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Endurance Predator


Tax woke with a rumbling belly, sixteen inches of hard cock, and a serious need to fly. These three things were all somewhat related, but Tax had never been a strong believer in doing things before he absolutely needed to do them. He knew that several of his nestmates saw that as being lazy. He saw it as being frugal. They darted about the mountain peaks, swooping down and preying on anything that they met, and what did it get them? They were hungry as often as he was, and far more tired. Just the other week, Sexi had gotten herself captured by a plant. She was still down there, and the last time they swooped over to check on her, she had mewled something about being quite satisfying, thank you very much.

Plants tended to want their prey to stick around for as long as possible, so Tax was pretty sure she was fine.

Mostly sure.

He sighed and sat up, then stood and stretched. The cave he had picked for the night was bare of any but the thinnest sheen of submoss. It grew beneath his feet as he strode towards the pool in the middle of the cave. The waters were crystal clear and perfect for washing and admiring himself. Which Tax did. Often. He grinned at himself, then scooped up some water and rinsed himself off. Water cascaded along his spine, dripped along his wings, and left his scales shining and glittering. Some water dripped off his cock and his stomach growled.

"Yes, yes, I know," Tax muttered.

There was a clatter of wings and claws at the mouth of the cave. Tax turned and saw the pale, sky blue color of his nestmate, Yeti. She was muscular and strong and had this wonderful pair of tits that he would just love to squeeze. But there were simple rules among the tribes.

Never with a nestmate.

Even if they were absolutely luscious.

"You're awake," she said, sounding surprised.

"Of course I'm awake," Tax said, turning. He waved down to his aching member. "I'm starving."

Yeti snorted quietly. "I've seen you keening desperate and still willing to sleep till secondsun," she said, shaking her head. "But fine. We can go swooping."

Tax grinned, fiercely. "You think I need your help."

"Yes, actually," Yeti said as he walked past her to the opening of the cave, his tail lashing from side to side. For just a moment, Tax took some time to admire the beauty of the world. The mountains were suspended above vast, mist filled valleys, the wide bases of the mountains not even caressing the hills below. Gemboulders glowed a pale color that was somewhere between red and deeper red, and from them came a weightlessness that smaller creatures used to fling themselves around. Water cascaded from the mouths of several caves -- endlessly replenished by means that Tax had never yet found. Beyond the mountains was the endless blue yonder. Endless places to go, endless places to be, with firstsun starting to creep up high enough that secondsun would begin to emerge from the horizon. Tax reached back to scratch his bottom, snapped his wings wide, and took to the air.

He and Yeti swooped around the mountains, looking down through the mists. He considered dropping on one of the fourtits that milled in a herd, rubbing and grinding against the subgrass and bumping against several of the more docile trees, but decided against it. Usually, they'd break and run. But sometimes, there was a male who had gotten a taste for other animals and could overcome a fourtits natural aversion to taking charge on something with an actual spine.

Yeti cried out -- a wordless sound of delight -- and swept down. Tax remained overhead and saw she had found a sylph by one of the lowland rivers. The sylph was struggling, but Yeti would get what she needed. Tax snapped his muzzle and then beat himself higher and higher. As he soared upwards, the air felt thinner -- then, suddenly, thicker. His brow furrowed and he beat his wings backwards, letting himself hover as he looked around. The center point of the disturbance was around one of the mountain peaks.

Tax yelped and then swept forward. His father had taught him -- when in doubt, get to ground. And the nearest ground was the mountaintop itself. He frowned. Wait. That might mean -

The disturbance in the air turned into swirling clouds and crackling lightning. Winds caught him and slammed him into the side of a mountain. He felt bones crunch and creak -- but then the wind gusted him upwards. He scraped against the mountain, feeling his scales creak and strain. Then he was over the edge, the wind pressing him back down onto the ground. A thick cushion of submoss -- grown fat by the punishing winds that scoured across the mountaintop -- broke his fall. He dug his claws into the moss, gritting his teeth as the wind became more frantic -- and less focused.

A gust pushed him forward. Backwards. Upwards. Downwards. His wings strained as he tried to snap them shut around his chest. Finally, he did and curled up as tightly as he could as the wind reached new crescendos. A lightning bolt crashed into the mountain very near his body -- leaving a charred hole where it had struck. Tax whimpered. Then...


Tax relaxed as the winds vanished.

