tagRomanceEndless Nights

Endless Nights


We met you after nights and nights of talking over the phone about each other. You like us and we liked you. You thought it would be nice to feel a woman’s touch spiced up by a man's cock driving you wild, and wild is what you knew it was going to be. Oh yes, wilder than you could ever image was the truth you didn't know at the time, but will never forget.

We arrive at the dark and cozy restaurant where we were waiting for you at the bar. From behind us you approach and looked all around the place trying to see your dates, your mates, and your wild passionate body monsters that will eat you like nothing else.

You scan and scan and see many couples there. You begin to wonder if we were hot and tasty as the pictures made you feel. You see a hot couple who look nice and you wondered is that them.

Would I want that to be the ones I so desperately need inside me to night? You say “yes oh yes.” As you walked towards them; out of your peripherals you see this gorgeous lady and man and for a moment in thought you wondered off from your path towards the ones you knew were us. Your mind said to you how “god I wish it was those two”.

You could feel your heart throbbing in your throat as you hesitate and slow your path towards your couple. All the while your eyes ventured, scanning that beautiful pussy at the bar and that wonderful crotch of his. Your mind though wild things so fast you felt overloaded a bit. You shook it off and went back to the point of moving towards your dinner. We saw you and were amused that you were going to the wrong couple.

We sat back and watched to see if you would move forward or run from fear of commitment; the commitment of allowing yourself the pleasure of a life time. You move even more closely to them. You noticed they were deep into themselves and didn’t look towards you.

You wondered if you were moving to the wrong place and you were. You stopped and scanned the room hoping to not make a mistake. As your eyes pass over the hot couple at the bar you see the blonde part her legs to flash her pussy at you and licked her lips so passionately that it made you twinge.

Your mind once again raced with the desire of them being your couple, your lovers in passion that night. You wondered if she was just flirting with you or was it really them. You casually call out her name and she smiles so lusciously. You were ecstatic because you felt inside yourself a powerful desire, an energy raced when you saw them there waiting patiently, calmly and you just knew they would at any moment rip your clothes off!

You come over to us and we introduce ourselves to you and invited you back to our cozy booth in the corner covered with plants of privacy. The singer was playing some deep passionate fuck me long and slow songs softly in the background. The atmosphere and music was intoxicating and making all of us more willing to succumb to the pleasures we thought.

We spend hours talking and laughing together and casually feeling each others body when the opportunity happens. Little touches here on the left and another to the right. We had you between us right where you wanted to be.

We all feel this electrifying energy around us. You sensed and felt his passionate, intellectual strong energy like no other before and it made you so deeply drawn into him. Each time his passionate way about him flowed through you; you would turn to me and see my delight and excitement. It was as I told you. More than you could ever imagine.

As time went on you found yourself lost in the passion we both have. You couldn’t tell us apart or where the energy was coming from, but was so riveting and delightful. You found yourself wanting for us so badly to offer you to come home with us, but we were exploring the night with you as you had asked us not to move forward just a few night before. Honorable we were to that.

You found yourself so comfortable, so relaxed with us and so sexually vibrant towards the energies around us all. You made a conscious decision to force the night from just meeting to us taking you all night long like those passionate dreams you have been having all week long. You found yourself nervous, anxious, cautious and wanting!

You tempted the thought of grasping his cock or kissing her deeply. They were both on one side and the other of you. You wanted everything they have, they do, and they are. You felt brave and said inside yourself “it is now or never” and you reach out and powerfully grasped and squeezed the bulge you had been admiring all night long. As he moan you felt me lean over and kiss you deeply and my hand slid up your thigh into your hot wet soaked panties which made you nearly orgasm instantly.

For a moment we both took you passionately by kissing and caressing you where it felt so wonderful. We could see it was making you dizzy and it wasn’t the wine. I said to you let’s go to a more comfortable place so we could fuck you very intensely. Your heart was racing and you were out of breath and your voice shakily mutters “Please”. I smiled at him and he smile back. Both of knowing our lion and lioness is about to come out in any minute.

