tagSci-Fi & FantasyEndangered Ch. 10

Endangered Ch. 10


Editor's note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Thanks to Lunarlilith, GCMIVB4, CaptObvious, and Truehearts for editing assistance.

Fair warning, this story contains themes of pseudo-incest.



Cool, clear water lapped around his ears as he floated, basking in tropical sunshine. He could feel it, hot on his shuttered eyelids, perfectly warm on his pleasantly full tummy. He breathed deep of the humid air, relaxing as the ripples from Kat's swimming bobbed him listlessly around the huge pool. The inflatable lounge beneath him struggled to keep his bulk afloat as he half dozed, a lazy lizard to his core.

As it turned out, Colonel Otero's family was incredibly wealthy. Their team was now enjoying their second, and last day of his hospitality in what Chris could only describe as a mansion.

After the scare he'd had at the village, his encounter with the supernatural, the Colonel would not take no for an answer when he insisted that they stay for at least a few days while they recovered. His aging mother was the head of the house, but she was pleased enough to host her son's guests. Even if they were foreigners, her son had impressed their importance upon her, and the matriarch only seemed to emerge at dinner anyway.

The Colonel was in awe of Chris and showed a keen interest in learning more about the concealed magical world. His own government had told him only the barest details before their arrival. After witnessing the dragon in action, he lamented the poor state of relations between his own country and its Beings, expressing a desire to do something about it. Therefore, while they were his guests, he plied them for every scrap of knowledge they could, in good conscience, reveal.

And what a place to be a guest. Secluded in the forest on a small rise above Manaus, the eighteen bedroom mini-palace was as ostentatious as they came. Complete with manicured gardens, a stable, a gigantic pool, sprawling greens, and a full staff of over twenty servants, it boggled the farm-raised young man. Actual servants, wearing black and white uniforms, deferential, and attentive.

Michelle had had to stop him from confronting Otero about it, explaining that while it might offend his sensibilities, such things were still considered normal in this country. Chris didn't believe it at first, but the family had been with the Oteros for several generations. She also assured him that from what she'd seen, the servants were treated very well. Chris had to admit that they seemed happy enough, laughing and joking in Portuguese as they went about their duties. They even had their own complex of cute houses at the rear of the estate.

It was just such a culture shock to be bustled politely but insistently away from the kitchen when all he'd wanted was a glass of water. Said glass was, of course, delivered a few minutes later by a fetching young woman. It was accompanied by a pitcher of iced lemon water, a selection of pastry goodies, and an exquisite sample of diced tropical fruit.

Chris lounged in the midday sun, so relaxed that his beer slipped from his loose fingers and upended in the water. Instinctively, his body lunged after it. Too late, he realised his mistake as the protesting inflatable made its escape, skittering out across the water to freedom as he was dumped unceremoniously under the surface. He spluttered to the top, beer bottle in hand, but the beverage ruined.

Kat laughed at his predicament, bobbing past him as her lithe, dark body cut through the water with a powerful breaststroke.

"Get me one as well, would ya?" she asked. "I'm almost done here."

"Sure." Chris watched her glide away, distorted by the rippling liquid. The yellow of her boyshort-bikini looked fantastic against her dark skin. The soldier was in phenomenal shape.

He rose dripping up onto the ochre-dyed concrete, surrounded by lush, potted growth. Fragrant, varicoloured flowers, ornate bushes, and well-groomed trees bordered the large, curved pool all the way around. It created a relaxing sense of seclusion without hindering the sunlight.

Shaped sort of like a boomerang, the pool wrapped around the back quarter of the enormous house. He now walked around the inside curve, headed for the kitchen. Otero said it was built that way so that his mother and father could each have their end and not need to see each other.

Pamela rested on a padded deck chair, her crutches beside her as she read a book and sipped a fresh-squeezed melon juice. He passed her with a friendly nod, and she graced him with a small smile in return. It turned out she had a penchant for tropical fruit, and the catering staff were more than happy to oblige her every fancy. Chris had to agree that she had the right idea, the acai smoothie he'd had with breakfast that morning was out of this world.

