tagLoving WivesEnd of the Innonence

End of the Innonence

byRob Conner©

Kirby Rivers was an unhappy man. The more he thought about his present situation, the unhappier he became.

A lot of it was his fault. He had allowed things to get out of hand. He had allowed himself to be a chump for too long. The time had come to bring this unhappy chapter of his life to a close.

Sighing, he rose from his office chair and walked out, telling his secretary he would be out of the office for the rest of the afternoon and to reschedule his appointments.

His first stop was the bank. He directed his banker to close all of his existing accounts and start new ones in his name alone. To cancel all credit and debit cards except his MasterCard that was in his name alone. The banker was told to honor all checks on those accounts written till 12AM last night.

Bankers aren't so usually obliging, but when you have several million dollars in different accounts, they tend to try to help more.

As Kirby left the bank, he called a locksmith to come and change all the locks on his house. Also to change all the window locks to a sturdier type.

Next call was to his alarm company. They were instructed to update his security system and put motion sensor lights throughout his 5 acre yard.

He called his housekeeper and told her to allow the workmen in and to start packing all of Heidi and Fawn's things. They were leaving.

He heard a sigh of relief from Mrs. Brown, "About time you put them bitches in the street where they belong." She said. She had been with the family for over 30 years, had wiped Kirby's butt when he was a baby. She was not known for holding her tongue.

All Kirby could say was, "Your Right."

He then headed home to supervise the packing. But he stopped by the cemetery . Standing by his parents graves, he silently apologized for his actions.

His parents had died two years ago in a small plane crash on their way to their mountain home. Kirby had been devastated. An only child who didn't have a worry in the world. Suddenly he had to take charge of a multi-million dollar business and manage millions of dollars. To say the least he was overwhelmed.

Heidi had been the glue that held him together during that difficult time. She had kept him calm and helped him deal with the details.

Heidi was 5'7" tall with a 36C-24-38 inch body, blonde hair and blue eyes. She was sweet, good natured and very loving. Kirby and she had been engaged for 18 months at the time of his parents death.

Things went along well for a year. Kirby was getting the hang of running a business. He spent long hours at the office and several days a month out of town.

Kirby and Heidi had always had a good sex life. They were very innovative in their lovemaking and open to new ideas. But with Kirby working so much and being out of town so much, their time together was limited.

Heidi had kept her job, even though Kirby had asked her to quit. They sure didn't need the money. But she insisted that this was her way of having some independence.

Kirby had noticed that Heidi had began to change. She began to dress differently, wear more makeup, and stay out all hours with her "girlfriends".

Kirby was not happy with the way things were, but loved Heidi to distraction. Their sex life had dropped from two or three times a day to hardly ever. He also noticed changes in her body. Heidi used to be tight, Now he could enter her with ease. He also noticed when she was naked, she had unexplained marks on her body.

About three months ago, Heidi came home quite out of it. It was easy to tell that it wasn't from alcohol alone. She smelled like a hemp factory, her eyes bloodshot and her pupils dilated. She was stoned to the bone!

Kirby had a strong aversion to drugs. One of his best friends had died from an overdose. Heidi used to feel the same.

"What in the hell is wrong with you Heidi? You act like a totally different person. What's causing this?" he asked

"I am a different person from the old boring Heidi. I like to have fun with my friends and have adventures. Sexual adventures. I've learned that I really like to fuck. All positions, with all types of people. Male, female, black or white. The men have to have big dicks. Not like your pathetic peter." She laughed

"I got tired of being home by myself while you played big shot executive. I made friends, new friends who like to party. I learned what I was missing out on. How stupid I was being. Working in some little dead end job, when I had access to millions. I've been having lots of fun with your money!"

Kirby looked at her in shock. This was not his Heidi. This was some stranger.

She walked to the phone and dialed a number. "Fawn, this is Heidi. Come over to the house. I told dickless the score. No, don't worry. He's too wimpy. Bye. Love you." She hung up the phone and turned to a stunned Kirby.

"My girlfriend, or should I say Lover is on her way over. She's gonna be staying for awhile. You need to move your crap out of my bedroom. Fawn is going to be sharing it with me and my other lovers. You can't do anything for me anymore with that little pisser of yours. But if you're a good boy, I'll let you lick the cum out of my twat when my male lovers are done." She laughed

About 20 minutes later a short, somewhat plump woman with bleached blonde hair and obviouslly artificial tits came in the room. She walked over and gave Heidi a long tongue kiss, while fondling her breasts.

