tagErotic CouplingsEnd of the Innocence: The Sea Cruise

End of the Innocence: The Sea Cruise

byRob Conner©


Lincoln Brown smiled to himself after he finished his call with his Number 1 Lieutenant. They had found Fast Eddie Burkholder in bed with one of his crack whores. He was trussed up like a turkey on his way to a small warehouse out in the country where Lincoln took care of troublemakers.

Few if any left that warehouse alive. Eddie Burkholder was not going to be one of the few. He finally had that chump where he wanted him.

Lincoln thought back to his first encounter with Fast Eddie.

Kirby had been walking down the hallway with his latest squeeze Beth Howland. One of Eddie's groups of chumps had tripped Beth as they walked by after their last class.

Kirby was able to keep her from falling but another chump pushed Kirby from behind and he had fallen on the defenseless girl half lying on the old wooden floor.

Eddie came up behind Kirby about to kick him in the ribs when he felt his feet leave the floor and found himself airborne across the hall. The rest of Eddie's buddies suffered the same fate.

Kirby got to his feet and helped his girlfriend to her feet. As he looked around he noticed Eddie and his two main asshole buddies laying on the floor and Lincoln, Nathan and several of his large Afro American friends standing over the scared shitless white boys.

Lincoln first asked Beth was she okay? Then he asked Kirby the same thing.

After getting affirmative answers from both, he turned his attention to Eddie and his chumps.

"Well, well, if it ain't my buddy Eddie. You aren't very bright are you boy? I told you the next time you even got close to Kirby I was goanna put you in the hospital. Guess what? I mean what I say." Lincoln smirked

"Yeah. That sorry ass white boy can't do shit without his nigger friends can he?" snarled Eddie

Lincoln went to kick Eddie in the ribs but Kirby held him back.

"You think that's what it is? I'm scared to fight? Wrong answer fish boy." Calling Eddie the nickname he hated. (His parents owned a fish market and Eddie came to school smelling like dead fish.) Kirby laughed "Pleease!"

Turning to Lincoln he said, "Stand that asshole up. If he whips my ass, which I doubt, let him and his buddies go. Don't interfere."

Lincoln looked unsure, but shrugged his shoulders. It was on Kirby now.

Beth held on to his hand. "Don't do it Kirby. Don't bring yourself down to his level." She pleaded

"My Dad always says violence isn't the answer most of the time. But some people just need a good old fashioned ass whupping to get the message. Fish boy must be one of them." Kirby said

Everyone backed off and formed a circle around the two combatants.

Eddie struck first with a vicious kick to Kirby's groin area. But his leg hit nothing but air as Kirby side stepped then grabbed Eddie by the foot flipping him on his head into the metal lockers.

Kirby backed off allowing his opponent to shake off the cobwebs and get to his feet.

"Sloppy move there fish boy. My Grandma could have blocked that move and she's been dead for ten years." Kirby laughed, really pissing off Eddie.

Eddie tried an overhand right which was easily blocked. Kirby got through his guard and bitch slapped him on the side of the face, stunning Eddie.

Lincoln was surprised by Kirby's speed and agility. He looked at his brother Nathan who was smiling brightly.

After landing several blows and kicks all over Eddie from head to toe the white boy was about out on his feet, began to look desperate.

Dodging to his right he grabbed Beth and pulled a switch blade from his pocket, holding it under her chin.

"What you goanna do now, you smart ass? I got your bitch now." He snarled

Lincoln was about to move when Nathan held his arm. "Eddie's fucked up now. Kirby's been easy on him, that fuckers going to the hospital. Just watch."

Before Nathan got the words out, Kirby executed a perfect side kick to the side of Eddie's head with such force that he fell on his ass against the lockers.

Kirby walked over and stomped on his knife hand causing the knife to come out of his hand and breaking three fingers in the process.

He picked Eddie up off the floor and began to bitch slap him repeatedly across the face at the same time kneeing him in the balls so hard that Eddie traveled a foot in the air with each knee applied.

Kirby then let him fall to the floor with blood from his broken nose and busted lips and the promise of a Grade A black eye, then a couple of quick kicks to the kidneys to finish the show.

Kirby then turned to Eddie's buddies, "Do you punks want to take me on face to face? No. I forgot you assholes only work from behind. I better never catch you behind me again. If I do I'm going to assume that you are about to attack and I will fuck you up." He said in a calm voice, but with plenty of malice.

