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Endangered Ch. 03


Hi everyone,

Thanks for all of your comments and votes on previous chapters of Endangered; it's really encouraging and I do take constructive feedback to heart. Thanks to RexBrookdale for editing up a storm and whipping this series into shape. Also, thanks to everyone who contacted me with helpful pointers about my writing. So, here's the next installment. This chapter is longer, and all following will be about this length. There will be an attempt to include at least one sex scene in each chapter. If you're new to the series, please go back and read the previous chapters, no skipping ahead allowed.

Stay tuned and I hope you enjoy.


Disclaimer: Placenames are real but are mainly used as points of reference, people are made up, and everything sexual occurs between adults over 18. Some aspects of sexuality in this story are unrealistic; this is a fantasy story set within a fantasy society, in a fantasy universe.


The alarm came too soon, jarring them from sleep. Chris smacked the off-switch with a groan. They lay spooned together, a sleepy Annabel cuddling back into his warmth to capture a few more moments of bliss. Just before succumbing again to sleep, Chris roused himself. He switched on the lamp and got up to look for a pair of track pants and then head to the bathroom.

His morning wood hadn't subsided as yet, so he had to manage his flow carefully while he aimed; furthermore, it felt strange peeing with an unfamiliar penis. In its half-form, the head was more pointed, and the sensitive ridge where the shaft met the broad crown much more pronounced. Combined, these features made it almost look like a thick, cartoon-styled arrowhead. His hairlessness was something else as well, he mused. It made sense, since his body was now covered in micro scales.

Finished, he gave a great full stretch, flexing and then rubbing sleep away from his eyes, until he felt a thump.... One of his outstretched wings had hit the wall. Retracting the errant appendage, he started the shower.

Annabel sauntered into the bathroom. Naked. Without preamble, she sat down to pee. "What?" she asked.

"So we're just doing this now?" Chris gestured between them mutely: him entering the shower, her peeing unashamedly.

"Yeah. I think we're at that stage." She smiled, finished up, and flushed. "Hurry up and get in already, I'm cold."

She pushed him into the shower, guiding his awkward wings through the door and followed behind. They hadn't showered together before, but she had had some inspiring fantasies. So before he could make any further fuss she grabbed the soap and began lathering his broad, cream-colored chest. Washing down his arms and sides, she noted the transition between his purple and ivory colours, as well as the new textures of his micro-scaled skin. Chris spoke nary a word; her hands felt exquisite running over his body, and in combination with the flow of hot water, he was in heaven. She looked up at him for approval every now and then; but he only ever had a broad, toothy smile on his face.

Done with the top half, she coaxed him to kneel so she could wash his face and hair. Then she knelt down behind him and soaped up his wings and the larger scales along his spine. It ended up taking a good bit of time, including a brief debacle when she had started to wash his ass. Her touch had been electrifying, making him jump and twitch a little, during which his right wing had bumped the temperature control. Finally order resumed inside the cramped space, and yet it remained unclear as to whether they, or the shower box, came out on top. Giggling, she reached around to lather his crotch. He was massively hard. She, too, found herself increasingly excited as she stroked his soap-slicked penis for a few minutes, under the guise of ensuring cleanliness. God he's nice and big, she thought as her hand struggled to encircle him. I'd better not tease him though. In truth she was still sore from yesterday.

Chris, now panting with pleasure, rested his forehead against the glass wall as water dripped down his face. She stroked him expertly, her body pressed up against his back. Suddenly she stopped. Gripping just behind his crown for a moment, in a firm squeeze goodbye, she let go in order to worm around him until they knelt face-to-face.

On their knees facing each other in the steam and spray, Annabel leaned up to kiss him: a vision of wet, innocent sensuality, eyes closed against the pattering water. Timidly at first, her tongue ventured for the first time into his dangerously sharp mouth, until she realised her trepidation was unfounded. He would never hurt her, so she took a little time to familiarise herself with his newly sharp teeth, especially his short fangs.

"Wash me," she sweetly pleaded.

