tagBDSMEndurance Test

Endurance Test


I arrived at the dungeon at 11 am, knocked on the door.

Moments later I heard the delicious sounds of heals on the tile floor...the dead bolt clicked, and the door opened.

"Come in Pete!"

"Thank you, my Mistress" I replied taking her lovely image into my brain. She was wearing spiked heals, and a corset, god she was a vision of Sadist Beauty! I could feel my arousal surge.

"First I want you to strip in the bathroom then report to me here!"

"Yes Ma'am!"

I entered the bathroom, pealed out of my clothes, and a moment later was kneeling before her kissing the toes of her black leather shoes.

"Good boy. Now stand!"

I stood

Handing me a length of rope, "Leash your genitals...tightly!" she commanded.

I bound my genitals.

"Follow me" she said turning and began walking up the stairs

I did, it was then I noticed she was wearing a thong...the cheeks of her ass were at eye level, I was completely memorized.

Suddenly she stopped, as if reading my mind she said, "Pete, kiss my ass!"

I didn't need a second prompting...I dropped to my knees and kiss and kissed and kissed, my cock went wild...

I didn't need to see her smile, as she said "Excellent...now follow me!"

We arrived at the third floor.

"On the table, Pete."

I hopped on the table, as she began strapping me down.

"Pete today will be an endurance test for you....You've asked me to collar you, and frankly I don't know you're worthy for that title....and thus today's test, it will be the first of many for you."

"Yes Ma'am, I will do my very best to prove my sincerity!"

"Not another word! I don't want to hear a sound out of you, or I'll gag you!!"

She bound me, arms over my head, legs spread, with several straps over my legs and body to the table, I was completely immobile, and completely at her mercy...which I had been promised there would be none.

"Lets get this out of the way, so the true torture can begin" she said clicking on her Stahl vibrator and pressing it against my cock, then clicked it to high"

A moment or two later my cock was close to orgasm....

"No! Please Don't make me cum!" I begged in earnest.

"Now you've earned the gag!" She smiled, "now shut up!"

I fought against cumming....but had no choice in the matter...a couple moments later my cock erupted onto my stomach and chest.

"There!" She said matter of factly. "Now, you'll really feel this session the way I intend you too! Oh but look you've made quite a mess!" She picked up a spoon and began scrapping my cum from my body and feeding it into my mouth.

When I was all cleaned up, she picked up a ball gag and strapping it onto my head.

"Since I have removed your sexual excitement, I will be nice and not blind fold you, maybe you can draw strength from looking at your Mistress!" she said with a sadistic gleam in her eye.

"Now for some fun!" She smiled.

I watched her pick up her PES unit and stimulators, she had some new ones. She wrapped a 1 inch wide stimulator about my shrinking penis and using tape taped it in place, then another wide strap wrapped around my testicles making sure to maximize the stimulator's contact to my skin, hooking up the power unit she immediately turned the dial to 4....pain screamed through my genitals! These wider straps caused much more contact...and therefore significantly more pain to rip through me.

"There, just the effect I wanted! Now you enjoy that, no wait how about this...she cranked it to 6"

I tried to scream, but noting intelligible came out.

"Isn't this fun? enjoy this and I'll be right back" she said patting my stomach.

She didn't leave the room, only walked across the room and opened a drawer, and began fishing around for something. A couple moments later she returned, with a hand full of something I couldn't see, and a lit candle.

"Miss me?"

I nodded yes.

"Thought so!" She smiled, flipping the PES to 8, as I screamed again.

She then began pinching my nipples, pinching and pulling them, then she attached a clothes pin onto each one, and pinched them causing a spike of pain, as she cranked the PES to 10.

Once more I screamed...

"Oh I do love that sound of a slave having fun!" She smiled, she then thumped the clothes pins over and over sending spikes of pain through my nipples.

After a few moments, she turned off the PES, then reached up and removed the clothes pins...sending a new strong waive of pain through my body.