Then the prey dropped right onto his lap. Since the prey was wrapped in some kind of not-plant stuff, this was less pleasant than it might have been. She was definitely prey - Tax could smell that much -- but everything else about her was wrong, wrong, wrong. Tax barely noticed any of that. His stomach growled as he looked at the prey and she started to make confused noises. Tax grabbed her by the shoulders and pinned her to the mountaintop, almost salivating.

The prey was slender and built on the same lines as him, with two arms, two legs, a head. She had a pair of breasts -- smaller than Yeti's, not that Tax was going to complain. There, everything was different. Her head had long fur that emerged outwards and went out in every single direction at once. Her skin was dark brown, like earth or dirt, but she didn't look dirty. She looked positively delicious, with a wide nose and warm lips. Her body was light and muscular -- what little of it Tax could see. She was completely wrapped in...in...

Not. Plant. Stuff. That was the only thing that Tax could call it. IT was hard and leathery, with lots of hard stone-parts that shone brightly. His fingers bumped against one that sat above where her sex would be.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa..." she said, her voice rough -- speaking the same tongue as him, her eyes closed. "Hands off. Not until I get dinner and a show at least." She slapped at his hands.

"You talk?" Tax jerked his head back, crestfallen. His wings closed behind his back. Here, he had thought he had gotten prey. Instead, he had gotten another nestmate. And the rules were clear. Never ever hunt another nestmate. He paused, looking her over.

The pre...the nestmate groaned and opened her eyes.

She saw him.

She screamed and leaped backwards.

This proved to be a bad idea, considering their location. The nestmate went tumbling over the side of the mountain top. Tax sighed loudly, then stood and sprang after her. His wings snapped out and he darted forward, wind rustling along his scales. His aches flared back to prominence, and his stomach growled. He thought to himself: The instant I get this nestmate to the cave, I am GOING on a damn hunt!

The girl tumbled as she fell, the wind blowing her away from the mountain. Fortunate, as she had no wings. Which made the fact she spoke a tongue all the odder. Tax tried to ignore the oddness. Instead, he arrowed himself forward, his wings folding against his back, his tail streamlining his fall, keeping him focused. They were falling towards the valley. The girl, though, seemed to know what she was doing. She spread her arms and legs wide, slowing. HE caught her and she thumped into his chest with a loud oof.

Tax snapped his wings wide. Wind tore and his whole body arced forward, then upwards, the girl's back barely clearing one of the trees. He banked, twisted, then darted forward into his cave. Once he had landed, the girl scrambled away from him, slapping at his chest. She stumbled then fell onto her tush. She sat there, panting, her eyes locked on his cock. Her mouth opened, then closed, and then softly she whispered.

"A-And I thought I was used to big dicks..."

Tax looked down at his cock, then grinned and puffed up his chest. "The finest cock in all the scalefolk mountains," he said, no small amount of pride in his face.

The girl shook her head slowly. "I am dreaming. Pinch me." She stood as she spoke, brushing her palms along her rump. Tax reached down and squeezed her ass. She squeaked and jumped, glaring at him. "Hey!"

"You asked," Tax said, shrugging.

The girl shook her head slowly. "Okay." She closed her eyes. "Okay, Mary. Get a grip. Get a grip." She put her hand over her face and started saying things that, if Tax was any judge of them, made absolutely no sense. They were the kinds of things you'd say if you had cracked your head on a rock. He wondered if he had caught her properly, or flown in the right way. Maybe he had twirled around and caused her brain to break?

"The particle accelerator was malfunctioning. Maybe this is just a delusion caused by the magnetic fields, uh, being applied to your brain," she said, shaking her head. "Or, uh, you hit your head during the evacuation." She rubbed her hands on her face. "God."

"Are you okay?" Tax asked.

"No!" the girl said. "Five seconds ago, I was on Earth, now I'm in Pandora as written by a fucking pervert!"

Tax didn't know what an Earth, Pandora or pervert was, but he felt faintly insulted. "Well, you are here, and I am hungry. So, unless you want to feed me, I'm going to hunt."

"Well..." The woman frowned. "I can feed you, I have-" She started to reach into one of the slits in her not-plant coverings. She hadn't finished the words "granola bar" before Tax leaped. He was starving. She was offering. His hands grabbed her shoulders as she fell backwards with a yelp, her back slapping into the submoss, the impact making the moss grow more eagerly, giving her a nice cushion. Tax's claws snicked free and he decided to deal with the not-plants in the same way he dealt with regular plants.

