tagGroup SexEnd of Year Bonus: Shannon

End of Year Bonus: Shannon


Donnie leaned against the wall next to the door leading out to his garage, and put his weary head into the hands resting on his knees. "'Tis the season," he thought as he started to tug his work boots off. It had been a horrible year all around at work, but now it was drawing to a close. He hoped that next year would be better, but the stimulus didn't seem to be stimulating, and the Great Recession seemed like it would drag on forever. Never a good spot for a contractor to be in. There was not steady work all year long, and when there was work, he had to cut his prices in order to be competitive.

This of course meant it was a rough year for his crew, and it was going to be tougher. He was usually able to give them nice bonuses for the holidays, and even managed to do that last year as the economy started to tank. It wasn't going to happen this year though. On top of having a crew down on its luck, and down in the morale department, he was going to ruin their Christmases as well. He struggled to get himself up, exhausted from another overworked, underpaid day, and made his way up to the shower.

The hot water felt good running over his body, and actually took his mind off of work, and the disappointment his guys were going to feel, for a little while. He was so deeply relaxed that he didn't hear his wife Shannon come home. He didn't hear her come up the stairs to their bedroom, and didn't hear her as she got undressed and came into the bathroom. He didn't realize what was going in until she opened the shower door, letting a cool draft into his steamy hot shower. "Happy Friday, baby," she said as she insinuated herself into his arms. No matter what was going on, once his beautiful wife entered the room, everything else left. "Rough day?"

"Eh, the usual. Work was fine; I'm just really starting to stress about the holiday bonuses. The guys have been busting their tails for me all year, and I just wish there was something I could do, but there is just no money for bonuses this year." He sighed, really upset but not wanting to break down and worry Shannon any more than he had to. She grabbed the soap and started washing him up, running her lathered hands over his fit, muscular body. "I'm going to feel so horrible having the guys over to our house for a Christmas party, and then not being able to give them the checks that I know they have gotten used to. This Christmas is going to suck for them and their families, and I just don't know what to do."

Shannon didn't know what to say to her husband to make him feel better, but knew there were other things she could do. It wasn't that she didn't want to help him, but standing here next to him, wet and naked in the shower, all she could think about was his rock hard body, his rough hands, and his giant cock. She lathered all over his body, ending with his cock. She got the expected reaction. She rinsed the suds off her hand, and moved on to the shampoo. His blond hair hung down to his shoulders, and he loved it when she washed it for him. She massaged the shampoo into his scalp, and then rubbed it out as the water rinsed it away. "I wish there was something I could do to help you baby," she said before leaning up to kiss him. Her hand wandered back to his cock. "I may not be able to help with this bonus thing, but maybe I could do something else to relax you so you aren't so stressed out all weekend long." She kissed him again before dropping to her knees in front of him.

His semi-erect cock was not quite at its eight inch length, but a few more strokes from her hand took care of that. His balls hung large and low behind, and she cupped those as well to increase his pleasure. She slightly parted her puffy lips, and slid them back and forth across the head of his cock, which jumped around like it was on a trampoline. She circled the head with her tongue before taking it fully in her mouth. She loved the feel of the girth stretching out her lips and the way that it poked the entrance to her throat when it was all the way inside of her mouth. She slid up and down, working her tongue over the underside as she moved it in and out of her mouth. Donnie was feeling very relaxed, and soon could feel his orgasm build. "I'm going to come baby. I'm going to come in your mouth." He erupted and filled her mouth with a large load of come, overwhelming her ability to swallow it all causing some to dribble out of the sides of her mouth. She moved her head under the spray of the shower and washed it away.

"Better baby?" she asked as they toweled off before getting changed for dinner.

"Much," he replied grabbing her ass as they left the master bath.


They were laying in bed later that night watching a porno, she gently stroking his cock, he rubbing the small of her back, both anticipating the pleasure to come. The scene shifted, and all of a sudden the heroine was surrounded by four guys, all about to have their way with her. The two of them watched, and Shannon could feel Donnie's erection grow even larger in her hand. His hand roamed further south, and softly caressed her ass cheeks. The scene continued, and the woman on screen was stuffed full of cocks. Donnie started to fidget.

