tagRomanceEnemy Ch. 03

Enemy Ch. 03


The prom was going on without them, the entire class and all the staff looking around confused as they announced the prom king and queen, and neither Diago nor Brittany were there to accept the honor.


Diago tried for over 20 minutes to reach his cousin Jake; it was the only safe place he knew. Jake's mansion was in the middle of nowhere, he had no neighbors for miles, they would never be found there and if by some chance they were, he knew with out a doubt, Jake had his back.

Jake was his favorite cousin, he was a loyal, brutally honest, sadistic, overly aggressive, bad ass mutha fucker! And he had every right to be, growing up with the very devil for a father, a man who made Dorian Stone, Diago's father, look like a pussy cat.

Unfortunately for them, Jake wasn't home, and Diago didn't have time to wait around, he only had one night with the enemy of his dreams and time was ticking.

They ended up driving for over an hour, before he finally found 'The Rouge Motel'.

Within that hour they talked about anything and everything, no specific topic, just careful not to mention family, time, or any thing involving the future and/or the past. They talked like two old souls, revealing things to the other, they would not even admit to themselves. They were so absorbed in each other; they were oblivious to the car following carefully behind them.


'The Rouge' was owned by Pierre Rouge, a small man with a slight hump, huge bright blue eyes and a wide, ear-to-ear genuinely warm smile. His accent was as thick as the silver grey toupee on his head. He and the love of his life, his wife, Ellie had left France twelve years ago, moved to America to open a fancy French themed hotel and restaurant. He helped build the entire thing with his own hands, his strength and determination forcing his rickety old body to comply. His hard work paid off; it was an instant success, the rooms were decorated in an unusual style, each a whole different theme, elaborate decor, designs with close attention paid to detail. The restaurant served only the finest in French cuisine, but still managed to have a warm, homey feel to it. He had made enough money to live his life comfortably and was more than happy. He and his wife lived in the house outback and they were still in love after 75 years. He believed in love and he believed it was why they had been able to cheat death for so long.


Brittany was furious, shaking with rage looking at his car parked at the hotel, watching them walk hand in hand into the hotel office.

"Well Bianca, I guess I'll just have to teach you the hard way not to mess with Brittany Tinsel," she hissed, her tires squealing as she sped off.


"We need a room," Diago said, holding Bianca's hand.

"Ahh, newlyweds?" his smile was full of hope.


"Then you must be recently engaged."

"No." he answered.

"But Pierre knows love and he can feel it when it enters the room," the little man beamed proudly. He turned and grabbed a key with a huge red heart as she and Diago looked at each other smirking at the strange but friendly old man. Diago tried to hand him his credit card.

"No, your money's no good here," he winked "I have the perfect room for you." his smile widened as he walked out from behind the desk, "follow me, if you will." he led them to the elevator.

"I keep a special room for these occasions," he said with a deep smile.

The elevator door opened and a very short man who looked an awful lot like Pierre greeted them with a smile.

"Room Number One," he smiled at the man and the small man smiled back knowingly, both turning to smile at the couple. The elevator door opened and he led them down a short hall to a door with a huge silver one in the middle. He opened the door and they both smiled in awe.

The room was spectacular, like nothing either of them had ever seen. It was huge, dominated by a magnificent cherry wood four-post bed decorated in thick layers of crimson, Bordeaux and garnet. The entire room was done in various shades of red, with splashes of deep plum, dark pink, from the silk sheets, the chiffon fabric draped around the tall bed posts, brightly colored satin pillows scattered all over, and candles in big thick silver candle holders. The walls were the deepest of reds, and the highly polished cherry wood floor was covered in beautifully bright Parisian rugs. The room smelt heavenly, a faint trace of chocolate and berries.

"Enjoy your room and don't forget the chocolate," he pointed over to the pure sliver fondue pot on the matching silver tray with floral cutouts around the edges. They both looked in the direction he pointed. It was just a dreamy, comfy looking little spot, a beautiful crushed crystal end table stood between two antique cherry wood chairs with exotic carvings and scarlet and magenta print satin cushions. Behind it, the huge window with the thick, deep crimson brocade drapes gave a perfect view to the magnificent magnolia tree in the yard.

