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Endless Possibilities


We met at a gathering of people much like ourselves. All seemed sexually liberal, uninhibited, open minded and often polyamorous. That I would fall in love with him did not even seem conceivable when it all began.

The attraction between us was instantaneous! We saw the other from across a very crowded room and immediately began to gravitate towards the other. If love at first sight were a scientific possibility, then this pairing would be understandable.

From the surface, a swan always looks composed and graceful to the eye. But below the surface she must work hard paddling to glide through the water. And so it was with me on the night that fate saw fit to place us in the same room together.

Nathan and I had discussed not going back. But we did go. We tried to time our arrival so as to sneak in undetected. Immediately upon entering, the hostess greeted us with a boisterous "Here’s the man of the evening, the birthday boy!" and motioned us towards two empty chairs conspicuously positioned in the middle of the room.

This swan wanted to take flight! Stage fright enveloped us. We grabbed the other's hand for comfort and support.

This instance was the ultimate TWILIGHT ZONE of my life heretofore. I could not make eye contact with anyone but Nathan. I was sure that his panic surly surpassed mine. I felt so responsible for him for I had convinced him, partially chided him into agreeing to slip in and check things out. We had agreed to slip out quietly should we not like what we saw or were not comfortable.

I squeezed his hand tightly. His was very warm and limp; mine was very clammy. He simply did not respond to my touch. That's when I knew that he was willing himself to become invisible.

How had we managed to fall into this rabbit hole anyway? Never assume that I shirk attention. I thrive on attention! However, I like it on my own terms.

Someone was speaking. I forced myself to listen as my eyes traversed the room in search of the speaker. My gaze came to rest on a couple sitting on the couch directly across from us.

By this time the words "virgin experience" caught my attention. The speaker was actually quite handsome. He was blonde, his skin tanned a golden bronze and he was built as though his body was important to him. A moment of relief passed through me that perhaps all was not lost.

Far too soon it became my turn to speak, to share with the group, to reveal what I wanted out of the evening. My knee started bouncing with nervousness, my legs were crossed and I involuntarily began to swing one back and forth. I struggled to find my voice and to project it in a manner that would conceal my panic.

"I just want to be the proverbial fly on the wall.” I said. “And I want to give my husband a special birthday present. Whatever he wants for the evening is all right by me."

Now it was Nathan's turn. My own ears were burning, buzzing. I felt queasy. It was only then that my focal point became the group standing in the kitchen. And there he was behind the counter.

How had I missed seeing him? While I was not quite sure, I thought he might just be looking back at me. The corner of my lips turned up in a slight smile. This is good I could play with him. Oops! He just smiled too. He has a mischievous look! I love his hair! I imagined running my fingers through it.

What was it he said that he wanted for that evening? Something had been said about there having been three Chris' at the last event he attended. So his name is Chris.

I heard no one else speak. Instead I discreetly kept looking in his direction.

A bell must have rung that I missed hearing. People were standing up, some milling about, and others beginning to undress, and select number displaying seductive lingerie. We looked at each other. The tension in Nathan's face was evident.

To lighten the moment I began to sing a verse from an old Clash song: "Should I stay? Or should I go now?" He laughed hesitantly.

"Let's find a corner for ourselves. We can have a party for two and pretend that we are alone."

We found a relatively quiet spot in the smaller bedroom. He helped me out of my dress and into a black lace negligee. The final touch was a black lace and leather collar to bolster my confidence. Nathan removed all of his clothes until he stood before me completely naked. After securing all of our clothes together in one spot, I took his hand and led him into the living room. He was hesitant; almost shy, but willing to follow my lead.

"We'll pretend we are at home,” I cooed to him in an effort to soothe his nerves. We found an armchair where he sat and I knelt down before him. Gently, I stroked his flaccid cock and whispered to him how beautiful he was. But, he could not respond.

I guided him into my mouth. My tongue made circular motions around his tip while my fingers stroked his shaft. I caressed him, licked him and sucked him and yet he was only semi erect. "Breathe, baby." I whispered.

A lovely woman with thick long blonde hair sat down next to him. Her voice was sultry as she smiled at him and said, "Happy Birthday! I have a little present for you."