"Yes, they hurt more coming off, then going on!" She smiled

"But these hurt no matter what I do with them!" She smiled showing me a pair of alligator clips. Once again she pinched and pulled my sore nipples, then clipped the first one on my right nipple....I screamed again in pain...

"I never tire of that lovely sound..." she sighed, "Maybe this will help with your nipple pain my darling slave." She flipped the PES to 5

I screamed again...

She laughed at me..."Now we're having fun, Pete...Don't you think?" She pinched my left nipple, then place the alligator clip onto it.

I screamed again...

She flipped the PES to 10...

I screamed again....

She smiled enjoying my pain.

After a few moments, she reached up and flicked the alligator clips, sending new waive of pain through my body...

She then turned the PES to off, and reached up and removed the Alligator clips off my nipples..

I screamed again, as she dumped a load of hot wax onto my nipples, and cranked the PES back to 10...

"My My Pete, you seem to behaving some difficulty with this session! I've never known you to scream so much! If you wish to have any hopes of becoming collared by me, you better kick it up a few notches!"

Fear, that I was letter her down caused me more pain than what was coursing through my system...Fear that I was unworthy of becoming collared by her! I could feel my eyes watering..

"Awe, are those tears, Pete?"

I nodded my head.

She laughed at me, and turned the PES off, and began removing the stimulators, "Lets move on, maybe you can impress me in the next activity.."

In a few moments I was free of the table.

"Over here," she pointed to a spanking bench. "put your chest here on the top portion, keep your feet on the floor, spread your legs nice and wide for me.

She then began securing my hands to the legs of the bench, a strap went across my back securing me upper body in position, then she secured my legs spread wide. My still bound genitals were exposed, as she took another piece of rope, and tied about my testicles and then hung a 10 lb from them.

"There, now hold that while I get the implements I want to use on you..."

She returned with a hand full of implements, placing them on the table I just vacated.

"Now Pete, hold this ball in your hands, if you drop it, then I will know you coded...but given your rather lackluster performance on our PES Play, I do hope you don't code!"

She then picked up a wooden paddle, ran her hand across my ass cheeks, and landed her first smack...Over the next 10 minutes, using this paddle, she completely covered every inch of my ass with smacks, careful to include the tender between cheeks.

I used all my strength to hold on to that ball, as countless hits rained upon me.

"There" she finally said, "All warmed up! Oh Pete you bottom is a lovely shade of pink!"

She rubbed her hands on me, feeling the heat she had created.

She then picked up another implement from the table, and walked in front of my head, I felt her press her crotch onto the top of my head.

"Are you enjoying this, Pete?"

I nodded my head...she smiled....I didn't hear the hit coming, it just exploded, she had picked up her leather suede whip with 25 laces, the hit landed between the cheeks of my ass, the tip ends striking my bound testicles, involuntarily my body lurched, the weight bounced...and I was met with another painful jerk to my testicles.

She laughed " I new that would get you attention!"

I lost count of the number of hits from this whip I received, some hits were not so bad, other stung like being stung by wasps...especially those hits where the laces stung my testicles, each time she made a perfect hit my body lurched, and the weight bounced!

I willed myself to retain possession of that ball.

Finally she stopped, and walked between my legs, once more feeling the heat she had caused...

"I'm surprised you have not dropped that ball, Pete! Maybe there is hope for you after all!"

Her prase made my heart jump...

Then I felt the lash land on my back, and she began again...occasional through this round of hits she would swing or kick the weights dangling from my testicles!

Again my concentration went into not letting that ball go, no matter the pain I endured....

Finally she stopped again....

"My my! You are being so brave! This makes me wonder just how much you can take!" She smiled at me.

She set down the suede whip and picked up a shaft of oak, 3/4 X 1/2 inch, unknown to me in addition to tying the weights on my testicles, she left a leash there as well...

