tagRomanceEnemy Ch. 02

Enemy Ch. 02


The next day, was a day unlike any they had experienced. The sun seemed dull, the air seemed musty, and everything else was coated in a thick layer of grey. School seemed like a whole new experience to them; they were whole new people now. Today was the day they became true enemies, in every sense of the word. There was no talking, no touching, no kissing, and absolutely no dares.

It was torture at its finest and he was using every bit of his will power to endure. He couldn't touch her, but he was damn sure going to look his fill! He couldn't have stopped himself if he wanted, he was having a hard time just staying in his seat and not pulling her into his lap so he could kiss her soft, full lips until they couldn't breathe. It was the first time he wished she didn't sit next to him in class. He knew he was making her nervous and even though he felt bad, he loved it. He couldn't help it, he just loved her reaction to him, and he knew that deep crimson blush was because of him, that her nipples now hardened because of his stare. He was so in tune to her, every time the air shifted or she moved, he could smell the cheap soap she used. A soap that was now more stimulating to him than a $500 bottle of perfume. He was going nuts, he got a little harder every time he heard her legs cross or uncross, and he swore he could hear her nipples brushing against her shirt. How the hell was he supposed to hate her when all he could think about was loving her?

He was not built for this, it was in his blood to fight for what he wanted, he always had. He had never been denied anything in his life, and now he faced the one thing he TRULY wanted, but could not have.

Bianca Rose was against the law and he faced damnation if he didn't stay away!


He was staring at her openly, she sat facing straight forward looking straight ahead, trying desperately not to look over at him. She could feel his stare, burning through her clothes and caressing her, he was daring her to look at him. She couldn't look at him, she was barley holding on as it was, one look at him would make her forget, make her want him more, just thinking about him had her panties soaked and she was crossing and uncrossing her legs to ease the pain.

He purposely dropped his pen, when it rolled over and hit her foot; she squeezed her eyes closed tight. She could feel him as he got close, the heat from his body, the smell of his cologne; she opened her eyes just in time to see his strong hand picking up the pen. She was an instant mess, blushing, lightly sweating, and shaking. That glimpse was almost her undoing, his skilled fingers reminding her of all the mind-blowing pleasure they brought to her. She had to force herself not to think of those fingers all over her body, playing with her breasts, sliding inside of her. She gasped, and then cringed when she realized she had done it out loud, and half the class was looking at her, including the always entertaining Mr. Mills, who was now looking at her with an irritation laced boredom. Of course, he had already made a few choice comments about her lack of focus today. If he only knew the extreme amount of concentration and focus she was using not to look at Diago. Besides she was paying enough attention to know Mr. Mills hadn't said a damn thing to Diago, who was staring at her hard, his untamed eyes burning into her. If Diago would just look away from her, she could cope a little better.


It was prom night, a night for celebration, a night of accomplishment and pride, but 2 of the seniors were absolutely miserable.

Maddy was wearing a blood red gown that went perfectly with her newly enhanced hair color and accented her pale skin. It also matched Trent, a guy with fire red hair and a stud in his lip who she was in love with after only 3 days. Trent wore a kooky tie over a ripped and dirty white shirt, a heavy black leather jacket decorated with tons of artistic graffiti Trent was more than happy to volunteer he personally created.

Veda, always the stunner, wore a deep milk chocolate silk low cut gown that accented her curves and made her appear taller than her five foot frame. Veda, being typical Veda had decided to go to the prom alone; she had a couple guys ask, but she refused them. "Boys" she had called them in disgust with her nose up. Her mood changed drastically when Tyson, who had really noticed her at the party, asked her to the prom during lunch. Without any doubt about her sudden change in attitude about high school "boys", she said yes.

Bianca had used her mother's old, barely working sewing machine, to make her own gown. She also found a pretty gold material in her mother's old things. No way could her father afford a new gown right now, lot rent had gone up at the trailer park and they were barely making ends meet as it was. So she took her time and made her prom dress. It was strapless, she fitted the top to her, so it fit perfectly to her tiny waist and held her full C- cup breasts in like a corset, from the waist down she had gathered the flowy material to create a full skirt.

Fergy James, the mocha skinned, black eyed, corduroy wearing, pockets full of pens, king of the nerds, was head geek of the Math Club and proud of it. He was five-foot-five weighing no more than 120 pounds, but had the walk of a pit bull, ruff and rugged, despite his tiny frame. He wasn't the strongest guy, but he knew there was no other nerd around who could take him. He had always had a high sense of self, his parents lavishing their only child in adoration over his high intelligence, he was the apple of their eye and they had spoiled him rotten.

He had noticed Bianca in the 9th grade when he moved here from Ohio, noticed she was the only one who equaled his own superior intelligence and just happened to be the cutest girl at school. He was immediately in love! So when he asked her to the prom expecting her to say no, he nearly passed out when she said yes.

Bianca accepted Fergy's invitation because despite his puffed out chest and compulsive obsession to express how smart he was, he was absolutely harmless.

