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Endangered Ch. 09


Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Hey guys, this is the second (and longer) split of what was originally chapter 8.

Thanks to Lunarlilith, CaptainObvious, Truehearts, and GCMIVB4 for editing assistance.



The pale purple liquid glittered up at him out of the little vial cradled in his hand. Chris sighed and tucked it back into his short's pocket.

He glanced at the air beside him again, knowing Lillian was walking in-stride and imagining the way her wide hips would no doubt be swaying. Invisible, it was distracting to even hear her unnaturally light footfalls as they walked through the underground connection to the Compound.

This morning as she'd gotten up, she made sure to give him a show getting dressed. Chris hadn't really thought about how provocative watching a woman put clothes on could be. So far it had always been about getting them off.

Watching her pull charcoal stockings up onto her silky thighs and clip them onto a lacy garter belt had made his cock tent the bedding obscenely. She only laughed and then wiggled her ass sexily into a navy pencil skirt that came up to the narrowest part of her waist, clinging to her figure. Next came some odd sort of doe-skin halter top which struggled to contain her breasts and left her arms bare. As she started slipping on her 'combat boots' as he liked to call them, he suddenly realised she wasn't going to be wearing any undergarments at all today. Her rather utilitarian black boots didn't really fit her outfit very well but the rest of the ensemble was so skin-tight that it didn't matter.

Now all he could think about as he walked beside her on their way to meet Michelle was that she was completely commando. He had to struggle against the desire to drag her into some sort of secluded little alcove and ravage her. His cock was dangerously conspicuous down the side of his leg, throbbing in protest of the way he was working himself up. Meeting two members of the team Michelle was putting together with a pocket-hard-on was going to make him look like some sort of horny teenager...

They met up with Michelle outside a small conference room just off the main reception area of the Compound. With her were two very unnerved women.

Michelle introduced the first as Lisa Hess, a shortish Caucasian woman with quite a nice figure and very short, almost boyish brown hair. She wore a grey suit and Chris, ever the lecherous male, struggled not to let his eyes dip to assess her shapely body as they shook hands.

The second was a tall, powerfully built African-American woman introduced as Katherine (Kat) Jackson. She was almost as tall as Lillian, who would be considered a giant of a woman. But where Lillian was voluptuous, Kat was all lean muscle and very obviously in peak physical condition. She looked quite young in the company of Lisa and Michelle. Perhaps it was her more casual attire of jeans, a white tank top, and some sort of dark leather riding jacket. When they shook hands, her grip was overly strong, like she was challenging him. Indeed, her brown eyes narrowed when he simply smiled back at her. He wondered what he'd done wrong to piss her off in the ten seconds they'd been aware of each other's existence.

Lillian, still invisible, let out the tiniest hiss of disapproval at his side.

Michelle noticed the little exchange and ushered them into the conference room where she'd set up a projector. Chris got a good look at Kat's backside in her skin-tight jeans and had to admit it looked superb, if a little slim for his refined taste. This time Lillian let out an affronted little grunt. He shrugged his shoulders. Perhaps his mysterious third heritage was pig?

As with just about everything in the Compound, the room was richly decorated. The carpet extravagantly thick and soft, the chairs firm but comfortable. A huge oak table dominated the spacious room. The walls were a calming teal and the ceiling was mostly cream but had an incredibly detailed thin stencil pattern overlaid in green and blue. Two dim light orbs shone out from inlaid recesses, providing soft illumination. Neither woman seemed to have noticed that unusual magical detail.

"Okay, you've both been given dossiers on the basic overview of our situation," Michelle stood with her tablet in hand as Kat and Lisa took seats opposite Chris around the oak table. Lillian stood behind him, invisible, her hands resting possessively on his shoulders. "Through somewhat dubious means, we have discovered the existence of magical Beings who have coexisted with us in secret for thousands of years."

"Still ain't sure I believe it," Kat interrupted in her Atlanta accent. From her relaxed position in her chair, she seemed to be exuding bravado.