"Unusual," Diago said after Pierre shut the door.

"But sweet," she smiled back. "Speaking of sweet," she walked over to the table and saw the fondue pot filled with melted milk chocolate, a platter of the largest, reddest strawberries she had ever seen before. "I am addicted to strawberries!" He watched her as she grabbed one, than dipped it in the chocolate, eagerly bringing the juicy berry to her lips, he hardened imagining other things he would have her do with those delicious lips. He walked over to her, standing very close, tracing her lips with his finger. She held the strawberry up to his mouth offering him a bite; he bit into the sweet fruit.

"Taste it with chocolate." she dipped it in the fondue. "It's divine." she purred.

"I'd rather taste you," he kissed her neck, "did I tell you how beautiful you look tonight." he murmured, sucking on the soft skin.

"Yea right, in my hand sewn dress," she took another bite of the strawberry.

"You could have wrapped a garbage bag around you and you still would have been the prettiest girl at prom," he kissed her lips lightly, tasting the chocolate and fruit.

"Well did I tell you how handsome you look in your jersey?" she smiled, grooming him for a second as he played with a long dark curl. "I saw you the minute you walked in the door, everyone did."

"But you stole the show."

"No way," she blushed.

"Every guy there wanted to dance with you." he kissed her neck, going all the way to her bare shoulder, breathing deeply of her scent; she smelled so sweet, so soft and so feminine. "And I wanted to stand on stage and announce that the only man you would be dancing with was me," he looked into her eyes.

"You are the only one that I wanted to dance with," she said, her eyes full of longing.

He smiled than walked over to the dresser with the huge oval mirror and turned on the antique radio; the old melodic beats with the soft French lullabies poured through the small speaker. He stood back a little from her, than with a wicked grin, he did a formal bow, holding out his hand to her, and she smiled placing her small hand in his. He put his arm around her waist, pulling her closer to him, dropping a kiss on her cheek.

They danced across the room, he twirled her, her full skirt fanning around her, and he dipped her, kissed her.

"I should have been the first and only one to dance with you, not Fergy." he said in her ear.

"You are the first and only."

"I wanted to take you to the prom." he said, sadness in his voice.

"It doesn't matter who took me to the prom, it's who took me FROM the prom that's important." she smiled, "besides, I had a piece of you with me," she pointed to the pink bow on the small table.

"No fair, I didn't have a piece of you."

"Why have a piece when you can have all of me right now." she said. It was all he needed; he kissed her with every thing inside him, and everything he had been holding back, for fear of falling to deep into her spell. He didn't care anymore, he was sick of regret, sick of guilt, he wanted her in every way, shape and form, and he was sick of fighting it.

She kissed him just as passionately, she didn't care right now about anything else but being with him, so what if he was her enemy, she loved him. She had been saving herself for marriage and true love, but she couldn't marry her true love and she would never have true love with the man she ended up marrying. She wanted her first time to be special, and it would only be if it was with Diago.

As he kissed her, he reached behind her and unzipped the corset top of the dress, sliding it down, dangerously low on her hips. He kissed the tops of her breasts, still dancing slowly, as he unhooked the strapless bra, letting it fall to the floor. He pulled back to look at her.

He honestly could not imagine not having her. Her perfect full up thrust breasts with her cinnamon nipples that always seemed to point just for him, her beautiful bee stung lips, he wanted to kiss all the minutes of the day, those eyes of hers that seemed to look deep into his iron little heart. The way that she thought amused him beyond no end, her strength even when the odds were stacked against her, her voice, that sweet deep honey flowing thick from her beautiful mouth.

"Let's leave," he said.

"Run away?" she asked.

"Yes," he rolled a curl around his finger.


"Anywhere," he ran vanilla scented curl down his face.

"Anywhere there are no Stones, no Roses, no feuds and no enemies."

"Only us," his deep voice caressed her soul, making her long for a place they could really run away to. He ran his hands lightly over her breasts.