He turned to his girlfriend. "You ready to go? I'm really hungry." He smiled

Beth looked at him like he had grown two more heads.

"Stay away from me. You're not the Kirby I know. You and your friends play too rough for me. The money isn't worth it. I'm out of here." She said as she turned and walked away.

Kirby looked stunned.

Nathan and Lincoln walked up to him. Nathan put his arm around his shoulders.

"Tough break my man. Women are flakey anyway. We'll help you find a new one." Lincoln said

Kirby just shook his head. He had really thought that Beth might be the one. But she was after him for his money like all of the rest.

A valuable lesson learned.

Lincoln smiled. No one except Nathan knew that Kirby had been taking self defense lessons from Mr. Iverson, the family driver/bodyguard. He was a retired Navy SEAL and former Martial Arts Champion.

Kirby later went on to become a national champion.

Lincoln pulled up to a side door of the old packing plant.

Fast Eddie didn't look too fast now. He looked like a landed trout, roped to a pole.

"Eddie you sure are one dumb mother fucker. I told you not to play your silly assed games in my town anymore. I gave you a chance the last time to clean up your act, but it's still the same old shit." Lincoln stated.

"It's pretty sad that you have to blackmail some woman to marry you. It's even worse that she decides to run and let her father take a beating rather than marry a pig, or should I say a flounder like you."

"Fuck you Nigger!" shouted Eddie

"Damn Eddie, can't you find some new material. That's the same shit you been saying for 20 years. If you were going to be around much longer I'd suggest that you find a new writer. But being this is the end of the line, I'll let it pass." Lincoln smiled giving him an eat shit look.

Lincoln turned to the thug by his side. "Get Mr. Jeffers in here please."

"He's behind you Boss."

Turning around, Lincoln spoke to the well groomed, well dressed man behind him.

"Mr. Jeffers, I'd like to introduce you to an old school chum of mine, Eddie 'Fish Boy" Burkholder. He's been a naughty boy and has really pissed me off."

"I was going to shoot him between the eyes and be done with it. But now I've decided he needs to be the subject of an instructional video. We'll put it out as a warning about what happens when you piss me off and call me that old tired racial slur."

Turning to Eddie, Lincoln explained, "Mr. Jeffers is an expert on brutal interrogation and torture methods. He knows tricks that make hard core sadist puke. I'm going to use you as a poster boy in the "Don't piss off Big Bubba" campaign."

"Oh. I just remembered. Guess who has your former fiancée on his boat out in the ocean? Your other best pal, Kirby Rivers. He said she was a good fuck. Bye Eddie. See you in Hell."

He could hear Eddie scream in rage as he walked out the door.

Getting in to his car he pulled out his encrypted cell phone to make a call.

"Kirby, this is Link. Tell your girl not to worry about Fast Eddie. He should be extra crispy in about 24 to 48 hours, depending on how long Mr. J wants to play."

"Thanks Link. I'm tired of that rat bastard any way. I owe you one." Said Kirby

"No you don't. I was going to get rid of his dumb ass anyway. But I'll always be in your debt for what you and your family did for mine especially when there was nothing in it for them. Anytime I can help let me know." He said with real emotion in his voice.

"Come on Link. That was years ago. We got your Mom to take good care of us and I got plenty of other kids to play with. What more could I ask." Kidded Kirby

"OK Kirby. I left your boy with the final piece of information that his ex fiancée was with you on your boat and that she was a good piece of ass." Link laughed

"She's a nice girl. I wouldn't know about the last part." Kirby added

"That may be so, but that asshole didn't know that. What a last thought to have on your way to hell." Link said

"You're one cold fucker, Link." Kirby laughed

"Yeah right, Kirby. Later man." He said as he disconnected the call and turned his mind to other business.


Kirby turned to the woman sitting across the cabin from him. Damn she was a knockout.