I love seeing the lion in him, watching the lion take a new woman and make her his lioness and all the while I get another lioness to play with, and we lioness love the play. He knows I am a lioness with a lion in me when it is time to play. Oh baby wait until you hear me roar! “Aaarrrr!!!”

We all leave together and drive to the bay where you noticed we were taking you to our sailboat. I kept you so hot and bothered while he drove and watched us in the mirror. My fingers caressed the folds of you panties and rubbed your button softly as I was kissing your neck stretched out towards me with your head leaning backwards from your arching back. I couldn’t wait and my lioness was hungry as my fingers slipped under your wet panties and parted your lips to just swirl and feel you center of passions.

I wanted to thrust them in you and you were moaning and pressing your hips to motion me to. I felt your deep desire for me to penetrate you and bring you that sweet energy you hungered to get to. You were becoming a lioness like me in heat for the moment, but I caught myself and moved my fingers down between your ass cheeks and caressed you dark tender spot for a moment.

The car stopped, the door opened and there was this hand reaching in for us. For a moment your brain was lost in the moment and you thought that was my hand reaching in for you, how it could be mine they were on you. Your glassed over eyes began to clear and we both came back to our senses.

Once aboard you notice she was large and beautiful and you felt romantic of the thoughts about the night aboard. We set sail out into the bay and anchored where the water was calm and the moon shined across the water towards us all. There was a breezes passing over you that were not cold nor hot, but beautiful, relaxing and something you only saw in a movie or your dreams. Your nipples began to swell from it.

We all settle in on the deck’s comfortable surroundings and had a glass of wine. You put your wine down after a few sips and said “Please, I can’t take it any longer, take me how ever you two wish”. What you didn’t know; that was exactly what we were going to do and like a graceful dance we are at it. We both went in to French kiss you and you notice we move in synch and grace. Like we have done that before, and we have.

We kissed and caress you everywhere as we undressed you, as you undressed us. We both took turns exploring your skin, your lips and your breasts softly. Passions build and build. He picks you up and dances sexy and erotic with you naked on the deck under the moonlight. Sensual music plays softly in the background as you feel my naked body touch yours from behind. The massaging and caressing movement of him and me all over you makes you moan and nearly pass out from the intensity of it. Time passes endless it seems.

Your ass feels so riveting in the curves of my hips and valley between my legs. My hand glides up your right side as his down your left. What a wonderful feeling caress. His hard and masculine body feels warm all over you as we sway to the sensual music, and the night. We almost all take off in flight as a bird does with grace in the night.

I take my hands and guide you around to in front of me, I growl “Aaarrrr” so softly which makes you moan. I start sucking your neck on one side. You felt the aggressive passionate woman in me and it was overpowering you, making you more submissive. Just how we wanted you at the moment and you were going there so willingly, so desperately, so quickly and so pleased.

You felt him close up to your body and his hips pressed deep in to your ass with a comfortable, welcoming and erotic feel to it; that feeling that makes you press back passionately and express wanting at the same time. He began sucking and kissing the other side of your neck and you were swaying from both sides of us as if the boat was sailing along wave after wave.

You knew by now that we were going to be good lovers and you were melting. What you didn’t know was we are lover like no others and you were in heat.

Your mind raced wondering what we were going to do next. You knew by our touch, our hands and our mouth that when we got to you where you needed us so badly, that it was going to be like nothing you had ever felt or might ever again.

Your desire for that moment, that first tender touch of our tongues going in you was never like this before with anyone, or ever. You almost let out a roar and caught yourself. We saw it in your eyes and knew it is time.

Your mind comes back to us and you feel us guiding you downstairs and into the cabin. You smell a sweet scent of flowers and your heart begins to race. You can’t help it; you so badly want us in you.

You wanted it many time before, but not like this. You feel an electrifying twinge, a spark rush up your pussy with each step towards the bedroom door open ahead of you. We finally made it to the bed and he picks you up and lays you down in the middle. He lays to your left and me to your right.