"I don't ever want to leave you," she looked at him and he frowned a little, pulling her into his embrace. That stifling gloom came over her as she thought about what it was going to be like to never be with him again. She was trying to hold up the best she could and be strong about it, although she was withering away inside. Diago was more angry than sad, she could see him constantly calming himself down, trying to stay level and not get to worked up. He wanted to fight his family, and as much as she wanted to, she just couldn't openly defy her father. She wasn't as strong as Diago, he was ready to take on the world and she was ready to run in her room and hide. "I wish we could just be together, I wish our families never had that fight." she cried the tears rolling her cheeks. If they were not enemies they would be together, she was sure they had fallen in love that first day of third grade, when they had no idea who they were.

"Shh," he held her close to him, her bare breasts crushed against his chest, "All I want to think about tonight is you." He held her until she calmed down, sliding his hand up and down her back, soothing her. He would give anything to stop those tears, he hated to see her cry, and he hated feeling helpless to her and to himself. He had to change the mood, the maddening reality of there situation was to intense not to make everything gloomy and grey. Well, not tonight, tonight was there night and he wanted her to relax and enjoy him like he was going to enjoy her.

He picked her up and took her to the bed, sitting her in the middle of the bright thick comforter. Standing back as he slid off his jersey and white t shirt underneath, she watched as he revealed that muscular torso, his bulging biceps, the massive shoulders, that tight well defined stomach.

He went over and grabbed the little table with the tray of strawberries, the chocolate and the champagne and brought it over next to the bed. He grabbed the bottle and the two tall crystal glasses with the thick crystal stems shaped into the form of a nude woman holding the cup. He filled both glasses than handing one to her as he sat on the edge of the bed, facing her. He held his glass up for a toast,

"This is to us," he announced. She clicked glasses with him than took a sip as he drained his glass.

"We only have tonight, lets not waste it worrying or talking about our family or time- our true enemies," he said, pulling her closer to him, her legs spread around his hips and the thick skirt of the dress all over. "I want to focus on you," he said, she lifted up as he slid her dress and panties off, than tossing them to the floor. "Every inch of you," he kissed her; she threw her arms around his neck. "You taste good," he kissed her again.

"Strawberries," she breathed between kisses.

"Ummm," he slid his tongue back into her sweet mouth.

"You should try one," she said when his lips left hers. Knowing exactly how he wanted to try the strawberries, he grabbed one from the tray, holding the fat berry to her lips, watching as she took it into her mouth and bit down, a little bit of juice dripping from the corner of her mouth, her leaned in and licked it off as she chewed.

"It tastes better on you." he said

"It tastes better with chocolate." she said, after she swallowed.

"Let me be the judge." he said putting the berry to her soft nipple lathering it in the juice; he watched the juice roll down the full underside of her breast as the nub hardened. He dipped the berry back in the chocolate, than spread it on her other already hardened nipple; he smiled before he licked the very tip. She watched him, thrusting her breasts towards him, the skin of her breast taunt. He took the nipple deep into his mouth, sucking every drop of juice off. She leaned back on her hands, unable to sit up straight. He went to the other breast, licking the trail where the chocolate ran down the plump underside of the mound. He licked up to her nipple, than took it into his mouth, sucking a little harder and a little longer. He finally let go looking at her, she leaned in for a kiss, as he kissed her, he dragged the berry down the valley between her breasts, down her belly, dipping it into her naval, sliding it down through the silky waves down to where her lips parted, spreading her, he ran the juicy berry up and down her sex, sending jolts through her pelvis, hips and thighs.

He broke the kiss, dipping the berry in the fondue pot than spread a liberal amount of the thick warm chocolate over her. He sat back to look at his work and she looked at him, not wanting him to stop. He popped the berry into his mouth chewing as he slid his finger over her chocolate covered pussy, than stuck the finger into his mouth, sucking off the chocolate. She sat there her breathing peaked in anticipation, her head clouded with lust, waiting for him to touch her again, but he was just watching her, eating that damn berry, she pouted and he grinned ear to ear, swallowing. He leaned in and kissed her full pouty lips, than went down the middle of her chest, licking the berry trail, down to her naval, where her stuck his tongue in and kissed. She moaned as he went down to her patch and ran his tongue through the waves, than lower, holding her open with his hand. He put his mouth to her, devouring the chocolate, she cried out, gasping, calling his name, wiggling her hips, leaning back even further on her hands, spreading her thighs wider. He loved the sound of his name on her lips, it drove him crazy, the animalistic way she thrust her hips had the beast in him going wild. He was going off instinct, lost in her sex. Her scream echoed through the room, her spread knees touched the bed, her hips thrust out and her body convulsing, she fell back on the bed, trying to close her legs so he would stop sucking her throbbing clit. Just when she thought she couldn't possible stand anymore, it popped, sending her into orgasmic frenzy.