He came to her door dressed in a mint green polyester tuxedo, matching velour cummerbund and bowtie, topping it off with a pale yellow button up shirt. He pulled out a matching wrist corsage of fresh carnations, putting it on Bianca's wrist. She smiled and took his arm, wishing her father would have at least gotten up to see her off. In Fergy's green car, she hooked the pink bow in the middle of the corsage, not sure why, just wanting something that had meaning to her.


Brittany couldn't get a hold of him. He refused to ask her to the prom, he said he was going with his friends, but she had already told everyone that he had asked her months ago, so she had to do something. She decided on waiting for him to go in, than run in behind him, so it looked like they arrived together. She waited outside until she saw him, Wes and a few other guys pull up in his car.


He was in no rush to get to the prom. He was only going because he knew Bianca was going, he heard Fergy James had asked her.

He was not impressed.

If things were different or he was from another family, he would have taken her to the prom, hell, in his mind he should have taken her. He knew he had no right to be upset, but logic wasn't stopping his possessiveness. If he couldn't touch her or hold her on their one and only prom night, he wanted to at least see her and make sure no one else touched or kissed her.


She was standing by the buffet talking with Maddy and Veda when Diago walked in with the seniors of the football team, everyone of them wearing their football jersey. She could not help but notice how handsome Diago looked in his. She could tell he had just raked his fingers through his hair, as usual, and he even had a little stubble, but he was by far the most handsome man she had ever seen. She turned away from him, just as he turned towards her.


He saw her immediately, she looked amazing, her long beautiful hair fell in a mass of big loose curls down her back, he was itching to run his hand through it. Her body was amazing, her large breasts crushed against the top of the gown, looked ready to pop right out. He had an insane urge to pull down her top and kiss them.

"There you are." Brittany came out of nowhere, planting a kiss on his lips, than she took his hand. "I got us a good seat."

Bianca looked up just in time to see Brittany kissing him. She wanted to march over there and drag Brittany off him by her long blonde hair, but she couldn't, she was supposed to hate Diago, not wishing he could have taken her to her prom instead of taking Brittany.


Tyson excused himself from Veda for a minute going over to Diago and Wes at the table.

"Got us a present." he said pulling the bottle of liquor out and handing it to Diago after filling his own cup. He took the bottle, dumped the gin into his cup and swallowed the glass down.

Brittany was sitting next to him, rubbing him under the table as he watched Bianca walk on to the dance floor, Fergy holding her hand, Diago's cheek ticked. He was staring with hostility towards the couple dancing. Fergy was completely unaware, but Bianca could feel it from across the room. She fought everything in her not to look in his direction. She turned Fergy so her back was facing Diago and his searing eyes, glad now for Fergy's ultra stiff, stay in one place, jiggy swing.


"She is so trashy; I heard she couldn't afford a prom dress so she had to make hers," Brittany said with her chin high. Diago looked at the very simple dress, it was perfect for her, and she didn't need all the expensive brand labels to be beautiful, she was already the prettiest girl the prom, besides whom else could make the plain homemade dress look like a top label gown?

"And what is her corsage, are those carnations?" she said in disgust, her clone Shannon nodding in agreement. "Look she even used an old ratty bow in the middle of it." she snorted as she laughed.

"Yeah like what is ribbon, like 5 cents at the craft store?" They did the ultra snooty dry laugh. Diago took a closer look to see that yes, she had indeed used the 'dare' bow as the center piece for her corsage, like a badge, teasing him. Brittany watched him watching her, her irritation mounting.

"I heard they caught her blowing Fergs in the parking lot."

Brittany's true catty colors were showing. Diago watched them dancing, getting a mental picture vivid enough to make him commit murder. He turned back to look at her, Fergy holding her a little to close for Diago's peace of mind, he watched his arms snake around her waist, pulling her even closer and Diago was ready to spit bullets. He was barely controlling his anger, watching Fergy touch her like he had a right to. He wanted to rip his hands off. He was shaking a little in his rage trying to calm himself, he had no right to react this way and he knew it. He couldn't have her; he had to let her go! He needed to leave immediately!


Bianca was getting irritated with Fergy's overly friendly, touchy- feely dancing. She was afraid he would try to hump her right there in the middle of the floor; she was trying to nudge out of the tight embrace when he slid his hand on her ass. She watched his face as he coed like a child, his mouth open, and if the spittle hanging on the end of his slightly protruding tongue, dripped on her, she was going to slug him.

"Take your hand off me." she glared into his eyes.


"Are you alright hunny?" Brittany asked seeing his face turning red as he visibly shook. He ignored her, letting his breathing calm, trying to take control of the rising wrath. Just when he took a deep breath, ready to stand up and quietly leave, Fergy did it, he slid his hand down to her ass. He was up and heading towards them before he even knew what he was doing. His boys saw him and were right behind him, not knowing what was going on, but ready for anything. One never knew with Diago, he could be pretty quick fisted and with this foul mood he'd been in recently, anything was possible.