With that she took him into her hands. She wore what can best be described as corset for it fit very snugly around her waist. Her breasts were supported and lifted from beneath, but otherwise exposed. They were full and ripe. She was truly lovely. I sat back to watch her minister her delicate hands to his now very hard staff. He was relaxed now, smiling back at her and stroking her arm.

To my chagrin, hands touched me from behind and from both sides. Someone pulled the strap of my gown down and fondled my breast. I looked at him and really tried to accept his touch. "You have wonderful nipples,” he whispered.

Stumbling to my feet I mumbled what I intended to be an apology. Instead it came out as, "Wait! Wait a minute! Please." I felt like a deer caught in headlights. "This is so overwhelming. Excuse me, please." And with that, this swan flew from the room and into a bathroom, hyperventilating, and trying desperately to regain my composure. I locked the door behind me.

When my self-control was restored, I exited the loo and went back to where I had last seen Nathan. He was not there! I found him in the master bedroom suite. There on a huge bed lay Nathan with his eyes squeezed shut and his hands balled into fists held tightly across his chest. It was obvious to me that he was not comfortable, obvious to me that he was internalizing and escaping into his mind to some fantasy that would provide him a safe haven.

"You look like you are practicing your eternity pose, Nathan. Try to relax dear." He opened his eyes and looked at me with a sheepish smile. He gave what could be interpreted as a chuckle before placing his hands and arms beside his torso on the bed.

Two women were playing with and tantalizing his bare body. My presence in the room aided him in relaxing just enough to derive a semblance of pleasure from this alien experience.

From the corner of my eye, I saw "him" again. “Where had he been?” I wondered. “How had he been entertaining himself?” He stood to the side as a silent spectator. Inching slowly towards him, I grinned, signaling that he was the focus of my attention. My eyes traveled him, taking all of him in before settling on his cock.

"Need any help with that?" I teased.

Without waiting for his response, I wrapped my hand around his maleness. It was electric! His penis filled my hand as I massaged him. His cock grew harder in my hand.

His chest was covered with a thick bed a soft black curls, as soft as a duckling's down. My fingers sought this treasure and became entwined in it. I kept them there while his fingers lightly traced my body.

The kindling that ignited the flame of passion between us was the first kiss. Our kisses became increasingly deeper, more heated, more intense. Our tongues explored each other. The intimacy of the exchange surprised me, but I surrendered to the feeling. It was delicious!

I felt so lightheaded! But I was determined to take the lead and not melt in a mass there in front of everyone.

Guiding him to the edge of the bed with his organ still securely enveloped in my hand, I stroked him with long firm gestures. A gentle circular stroke from the base to the tip rewarded me with the surge of slippery fluid that lubricated his shaft in anticipation of release.

"You like to be in control" he said as he looked intently into my eyes. He smiled so sweetly. It felt like he was looking inside me. It felt like he had seen past this façade of bravado.

"Yes" I whispered. "I love it!" I leaned forward seeking his lips again. How I love a man that likes to kiss and does it so well!

"What can I do for you?" he asked with an edge of sexual tension evident in his voice. He parted the hair at the nape of my neck and nibbled and kissed. I surrendered any need for control and opted for the pleasure of his touch.

I released the strap of the gown and gave him my breast. His mouth suckled the tender tissue with the same enthusiasm he had for kissing. The nipple hardened immediately as he rolled it over his expert tongue. My clitoris began to throb! A wave of heat washed over me as an orgasm flooded my brain. My knees involuntarily buckled as I crumbled into his lap. To brace myself, I had to wrap my arm around his neck. He encircled me in his arms in a tender caress.

When my breathing was restored to a normal rate, I glanced over my shoulder and saw Nathan smiling at me from the other room. Good! We had shared this moment of intense pleasure. The two women had managed to gain Nathan's attention now. He was hard and erect and his skin pink from stimulation.

My new lover nuzzled close enough that I could feel the heat from his body. "I know what would make him come.” I told him. “All they have to do is slip a finger inside of him and off he’ll go!" But, despite my whispered coaching, Nathan seemed to be in good hands and was well on his way to release. Meanwhile, I had a viable distraction of my own.