He slid up her body, kissing her lips. "You were right, it's definitely better with chocolate," he smiled, undoing his jeans and pulling his painfully erect cock out, positioning himself between her legs, watching as the orgasm wracked her body, he kissed her madly, drawing her as deeply into the kiss as he could, sliding just the tip of his cock into her, she gasped into his mouth, but he refused to stop kissing her, his mind spinning with pleasure and excitement. He slid in a tiny bit more and she braced herself, her arms around him, now trying to hold him still, he slid the head in and she yelped, he deepened the kiss and slid in until he was half way in, she gasped, trying to pull her mouth from his. He reached between them, going straight to her sensitive clit. He slid in more, halfway in now, she cried out and he pulled his head back to look at her. He hated causing her pain, and this inch by inch was prolonging the pain, he had to get it over with.

"I'm sorry baby," he whispered in her ear, than thrust into the hilt, she whimpered, trying to sit up, the pain overwhelming her. He stayed perfectly still, letting her adjust to him. He was circling her clit slowly, feeling it harden under his fingers, he kissed her neck, her shoulders, and her breasts, than straight back to her mouth. The rhythmic pleasure from his hand was calming her a little, easing the tension in her clenched body. He tried to move but she tightened her thighs around him, trying to keep him still.

"You feel so good," he whispered in her ear. "I could stay inside you forever." Just thinking about it made him swell more inside her. He slid slowly, smoothly, little by little, the ripping sensation gone, the pain still there, but something else entirely was beginning to slowly take over. He slid in and out careful not to hurt her.

She finally loosened a little and relaxed, letting him in deeper with out clenching around him or trying to pull away. He kissed her lips, moving slowly, but steadily, she was arching now, the pain numbed by the orgasm creeping up on her. She stiffened than arched deeply, he slid in deeper, watching her, he couldn't stop himself, she was so tight around him, and it came out of him like a tornado, shooting into her as she screamed her own release. The orgasmic hurricane crashed through her lower body, then spun uncontrolled straight up to engulf her brain.

He almost collapsed on her, he had never cumm that hard in his life, and it had drained every bit of emotion and energy from him. She could barley breath, not just from his weight but from the intense tingling as the feeling came back to her body. She held him tight to her and he turned his head in, kissing her neck.

"I love you," he murmured.

"I love you, too," she closed her eyes.


He carried her to the bathroom, sat her on the pink and black marble counter top while he got the water temperature right, he picked her back up and stood her in the huge three water head shower. He washed every inch of her body, using the body wash on his bare hands, not wanting even a washcloth between them. He ran his large soapy hands over her large perky breasts, lightly tugging on her nipples as he bent for a quick kiss. He was careful with her as he washed his cumm and her blood from between her legs, slipping his fingers between her soapy flesh, kissing her as the hot water pelted their sensitive flesh.


He held her, naked on the bed, both dripping wet, looking at the dreaded cuckoo clock on the wall. Time was running out and reality was seeping in.

"I wish we could stay in this room forever," she said, fighting her tears.

"Me too," he kissed her forehead, holding her tighter.


The cab tooted out front of the hotel, as Diago held her in his arms. He held her to tight, never wanting to let her go.

"Just one last kiss." he said his pale eyes going straight to her soul. He knew once she left this room, that was it, he would never be able to touch her again, smell her again, and feel her beautiful hair. He ran his hand through her inky locks, looking into her sad, sad eyes. They kissed like they had never kissed before. He pulled back, looking at her, he missed her already.

"I guess this is it," she said with a deep sadness. He nodded. "We can't see each other ever again." The words choking her, she wished it was a lie.

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