tagRomanceEnemy Ch. 04

Enemy Ch. 04


It had been 7 whole days

7 unbelievably long days

7 brain boggling, heart mutilating, never ending, devastatingly long days.

He couldn't take it anymore.

He weighed his options, he took 7 whole days to completely analyze the situation, overestimate the repercussions and prepare himself for the worst case scenario, IF they were ever caught.

Bianca Rose was more important than any repercussions, so it was just a chance he had to take. He could not stay away from her for another second! He would pop if he did, he would go completely insane-

'Nuttsville city on the top of a building, blowing bullets on an unsuspecting crowd!!!'

He tried his hardest, he really did, he spent all his time trying not to think of her, or that night at The Rouge, he was even trying to spend more time with Brittany. She was the only one he knew that irritated him so much, he couldn't think of any thing else, plus she was a trained, if not absent, professional when it came to sex. He was even trying liquor to numb her relentless vision and his over active imagination, but even the over indulgence of liquor and sex had not worked.


He had to see her.


Bianca was having a very hard time keeping her emotions inside. She had to hide her feelings from her family, lest they become suspicious. She felt like an empty, powder blooded zombie- hollow in her animated death. She cried herself to sleep ever night since their prom, she wanted to just say "fuck it", but she couldn't, she just could not bring herself to defy her father on such a serious level. This was not someone her father didn't like for simple, stupid reasons, this was someone her father had hated before he was even born, hated for his blood, his roots, his family tree and his last name.

What happened? her mission in life had not been to fall in love with her fathers enemy, it had been to make her father love her or at least pay some attention to her. If she said 'fuck it' it would put the last nail in the coffin of her dying relationship with her father. He would never forgive her and she would never be able to teach him to love her. She just couldn't do it. She would survive this living hell physically, but mentally she was destroyed.

She would never love like that again

She would never feel like that again

She would live the rest of her life existing on only the memory of that one perfect night, she was dead in real life, but she would learn to live again in her dreams, the only place where she could openly love Diago Stone.


Diago had to see her, there was nothing else to it, so he went incognito, in a baseball hat, sunglasses, and all black clothes. He parked in a clearing in the woods just outside the trailer park, he already knew which trailer was hers. He looked into the open window, the cheap, white lace curtains blowing in the breeze as he crept through, quietly lowering himself into her bedroom.

He stood silent for a second as he looked at her, such a beautiful angel, wrapped in an old blanket on top of the beat up mattresses that were her bed. He looked around the tiny room, seeing a cheap cardboard dresser, and nothing else. No perfume, make up or anything feminine that would mark a girls room, nothing that spoke of her character or her tastes. She lived in a plain shoebox for a room. His wide steps were silent as he went over and sat on the edge of the mattress, facing her. Diago reached out and touched a curl that had escaped from the ponytail, barley holding the mass out of her face. She opened her eyes, and gasped as she sat up.

"Oh god, what are doing here?" her eyes wide with fear. She wasn't sure if she wanted to break down in fearful hysterics or if she wanted to scream in joy and just kiss him. "I'm dead if he-" She froze as she heard the footsteps outside her door.

Her brother was a lazy slob who slept all day and stayed up all night, so she was sure it was him.

"Shhh." Diago took her head between his hands. She was paralyzed with fear and he felt a little guilty. The footsteps hovered by her door for a second before they went into the direction of the kitchen, she almost cried in relief.

"I missed you." he kissed her deep, raw, and true, with every bit of his suffocated emotion from the last 7 days. When he finally pulled away from her, they were both gasping. "Come with me."

"No," she started to cry, "I cant keep doing this to myself, do you know how painful it is to have to keep trying to forget you?"

"I do," he leaned into her, "I just can't stay away from you."

"This is killing me," she tried to stifle the thick emotion ready to burst, "every time I have to leave you," she put his hands to her heart. "my heart dies a new unbearable death. Please Diago, Please, just let me go." she cried, all of misery, her anguish pouring through her, "i can't take saying good bye to you again.".

"I can't let you go." he stood up holding her hands, "and I wont." he pulled her up.

