tagExhibitionist & VoyeurEnd of the Season Party

End of the Season Party


The sun was setting but the party was in full steam.

It was the end of the summer and about a dozen members of my co-ed softball team were in my backyard for an end of the season barbeque.

We played our last game earlier in the afternoon and I thought it would be nice to have a year-end bash.

It was a good turnout, about six guys and eight girls. While most teams struggled to get girls out to play, we had a surplus. We weren't ultra competitive, but we had lots of fun.

It was my first year on the team. My boyfriend Colin was on the squad for years and had been bugging me to come out.

I'm not that athletically gifted but I can hold my own. I'm a curvy girl, but in shape. And I look quite cute with my long dark ponytail sticking out the back of my baseball cap.

I caught more than a few guys checking out my ass as I rounded the bases throughout the season.

Everyone was still in their uniforms at the party, including Kiah, a slender shortstop with shoulder length blonde hair. She was 29, three years younger than me, and had a body to die for. She was super skinny but had enormous perky breasts.

Kiah took me under her wing this season. It was hard being the new girl on the team.

We became quite close over the summer on the field, and it was good to finally get a chance to hang out with her in a different setting.

As party host, I was busy running around filling up everyone's drinks and making sure there was enough food to eat. But I couldn't help notice that Kiah was getting a bit tipsy on the red wine.

She had a dark tan and liked to wear her white baseball socks pulled up to her knees. Her baseball shirt clung to her breasts and her shorts barely covered her tight ass. I could see a slight indentation on the front of her shorts wear the fabric was barely inching up her pussy lips. It was subtle, but hot.

My small house only has one bathroom. There always seemed to be a line-up whenever I went inside to go pee. I tried to convince some of the guys in line to let me in, but they thought it was funny to make me wait.

Kiah happened to be at the head of the line and when the door opened, she grabbed my hand and yanked me in with her. She loved messing with the guys.

Girls go to the bathroom together all the time, but we usually use our own stall at bars and restaurants. So, it was a bit awkward for me when we locked the door.

I'm proud of my body. Like Kiah, my breasts are big, probably a bit bigger than hers. I have small brown nipples and a tight tummy.

I sat down to go pee while Kiah fixed her hair in the bathroom mirror. As soon as I was finished, she bent forward, peeled down her tight shorts and sat on the toilet. She wasn't wearing panties and I couldn't help but notice that her pussy was shaved clean.

I must have lingered a bit too long because Kiah looked up and caught me staring. She flashed a smile, but I quickly looked away in embarrassment.

I have never been with a girl. But, as I get older, I find that I'm getting more curious about all sorts of sexual things.

"Stare much," Kiah said giggling.

Before I could answer, she quickly opened her legs and closed them, giving me a flash of her bright pink pussy.

"Sorry. Just noticing that you don't have any tan lines," I said, to try and change the subject.

Before she could answer, the guys in line began pounding on the door for us to hurry up. So, we headed back to the party.

I couldn't shake the image of Kiah's bald pussy from my mind. Every time I glanced at her, I felt a flutter in my panties.

Drinking red wine only made me feel hornier.

I found myself sitting on the arm rest of the couch or standing behind my lazy boy, resting my front side against the hard edge just so I could nonchalantly grind my cunt while talking to guests.

It was the only way I could relieve my swollen clit. But it wasn't enough.

So, I politely excused myself from the conversation and slipped down into the utility room in my basement for some privacy. Once I was alone, I ripped down my shorts and spread my lips with one hand while furiously rubbing my clit in circular motions with the other. My aching clit was so sensitive that I let out a whimper seconds after touching it.

I had never been so wet. To my amazement, I could feel trickles of cum running down my inner thighs as I continued to work it. When I looked down, I could see clear liquid glistening all over my pussy.

I gently stuck two fingers into my sopping wet hole and let out a little sigh as I worked them deeper and deeper into my pussy. The basement smelled like sex thanks to the lather I was building up. But I needed more.

In desperation, I looked around and grabbed the first cock-shaped thing I could find. It happened to be a red screwdriver. Wasting no time, I flipped it around and sunk the fat handle up my slippery pussy. It was sliding in and out with ease, slowly at first, then as fast as I could pump it.

It was sensory overload.

Kiah's shaved vagina in my mind. A room full of people just one floor above me. My shorts and panties pulled down to my feet. A thick screwdriver handle jammed inside me. And the smell of my cum lingering in the air.

It was all just too much.

One touch of my ballooning clit sent shivers up from my feet to my legs and my pussy contracted and locked tightly around the screwdriver as my body spasmed in orgasm.

Before anyone noticed, I yanked up my pants, put the lubricated screwdriver back on the tool bench and returned to the party.

When I got back, the gathering was winding down.

"There you are," said Kiah, as she leaned in for a friendly kiss on the cheek. "I've been looking all over for you. Let me get you a glass of wine."

As we walked to the kitchen, I could feel the front of my white lace panties sticking to my drenched pussy. A small wet spot had formed between my thighs.

As the night wore on, I started worrying less about playing host and started drinking a bit too much wine. Thankfully Colin was good enough to clean up as people trickled home.

By the end of the night it was just me, Kiah and Colin left.

We moved to the den to talk and drink. Colin complimented Kiah on her tan.

"The sun has been good to you this summer," he said. "But how come you don't have any tan lines? You always have those socks pulled up to your knees."

Kiah mentioned that she also frequented a tanning salon twice a week.