Shannon rolled on top of him, and easily slid his rock hard member into her pussy. She arched her back, slightly moving him in and out, but mostly just exerting greater pressure on the length that was already inside of her. "That turns you on huh, a woman getting filled with a bunch of cock?" She smiled knowingly as she leaned down to kiss him.

"Yeah, that scene is pretty fucking hot. Her getting all filled like that. Too bad you are too much of a prude to ever do something like that." He was egging her on, but knew there was some truth to that statement. Shannon was pretty wild, having sex in public, and even letting one of her girlfriends fool around with them once, but despite the years of constant begging she had never even let him fuck her in her ass.

"I'm a prude huh. What if I told you I always fantasized about being gang banged? What if I told you I wanted you to let you construction crew have their way with me. Would that turn you on? Your wife on her knees with your guys fucking my mouth, pussy and even my ass." She sunk down and buried his entire length into her spasming pussy. "Would you like watching your guys fuck your prude wife in all her holes?" This was too much for Donnie, who shot his come deep into her pussy. The feeling of his coming in her, coupled with his ecstatic grunts sent Shannon over the edge, and her orgasm overtook her, crashing through her body and almost causing her to pass out. They kissed each other over and over again, and snuggled down as the rest of the movie played out.

Their pillow talk overtook their brains as they drifted off to sleep. Shannon had never really thought about being in a gang bang before, but a she fell into the hole of slumber, images of rock hard cocks attached to rock hard construction bodies filled her thoughts, keeping her pussy moist and her heartbeat up. Donnie meanwhile tried to get the images of his wife servicing his crew out of his head, but found that the thought of her being used really was a turn on. His last thought before unconsciousness was, "Maybe she could be their bonus."


They went about the rest of their weekend like they normally did; house work, projects, and errands. What they had talked about in bed weighed heavily on both of their minds all weekend long. Shannon could not get the image of her being ravaged by Donnie's crew out of her mind, and she had to sneak away a couple of times to masturbate that weekend because she didn't want to explain to him what was going through her head.

Donnie was also aroused by the idea of his wild, but not too wild, wife getting fucked by a group of men. Adding to the excitement was thinking about her being with his crew. As an added bonus, she would be solving the problem of their holiday bonuses. He knew she would never go for it, so there was no point in bringing it up, but he couldn't shake the image of her covered in come from his mind. He too snuck out a couple of times to relive the pressure, not wanting to explain to her why he was so incredibly turned on.

Finally on Sunday night, Donnie had gone out to pick up some pizza, and Shannon could take the tension no longer. They were going to have the conversation that she had been avoiding all weekend. She just had to think of the right way to bring it up.


She heard him come home and called him up to her room. "I need to talk to you about something, honey."

He set the pizza down on the table, and headed up, figuring something in the bathroom had broken. Sunday night and he really didn't want to have to do more work since he would be back at it tomorrow morning. He climbed the stairs fearing the worst, and entered the bedroom to a pleasant surprise. Shannon had donned a hot, see through black bra and panty set. She was sucking on a dildo, and had a vibrator rubbing over the material that covered her pussy. She looked him squarely in his eyes, and he admired the show.

He loved watching that cock disappear into her mouth, the way that her lips slid along the surface of the toy. Her beautiful round ass was up in the air, and the thin material covering her could barely contain the openings to her ass and pussy. Her long, brown hair was going wild, as her head tossed from side to side as she worked the cock in and out of her mouth. "I thought something was wrong he said," as he started to take his clothes off. Watching him reveal his well toned body to her turned her on even more.

She took the toy out of her mouth to speak, but started working the vibrator near her pussy inside of her panties. "There is something wrong. You got turned on by the image of the woman getting gang banged, and it took me all weekend to figure out a way make that reality for us. I'm going to keep on sucking this cock, and you're going to take these panties off. Then I'm going to fuck my pussy with this vibrator, and you are going to fuck my ass. I'm going to be your gang bang slut tonight, and you're going to fill my ass with a huge load of come because it turns you on so much." She started to suck the cock again.