"We'll take care of that today," Michelle smiled indulgently. "Anyway. You've accepted jobs here in Denver working under me in the youngest child agency in the Department of Defence family, the Being Interaction Agency. You've both got top level clearance as of this morning and you've signed your lives away with our strictest confidentiality agreements. Given your backgrounds and discipline, it shouldn't be too hard to keep your mouths shut for a few more months until we're ready to go public with the news. That is of the utmost importance."

Everyone nodded agreement, uncontrolled release of that sort of information would be a nightmare. Both women had thoroughly read the briefings they'd been given. They sort of read like a fairy tale and were deliberately vague on specific details. However, the jobs they'd been offered were very real and paid very well.

"Anyway. I brought you in early because someone in our broadening network of people in the know has failed to keep their damn mouths shut. As a result, we've ended up with a public gunfight in front of a popular Being nightclub here in the city. It was an attempted kidnapping of our resident delinquent here, Chris Baryst."

Lisa's head cocked and her blue eyes were suddenly piercing him with a brutal assessment.

"Christopher Baryst? Who supposedly took out three assailants and incapacitated two more in the middle of an automatic gunfight?" Lisa's superiors at the local FBI field office here in Denver had been trying to contact him for questioning ever since the club shooting and here she was in the very same room with him.

"Guilty," he said a little sheepishly, feeling Lillian's grip on his shoulder tighten.

"You've got some questions to answer if you wouldn't mind coming down to East 36th Ave with me after this?" only the way the smaller woman said it left no doubt that she wasn't asking at all.

"Bup-bup-bup-bup, bup-bup," Michelle scolded, "Hands off my asset, FBI skank. Anyway, you work for me now and if I find out you're playing for both sides, even though we're technically on the same side, I will literally defenestrate the living shit out of your career. This is too important."

Chris mocked swooning at his protector across the table and he felt Lillian relax again. Kat even had the audacity to chuckle at the special agent's bemused reaction.

"He's all yours," Lisa relented. "Old habits, you know."

"Yes, well, he's ours actually. As for you, young lady," Michelle looked meaningfully at Kat. "I've seen your Marine record. You might be just about the only woman to pass muster for dedicated frontline combat units but I won't tolerate any of your bullshit. You are not the hottest shit on this block let me assure you. I plucked you from a logistics base so you wouldn't die of boredom but I'm going to need you to keep an open mind and adapt on the fly. You've got a lot to learn."

"Yes, Ma'am!" Kat stiffened, responding instinctively to the firm hand of authority.

"Wait just a second," Lisa was thinking over the weekend's dramatic events with new eyes. "The club shooting was an attempted kidnapping and you say Chris here was both the target and an asset of yours... ours. But I've read his file, he's just some kid from up near Laramie. No offence."

Chris pantomimed being stabbed through the heart. Michelle tried to keep it cool but ended up giggling unprofessionally, he could be so goofy sometimes.

"Why don't you show them, Chris," she said.

"What, like right here?" he looked around in concern.

"Why not? Only go half way, obviously," Michelle encouraged.

Seeing was believing with these types of indoctrinated professionals. She could remember back in the early days when Radek had been stringing them along with his bullshit, she hadn't truly believed in the existence of magic until she'd seen it with her own eyes.

"But I'd have to take most of my clothes off," he glanced meaningfully at Lisa and Kat.

"Show us what?" Kat asked suspiciously. "What's it got to do with him getting naked?"

"God damn it, Chris, where is this modesty coming from all of a sudden? I've seen you strutting around in almost nothing plenty of times at home," Michelle pestered.

"Fine," Chris stood up resentfully and began pulling his baggy black t-shirt over his head. "That's different though, Michelle."

Lillian stepped aside and watched with interest. The two unknown women were about to get a shock.

"Woah, woah, woah, what's going on here? You live with him? I don't think..." Lisa didn't finish her sentence as Chris pulled off his undershirt as well, revealing the rather impressive physique of his huge body.

"Damn, you been eating your spinach, son," Kat murmured appreciatively.

"Yes, Lisa, I live with Chris, I'm his Familiar," Michelle replied, as Chris' shorts came down and he kicked off the leather, desert-style shoes Annabel had recently bought for him. "It's a long story and I'll tell you all about it later. Just hold judgement and watch this."