Taking charge of the opportunity, I took this gorgeous specimen of a man by the hand, and pulled him into the empty bed. I lay back on the pillows and watched as his body covered mine. He kissed me very gently. I laughed and asked him if he had a name. "Do you think it's time we introduce ourselves?" I teased. "Chris." He responded as he stroked my face. God! He was so handsome. And such a sensitive lover! I was enthralled!

We whispered and laughed together at a level of comfort usually reserved for those who have been intimate lovers for longer than an hour. "Come on," he coaxed, "you know that you want to as much as I do."

I nodded in affirmation. In a flash his head was positioned between my legs. Once again I got to experience the joy of his magic. He seemed to have possession of the owner's manual of my body. He knew instinctively what would make my body respond to his. His tongue felt so good!!

I concentrated on his touch as we sensuously explored each other. He treated me to the most wonderfully satisfying orgasm as he made me ready to receive him. Wave after wave passed over me and through me. My vagina pulsated and my clitoris throbbed! My head filled with the rush of blood that accompanies the bliss of orgasm.

It was good that I was already lying down for I was lost in the feeling!

I was so ready for him!!

Honor required that Nathan provide his consent and acceptance of penetration. So I found him sitting on a stool in the living room. My new friend and I joined him. I introduced them.

Teasingly, but in earnest I asked Nathan, "Can I keep him?"

Nathan smiled good- naturedly. I studied my new friend's face for his reaction. Did he wonder what bizarre creature had hold of his hand? Without pause, I then whispered to Nathan our desired intent to further pursue this passion.

With a pat to my backside he said, "Have fun, baby!"

Luck was with us. A small bedroom was empty. I bounded to the bed. He followed. This passion between us was still a flame. I pulled him to me hungrily. Our mouths locked, our tongues darted in and out of the other's mouth.

I moaned in pleasurable anticipation, as I begged for his ears only, "Fuck me now, Chris!"

He entered me very slowly! My stomach was fluttering as the first of several orgasms claimed my attention. His cock was perfectly shaped. It had a slight upward bend, which enabled him to fit right next to my g-spot. Every woman's dream! My body melted into his allowing us to join our union in a tighter seal. He glided with expert ease; his hips thrusting in a slow deliberate rhythm. My vagina clung to him each time he embedded his shaft into its depths.

Wrapping my legs around his torso, my body lifted upward, and I locked my ankles and held him tightly. This caused a shift in my own body position and in so doing allowed him to penetrate me at least an inch deeper. Wow!

My screams of pleasure served only to make him fuck me harder. My own orgasm arrived first in a flood tide, and then he made a grunting guttural sound and released the cream of his orgasm into me.

We were a quivering mound of heat and sweat. Both of us started to laugh! He whispered in my ear. “I’d kill for a beer right now!

Well, that was almost two years ago. And today’s truth is undeniable - he makes my blood boil and my keeps my synapses exploding!

He has the most perfectly shaped cock I have ever seen. He has a slight curve that directs the tip directly over my g-spot. And, it is so damn addictive!

A thousand miles, individual mates, and a lifetime of experiences separate us. Plus, he is nine years my junior. A younger man!

In the first year, we were still fortunate enough to physically spend twenty-one days together. We spoke daily via the net. We would start the day chatting over coffee and end the day over a bottle of wine.” This thing” took on a life of it’s own.

My very favorite time together occurred when all three us rendezvoused in New York City. Nathan and I flew up early in the day. Christopher took the train from New England. I was not expecting him until the following day. My two men had concocted a surprise for me.

There was a loud rap on the front door of the flat. I thought Nathan had forgot his key. I unlocked the bolt and was about to turn away. I stopped dead in my tracks! He was leaning on the doorframe with the cockiest grin imaginable! “Are you going to invite me in?”

“Hey! Diana and Christopher, get a move on! Our reservations are for seven!” called Nathan from outside of the bathroom where we were showering and giggling like two teenagers caught with their pants down.

“Don’t you dare stop! I’m almost there! Oh! That’s it baby!” My body was pressed against the cold tile and his body was pressed against and into mine as the hot water ricocheted off of us

“Here it is, baby, I’m going fill you good!” He pumped three more strong, deep and slow thrusts and released his orgasm. He pulled out and slapped my bottom, “You can have some more of this when we get back!” he grinned as he held his still erect manhood.