At that moment you knew you were going to be take and taken and taken. Taken is what you truly wanted us to do. You wanted every minute of it and were not resisting, but moaning and looking into each of our eyes with that look a woman has the first time she feels pleasure and looks up into a personas eyes as she orgasms the sweet first time.

That wondrous explosion of the unknown before is happening is happening again to you. Your pulse is so strong your breast is lifting with each beat. He kisses me over you softly and I kiss him back erotically, then we both slowing move in for your luscious wet lips and kiss you. You don’t know which one is kissing you, but you feel two sets of lips on your neck and mouth alternating passionately. Oh you love to be kissed and this was the most intense kiss ever.

Your mind was passing in and out of ecstasy over and over trying to see us and to feel us. In synchronicity we both kiss and suck our way to your breast and the sweet skin along the sides of them. Your nipples are as ripe as they will ever be and any toughing will make them explode. You feel us suck and kiss your tender skin on your breast sides softly and aggressively.

All of a sudden you feel a rush of pleasure up you as our tongues lick up racing towards the tops and onto your Areolas as if we were licking a long wonderful ice-cream bar. You nearly scream from the intensity of it, but settle back down to a deep and sensual moan.

Your eyes seem to roll back into you head just as we both licked up and off your erect nipples causing lightning to strike from the heaven and down on to your nipples. You scream this time and squeeze your legs together to contain the pleasure pouring off your most desiring, throbbing and aching spot. We both massage your nipples in our hot and wet mouth with skill and talent. You knew at that moment we were so damn talented.

As your eyes close and you venture into a place you have never been or felt before but like being. Our hands are caressing your breast and feeling the energy radiating off of you.

We both continue down south onto you belly and hips with our tongues of fire and lightning as you nearly collapse from it all. We continue to drive you wild with our tongues down the crease in your thighs above your pussy every ones calls a woman’s “V”. Our hands scratch and massage your hair with our nails.

Our mouths pass over close to your hot and hungry pussy, but not on to her. We move onto your inner thigh. One on the left, and the other on the right.

You sigh in frustration, yet still pleased for what is about to come. You so badly wanted us to be there and stay there forever. We tickled your thigh and skin with our dancing tongues and up and over your knees we went, him on the left and me on the right.

You jump, you pulse and you giggle, but then the passionate and pleasurable touches return as you felt us kissing your ankle softly. You knew there was only one way to go when you’re down and run out of road; back up where you came. You hope it would be so.

You moaned “Please don’t stop, please”. We both smile because we knew we had just only started and you had no idea how many hours were still to go, and go is where we were going.

You felt us suck powerfully on you calves and it was pleasurable and massaging as well. We slid our mouths fully open under the back of your knee and under your thigh. The left and the right we so deeply capturing your soul in a passionate vibration each inch we move towards your wet throbbing pussy. We are there to the point of no return.

The point you have waited for, the point just to the left and to the right; your sweet ass is tight from our gyrating tongues and mouths on each cheek. You spread hard and far to draw us in deeper between them, and we follow.

You for a second felt you could draw us in and put your hand on each of our heads and tried to motion us into there; into your hunger for your pussy to be touched and taken. We were resilient and slowly sucked our fill of that nice ass of yours and ignored your pressure to get there.

We were your Masters that night and you were not able to fight. The moment had arrived as you felt both our mouths suck the inner side of your pussy “V” only an inch away from the moment of heaven. One on the left, the other on the right.

Again you faint and fall back from the clouds to the earth as you have done all night long. You feel the heat, the moist air of our breaths at your center, your pussy shakes knowing we are only seconds from the moment of tasting you and the moment you taste us too.

You were panting and moaning from the moment like a lioness in heat; right where we wanted you, right where I have been so often and glad he is my lion who makes me a lioness.

You find yourself looking down, staring and begging with those eyes and your breath expressing “Take me”. Which one, which tongue, you thought? You couldn’t decide who you wanted more, who you wanted less.