He stood up, his hands automatically moving to cover his junk, even though he was still wearing a dark green pair of boxer shorts. Michelle met his eyes and nodded encouragingly. He took a glance around and closed his eyes, the dragon came on eagerly.

"What the... oh, shit!"

"No fucking way!"

He opened his eyes again, rustling his wings into a comfortable position. His enhanced sense of smell picked up adrenaline and fear as the two new recruits, now standing, stared at him in open-mouthed shock. There was also a flash of arousal coming from the concealed vampire over to his right.

"Lillian?" He reached his hand out toward her.

The air shimmered for a tiny moment before she was once again standing in front of them, smiling her predatory grin as she took his hand and pressed herself against his side once more.

Kat let out a little 'eep' noise.

Lisa reached for her ever present, trusty Glock 23 only to remember she'd reluctantly surrendered it when she'd entered the previously unknown underground structure that Michelle called the Compound.

"Where the fuck did Jessica Rabbit come from?" Kat backed away, looking around defensively.

"Remember the briefing material, ladies?" Michelle placed a calming hand on each of their shoulders. "This is the real deal, pornographic figure and all. This is Lillian, she can make herself invisible so that light passes through her. That's rather convenient for a vampire if you don't want the world's worst sunburn."

"A... vampire?" Lisa stammered. "Holy shit it's real, it's all real."

"Then what the fuck is he?" Kat pointed at Chris.

"I'm a dragon."

"Jesus," the Marine shook her head.

"No, a dragon," Chris rumbled out a deep chuckle.

"Are we, you know, safe?" Lisa eyed the pale goddess wrapping herself around the... the purple and cream coloured dragon-man?

Lillian turned and bared her fangs at the FBI agent with a feral snarl, making her jump.

"Cut that out, Lillian," Michelle admonished. "Yes, she's actually quite friendly once you get to know her. Just for God's sake don't let her push your buttons. I swear she is constantly goading people just to stave off the boredom of living for half a millennium."

"You don't have to worry about little old me, I've got my favourite walking, talking, snack right here," Lillian turned and licked all the way up Chris' large bicep to his shoulder before sinking her teeth just barely through his tiny purple scales.

"Ouch, cut it out, Lillian," Chris complained as she lapped at the tiny droplets of blood that welled up.

"Oh, you poor baby," she cooed sarcastically back. "I could suck something else if you like?"

"You'll have to excuse those two," Michelle guided the two stunned women gently back into their seats. "They've only just gotten involved... physically in the last few days. They're sort of in that 'honeymoon' phase."

"Half a millennium?" Lisa murmured, putting her hand to her forehead as the enormity of what she'd signed up for sunk home.

"Uhm, yeah, Lillian is apparently a little over five hundred years old, though she acts like a 21-year-old most of the time," Michelle shot the last toward the playful vampire.

"What about him then, is he actually a dragon? How is that possible?" Kat followed up.

"Well, Chris is just as old as his file says. He's nineteen and only came into his full dragon heritage about two and a half months ago under increasingly suspicious circumstances. Before that he was just a regular high school kid. It might not make much sense to you, but Chris is a very, very powerful Being and he's incredibly important to the survival of his species. You see, dragons have been hunted to the brink of extinction for their magical powers and he's one of only seven male dragons alive today. He's also unique in his ability to manipulate the Ether dimension, it's his dragon's aspect."

The two women were listening but somewhat distracted by the increasingly amorous vampire's attempts at 'affection' and the young dragon's embarrassed rebuttal in front of the people he would have to be working closely with soon. Michelle scowled at Lillian but continued her explanation to the captive audience.

"Anyway, as part of the deal I struck on his behalf for getting in trouble with the Missile Defence Agency over the skies of Alaska a while ago, he's contracted to work with us at the BIA. He's the first Being to accept such a position but we hope there are going to be many more, in fact, there will have to be. Your team of four will be working closely with him amongst other duties and ensuring his safety from non-magical threats. We're going to have plenty of time to answer all your questions and I've got some far more detailed files for you to read but right now we have a time sensitive operation underway. Which is why I called you in early... Hello? Earth to two drooling idiots. Come in?" Michelle clicked her fingers loudly and the two women started out of the enthralled state they were beginning to be sucked down into. Damn, his pheromones were working fast these days.