He couldn't believe what he was hearing. Two days ago he didn't realize that this sort of thing turned his wife on, and she had never let him fuck her ass before. Now they were going to pretend she was getting gang banged and he was getting her ass. He didn't say anything, hoping that she wouldn't change her mind. His cock was at attention as he reached up to caress her ass and started to work the panties down and off. He noticed a tube of lube next to her on the bed, and picked it up as the vibrator plunged deep into her pussy and a moan escaped from her filled up mouth.

He squirted lube on her ass, and coated his cock with some. He knew he was going to have to be gentle, and was hoping this was going to be ok. Maybe they could turn this into a regular thing. He held his cock head firm against her tight opening, and she leaned down to give him a better angle of entry. She continued to suck and fuck, and he just held steady. Eventually her gyration started to push his cock in, and she moaned again at the feeling of pressure. She inched forward, and then moved back again, fitting his whole head into her back door. She had never felt anything like this before. It hurt a little, but she was so incredibly turned on that the pleasure overtook the pain.

She moved forward again and then decided to go for it. She moved back slowly and with steady pressure, and he finally made it inside of her. Her body shook as she nearly had and orgasm. She stopped what else she was doing as her ass adjusted to the size and girth of his cock filling her, and she moaned out his name. She slid forward again, and got even more of him into her ass when she moved back. She resumed fucking her pussy with the toy again, and moaned his name and told him how great his cock felt in her ass before going back to sucking on the cock for her mouth again.

He couldn't believe how good and tight she felt, and he loved the sensation of her rocking back and forth and swallowing more of his cock into her ass as she did. He grabbed her by the hips, and started to grind his cock in her ass. She started to lose control, and he started his own motion, meeting her movements in mirror thrusts. After a few minutes of slow, steady action, he found that he was buried all of the way inside of her.

"Fuck my ass baby. Pound it hard," Shannon said, dropping the cock from her mouth and moving the vibrator to her clit. "I'm a little gang bang slut who needs a big load shot in her ass. Fuck that ass. Oh god, I love being full of cocks. I need your cock in my ass, and your crew's cocks in my mouth and pussy. Fuck yeah, that feels so good." Donnie was now jack-hammering into her ass, pounding his wide eight inches as far as it could go, feeling and hearing their flesh slap together. He loved her dirty talk, and thought about how it would be to fuck her ass while his crew had their way with the rest of her. Her plan was working.

"Oh god Donnie, I'm coming so hard, that feels so good. I'm fucking cooommmiiinnnnggg!!!!" He thrust deep and hard into her, and could feel his balls tighten, and from out of nowhere, milked by spasms deep in her ass, his cock exploded, coating the inside of her ass with his milky cream. Spurt after spurt emptied out of him and Shannon moaned and groaned, impaled on his shaft. She pulled forward, and his cock slipped out of her ass. She felt empty, and knew they would be doing that again.

"You sure have been talking about fucking my crew a lot. That's just sex talk right?" he asked as he leaned in to kiss her.

She paused, not sure if she wanted make the leap. "What if it's not? What if I really want to get gang banged. The thought seems to turn you on. What do you think?" she cringed a little, waiting for his answer.

"I don't know honey; that was just kind of sexy talk. I don't know about doing it with a bunch of other guys, especially the crew." He was kind of turned on by the thought, but wasn't so sure she wanted to hear that.

"I know it would be hard, but it might be kind of fun. And it would solve the bonus issue. Who wouldn't want me instead of money, right?"

Donnie was shocked. "Are you serious?" He couldn't believe that she was.

"Maybe. I mean, I think it would be fun. And it would be a great thank you to the guys for everything they've done."

"You'd really do that. Let all the guys fuck you."

"Only if you want me to, baby. I think it would be hot, but if you don't want me to, I won't."