He took hold of the soap. Looking down at her slick beauty, he paused. Where to start? There was an expectant, almost vulnerable look in her large brown eyes, so he just went for it. Progressing down her arms, he used the rougher pads of his fingers and palms, careful not to mar her soft skin with his talons. She sighed as he caressed her, took care of her, noting the caution he took not to touch her with his claws. Then again she almost wished he wouldn't be so careful; she wouldn't break. After all, the tickle or scratch of a lightly applied talon might hold its own pleasure, mightn't it?

He had been hovering on the edge after her soapy hand job; now touching Annabel so intimately , listening to her contented little noises, set his heart ablaze ... and his cock on fire, poking her belly. He leaned down closer to wash over her pert little breasts, ignoring the temptation to tweak a tiny brown nipple. Down over her soft, flat tummy and over her thighs and legs, he avoided her crotch for the moment before pulling her close and reaching behind her to wash her back. As he skimmed her firm, peachy ass, soap in hand, she reached down to his pointed cock and rubbed it against her abdomen.

Gasping in her ear, Chris reciprocated by soaping her crack, touching her delicate anus very intimately for a moment before reaching further around to her puffy lips. Kneeling between her spread legs, Chris had direct access to her slick pussy as he reached all the way around behind her, the soap only replacing her own plentiful lubrication. He explored the plump curve of her labia, the tender frills of her inner lips only just peeking out until he ran a finger along to spread them. She was panting against his neck as he gently rubbed her most intimate area from behind, rocking slightly back and forth against his hand. After only a minute or so of this he felt her pleasure rising, Chris made a final lunge for her clitoris, pushing it down firmly for a second then rubbing his finger back and forth rapidly, stimulating her soap-lathered petals at the same time.

Annabel came with a muffled squeak and a tiny gush of cum on his hand. Chris held still as she rode it out, his hand firmly cupping her quivering pussy as the rest of her body gently undulated and shook. Once she had recovered a bit he began shampooing her dark hair while she rested against his chest, breathing heavily. Rinsing her and applying conditioner, he pampered Annabel with a brief scalp massage before washing it away too, leaving her silky hair clinging to her neck and down her back.

A post orgasmic scalp massage was truly a mind altering experience for Annabel, the kind of treatment that could not go unrewarded. "Get up," she said quietly, urging Chris to stand. It was awkward but soon enough he was standing and she straightened her back to come face-to-face with his pulsing, erect member.

Hands on his beefy purple thighs, she leaned in under the spray and kissed his pointed tip, teasing the very edge between her lips. Leaving it for a moment she kissed down one side, sucking and licking, she crossed underneath, kissing each of his big purple orbs briefly. They didn't seem to dangle or swing, rather they were held close against his thick root. Soon she started back up the other side, dreadfully slowly. She kept her eyes closed this time because water was splashing in her face but his groan as she opened wide and stretched her lips over the large head told her all she needed to know, that he was very close. Stroking and pumping with her hands on his shaft, she took as much of him as she could manage, holding him there in her mouth as her hands worked on the rest. Pulling back, she locked her lips behind the enlarged ridge of his crown, bathing it with her hot tongue before applying almost brutal suction.

That was all it took. Chris hissed through his teeth, bucking his hips forward slightly while he steadied himself against the wall. Her eyes shot open, blinking away the water. His purple testicles pulled up and loosed a huge spurt down his shaft, hitting the back of her throat before she could taste it. Helplessly, he groaned, fucking her pretty mouth a little as it sucked the life out of him, releasing four more jets of cum before he trailed off with smaller spurts and dribbles.

She fell into another, milder orgasm instantly. His taste was salty but thick with his spicy, sweet essence. The potent, magical aphrodisiac of his cum kept her orgasm alive as he emptied himself into her hungry mouth. His cum was much thicker and stickier than she remembered, clinging to the roof of her mouth like too much Nutella. She ended up having to work at it with her tongue, astounded but unable to communicate her surprise in anything but lusty moans around her mouthful. As she swallowed, her body began to subtly tingle with vigour and energy.

As their orgasms abated, Annabel held his sensitised penis captive in her mouth for a few more seconds before sucking powerfully and pulling her head back. The pressure made Chris growl as a last little trickle of cum was released. Annabel's lips came away, and she looked up, smiling.