"Um, sorry," Lisa blushed, looking away from the two amorous Beings.

It seemed like Lillian had won out, they were now Frenching enthusiastically.

"Would you two knock it off for five minutes?!" Michelle was exasperated. "I know you just want to hump like bunnies all day long but this is serious. Lisa and Kat are coming to terms with a lot and it would be nice if you could be professional if not helpful. I mean you've already gotten her pregnant for god's sake so at this point you're just being obnoxious as far as I'm concerned. Keep it in the damn bedroom."

Lillian giggled coyly but they did separate.

"Sorry," Chris apologised as they broke apart. Michelle was right, of course. He glared at Lillian for getting him in trouble, but she only winked and bumped her soft hip into him. To his mortification, he had the obvious beginnings of an erection tenting his boxers.

"It's fine, Chris. I know you're hardly to blame. I think we're going to need that pheromone cancellation potion though."

Lillian stuck her tongue out at her human friend.

"Um, sure. It's right here," he bent down to retrieve the vial Susan had given him that morning and handed it across the table to Michelle. "Can I go back to normal and get dressed now?"

"Yes, of course, Chris. I'm sorry for pushing you like that, I think I understand your reluctance now."

"Oh, don't be such a spoil sport, Michelle," Lillian laughed. "Those two seemed to like the show."

Michelle didn't reply, knowing the vampire couldn't be reasoned with when it came to teasing. Chris was already changing back into his human form and grabbing up his discarded clothes.

"Okay, sorry about that," Michelle pulled up a chair and sat just behind the two women. "You'll learn to ignore Lillian most of the time. See what I mean about pushing your buttons? This is going to sound even more crazy than what I've put you through already but this is a magic potion. It is specifically tailored to cancel Chris' dragon pheromones. They're a naturally occurring part of his species' biology. Unfortunately, they seem to work on most other humans and human-blended Beings and are very effective at amplifying one's desires. That is why you may or may not be struggling with some irrational, intense feelings right now. One little dab of this potion under your nose will clear it up right away. It's perfectly safe, I do it myself every day."

Both Lisa and Kat looked back and forth between Michelle and Chris, who shrugged.

"Sorry guys, not much I can do about it except carry around a vial of PCP."

"So what? He's like a walking date-rape? Man, you are a piece of work," Kat wasn't impressed as she took the offered vial from Michelle. She unscrewed the cap and placed her finger over the opening before upending it to catch some on her skin. Then she offered it to Lisa and wiped the finger under her nose.

"It's not Chris' fault, Kat," Michelle explained.

"Huh, smells sort of nice, like cinnamon. What do you know, a real magic potion," Lisa muttered as she too applied the potion and returned the vial to Michelle.

Chris shook his head, thinking back to how that potion was made and imagining the pain he would experience if these two ever found out... let alone Michelle.

"Okay, let's get back on track folks," Michelle clapped her hands to get everyone's attention and put up a screen on the projector with a large picture of Noel Redding. "This man was the ringleader of the kidnapping crew, an ex-Marine. We're trying to catch whoever has received illegal information about the existence of Beings and is now trying to kidnap them by hiring people like Noel. I suspect we are dealing with regular old, garden variety humans but we can't be sure. Chris' actions allowed us to capture Noel and one of his accomplices who have been cooperating with us so far. We have staged their escape from police custody and are using their email account to lure their employer out of the shadows, using Chris as bait. We are going into a delicate situation blind and undermanned. We don't know where this is going to take us so we're going to have to adapt on the fly, quite literally."

What followed was several hours of briefings, contingency plans, and rules of engagement. Chris followed along intently, beginning to appreciate everything Michelle had organised over the past 24 hours. It was exciting to see her truly working in her element, not just the political and bureaucratic stuff she'd been focusing on lately. It reminded him of the time she'd arrested him at gunpoint in the middle of a crowded airport. Ahh, nostalgia.

From the looks on Kat's and Lisa's faces, they were beginning to get over the shock of meeting their first Beings and paying close attention to the briefing. Good, he was going to be relying on all of them. They were going to be Lillian's backup on the ground when they managed to catch up to him.

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