"BIANCA WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" her brother yelled trying to open her locked door. She froze and for the first time he saw a true terror on her face, she was afraid of her brother.

"Nothing, I had a nightmare." he held her trembling body close to him and she squeezed back pretty hard.

"Well shut the hell up, I'm trying to sleep!" he stomped back to his room, calling her some rather vulgar names.

"I'm gonna fuckin get him for talking to you like that." one look at his face let her know just how serious he was.


"Come on, lets get out of here." he cut her off.

"No, I-" she gasped, trying to still keep silent, as he slung her over his shoulder, walked to her window, than carefully climbed through it.

"I can't believe we're doing this." she said once outside, her whole body tingling with an exhilarating excitement laced with a vivid fear. He ran as fast as he could to his car, carefully setting her in the passengers seat before he got in. "I have a bad feeling about this." she said, but at this point there was no way she could leave him.

"I'll have you back before they get up," he ran his hand over her cheek, "don't worry," he kissed her lips lightly.


Diago was supposed to be having dinner with her family tonight, so when she saw him leaving as she was coming to pick him up, she just figured he probably forgot and was just running to the store or something, one never knew with Diago. So she decided to follow him than when he arrived at his destination, she would remind him of their date tonight.

When he pulled into the trailer park, Brittany was instantly alarmed, she knew who lived here. She stayed far behind, watching as he drove down the tiny dirt road that led to a clearing in the woods. She watched him, dressed in all black, sprint from his car than disappear into the trailers that congested the small lot.

"What the hell are you up to Diago Stone?" she whispered.

It wasn't long before she found out...

Her jaw dropped, her eyes bulged put of her head, she didn't breath for a full 27 seconds, and venom seeped into her mouth as she watched Diago running by with Miss Scumbilina Rose over his shoulder. Brittany started to shake, she saw red, gripping the wheel so tight she was putting holes in her custom made pink leather steering wheel cover. She was grinding her jaw, forcing the scream of rage to stay inside.


"I have been expecting you." Pierre greeted them, "I have just the perfect room prepared for you tonight." he smiled with the glee of a child, that twinkle in his eyes.

If she thought the last room was amazing, her heart fluttered just looking at this one. It looked like Pierre had brought a room straight down from heaven! The huge thick mahogany sleigh bed dominated the room, it was covered in thick white silk covers, edged in frothy Chantilly lace. A mass amount of pillows topped the bed like clouds, huge white silk pillows with matching lace, smaller white faux fur pillows. round pillows of thick white and silver tinsel streaked brocade. A large crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling, which was elaborately painted in cherubs and little angels. There was a gigantic crackled mirror in the shape of the sun, and various sized star shaped mirrors scattered across the the white walls that reflected the light from the chandelier. There were sterling silver vases and bowls filled with the whitest magnolias she had ever seen.

"It's beautiful Pierre." she smiled.

"Not nearly as beautiful as the glow of love, it is but a cheap imitation of it." he smiled than let himself out of the room.

That's when she noticed the glowing bright white gown hanging from a silver hook on the bathroom door.

"Oh my-" she gasped going over to the most amazing gown she had ever seen. There had to have been at least 50 yards of fabric in that full skirt with the long train, layers upon layers of crinoline, silk and satin. The top was a whale boned and beaded corset with delicate looking silk strings lacing up the back. "It's gorgeous!" she smiled.

"It's yours." she heard his deep voice behind her.

"What?" she turned to Diago.

"We're getting married."

"Married? Your crazy."

"Yes, and your still marrying me"


"Yes." he walked over and slid his arms around her waist pulling her closer to him. "It will be our little secret." he kissed her lips.

"They will disown us if they found out." tears were already coming to her eyes. He was at the point where he didn't give a fuck if they knew, he wanted them to know, he was sick of hiding her, but he could never tell her, she had this irrational fear of her father and a desperate need for his love and approval. He was selfish, but he could not stand to see her so afraid. He pulled back a little but still holding her hips tight to him.

"If you wont tell your father to fuck off and give me Bianca Rose for the rest of my life, than at least give me this." he went down on one knee.