Donnie considered all of the alternatives. He couldn't believe he was seriously considering this, but here he was. "Ok, let's do it. The Christmas party is this Friday. Wives don't come. We'll do it here. Ok?"

She wrapped her arms around her husband and kissed him deeply. "You are an amazing man. You won't regret this, I promise."

"I have an idea that will make it even hotter. Just you wait unit Friday."


They actually didn't see much of each other that week. Shannon was busy with her preparations for the party, and Donnie kept disappearing out to his workshop every night after dinner, not coming in again until it was time to come in and fuck his wife, because they had sex every night that week. They were both so turned on thinking about Friday, they had to have each other every night. Monday they just went down on each other, but Tuesday and Thursday Donnie fucked Shannon in the ass again. And every night they kept talking to each other about Shannon getting fucked by all the guys. Neither one could wait until Friday.

Finally Friday morning came, and Donnie led Shannon out to his workshop before he left for work that morning. She had just gotten out of the shower, and was wrapped only in a towel, but he insisted that she come. When he led her through the door, her pussy got wet when she saw what he had been working on. It was a padded wooden structure, complete with shackles to hold her arms and legs in various positions. He slipped her towel off and led her over to try it out.

"I figured we would start you like this, on your back, with your arms pinned to you side. That way, your tits would be pointing up in the air, and the guys could easily fuck you pussy and stick their cocks in your mouth. But," he said, testing the restraints as she lay on his invention, "we could also turn you over so the guys can fuck you doggy style, or even in the ass." He rubbed her pussy as he lay there prone and bound before him. She licked her lips, wanting nothing more than a good morning fucking from her stud husband.

Unfortunately, he did have to go to work, and was trying to make sure she was good and horny for tonight, so he released her, kissed her on the cheek, and left her naked and wanting more all day long.


The time finally came, and Donnie led his crew into his house. Shannon greeted the guys looking so amazingly hot that Donnie, and he was sure probably several of the other guys, sprouted an instant boner. She wore her long hair down, and had just a hint of makeup on her beautiful face, except for her lips, which looked pouty and practically glowed pink. She wore tight purple tank top, which caused her full 36D breasts to look magnificent, heaving as she breathed and walked. She wore a short black skirt, not a mini, but above the knees, and kept he legs bare except for a pair of black high heels. Donnie had second thoughts, but banished them knowing how great this was going to end up being for them both.

They guys were pretty nervous the whole time. They had been to Donnie and Shannon's house before, but had never seen her dressed as provocatively as this. Most of the guys, being young, energetic fellas, were really turned on by the hint of sexuality emanating from this buxom woman. They were just afraid to let it show. Shannon kept the beers flowing, and flirted shamelessly with the guys, turning Donnie on like her never expected it would, and causing some consternation among the crew. She kissed them all on the cheek, hugged them close, and generally was very touchy feely. The guys were thinking about making their escapes so they could get some relief, but Donnie had said before that he had a big announcement.

It was getting to be about time, so Donnie and Shannon slipped out to the workshop to get ready, and then Donnie went back in to address the troops. No one had noticed their escape. Donnie came back in and passed out another round of beers, calling for their attention and saying he wanted to make his announcement.

"I just wanted to let you guys know how much I appreciate everything you've done for me, not only this year, but in the past as well. I know this has been a down year, and I appreciate you guys sticking with me and trying to make this right. I think if we stick together, keep doing great work, and keep busting our asses this year coming up can be one of the best ones we've ever had. I know there has been some discussion, and I wanted to confirm what everyone has been talking about. Because of the down year, I am not able to give out the usual Christmas bonuses this year." He waited while the guys murmured amongst themselves.

"I know this sucks, and you guys can't believe how much stress this has caused me. I really do appreciate everything you've done, and lord knows you deserve the extra cash, but it is just not happening this year." He paused, giving them time to shout at him if they wanted. No one did. "Knowing that I can't make up for the lack of cash, and knowing this is going to make a lean Christmas for you and your families, Shannon and I came up with something that we think might just ease the pain a little bit. Can you guys follow me out to my shop?"

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