Further around the pool, his olive-skinned Familiar lay sprawled on a thick towel. Her black bikini was a lot smaller than he would have ever imagined her wearing, riding high into the valley of her modest, muscular looking ass as she basked face down, head cradled in her arms. She hadn't moved in a while, and he suspected she'd fallen asleep. Her short black hair was moist and messy from her earlier swim; lips pursed cutely as she breathed restfully. Trying not to disturb her, he snuck past and down the tiled pathway toward the back of the vast, Spanish style mansion.

A smiling maid noticed his approach and bustled out of the kitchen to meet him, her eyes running appreciatively over his pale physique. He didn't mind, having dosed the entire household with strategic droplets of pheromone cancellation potion on their first night. The young woman could ogle his mass and definition all she wanted without danger of becoming too dragon-struck.

She snatched the bottle right from his hand with a bobbing little bow.

"Mais uma?" she smiled sweetly, her dark eyes twinkling.

"Two, please," he held up two fingers.

"Dois, sim," she made a gentle banishing motion which he'd understand meant she would bring it to him.

"Ob... obrigado," he said haltingly. Using about the only Portuguese he'd picked up to thank her as she trotted back into the kitchen.

It was oppressively hot. The water had been keeping him nice and fresh, but he wasn't sure if he wanted to go back in just yet. The decision was taken away from him when he heard quiet footsteps padding up behind him.

He turned, finding Michelle looking up at him meaningfully. Her skin glistened with a few beads of sweat brought on by the sweltering heat. She looked lovely.

Not nearly as asleep as he'd assumed then. Without a word, she stepped into his space and ran her fingers down the muscles of his abdomen very boldly. His cock twitched in his wet trunks.


"Come on," she took his hand and led him away toward their ground floor guest rooms. He followed in a state of confusion. While his body knew exactly what was about to happen, his mind didn't believe she was really seducing him. Not logical, self-controlled, organised Michelle. Not right here, not now.

As the hardwood door of her suite clicked shut behind him, any doubt of her intention evaporated. She had this funny little look on her face as she led him to the king bed and pulled him down on top of her. They just stared for a while, motionless as they weighed what was about to happen.

"Kiss me," she finally breathed. Raising her head off the sheets to meet him with her delicate lips.

That first kiss awoke something inside both of them. Their bodies quickly entwined, releasing subconscious tensions that had been building for months in a few moments of passionate, tongue duelling, kiss.

Her fingers found his damp hair, twining, pulling him closer until they almost bruised each other.

They broke apart, breathing heavily, their mouths only inches away as the huge young man loomed over her. He was rock hard, his enormous shaft sticking up rudely out of his waistband to rub against her cool skin.

"Fuck," she murmured, looking down between their already half naked bodies to his manhood.

"Michelle!" he bleated as she reached between them for his cock. "Jesus, what's brought this on?"

She paused, just her fingertips daintily brushing against his throbbing, vein mottled member.

"I... I want sex," she started, hesitant to admit it even to herself. "I've been off the pheromone cancellation potion for days now, and it's been driving me crazy. You said we could... if I wanted to."

"Yeah, but... Are you sure?"

"Yes! I need you," she moaned, bucking her hips up at him as she pulled his penis down onto her tummy. Her soft eyes pleaded him to provide the answers her body needed. "I don't know what this is between us, Chris. I'm terrible at relationships. I just want you right now. I want to feel you in me."

"Oh damn, you've got it bad." He dropped his weight onto her, reclaiming her lips in a softer, searching kiss. He cradled her face with one hand as the other stroked her slim flank, across her hip and up to caress the side of her modest breast through her swimsuit. She sobbed into his mouth, writhing beneath his measured touch.

His erection, very neglected for the past two days, spurted a long stream of warm, slippery pre-cum across her tummy and sternum.

"Are you cumming?" she whispered, her dilated pupils making her look awestruck.

"No, thankfully," he smiled, rubbing himself on her skin with hunching thrusts. "He just likes you."

He reached between them, running his big thumb through the slimy, pungent stuff to collect some. Up to her mouth, he brought it. She frowned, nostrils flaring and turned her head away.

"Chris that's gross... mmrmmpphh!" she protested only for a second as he smeared it across her kiss-swollen lips. It hit her pink, inquisitive tongue, and her entire body gave a little shudder. "It's sweet? Cinnamon and...mmmmh salty."

He kissed her tenderly, sharing his flavour on her lips. She was dragon-struck alright.