Suddenly you felt a rush of pleasure, a massive and powerful explosion in your pussy you never felt before and you let out that roar hidden in you all night….”AAARRRR!”.

One of us parted your lips and rushed our tongues in you and licked up from the opening of all deep pleasure to your clit and flicked off of her. Your hips bucked but couldn’t move because we had them right where we wanted them. Waves of fire and electricity shot through you and you orgasm like never before from us taking you.

Wave after wave of pleasure makes your skin seem to melt off. You arch your back and scream. We see your nipples erect and pointing to the stars straight up. You keep oscillating back and forth trying to handle the massive fuck you’re getting from us. You come up for air and see one of us and lunge back to handle it only to look up again and see the other is there. How did they do it?

I penetrate you with my fingers and go to your G-spot trying to make you pass out and you scream “Oh FUCK” as your breathing magnifies and you flail your arms out as if trying to hold on a cliff you’re afraid of falling from.

You’re getting louder and louder and can’t help yourself. Just then, you feel the most powerful orgasm come over you as your body spasms trying to handle the intensity of it. You scream so loud that it might have been heard across the bay.

We keep going deeper and harder into your waves of pleasure; one right after the other. You never knew whose mouth or fingers it was and you didn’t care as long as they were still coming for you.

You were just about to orgasm again and this time your vision was blurry with your head swaying from it coming on. You felt this thick massive shaft drive deep up into you at the same time your head launches forward and you bite him on his shoulder and scream “Oh God”. He screams “AAAAARRRRR” from it and bit you back on your shoulder with a passionate touch, but powerful as a hungry Lion should be with his Lioness he has just taken. You and he are thrusting towards each other in a rhythmic dance of passion and desire for each other.

I set back and watch as I always love to do. The smell and sounds are intoxicating as I watch you two hungry for each other and the pleasures it is bringing the both of you. I watch your ass glistening from the wetness you two are sharing as he buries his wide shaft in you to the point where it seem to disappear, but the it comes back out again.

You both are moaning and growling as it seemed to me. I began to take my fingers and mimic his motions in and out of you in me. I followed the frequency and the pressure as best I can. I wanted to cum when you do. The pleasure was intense I started to cum, my eyes rolled back and I arched up so I could get deep in my wet wanting pussy. I heard you start Cuming again and it set me off hard and deeper. Oh it was so sweet.

I regained my breath and leaned over to you two and took my skilled and talented tongue and licked the bottom of your ass up to your pussy where is cock was stretching you. You both let out a wondrous moan accepting me there; so I stayed and licked you to a higher orgasm.

I tasted his shaft with the tip of my tongue when ever I could. Oh the wet and silky smooth taste of his cock coming out of you made me hotter than anything. I wanted to join in and take you, but he had you in is grip and was making his way with you over and over.

You could feel me scrawling along your right side as I licked my way up to your shoulders. You never felt a fuck quite like that; where you body was being deeply taken and at the same time felt pleasures from a skilled mouth sucking all over you. Oh, you loved it, the sensations were indescribable.

You turned your head to me and I could see in your eyes you were being fucked into oblivion, you were loosing yourself into the sexual passions like you have never before. You were loosing who you were and becoming the Lioness hidden in you with every second passing.

For a moment I could see what a lioness looks like in heat; like me. I loved it and kissed you deeply. He joined by sucking and kissing your exposed neck. You tasted your pussy on my lips and tongue. I was letting you explore it all. My hand found its way to your clit and began to massage it in rhythm with his cock in you. You screamed and I said “Take It, Take it all” as I brought on the pressure of what a man and a woman can do to you.

He knew what was to come next and so do I. We maneuvered you all the while still being taken intensely. You found yourself with me under you and my face between your legs and him from behind in an aggressive stance. His thrusts never stopped or missed a stroke pleasuring you, keeping you in your deepest state of ecstasy so I could reach you and join in on the elevation of pleasure.

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