She looked over at Kirby. "So this is moneybags? Not bad looking. Kind of cute." She said

Heidi looked at him disgust in her face. "If you like the wimpy type. I prefer real men. With big dicks."

They walked off arm in arm. " We're going upstairs now. Sleep in the guest room. Have that worthless housekeeper move your stuff tomorrow. Good Night, Dickless." She laughed

That was the start of the worst three months of Kirby's life.

Hot and cold running men and women in his house. His parent's house. Wild parties lasting for days. Thousands of dollars spent on drugs and liquor. Thousands on clothes for Heidi and Fawn and their lovers.

The kicker was the 25,ooo dollars for Heidi's breast enlargement and 10,000 for Fawns liposuction. She now had a EE breasts that made her kook like she would fall on her face at any moment.

Well that was all over now. He had tried to overlook what was going on, that it was a phase Heidi was going through. But by altering her body with tattoos and piercings and now a boob job, there was no going back for her, or them.

The Heidi he loved was dead. Gone, never to return. He had paid more than he owed her for her support earlier. He missed his Heidi.

Now the shit was going to hit the fan. And he didn't care who got splattered.

After he left the cemetery he thought of a couple things he had overlooked.

He got on his phone and made the necessary calls.


Kirby sat in the only piece of furniture in his living room. The rest ruined by all the parties had either been discarded or sent for repair. All the mattresses in the house had been tossed. God knew what was in or on them. All the linen also. There would be a cleaning crew in tomorrow to clean the house and then it would be repainted. Then placed on the market.

He knew he could never enter this house without seeing Both Heidi's. The Heidi he had loved and the one he hated. He had taken over the penthouse floor of the new office his company had bought. It would take a month to finish and decorate. Kirby was going on vacation on his boat.

Heidi had been right about one thing, he had let Rivers Industries take over his life. He decided it was time to get a life. He had managers who were more than qualified to run the business. As they had before his parent's death. He had overreacted, thinking he had to be in charge of everything. He learned that lesson and would never forget it.

All he had to do was to get this night over with and move on.

He heard a banging at the front door. Guess the girls came home and found out that their keys no longer fit.

Smiling to himself he walked to the front door opening it to let the worse for wear, females to enter.

He turned and walked to his living room and sat in the only chair around.

Heidi yelled, "What the fuck is this shit, Dickless."

Kirby looked her in the eye and in a calm voice said, "Shut the fuck up. I don't want to hear another word out of your mouth till I tell you to talk." He looked at Fawn, "You too bitch."

The women looked at him in shock.

"What's going on is the game is over. I'm done playing. Your asses are out of my house right now. I've stopped all the credit cards and closed all the checking accounts. I've trashed all the furniture and am putting the house up for sale. Then I'm going on vacation for a month. Far from here."

"You can't do that!" sputtered Heidi

"Oh yes I can and have. I'm being nice and letting you keep all your ill gotten gains." He stood up and walked over to Heidi and grabbed her hand. He pulled the large diamond ring from her finger. Then reached behind her neck and pulled the heavy gold chain from there.

He then walked over to Fawn and snatched the bracelet then the chain from her neck.

Kirby said, "These belonged to my mother. I expect the rest to be returned before you leave or I'll have you charged with theft." He warned

"Your old car is in the back driveway. I've had the new one towed as we speak. Luckily it was still in my name. You'll leave with what you came with except for your clothes and personal items." He stated "I'll even let you keep your boobs. You're going to need them to get work as a whore or a topless dancer. Because that's about the only places that would hire you. At least you've had lots of practice."

They heard the front door open then close then a loud voice say, "What the FUCK is going on here?" The voice belonged to a 6'6" white guy with lots of muscles.

Heidi ran to him. "He's kicking us out! He's stopping all the money! Make him stop it Moose!"

Moose looked at Kirby like a bug under a looking glass. Smirking, he said, "You little wimpy shit! I'm gonna break you in half. No one makes my Bitch cry but me! I like my lifestyle now and you ain't gonna change it!" as he stormed across the room, reaching for Kirby.

But surprise. Kirby wasn't there. He side kicked Moos in the side of his flexed knee. You could hear the pop all the way across the room as the tendons and ligaments gave way under the weight. Moose hit the floor. Kirby stepped back as Moose howled in pain.