That presented a problem, however. Michelle's needy body wasn't going to be satisfied with smooching and petting. She was going to need sex, and she was going to demand his cum deep inside her.

As he worried her bottom lip between his own, he snaked his hand back down her body, inching toward the warmth of her sex. She didn't protest. In fact, she mewled excitement as his hand slipped under her bottoms and into the warm nest of short-trimmed dark curls beneath. Moisture, warmth, and slick, plump flesh greeting his gentle, probing touch. He ran his finger around her engorged labia, spreading her already leaking juices even as he moved to suck and nibble her soft neck.

Her nails bit into the bare skin of his broad shoulders as he rubbed up and down her slit, parting large, petal-like inner lips to test the tepid waters. Damn, she was snug. She was snug, and she was completely human.

"Michelle, I'm sorry we can't," he stroked a little of her stray dark hair behind her ear. "I'm too big. It won't work."

"No, please! Use an enchantment, like you did with Susan. I want this, Chris. I don't know if I can work up the courage a second time. Please just do it." There was so much desire in her needy tone.

"I can only do so much right now with a spell," he tried to explain as she ground herself onto his probing finger. "It takes time to work. Michelle, this is a stupid idea. I'd love to go down on you but let's wait a while for the sex."

"Now," she begged quietly. "A little pain is okay. I've been sore after sex before."

He shook his head, not believing what he was about to do.

The magic flowed up out of his core anyway, eager to embrace a new brood member, to have her. Sitting back on his haunches, he pushed his fat prick to the side as she stared lustily up at him. The string ties at the sides of her suit-bottoms quickly vanished, and the skimpy garment discarded as he focused his mind on performing the spell.

One big hand moved to cover her slippery mound. The other rested low on her toned belly. It was a delicate process, but he'd had practice now. Given the urgency, Chris felt confident enough to push a little more power into the spell this time.

He let his magic flow down into her womanhood, opening her, readying her. It raced to its tasks, increasing her elasticity and muscle tone, promoting elongation of her vagina. He found her Bartholin's glands and zapped them into overdrive. Her cervix was magically reinforced and strengthened to grow new, spongy pleasure centres at its head. In addition, he created the basis for a magical feedback loop between arousal and the production of her tacky, cervical mucus. He'd done his damn research with Susan, and it paid off for them now.

Michelle squirmed, her entire nether region heating, twitching, and shuddering under his magical reworking. Her clitoris was screaming for attention, and it was like he somehow sensed her need. His hands took the back of her thighs and pushed them high as he shuffled backwards and began lapping his warm tongue over her pussy.

"Oh fuck! Yes! Oh, yes!" she moaned in ecstasy as he wasted no time slipping two thick fingers into her little pink hole.

Chris couldn't help smiling as he sucked gently on her labia and tried to coax her eager, juicy quim to accept a third finger. Stupid as this might be, it was going to be fun. As she loosened to admit it, he pushed the flat of his tongue onto her erect little button and shook his head back and forth remorselessly. After only a few seconds, she let out a hoarse scream, a powerful climax bursting inside her.

Michelle's whole body arched, locking in perfect agony. Chris had never seen anything quite so... exorcism-like? She froze, making husky little grunts in the back of her throat as her legs and tummy twitched. It felt like her vagina heated, becoming slicker around his slowly probing fingers as she came. Her unusual reaction went on for half a minute until he got concerned that she wasn't breathing and let up on her clit. It appeared he'd damaged the usually restrained woman.

With a shuddering gasp, she came back to life, quivering all over as she pulled him up to her eager lips. She veritably attacked him, forgetting to breathe, and wrapping leanly muscled arms around his torso.

"I didn't know... it could be... like that," she finally wheezed.

"I have to give most of the credit to magic, unfortunately. You're primed like a little volcano, ready to erupt." Feeling very full of himself, he grinned and kissed her nose. "I suppose it's my magic though."

"I don't care what it is. Give me a second to get this damn top off," Michelle began squirming to get at the black strings. "Then I need you to fuck me."

Chris didn't need to be told twice. As Kat got out of the pool, wondering where the hell he'd gone and why she now had two beers, he shucked his swim trunks, entirely freeing his mammoth rod from its cruel confines.

