipples intensify as they stiffen under Lucifer's ministrations. She writhes in ecstasy as she is prepared for violation.

The crowd begins to chant, "In nomine Patri Luciferus, Et fili, et spiritu unsancti."

The devil positions his oversized member at the entry to Christine's vulnerable sex. He pushes slowly forward, stretching the tender, unused pussy flesh. Christine's eyes widen in discomfort, having never had an object of this size inside her before. She gasps.

The chant gets louder as the crowd watches in awe. "In nomine Patri Luciferus, Et fili, et spiritu unsancti!"

Christine look up into his eyes, and whispers, "What language is that? What are they saying?"

He leans closer to her ear, whispering, " Its Latin. They pray for me to mate with you. In the name of Father Lucifer, his son, and the unholy spirits."

Pressing forward some more, his helmet barely inside, until his way is blocked by her hymen, he holds still, smiles down at her, and kisses her on the lips. His forked tongue slithering into her mouth. She accepts it, moaning, as she feels his manhood twitch in anticipation. Her legs spread wider, almost in invitation to him.

Her eyes half close as he extricates his tongue. The fingers of his right hand play with her turgid nipples, his left thumb gently rubs at her clit, smearing some of his precum over the sensitive button. He looks up at the clock. It is less than five minutes until midnight. It is time!

Holding her down at the shoulders, he lunges with his hips, tearing her hymen and burying his massive length deep inside her. Christine screams with pain, before passing out, only to be drowned out by the howl of triumph bellowing from the snarling lips of her captor. His cock fills every inch of her, his helmet, pushing against her cervix, his balls caressing her pussy lips.

Allowing her a moment to revive, he gently pulls out, his shaft dappled with the evidence of her defloration. Still playing with her clit, he fills her again. Christine moans. It feels strangely good, this foreign object lodged deep inside her, stretching her, filling her so completely. She starts to move her hips, meeting his thrusts, her cunt tingling. Lifting her ass off he altar she actively participates in the ceremony, no longer a victim, but a willing partner. Grabbing his free hand she crushes it to her pointed breast. "Breed me! Fill me with your unholy seed. Use my cunt for your pleasure" she says as she bucks beneath him, feeling his entire length fill and empty her birth canal. "Fuck me!" she demands.

He smiles, reveling in the intense pleasure building in his balls, as he reams and stretches the girls cunt, his cock scratching her g-spot with each stroke.

His ministrations bring her ever closer to orgasm. She begins to babble incoherently as their bodies rock together. "Ohhh! Fuucckk! Ohmy! Ahhh! Ohmyfucking Gaa!" The last word is stifled in her throat as he tells her never to mention God in his presence again!

The smell of their sexual union permeates the atmosphere as the clock begins to strike. "Unholy Father, make me your vessel! Cum inside me!" she pants just as her orgasm takes over. Her cunt spasms, grabbing and releasing his member, urging it to spill its contents.

The clock continues to strike.....eight...nine ...ten.

With a triumphant, guttural cry, Lucifer announces to the world that he has, at last, mated. His cock pumps his life giving liquid deep into the still spasming young cunt beneath him. He pulls his still spurting cock from within, and starting at her forehead makes the sign of the cross down her face, smearing sperm and blood down the ridge of her nose, across her lips, down her throat to her navel. Then across her breasts before stuffing it into her open mouth. Eagerly, she accepts as much of it as she can, sucking the dregs of their mating from his still swollen penis and kissing his balls as they dangle in front of her face.

With his semen, her juices and blood smeared all over her lips, she looks up at him with adoring eyes. "Thank you, Father Lucifer!" she says

All across the subterranean cavern, Lucifer's minions have thrown off their garments and are engaging in an orgy of indiscriminate sex with whoever is at hand. We have, indeed reached the End of Days!

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