For several seconds they stared at each other, Chris towering over her, sheltering her from the stream of water.

"Chris, what is your stuff made of?"

"Well, it's – " he had started to explain, a little nervously.

"As soon as it hit my tongue it set me off again. You're a monster! And god damn, it's still stuck in my mouth." She giggled, giving his flagging penis a playful nuzzle, "How does the accused respond?"

"I can confirm that my semen is perhaps a powerful aphrodisiac but I vehemently deny all other accusations," he responded with mock seriousness. "Susan says that's part of the reason dragons are endangered; our bodies possess so much magical energy that it's too great a temptation. Other Beings want to get some for their own. When a dragon resists, some resort to force. Eventually it has degraded into dragon hunting that has lasted for centuries. It was widely accepted; the Synod seemed to ignore the issue until we became gravely endangered. Even now, Susan says, someone might still think they could get away with taking a dragon, or that the benefits outweigh the risk."

"I'm sorry." How could people hunt something to extinction just to have something they could go without quite easily? She didn't want to get bogged down just then, though, so she tried to lighten the subject. "So your jizz makes me cream myself all over again, which by the way, I'm completely on board with. What else do you have hiding up your sleeve?" Rising, she pressed her face into his neck, not quite tall enough to kiss him in his new form unless he leaned for her. She inhaled deeply, catching his delicious smell at the source and teasing his soft skin with kisses, not even able to discern his tiny scales with her tongue as she explored the firm muscles connecting to his shoulder.

Chris enjoyed her ministration for a moment before replying, Annabel felt his throat vibrate as he spoke, quirkily finding the vibrations of his speech satisfying against her face.

"I have two kinds of venom, one is a deadly poison." Chris spoke tentatively, holding her close, waiting for what he felt was the inevitable snap when she would run from him screaming. "The other induces fertility. My dragon thinks it can be somewhat addictive."

"Keep all your girls coming back for more, huh? Just how many horses do you need in your stable Chris?" she asked, only half-teasing.

"Dee, I'm sorry," he whispered, squeezing her slick nakedness in a tight hug.

"Shhhhh, I didn't mean it like that, I know you love me." She changed the subject. "What about that poison?"

"I do Annabel, so much." He held her tight. After a while he lightened his grip, stroking her back under the water with his face nestled in her wet hair. "The poison is deadly to most Beings, within minutes or hours, depending on how much is injected. My saliva can neutralise it and also induce rapid healing of wounds."

"Chris, you're a really big deal aren't you? I mean shit, you have all these powers, are you like a celebrity or something? Are people really going to try to hurt you?"

"I'll try my hardest to not let that happen, but yes, I think any dragon is generally considered a 'big deal'. It isn't a good thing, Dee. How am I supposed to be myself if humans get dragon-struck around me? What am I supposed to do if vampires proposition or even stalk me because I taste the best? I'm still just some small-town farm dude. I want to hang out with you, play video games, mess around, find a job I enjoy, and maybe amass a small pile of valuable metals. Okay, so that last one is mostly dragon-driven but you get the picture, right? I'm still just me underneath everything else."

"Yeah, I think I understand.... Oh my god, do vampires sparkle?" she teased in a false excited voice, slapping his chest.

Chris sighed. "No. I haven't ever met one, but they stick more to the traditional legends. The powerful ones can come out in the day, by magic."

"Cool." Briefly, she wondered how even the powerful ones could manage eluding the sun's affects. "Seriously though, I know you're still my old boyfriend, wrapped up in a sexy new body. It just hit me all of a sudden how much of a change this is. I guess before I hadn't really thought about it too hard, but it doesn't actually change anything. I'm with you all the way."

"Thank you Annabel, it means so much to me." He paused. "So, you think I'm sexy like this huh?"

"Oh yeah," she giggled, wriggling against him sensually. "You're all strong and purple and scaly.... Wait what am I saying; you're disgusting! No stupid, you're hot, it's like you call to me somehow, you're everything I'll ever want."