"Lets see how you handle this? Shall we?" She said sadistically...

I felt my testicles being pulled up between the cheeks of my ass, the rope against my crack, my testicles were fully exposed to be part of the hits...

The first one landed...I screamed, the ball almost flew from my hand...

The oak not only hit both red cheeks, but also soundly nailed my testicles..

She released the leash, and my balls we're violently jerked as the 10lb weight reached the limit of its leash....

She then pulled them back up into position..SMACK! release...

I screamed again....

"Only four more to go, hang in there my slave!" She cooed...

Hearing these words my endurance surged...She is proud of me! I thought to myself...I cannot let her down!





"Very nicely done!" She said. "There does seem to be a little promise for you! Why don't we see if you can do better with that PES a second time around? I think this time you should continue to hold that weight, now up on the table!"

She untied me, as I tried to stand I discovered my knees were weak, I pulled myself to the table, and she once again strapped me in place with the 10 lb weight dangling above the floor.

Moments later the PES Straps were reapplied to my cock and balls, she turned the on to 4...I felt the current flow through my genitals...the pain was intense as she fired up the Stahl vibrator and began applying it to my testicles and cock...

She flipped the PES to 10, and pressed the Stahl tightly to my cock, within moments I could feel another orgasm mounting...my cock swelled...

She laughed at me...

"Oh Pete, I don't recommend cumming a second time!"

I moaned.

"But then, I don't plan to stop, not until you do, and then we can begin this second round of PES testing!"

It didn't take long, and soon my cock erupted a second time.

She turned the PES to off.

And attached the clothes pins to my nipples.

"Pete this will be a true endurance test for you. Hold this ball, as before releasing it is coding and I don't plan to stop until you do code. It will be up to you to decide how much is too much. If you do not take what I think you should, then you will be dismissed from my service.

Once more tears swelled in my eyes...I clinched my teeth on the ball gag...determined to withstand anything and everything she intended to give me.

She looked into my watery eyes, "ready?" and with that she turned the PES to 10, and fired the Stahl to high, the pain waives wrecked havoc on my genitals, the 10 lb weight ripping my balls, the Stahl spreading the PES pain throughout my genitals entirely...

I screamed into the ball gag, and clutched the ball in my hand with all my remaining strength..I really have no idea how long this lasted, she only had two setting on the PES, every couple minutes she turned it off keeping the Stahl in contact, she would pull on the ball leash causing the weight to lift several inches before releasing it several times, flick the clothes pins on my nipples, sometimes removing them and reapplying them, then she would flip the PES back to 10..

We did at least 10 -20 cycles of this over the next 15-20 minutes of the session...some how I could feel another orgasm building, as she noticed my cock hardening she increased the pain to my body...it seemed making a mission of forcing another orgasm from my genitals....She began flicking the clothes pin with her left hand, and then with her right she gripped my swelling cock and PES stimulators with a twist of her wrist she caused the stimulators to shift on my skin...sending unbelievable waives of pain through my genitals...then without warning my cock erupted a third time, she twisted my cock violently causing lots of shift in the PES Stimulators spiking the pain off the charts....as I screamed the ball flew from my hand with these new unbelievable waives of pain...

A moment later the PES was turned off....the pain receded...

"NO!" I tried to scream..."No!!"

She laughed at me, as tears formed again in my eyes...

"I see I have hit your limit" She said....unbuckling the ball gag.

"No it slipped! I didn't mean to drop it! I swear!"

"Pete, you didn't drop the ball, it flew across the room! I do believe this constitutes a coding."

"Please, let me try again! Please Goddess! I can do better!"

"I think you are spent for today, my little froggie."

"Please Mistress, Please tell me that you are not releasing me from your service!"

"I don't know..."

I began to cry...."Please...give me another chance! I beg you with all my heart!!"

"I think you did okay today, I think I will test you again next week..."

"Thank you!!!"

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