"Diago don't-" she cried, tears rolling down her face.

"Shhh." he pulled the box out of his pocket and took out the ring, looking at her, "My mother gave me, my two brothers and my cousin a ring on our 18Th birthdays. She said these rings were special, they came from our great, great, great grandmother's enchanted jewel collection." he grinned, "She said we could only give it to the woman we truly loved or we would cursed with tainted love for eternity." he grinned ear to ear thinking of his mother and her dramatic animation when telling the story. He took her hand, "Bianca Rose, will you marry me?" he asked, afraid she would deny him. "Please Bianca, I swear they'll never find out, you don't even have to see me again after tonight, just give me this." his eyes were so filled with emotion and fear, she had never seen him so afraid before.



Brittany followed behind them, half way there, she knew exactly where they were going, they were headed to 'The Rouge'. She was angry, but even angrier at herself for not doing what she should have done in the 1st place. She should have put an end to their little fling on prom night

The past 7 days she had all of Diago's attention, she just assumed it was over with the trailer trash queen, so she had let her guard down. She was sticking close to him and he hadn't objected once, hadn't sent her away, hadn't argued with her, told her to get lost or anything. She thought he was finally coming around and realizing what he had. Brittany was ready to cry, she had honestly believed things were getting better, that's why she had set up the lunch with her parents, she was ready to take the next step with him.

Well surprise, surprise, surprise!

She fought the urge to confront them as she watched them enter the motel. She was furious, she hated that fucking gutter-slug whore and she hated Diago for his betrayal, but as deep as her fury ran, her spite ran deeper. Brittany knew EXACTLY who would be the best at confronting Diago and Bianca.


Dorian hung up the phone in total disbelief. There was no way his star son was mingling with the enemy! Diago was his golden child, he had surpassed all the greatest hopes and dreams Dorian could ever have for any of his sons. He had no idea who the woman on the phone was, but he knew she was wrong, she had to be. He prayed it was just some scorned girlfriend, lord knows Diago had many.

Regardless of what he wanted to believe or did believe, Dorian had to find out for himself,he had to know for a fact. He yelled for Davis and Dante, they had better know what was going on with their younger brother. He had raised them to look out for each other, and especially look out for their baby brother. He was going to pick their brains on their way to 'The Rouge'.


Blake smiled with glee as he hung up the phone. This was the best news he had ever received in his life, the best present and it wasn't even his birthday. It was a miracle, an answer to his prayers! He finally had that bitch, their father would NEVER forgive her for this. He was finally rid of her, it would be just him and his father, the way it should have always been.

He ran to his fathers room and threw open the door, trying to hide his smile and actually look worried.

"Bianca is at a motel right now with Diago Stone!" he said with just a little to much excitement in his voice.


She walked out of the bathroom in the gown and he could barley catch his breath. She was a heavenly vision, a flesh and blood angel and she was going to be his wife. He swelled with a pride he had never experienced before.

"Your so beautiful." he said in awe. She felt beautiful as she walked over to stand before him. The corset top of the dress pushed her large, perky breasts in forming a scandalous display of cleavage, that looked like her breasts were ready to pop out at any moment. It fit like a second skin down to her lower waist where it flared out into the thick, full skirt.

"Just one thing." he pulled out the clip that held her hair up.

"No, it's messy." she put her hands to her head.

"I love it messy," he smiled, removing her hands and running his through the tangles, "I love it every way you wear it," he kissed her lips, "since the 1st day I saw you in the 3rd grade."

"When you pulled my bow out."

"It was driving me crazy not to be able to touch it." he kissed her again, than kissed down her neck, over to her shoulder.

"I fell in love with you that first day." she breathed.

"Me to," he pulled back "until my father beat my ass." he walked behind her, kissing down her neck, reaching around to her waist, running his hands up to her breasts, sliding the tight corset below them, the bottom half of her breast still trapped behind the binding material. she arched her back, pushing her begging breasts into his large hands. He weighed them, spreading his fingers over the firm mounds, his middle fingers tickling her puckered nipples. Bianca leaned her head back on his shoulder, his strong muscular body holding her up. Diago pulled on the hard nubs grinding his hard dick into her soft ass as she wiggled back against him. "But I'd take a million beatings for you." he whispered in her ear, sliding his hands down into the material to free her semi trapped breasts.