"Thanks babe. Okay, we had better get out."

"Alright, but remember, you and I shower together from now on, and I'll expect just as much pampering."

"Be careful what you ask for," he teased, switching off the water and extracting himself from the confines of the shower. She gave him a spank as she followed him out, so he tickled her into a wet, giggly mess before drying her off lovingly. After drying himself, he got her to help with his wings and they headed back to his room.

They had spent too long in the shower and there was a rush to get dressed. Annabel slipped into her dress from yesterday, with one of Chris's jumpers over the top for warmth. Chris threw on a pair of jeans and then turned his attention to his footwear; his taloned toes were a nightmare to get socks onto, but only somewhat uncomfortable once inside his boots. He ripped the back off of an old T-shirt, after which Annabel re-attached the ripped section to accommodate his wings, with a few safety pins.

He packed a few days' clothes in a bag along with toiletries, cell phone and charger, and the entirety of his stash. Annabel's eyes widened at seeing so many small bags of nuggets and gold dust, along with several holographic ounce kinebars. She'd accompanied him on a couple of day-long trips, immersing herself in a book while he splashed around in a freezing stream. She hadn't actually comprehended his success, thinking of it as simply a quirky hobby. Once over her initial surprise, she resumed applying vanilla-scented perfume and her favourite pink lip gloss.

The young couple headed downstairs hand in hand, and into the kitchen where they could hear Susan starting breakfast. Chris realised he had forgotten their morning coffee ritual, and greeted his Mom with a warm hug and an apology.

Susan had expected him to be standoffish after last night but she could see that he was determined not to let his awakening ruin their closeness. She couldn't help but laugh at the makeshift solution for his t-shirts, promising to find a better solution. There were other winged Beings, after all. In truth, the Being before her was the picture of rugged, powerful, maleness. Devastatingly exotic, dangerous, and handsome, yet unaware of his charms; his unpretentiousness made him all the more adorable.

Excusing himself as the two women chatted about the trip, Chris made his way outside, down and across the field to the milking shed. The sun had risen fully. His dragon's senses detected life and vigour all around him. Soon he would be living in Denver, away from the quiet countryside in which he had grown up. Approaching the milking shed cautiously, he tried to be as unthreatening as possible, projecting peaceful thoughts to the cows inside. Only a slight fuss was made when he entered; perhaps the peaceful thoughts helped, or perhaps the animals still recognised him as the one who had taken care of them for years.

Jethry was washing a cow's udder in preparation for the milking cups when he felt Chris approach. Such power in one so young scared the shit out of Jethry but he knew Chris had a kind heart, a peaceful soul. That could be a problem. Should he fall victim to controlling influences, the results could be devastating; Chris would have to learn to rely on his more savage dragon to protect him.

They stood, and looked: two old friends taking stock of each other with new eyes.

"I don't have too much to say," Jethry started. "You're powerful enough to mostly look out for yourself and smart enough to smell out any obvious trouble. I warned you against bringing the girl into this but what's done is done. Perhaps it's a good thing too, she'll help you keep in touch with your humanity. Don't lose that, don't compromise yourself."

Chris was silent, taking in his old friend's advice.

"You've lead a simple life so far, too sheltered in my opinion but there are good reasons for that. You'll have protection from all but the most brutal or daring attacks, dragon hunting is illegal but you're too valuable to ignore. There will be plotters and sycophants, vying for your attention or favour so don't trust anyone."

"Don't worry boy, I'm almost done," Jethry said, sensing a bit of agitation from Chris. "I've seen some of the magic that can be wrought with the use of dragons. Powerful stuff. You'll get contracts for your services; I suspect the payments will seem outrageous, but remember that people won't generally offer what they can't afford. Word your contracts so they're water-tight and don't whore yourself out to make a quick buck, you'll drive the price down in the long run. Finally, protect and care for what's yours. That means Annabel and Susan. They will be your greatest strength, your trusted allies, so to speak. But they will also be your weakness if they're used to get to you. Don't let that happen. It's up to you to do the protecting now, even if Susan doesn't realise it. Well, I guess that's all."

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