He tore them to pieces.

Once her coverings were in tatters, Tax wasted no time in admiring her -- even if there was a great deal to admire, from her full, delicious tits to the soft, hairless folds of her dark brown sex -- and instead leaned forward and plunged his tongue into her sex. The girl gasped, her hands going to his horns, grabbing and shoving gently. But her voice was tinged with pleasure as she gasped and moaned. "W-Wait...I...ahh!" She shuddered, her thighs spreading wide as his tongue plunged into her sex. Her juices filled his mouth and his muzzle. Tax drank her down, his eyes closing.

"Oh fuck, oh jesus, oh fuck," the girl gasped. "F-Fuck, FUCK!" She arched her back and came. Hard. Her sex clenched on Tax's tongue as he rubbed the hard nub of his nose against her clit. She may have been from somewhere else, but she was built just as any other prey he had hunted and fed on. Tax drew his mouth back, muzzle dripping with her juices. His tongue slipped along his flexible lips, then swept along either side of his muzzle, drinking up every last droplet he could.

He was still hungry.

"W-Well, you can, ah, teach my boyfriend something," the girl said, sounding shocked. "But wai-"

Tax grabbed her ankles. Spread her wide.

Slammed home.

His cock pressed to her sex and then plunged down to fill her as completely as he could. He ducked his head forward, hissing softly as the girl writhed underneath him, her voice becoming a high pitched squeak. Words failed her as her fingers grabbed onto submoss and her back arched. Her brown breasts bounced as she started to rock and bump her hips against him, her butt almost leaving the floor with every powerful thrust. Her skin gleamed as if it had been oiled as she started to work up a real sweat. But something bizarre happened.

Something completely impossible.

She actually started to fuck back. With the same strength, the same desperate wildness as her hands grabbed onto Tax's broad shoulders, her fingernails working between his scales as she moaned and laughed and said: "This is ah one fucking intense dream!"

Tax blinked a few times, actually pausing in his fucking. This caused the not-nestmate, not-prey woman to cock her head at him and wiggle her hips, making a quiet, eager noise at the base of her throat. IT was a noise that definitely asked for more fucking. But Tax leaned his head forward, closing his eyes. He focused. He felt less hungry and desperate than when he woke.

He shrugged.

Figure it out later.

Fuck now.

"Oof!" the not-prey gasped as she was slammed back into the submoss, the wet sound of her sex taking Tax's cock filling the cave. He spread his wings and felt his satiation surge through him. His balls clenched and he shuddered and spent himself inside of her, absorbing the last drop of energy that he needed for the rest of the day. He panted softly, his hands pressed to either side of the submoss around her shoulders. And under him, the not-prey looked dazed, happy, even satiated. Satiated. She should have been almost knocked out, not looking...


"Well, ah, I was gonna say..." the girl said, her voice soft. "I'm glad I'm on the pill."

Tax pulled his cock out of her sex with a loud slurp, his cum dripping onto the subgrass. He backed away from her, suddenly scared. "W-What are you?"

"Uh..." The girl put her hands on the subgrass and forced herself to sit up, her elbows quivering slightly as she looked straight at him. Her hair remained an enticing halo around her head, though now, Tax was put more in mind of stabplants and other nasty creatures in the jungles. The girl shook her head, slowly. "You were the one who decided to screw my brains out, Mr. Dream...Dragon...Thing."

Tax looked down at himself. "I'm not a dream!"

"Mm, I think my boyfriend would really prefer it if you were..." the girl purred, her voice sounding eager as she touched her sex. She quivered. "F-Fuck. It..." she blinked. "Holy shit, this is real."

"I said that!" Tax whined.

"Oh god, I had sex with a random dragon dude in an alien dimension!" The girl put her hands on her face. "Mark is- wait, no. No. Mark's also a scientist. He'll understand." She paused. "Oh god, I'm in an alien dimension!"

Tax was beginning to think that maybe, just maybe, the not-prey was in fact, not like any animal he had ever preyed on before. He was tempted to stand and run to the cave mouth and fly away and not look back and leave behind this not-prey to whatever it was she was talking about. But there were two very important things that kept his scaled rump right there, sitting on the cave floor. The first was that to do so smacked of being a coward, and when it came time to bud with one of his nestmates, he wouldn't be called a coward and mocked and have rocks thrown at him while the best mates all turned their noses up at him.