"Getting second thoughts?" he asked, noting her wide-eyed gaze riveted to his angry, pulsing crown as it splashed more excitement across her skin. "We don't have to. The enchantment won't be fully ready for almost a week."

"No," she smiled softly, looking up into his tender expression as she pulled the loose bikini away from her breasts. She was aching with need. "Now, please."

"Have I told you how beautiful you are?"

Her breasts captured his attention completely, paler than rest of her torso but still possessing the lovely tone gifted by her Mediterranean heritage. They were perfectly proportioned to her athletic body, small handfuls of soft, tan-lined perfection. He leaned forward to examine her small brown areola and discovered what had caught his attention. Her nipples were inverted, hiding from him. That would undoubtedly require further investigation.

"I don't believe so." Michelle squirmed under his avid scrutiny, hands self consciously twisting over her tummy as he looked her over. It was so silly to feel embarrassment at a time like this, but she couldn't help it, she felt like hiding herself.

"Well, you are." He leaned in to kiss and suck at her collarbone, down onto the swell of her right tit. "You're perfect."

"How can you say that?" she asked, cocking her head to watch him snuffle and suckle her at her breasts. "I live with you. I know the other women you sleep with are prettier. Hell, Lillian is..."

"Lillian isn't Michelle," he interrupted her a little sternly, a hint of the dragon in his voice. "Michelle is Michelle, and she's perfect in her own way."

Her little smile told him she understood what he meant. The way she pushed his hips backwards and reached to guide his massive head to her weeping slit told him what she wanted.

Moisture and warmth greeted him, but he made sure to rub up and down across her glistening labia to get them both ready. Her hand was next to his on his shaft, guiding, exploring. He twitched, adding his own slippery lubrication to the mix as he tapped his heavy member against her erect, eager clitoris.

"Enough." She pulled him into her slot. "Be gentle, but don't you dare stop."

Wordlessly, he nudged forward. Michelle winced at the stinging stretch, her lips struggling to envelop even his thick crown. Then in a slick rush, he was inside her heat.

"Owww! Fuck, you're too big!" Her hands scrabbled at his hips, holding him at bay as her entrance throbbed painfully around his girth.

"I'm sorry, we'll stop," he began to gingerly pull away, but her nails dug into his thighs.

"I said don't you dare stop," she breathed through the discomfort as she adjusted to his size. "Okay, a little more. God, it's got a fearful girth about it."

It was exquisite torture being inside Michelle. She was hot and wet and almost unbearably tight for him, but he couldn't move other than little rocking thrusts. Sometimes he gained ground, sometimes he didn't. She felt incredible wrapped around him either way, but he wanted to fuck, to feel her coming apart beneath him.

Having not died yet and with the initial pain fading, Michelle consciously tried to relax. It made a big difference to them both, and he slipped through a few extra inches of warm snugness, finally nudging her limit. Pre-cum gushed from his fat tip as he flexed his love-muscle, splattering hotly against her cervix.

"Oh wow, okay that's deep." She looked between their bodies, a little dismayed to see much of his member still outside her. "Fuck me, Chris. I can handle it."

"Okay. You feel great, Michelle, so hot," he whispered encouragement in her ear as he began a slow, gentle pumping.

"Ghaaah!" she cried, coming alive to the wonderful sensations inside her as he lovingly pulled out and impaled her again. "Oh! Oh, ahhh... Oh! I'm so full, Chris! Fucking... God! Fuuuuck!"

He smiled from ear to ear as she cried out to him, revelling in the intense friction as he slid home into her tight pussy. She was huffing and puffing and loving every second of his lovemaking. Her long legs wrapped up around his back, urging him on. Damn, she was a firecracker. He wasn't going to last if she kept looking up at him pleadingly with those huge brown eyes either.

"Yes! Like that, just like that! Chrisssss..." She squirmed beneath him, reaching to hold his face and kiss him as he filled her completely. He loomed so large above her, so powerful. Such a tender, sweet young man who'd supported her in every endeavour and was there at the end of the day to share her frustration and rub her tired shoulders and... Oooohhh, he was an incredible lover. Never in her life had she experienced anything on this level of carnal satisfaction. She couldn't wait to feel his seed shooting hot within her, to receive his magic and satisfy the burning need in her core.

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