Kirby bounced on the balls of his feet and quickly delivered several kicks to the side of Moose's head and chest. Moose head was ringing and his chest hurt. He tried to reach for his assailant, but missed.

The lighter man then stomped on Moose's fingers that he was using to brace himself, breaking three finger and then his wrist. The big man then fell to the floor on his back screaming in pain. Kirby then kicked him several times in the nuts, making the big man pass out from the pain.

Heidi and Fawn looked on in shock. They had seen Moose take out scores of men without a scratch. Now he lay on the floor beaten half to death. And not one scratch on his opponent.

"Where did you learn to do that?" asked Heidi

"Oh, I forgot to tell you, I'm a 7th Degree Black Belt. I was the national champion for three years before we got together. It just never came up in the conversation." He laughed

Several large men then entered the room. They saw Moose lying on the floor. They looked at Fawn, who said, "He did it! He snuck up behind Moose and worked him over with a club!"

Heidi looked at her friend in amazement.

Kirby frowned. "You lying Slut. " he said to fawn. "Enough of this shit is enough!

He turned and said, "Nathan come in here, Please."

A tall Black man 6'8" 350 pounds of pure muscle came into the room followed by several other large men black and white. Three were armed with handguns held at their sides.

"About damn time you called me. I thought I was going to miss all the fun." Said Kirby's best friend and his housekeepers son, Nathan Brown.

Kirby turned to the men now standing behind Fawn and Heidi. These are friends of mine. Nathan," he said pointing to the biggest man, " is my best friend since childhood. Him and those fellows behind him compete in "Tough Man" contest all over the world."

Nathan said, "Okay, who wants to be first? Come on now. All you husky boys. One at a time and the boys will put the artillery up. Come on!"

The guys looked at each other. They were lovers not fighters. Five to one was one thing, one on one with big guys was another. No pussy was that good.

"Man, this is not our thing. We're gone. Bye girls. " he said as they piled out the door.

Kirby laughed, "Well girls. Seems like your on your own. I was gonna let you go peacefully. But Fawn, you lying bitch changed that. You like big dicks? Guess what, I have it on good authority that these guys have the biggest dick in the state. I'm sure they'll give you all you want."

Heidi cried, "Please no. Don't do this to us. I still love you. You owe me!"

Kirby walked over to her and slapped her as hard as he could in the right breast. She quickly bent over.

He grabbed her chin and looked into her eyes, "NO bitch! If you loved me you never would have done what you did! And you got paid a lot more than what you were worth a long time ago. I expect you gone as soon as these guys are done with you and your slut buddy."

"While your getting gang banged, think about what you threw away. I bet your buddy will be long gone now that the free ride is over. See how many of your so called friends stand by you. What we could have had together, if you had told me you were lonely. Been honest with me. We could have worked it out."

"Too late now to talk about love. You make me sick. You're a whore and a slut. Have fun tonight." He smirked.

He turned to the assembled men. "These sluts are all yours till dawn. I'd wear a rubber If I was you. God only knows where that pussy has been." He said as he walked out without a backward glance at the person who had once been the love of his life.

Nathan followed him outside. Kirby stood with his head bowed and tears running down his cheeks. Kirby gathered him in a bear hug.

"Damn Nathan, I really loved that girl! How could she do this to us? How? Shit!" He cried

"It's hard to say what goes through a persons head when they do things like that. Sometimes people get lead astray. I know that Fawn is a pro at this kind of shit. Heidi is not the first."

"I've got to go man. I can't watch this. Make sure no one hurts Heidi. Fawn I could care less about. Watch out for her. Make sure she is okay and has a place to stay. Say that your helping her as an old friend."

He reached into his pocket and pulled out two envelopes and handed them to Nathan. "The top one is a bonus for the guys. I appreciate their help. The bottom is for Heidi. Use it rent her an apartment or what ever. If it runs more, use the miscellaneous account and I'll take care of it when I get back."

"You sure? That's being mighty generous under the circumstances." Said Rivers Industries chief of security.

Kirby looked at him. "I don't want her becoming a hooker. If she needs drug rehab, then send her. I owe her that much. Later." He said as he turned and got into his car and drove away. Never looking back.

ALWAYS PEACTICE SAFE SEX. Getting a nut is not worth dying for!

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You call this a story?

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End of the Endless Nonsense...damn that spellchek

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