Both cars pulled into the parking lot within moments of each other. Dorian Stone and Blake Rose got out of their cars, staring each other down, an eerie silence .

Braxton smiled, delighted to be a witness for the downfall of his hated sibling.

Davis and Dante frowned, seriously worried about their little brother.

"Oh shit." Davis exhaled, mentally preparing himself for this altercation as they walked towards the entrance.

"This is going to be bad." Dante shook his head, rolling up his sleeves.

"Lets try to keep this as calm as possible." he said and they both ran after their father.


Brittany smiled, watching her plan play out to perfection. She hated to admit it, but she realized Diago must have some serious feelings for this girl if he was defying his father. Well, what ever he felt was irrelevant now, it was over, Dorian Stone and Blake Rose would see to that. Brittany, felt an exhilarating surge of vengeful satisfaction, now she would have Diago all to herself again.


Diago sucked Bianca's nipple deep into his mouth, reaching down to pull up the many layers of her skirt. When he finally had them up, he slid his hand between her thighs slowly sliding up. She arched against the wall, parting her legs, his fingers slipping into her panties to slide between her dewy lips. She cried out as he found her pulsing clit, his finger circling the hardening nub like a shark, ready to attack.

Bianca cried out hard, sliding down the wall when he did, he put his free hand under her butt to hold her up as he latched onto her other nipple.


They had stormed the place, 5 men filling the Small office. Darius looked through the book and found the room number, he than grabbed the key and headed down the hall in search of the room, the whole group behind him.

Pierre was gone for the night, and his brother Pepe was in charge. Now Pepe was a timid little thing, who hid comfortably in the shadow of his charismatic older brother. Pierre did most of his talking for him, realizing early just how painfully shy his little brother was. That was fine with Pepe, he preferred to be silent.

So in a situation like this, with Pierre and his wife out dancing, he was overwhelmed and extremely nervous. He did the first thing that popped in his mind, he called the police.


Diago was under Bianca's skirt, the heavy long layers almost covering him completely. He slid her panties down her thighs, kissing the little raven patch as he did, than pulled them from her. He held her hips as he kissed her patch again, sliding his tongue in her slit. She slid down the wall more, he threw her thigh over his shoulder to stabilize her, spreading her sex wide. He lightly licked her moist lips, gently suckling on them, and he smiled when he felt her flesh quiver in his mouth. She yelled his name as he slid his wicked tongue down the center of her sex, stopping at her engorged clit, he took it into his mouth and she screeched, her hands on the thick layers of her gown, covering his head.

They were SO lost in each other, they did not hear the commotion going on outside the door. It wasn't until the door flew open that they realized their worst nightmare had just entered the room.

Bianca's arms automatically went to her breasts as Diago came out from under her skirt. Diago yanked up her gown to cover her breasts, than set her safely behind him..

It all happened so fast from there, the slew of profanity and aggressive confrontation started immediately. It was the 1st time a Rose and a Stone had been in the same room together in years and the mixture was combustible at best.

"You whore!" her father screamed.

"You don't call her that!" Diago yelled pointing at the man

"She is a whore, a rotting, stinking Rose!" Dorian yelled.

"You don't call my daughter a whore!" Blake turned to him, pointing his finger.

"I call it like I see it." Dorian answered taking a step closer to Blake. Davis and Dante stepped a little closer, making sure the two stubborn old men didn't connect, if they did, they would likely kill each other.

"Your bastard son kidnapped my daughter!" he looked at Bianca, "that's it isn't it, he kidnapped you out of your bed in the middle of the night."

"No." she tried to object, but Diago would not let her step forward.

"I'm calling the police!" Blake shouted.

"I already did that sir." Pepe squeaked timidly from the door.

"Good, call them. The judge is a personal friend of mine, he's known Diago his whole life and he will vouch that my son would never resort to kidnapping TRASH!"

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