"It's the only way to get a full body tan," she said, as she stood up, unzipped her shorts and exposed her pelvic bone. "See, no tan lines"

Kiah sat back down on the couch but didn't do her shorts back up. I could see Colin's eyes light up as he peered over at the bronzed goddess.

Colin and I had been dating for about two years. I'm the jealous type so there was no way I'd ever share him with another woman. But he knows that I've always wanted to see what it's like.

"You're such a tease," I said to Kiah. "Why don't you show us more?"

And with that, Kiah put her glass of wine on the coffee table next to the couch, stood up and lifted her baseball jersey over her head. She reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra, freeing her beautiful firm breasts.

"Your turn," she replied.

I opted to up the ante. Instead of taking off my shirt, I took off my shorts. Kiah was in disbelief. Looking her in the eyes, I grabbed the damp thong part of my panties and shifted it to the side, exposing my pussy. My lips were still gleaming from my earlier workout.

Kiah grabbed the sides of my thong and slipped it down my legs. She carefully positioned me on all fours on the couch and approached me from behind.

I was a bit nervous, but mostly excited as I waited for the first girl to ever taste me.

Kiah grabbed my ass and pulled my cheeks apart as she moved in. But she bypassed my dripping cunt and stuck her tongue right into my asshole. I immediately pulled forward in surprise.

"Relax," said Kiah. "Just go with it."

I took a deep breath and slowly inched my ass back towards her face. At first, she just ran her tongue over my tight hole. Then, she stuck it as deep as she could inside.

I looked straight ahead at Colin who was sitting in a wingback. He had a huge smile on his face as he watched the show.

He had unzipped the fly of his shorts and had his enflamed cock in a tight grip. He was pumping his fist up and down around his shaft as he stared at my ass shaking in the air. A translucent drop of cum had worked its way up his rod and was slowly dripping down the side of his mushroomed head.

I wanted to go over and wrap my lips around his thick penis and swallow every last bit of his cum, but I was enjoying my session too much.

Kiah licked all around my rim and used her saliva to lubricate my hole. Then, she slowly inserted her middle finger into my ass. She slid her finger in and out a couple of times, then took it out and swirled her tongue around it, before inserting it again.

By now, I was ready for a tongue lashing on my pussy. And Kiah must have read my mind, because she lied on her back and asked me to sit on her face. I backed up so my pussy was right over her mouth and gyrated my hips over her lips as her tongued darted in and out of my moist hole.

I really grinded my saturated vagina right into her face, lifting it every so often to give her some air. Kiah masterfully stroked her tongue along the inner walls of my pussy and flicked my clit with expertise.

All the attention was overwhelming and it didn't take long for me to feel that familiar surge of adrenaline overtake my body. Just as it was building, Kiah slipped her digit back into my asshole and fingered me hard while I was cuming. My thighs shook uncontrollably as they locked around her face. A gush of secretions poured out of my tender pussy and spilled around her cheeks.

Exhausted, I peeled off her body and removed her pants. I pushed her legs apart and stared at her clean pussy. I had no problem letting another woman eat me out, but I have to admit that I was a bit nervous about tasting another pussy.

Sensing my reluctance, Kiah warmed herself up by rubbing her inflamed clit. I sat back for a few minutes to watch her work. She tilted her head sideways and looked over at Colin as she pushed her clit from side to side. She inserted two fingers from her other hand inside her gaping hole.

Colin's pants were off now. His balls bulged as he fiercely jacked his meat. A stream of pre-cum had steadily worked its way down a purple vein running up the underside of his penis.

Kiah pulled her sticky fingers out of her pussy and extended her hand toward my face. I know she wanted me to suck them. But I was still a bit unsure.

"Taste her cum," Colin barked. "C'mon Jen, don't be afraid."

Before I could decide, Kiah looked at me with soft eyes, sat up, leaned into me and delivered a passionate kiss. Our tongues intertwined and it felt good to connect that way.

As we pulled apart, we saw Colin's legs begin to twitch. He was madly pumping his straining cock when his knees fell apart, his balls tensed up and shot load after load of hot white cum all over his chest.

"I tell you what," I said. "You swipe some of that steaming cum off your chest with your finger and eat it, and I'll bury my face in Kiah's pussy."

I was half kidding, to get Colin back for being demanding earlier. But to my surprise, he ran a finger along his stomach, scooped up a wad of semen and licked it off his finger.

"I can't believe you did that," I said with a smirk.

Now it was my turn.

I pushed Kiah's knees apart and lowered my head towards her wet pussy. Her sweet scent got stronger the closer my face got to her lips.

I closed my eyes and ran my tongue from the bottom of her vagina right up to the top. It tasted different than I expected. She sort of had a fresh flavour.

She slightly arched her back and pushed her dripping pussy towards my mouth. I took two fingers and gently pulled back the skin over her clit before wrapping my lips around it. She started to buck her hips as I increased the intensity.

Kiah then placed her hands on the back of my head and pushed my face into her vagina with conviction as she let out a scream.

Before she finished her orgasm, I quickly slid my index finger into her pussy and curled it toward me as I continued sucking her clit. The extra attention made her shudder and within seconds she sent a wave of warm, clear, fluid onto my face and down my throat.

I pulled off and sat back exasperated.

Kiah just laid there trying to catch her breath.

Colin was still in the chair rubbing his softened cock.

And all I could think about was how exciting next softball season was going to be.

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