"Well, you don't have to worry about Eddie 'the fish boy' any longer. I had a friend of mine have a discussion with him and show him the error of his ways. You or your family won't hear from him or his people again." Kirby explained

"Are you sure? He and his men are mighty mean and nasty. I hope they don't hurt your friend." Kate asked

Kirby burst out laughing. "My friend wrote the book on being a bad ass. Eddie is just a wanna be. I am as sure as the coffin lid closing that you'll have no more trouble from that crowd." He stated

"Is he dead?" she asked

"In about 24 to 48 hours. He's helping with an instructional video. When it's done, he'll be about six pounds of gray ash on the bottom of the river, back with the fishes." Kirby laughed.

"Instructional Video? I don't understand." She said

Kirby said straight faced, "You really don't want to know. Just be happy that your family is safe and sound."

"I'll give you a number that you or your family can call if anyone bothers you again. You're under Big Bubba's protection now." Kirby added

'The Big Bubba, as in head gangster in town Big Bubba? Why would he protect us?" she asked

Kirby looked her in the eye. "Because I asked him to. We grew up together. He and his brother, Nathan, are my best friends, closer to brothers in fact. And he feels like he owes me. Plus you gave him an excuse, not that he needed one, to get rid of a pain in his ass." Kirby explained

Katie looked at him with some alarm in her features. "Are you a gangster too?"

Kirby laughed loudly. "No I'm a legitimate businessman with no illegal dealings. In fact Link's brother, Nathan, who used to be an FBI agent, is my chief of security. His mom has been mine and my parent's housekeeper for ever. She makes me tow the line."

"So what happened to your ex fiancée, is she sleeping with the fishes too?" she asked.

Kirby answered. "Right now she is in detox at the Ridgeview Institute in Atlanta. She has a serious drug and alcohol problem, along with problems of loyalty and choosing lousy friends. But she is still alive and will continue to be if she can straighten herself out."

Taking a deep breathe he added, "She hurt me too badly for us to make it together, ever. But I'll help her all I can. Nathan is looking out for her now."

Kate looked at him sadly. "Sorry I asked. I can see that you are still hurt over her. I'm sorry I brought up. One of these days I'll learn to mind my own bee's wax."

"It's okay. It's all water under a broken bridge anyway. It didn't happen overnight. Life goes on." He said

"Let's talk about other things, like what do you want to do about being on my boat? Kirby asked

"What do you mean?" she asked

"If you want to go home right away, I can arrange for you to be picked up by chopper and returned to the nearest airport. If you aren't in a hurry to go back you can stay on the boat till I hit a port with an air transport.

"Or I can hang till I get tired of you?" she asked shyly

Kirby laughed. "Yeah that too, but don' stay just because you think you owe me anything. I did what I did for my own reasons. You don't owe me squat."

The shapely redhead got up off the sofa and crossed to Kirby's chair. Leaning down she ran her tongue across his lips. "Yes I do owe you. You helped my family and saved me from a fate worse than death, being married to that arsehole." She whispered softly.

"But I'm really attracted to you. I haven't had that happen in a long time. It's not that you helped me or that you have this fine boat and plenty of money, no doubt. There's something about you that makes me want to crawl inside you and never come out. I fell safe and secure with you. Plus you make my knickers wet." She said in a sensuous voice that made Kirby's dick get really hard.

"Why don't you set this thing on auto and let's retire to the stateroom?" she asked

Kirby looked at her. "Sure?"

"If you don't take me in a short time I may explode! Is that sure enough for you?" she answered.

"Sounds like a winner to me." He said as he picked the petite redhead off the couch and carried her through the galley to the main cabin.

Setting her on her feet he began to lay light kisses on her lips. He felt her start to squirm and moved on to her long lovely neck.

Kate moaned, "Please kiss me. I've been thinking about your lips for hours."

He moved his focus to her full red lips. He kissed her lightly and then began to increase pressure, making her moan with pleasure. Her lips soon parted allowing him entry into the sweet cavern of her mouth.

He whispered to Kate, "Is the real thing as your imagination?"

"Better, much better." She whispered.

Kirby quickly removed her bikini. She stood in front of him with her petite but well shaped body open to his inspection.

She had beautiful C cup breasts with rosy aureoles and long thick nipples begging to be sucked. They hung proudly high and firm on her frame. Not too big, not too small. Just right!

She had trimmed her pubic hair, but it was a nice bush that proved she was a real redhead. Kirby couldn't wait to let his tongue explore that sweet cavern.

The boat moved across the calm ocean as the two lovers got to know each other.

Very Well.

THE End. (Well Maybe.)

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