Chris still had a passionate fire in his eyes as he began to pat himself dry. “Don’t wear any underwear tonight, Chris.” I teased and squeezed him one last time before going out the door.

We were all going to The Torch in the East Village for dinner. I chose it for the booths that line the wall. The waiters pull them out and slide them back after you are seated. Tablecloths were an essential part of this evenings plan. Illusion, but not totally without risk!

Chris sat on one side and Nathan on the other, and I had the very best seat in the house, sandwiched right between them. We all sat close so we could touch the other at leisure.

We ordered cocktails and sat back to enjoy the floorshow. She was a beautiful woman of about thirty with short red hair and a sultry voice. She was dressed in a taffeta shirtwaist dress and wore a single strand of pearls at her throat. She was singing tunes that would make Billie Holliday proud.

When Chris is around I cannot keep my hands to myself! I have to be touching him! He does things to me with just a look that can make me cream in my pants. I’ve had orgasms at the thought of having him inside me. It’s got to be pheromones!!

You’ve been warned!

So, it seemed natural for me to slide my hand beneath that planned for tablecloth and make contact with his zipper. I started to slide it down so I could release him from the constraints. He placed his hand on top of mine as if he thought that would stop me.

I smiled at him with my most beguiling smile and said quietly, “Relax! I’ll be discreet!”

Turning to Nathan I whispered, “Do you have on briefs?” His answer was a naughty laugh! He had anticipated my desires for the evening and come ready to accommodate me! “Got my hands full at the moment, love, but I promise not to forget you!”

His erection overflowed my hand. He was already slippery and oozing. He was very excited but, at the same time, he was unable to settle back and enjoy the ride.

I whispered his name softly and he turned to look at me. “Look around, baby. Nobody gives a damn about what’s going on outside his or her little corner of the room. So, just listen to the music and allow yourself this pleasure.”

He tried not to smile. He tried not to cum. But, he was not successful at either task. My strokes up and down his shaft took his control away. I could feel his orgasm building, so I placed my napkin strategically so it could soak up his release. He shuddered and said, “You are too much!”

I cleaned him, secured his zipper, and placed the soiled napkin in my purse. What can I say? I am just a sentimental woman!

His cum is a thin milky white sweetness. My hands and fingers smelled so inviting that I placed one finger at a time on my tongue and sucked the fragrant residuals.

Our waitress approached the table to see if any of us needed a new drink order. With an air of innocence, I pretended to look about before asking, “Would you get me another napkin please? I must have dropped mine on the floor.”

We arrived back at the flat by eleven. Nathan uncorked a red zinfandel while I went to the loft to change. The only light I used came from a lantern in the Japanese garden at the back of the house. I could hear them talking, even laughing; the comfort level between the three of us is always so good!

“Dessert just arrived.” Nathan’s eyes sparkled with devilish glee as I entered the room.

One thing that Nathan has discovered about himself is that he loves to watch Chris fuck me. So, naturally, Chris and I intended to oblige. Chris and Nathan had been seated on the ornate couch facing the park and savoring their wine. I sat on the floor between them and leaned against Nathan’s knees.

Christopher leaned forward to clink his wine glass next to wine. That wonderful sense of crystal ringing with clarity tinkled through the air! Instinctively one of us reached for the other. All small talk was dismissed and sensuous seductive touch began. There was a fever building.

I pushed him down upon the carpet forcefully. I wanted him in me.

Nathan has proclaimed the images he recorded from that moment on in his memory to be the ones he most often conjures. He often whispers in my ear about these sites when he makes love to me.

By his account, Chris acquiesced all control readily to the encounter and allowed the pace and the rhythm of the coupling to evolve through me. Nathan settled on the carpet beside us with his head cradled in his hand. His viewpoint was only inches from our loins.

Beneath that zipper laid the key to my happiness. I knelt between his legs and lowered my head to his crotch. He was so hard that I greedily freed him to take him into my mouth and savor his sweetness. My tongue flicked over his cock and held it lustily between my lips. I sucked and he thrust. Pre-cum oozed down my throat.

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