He stalked towards Bianca, standing very close behind her, facing Fergy.

"Get your fucking hands off her." Diago said calmly making the boy cower under the death look he gave him, he stepped away from Bianca.

"Diago!" she gasped as he put his arm around her waist, she tried to nonchalantly pull away, not wanting anyone to notice they were together, thankful for the packed dance floor and the huge circle of football players surrounding them. He pulled her tightly to his chest, daring Fergy to say something, wanting to scream at the little man and tell him the rules about what belonged to Diago Stone. He almost felt childish, wanting to resort back to screaming "MINE!" while he stomped the small guy to the ground.

"Leave him alone Diago!" she hissed at him.

Fergy wasn't stupid, sure it had felt good, to have the prettiest date at the prom, but nothing was worth his face, besides he was sure he saw Alicia smiling at him earlier, he strutted towards her.


He took her straight out of the school; she started to struggle the minute they got out side. He took her over to the huge tree in the back of the school, by the parking lot.

"What are you doing? Have you lost your mind?!" she yelled as softly as she could manage,

"Why was his hand on your ass?!" He was furious!

"Do you realize you just took me out of our prom, with every one watching us?!"

"I can't believe you let him put his hand on your ass!" he roared.

"I didn't let him, I told him to move it three seconds before you came over and made a scene in front of EVERYONE in our graduating class!"

"I don't give a shit about those people."

"You should, everyone in there knows our parents one way or another, what if it gets back to them, and what if they find out?" she started to panic. "If they find out about this, they'll find out about everything!"

"Calm down, no one's going to find out." he leaned into her, her back against the tree, he kissed her.

She tried to fight him at first, but it quickly over powered her, making her knees weak, she was kissing him back with every thing in her.

What was it with him? How could he make her change her entire demeanor and her mind so quick? She had to stop this!

"You have to stop doing that," she snapped trying to pull away.

"Never," he said pulling her mouth back to his, kissing her again.

"We're supposed to stay away from each other-" she yelled, pulling her head back again

"I can't stay away from you," he said seriously.

"We're enemies."

"You're not my enemy," he held her face.

"But our families-" she cried, frustrated, so confused with her feelings.

"Fuck our families," he kissed her again she kissed him back, than stopped again holding him away, looking straight into his eyes.

"I dare you to stop!" she said.

"You would use it against me?" he actually looked hurt.

"I don't know how else to stop you!" she cried in frustration, she needed him to stop or she wouldn't! He looked at her then stepped back, putting out his hand. She pulled the bow out of the middle of her corsage and handed it to him.

"Now I have a dare for you."

"What?" she asked warily.

"I want one night with you," he said.

"No, it's betrayal."

"Fuck them; they don't care about what we want. Come on Bianca, they forced this war on us" he yelled.

"It's wrong." she cried even though she knew he was right.

"No, it's not wrong! You want to know what's wrong?" he was heated, his words full of hate and disgust, he grabbed her shoulders, "that I have to deny my self what I want most because of two old dead men that I never even met! I'm sick of thinking of you, dreaming about you, you're like a sickness to me; I can't get you out of my head!"


"No! I can't take any fuckin more! You're driving me crazy, I want you all the time, every time I see you, do you know when you walked past me in the hall yesterday, I wanted to drag you into the bathroom and fuck you until you begged me to stop! I haven't slept in days thinking of you!" his eyes full of pain and a sadness that broke her heart. Than he changed, his hot, furious eyes burning into hers, "So I dare you, the dare of all dares," he held her face between his big hands, "Be with me tonight, forget everyone else except for me." Frustrated, desperation was written all over his face. He leaned his head against hers. "Please."

It was exactly what she wanted, and looking at him now, feeling his passion, she needed him just as much. She was just so scared.

"Do you know what will happen if we get caught?"

"They won't catch us."

"I hope not." she turned away; he turned her face back to him, pleading desperately with her.

"I need one night with you; we don't even have to do anything, just let me hold you, baby. I need this! I need something to remember." He held her eyes to his for what seemed like an eternity before she finally answered.

"Only for tonight," she said looking around her nervously, "but I dare you to take me far away from here." He nodded, took her hand and led her to his new car. "And not let us get caught."

"I accept that dare," he kissed her lips, "and I won't let us get caught."

"I can't believe we're doing this," she said

"Don't chicken out now." he said seriously and she shook her head. "I'm not letting you lose this dare."


Brittany hid behind the bushes fuming as she watched them together. She watched them get into his car and once it was clear, she sprinted to hers, stepping in a pothole on the way, breaking a heel on her new $700 Italian shoes. She cursed and hopped to her car, almost colliding with a parked car when she started the engine. She sped out to the street, heading in the direction they left. She had to know where they were going.

"Diago I don't know what you're doing with this trash bin-dwelling super skank, but I am going to put a stop to it," she said fixing her hair in the mirror, not paying any attention to the road she was speeding down.

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