The second was that finding a new cave was, like...

A lot of hard work.

The not-prey shook her head, then started to scramble around, grabbing at the not-plants that she had worn. Soon, she was holding up a shiny rock. She tapped it a few times and each time it made a click that made Tax wince. She even clicked it at him. "Okay," she said, slowly. "Uh, firstly, lets do some introductions. My name is Mary Johnson. Dr. Mary Johnson. I'm a post-doc working at the MIT C.E.R.N.E.M particle accelerator. We're studying new kinds of subatomic particles in the hopes of creating a new kind of...unified..." she trailed off. "You have no idea what I'm talking about."

Tax blinked at her. Then, flapping his wings, he puffed up his chest. "My name is Tax and I have the biggest dick in the scalefolk mountains."

Mary coughed. "Well, ah, I can say, um, anecdotally, I can say you have a very large cock."

"Now, I want to know, what are you?" Tax asked. "Are you a beater or a hunter?"

Mary blinked, slowly. Her hands went to her belly and she looked like she was trying to think of what to say. She opened her mouth, closed it, then nodded. "I eat all things."

Tax cocked his head. "You what?"

"I eat plants, like this-" Her hand touched the submoss. "And I eat, ah, animals. Not like you, not thinking animals. I mean, sentient creatures."

Tax cocked his head even harder, his wings fanning out with confusion. "What is eat?"

"You know..." She rummaged around in her not-plant coverings, fishing out a small shiny thing. She tugged at the shiny thing and it unfolded and revealed a hardened rock looking thing. She chomped down on it. Her teeth tore a chunk from it and in the most viscerally disgusting thing that Tax had ever seen, she started to use her teeth. Not to give love nips, or even to leave a marking. No. She used them to crush. To destroy. To rip. And tear. And crunch. The sounds made his spine tingle and he backed up, hissing. Mary swallowed. "Like that. Eat!"

Tax gaped at her.

Mary bit her lip slightly. "Y...You don't...eat?"

Tax shook his head.

"What..." Mary blinked. "Don't tell me you, uh, get food from the sun by laying in the sun, you can't possibly get that much energy from photosynthesis."

"No, I hunt," Tax said. "I find one of the fourtits, or a great big longer, or maybe something smaller and more plentiful, and I take them." He mimed thrusting his hips. "I take their energy until they sleep, and then they get their energy back by preying on a plant. Unless they get caught by a moving plant. Then you, well, you become the plant's plaything until you die of old age. And sometimes, creatures die because they are too weak to get up and feed themselves, but I was taught to not do that, for then you'll run out of prey."

Mary looked at him with eyes as wide as the stars.

Then, slowly.

"You..." she said. "You have a fuck based ecology?"

Tax nodded, his tail lashing from side to side.

"You were...I was prey?" Mary asked, her eyes bugging almost out of her head. "That's why you fucked me!?"

"Well, you said I could have something to prey on!" Tax whined.

Mary threw the strange bar she had mangled with her teeth at him. "I was offering you a granola bar, you fucking dick!"

Tax flapped his wings over himself to protect himself from the granola bar. It bounced off his membrane. "I'm sorry, I did not understand. There is a rule that you do not prey on your nestmates." He peeked out from his wings, and saw that Mary was shaking her head slowly, looking as if she was trying to grasp the new world she was in. Then, her eyes widened. She stood and ran over, grabbing up the granola bar from the ground. She shoved it into her mouth, chewing and swallowing.

"Okay," she said. "Tax, I need to get home."

"Why?" Tax asked.

"Because I can't survive on cock," she said, desperately. "And I don't know if I can eat anything else here. So, I need to figure out how to recreate a once in a life time accident caused by a particle accelerator in a world where the average sentient creature survives by fucking cattle and doesn't wear any pants." She drooped slightly. "Fuck, I'm doomed."

Tax stood, then walked over. He felt his heart twinge as he looked at Mary. She might be a disgusting beast who survived on the deaths and pains of others...but...she was also really incredibly hot. He stepped over, then said: "Does your particle accelerator do things?"

"It accelerates partic-" She shook her head. "Uh, it metal move. Like, metal things get close to it. It makes lightning and electricity."

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